why sorry you doodled something for me

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


Desperate times, desperate measures. Or something like that

(What she’s referring to)

You’re So Much More Beautiful Than The Skyline |Tobi X Reader|

     I felt something nudge my arm that I was using to draw. I immediately turn to see what messed up my sketch. I see a male with dark skin, he has a snapback on that says XIX. He also has a shirt on it with the letters SDMN on them and joggers with the same saying. 

     “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I just wanted to see what you were drawing! I apologize!” he says. He has a nice voice, British. I think I could listen to it nonstop and never get tired. Fuck, I should probably say something. “O-Oh! It’s alright, really. J-Just a silly little doodle is all.” Of course I stuttered, why wouldn’t I be a fail for once. “What were you drawing? If you don’t mind me asking.” He asked me kindly. “Oh yea, my name is Tobi…” he continues. I’m glad I can finally put a name to the face. “My name is (Y/N) and I was just doodling things that I like.” I showed him the page in my sketchbook and his face lit up. It was a simple doodle of the skyline. Since I’m at the fair, there are silhouettes of rides and the sun is setting. Not to be cocky, but I am good at drawing and that’s usually the reaction I get when I show people my serious work. No one has ever had that reaction for my doodles. 

     “That’s so good! I wish I could be half as good as you are.” Tobi says looking me in the eyes. He has really beautiful eyes, they look so kind. “Here draw something.” I reply, handing him my beloved sketchbook that nobody, but myself has ever drawn in. “I don’t know what I would draw…give me an idea.” Tobi says with a smile. I just reply with “Draw something that you think is beautiful.” He takes a quick look around before facing himself so I couldn’t see the sketchbook until he was finished. I just decided to watch him until he was finally done.

     After only about 12 minutes, he turns the book towards me so that I can see what he had drawn. I see myself staring back. He drew me? It’s done in such detail that I don’t know how he did that with some colored pencils. My lips are separated and a small smile slips it’s way onto my face, along with a blush. I look into Tobi’s eyes as he gives me my sketchbook back. “Thank you, Tobi.” I say. “I would have drawn the skyline too, but you’re so much more beautiful than the skyline.” Tobi says to me, only adding to the burning feeling in my cheeks. “Ok, Tobi, I don’t know if you’re hungry, but I’ve been here since about noon and it’s 7 now. Want to go get something to eat? My treat.” “My pleasure.” He replies, with a rather large smile.

@altoanimator mentioned the idea of a toddler Chell running through Aperture a little while ago so why not.

She comin for you GLaDOS watch out!

4/100 days of productivity//12.30.15

Worked on some doodles to use in my planner/bullet journal, which I’m hoping to set up tomorrow! 

Also, of course, I worked on my Korean, which is making me really happy, despite the fact that my parents think it is a waste of time because “when are you going to use that? Why don’t you learn a more useful language? Or learn a new skill or something?” And then when I mention needing to edit my novel, I get another eye roll. 

Anyway sorry for the rant, hope everyone is having a good day!

Asks being moved to The Art Yacht.

I kinda threw together a ask/whatever blog since it’ll be easier for me to be actively answering questions you all are throwing at me!

One of the biggest reason why I’ve been slow at answering asks is because I feel obligated to doodle something to go with it (that takes up a lot of time). Now I’ll have a place to answer questions all willy nilly and reblog a lot of things I’ve wanted too.

Don’t worry, I’ll still reblog some things on this Main blog, but I want it focused on my own art and to help keep me on my “art a day” track. I will still keep asks open for this blog for future use as “suggestions” whenever I ask for them!

It is also a “adult” blog so I can answer some *cough cough* nsfw questions.

Lucifer is probably advicing Sam, while Sam listens, secretly regretting not trusting in Lucifer earlier, so he says “I’m sorry,” and Lucifer politely asks Why? “You know why,” ‘for not daring going back to save you, for leaving you behind, for believing you tortured me back then’, he wants to say.
Lucifer has depressing thoughts about maybe still being in the cage, and that all of this is a lie. It’s hard to believe things are going well for once.

-Ignoring part of the bad writting from season 11, because I can.-
-Also, no one can tell me otherwise Sam didn’t have something olive-green under his shirt in the last episodes from s11 ;D-

[This is… doodle nº4, I guess. Took more time that I had planned because of reasons that doesn’t matter, lol]

My hand is dead. But yeah basically (idk if this has been done before but if it has im really sorry i didn’t know and I wouldn’t mind you telling me) I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days,, it started with soriel doodles in some of the rupphire poses from The Answer but I got carried away and started developing the idea,,, but i guess this is something?? i dunno if ill do something more but maybe/probably,,, this is just really fun lmao