why sorry you doodled something for me

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.

“Hey Shouto,,, why do you like me?”
“Oh? Well,,, it’s because you can do something i can’t,,”
“And what’s that?”
“Love me.”

The Answer Is Clear
( googleplier / bingsepticeye )
The Answer Is Clear

Anonymous said: I would to see a Bing and Google collab, just them basically arguing. That would be so freaking cool. :)

@miss-amnesiac said: Who’s the superior search engine? Bing or Google? 

Art by: petalsbythebayside

Both: Clearly it’s me!

Google: No, you’re mistaken as usual. It’s clearly me.

Bing: Sorry, but there’s no way an ugly color palette such as yourself could ever beat me

Google: Ugly? No, no; blue and white are very soothing and elegant colors. Unlike that hideous shade of yellow you’re sporting.

Bing: Hideous? HIDEOUS. How dare you insult my colors like that? Unlike you I actually stick to a design. Why don’t you go back to your doodle-ly front page and accept I’m better.

Google: Unlike you, I actually make something of myself by implementing a thing called ‘change’; maybe if you looked into it people would actually care about you. Oh. Wait. I forgot; humans aren’t fond of looking for gold where they see garbage.


Google: Speaking of touch; I can just touch the 'B’ on your chest like so-
-and you shut down, just like that.

Bing: Bing android shutting down. Thank you for using the Bing service.

Google: Finally, some silence.

@rabbitpietale asked me to doodle something based on this mini-fic. So that’s what I did.

I’m getting an odd sense of deja vu from this… ah yes. I know why, I’ve done something similar to this for a request before.

I was tempted to just draw the whole fic but rabbit told me to keep to my mini-break from working comic-type stuff so I did a simpler thing. @rabbitpietale, I hope you like this!
(I don’t Asgore well in the morning so uh…sorry if he looks a bit iffy💦💦💦)

Thank you for the request!✨

yamiyugilover2000  asked:

Im suggesting a Yami Yugi drawing??? 😍 😍😍😍 i just wanna see the amazing turn out! 😀😳

I can’t remember the last time I drew Yami. (Early last year? ) Almost everyone who follows me know that I try to avoid drawing Yugi/Atem because I suck at their designs so bad, lol. OTL 

Oh well, here’s something~

You’re So Much More Beautiful Than The Skyline |Tobi X Reader|

     I felt something nudge my arm that I was using to draw. I immediately turn to see what messed up my sketch. I see a male with dark skin, he has a snapback on that says XIX. He also has a shirt on it with the letters SDMN on them and joggers with the same saying. 

     “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I just wanted to see what you were drawing! I apologize!” he says. He has a nice voice, British. I think I could listen to it nonstop and never get tired. Fuck, I should probably say something. “O-Oh! It’s alright, really. J-Just a silly little doodle is all.” Of course I stuttered, why wouldn’t I be a fail for once. “What were you drawing? If you don’t mind me asking.” He asked me kindly. “Oh yea, my name is Tobi…” he continues. I’m glad I can finally put a name to the face. “My name is (Y/N) and I was just doodling things that I like.” I showed him the page in my sketchbook and his face lit up. It was a simple doodle of the skyline. Since I’m at the fair, there are silhouettes of rides and the sun is setting. Not to be cocky, but I am good at drawing and that’s usually the reaction I get when I show people my serious work. No one has ever had that reaction for my doodles. 

     “That’s so good! I wish I could be half as good as you are.” Tobi says looking me in the eyes. He has really beautiful eyes, they look so kind. “Here draw something.” I reply, handing him my beloved sketchbook that nobody, but myself has ever drawn in. “I don’t know what I would draw…give me an idea.” Tobi says with a smile. I just reply with “Draw something that you think is beautiful.” He takes a quick look around before facing himself so I couldn’t see the sketchbook until he was finished. I just decided to watch him until he was finally done.

     After only about 12 minutes, he turns the book towards me so that I can see what he had drawn. I see myself staring back. He drew me? It’s done in such detail that I don’t know how he did that with some colored pencils. My lips are separated and a small smile slips it’s way onto my face, along with a blush. I look into Tobi’s eyes as he gives me my sketchbook back. “Thank you, Tobi.” I say. “I would have drawn the skyline too, but you’re so much more beautiful than the skyline.” Tobi says to me, only adding to the burning feeling in my cheeks. “Ok, Tobi, I don’t know if you’re hungry, but I’ve been here since about noon and it’s 7 now. Want to go get something to eat? My treat.” “My pleasure.” He replies, with a rather large smile.

@altoanimator mentioned the idea of a toddler Chell running through Aperture a little while ago so why not.

She comin for you GLaDOS watch out!

anonymous asked:

I gotta ask bc of the victorious art, did you ever ship Jade/Tori? Have a great day, your art is amazing!

Aw thank you ! <3

YES!! tbh, I didn’t use to when the show was still airing but I’ve started watching episodes recently and something about Jori just caught my attention? Then I realized holy shit this reminds me so much of Bubbline?? So maybe that’s why I started shipping them?

So anyways here’s a doodle of them because i’m as much Jori trash as I am Bubbline trash woohoo

Lucifer is probably advicing Sam, while Sam listens, secretly regretting not trusting in Lucifer earlier, so he says “I’m sorry,” and Lucifer politely asks Why? “You know why,” ‘for not daring going back to save you, for leaving you behind, for believing you tortured me back then’, he wants to say.
Lucifer has depressing thoughts about maybe still being in the cage, and that all of this is a lie. It’s hard to believe things are going well for once.

-Ignoring part of the bad writting from season 11, because I can.-
-Also, no one can tell me otherwise Sam didn’t have something olive-green under his shirt in the last episodes from s11 ;D-

[This is… doodle nº4, I guess. Took more time that I had planned because of reasons that doesn’t matter, lol]

torchwholockian-potterhead  asked:

You commented on a post about soulmate au where if one writes on themselves, it comes up on the other one and how you want to write it for wolfstar... I would read this so hard you have no idea! Please write it!

I got you love let’s take this ride together. (Btw I’m on Mobil so this is going to look so gross)

•Since Sirius was a child he’s had designs on his skin.
• The designs get more intricate and beautiful as he grows older
• The designs are never on his body where people can see them though, they’re always on his thighs or ankles or stomach, places you can cover up
• And these are works of art, not just doodles, these designs are sometimes trees, lakes, flowers, people. And sometimes they’re whole scenes playing out
• Sometimes they’re fun and light, beautiful things that make him smile, but sometimes they’re dark, scary creatures. Sometimes they’re just words “monster” “vile” “disgusting” and sometimes they’re phrases “why me” “never good enough” “I’m sorry”
• So yeah these go on since he was little and he’s never told ANYONE about them, because whoever his person is, his soulmate is, he kind of figured they’d want it private. And it feels like something special, like a secret.
• once he gets his Hogwarts letter he’s ecstatic, because that night he sees on his stomach the Hogwarts crest and he KNOWS his soulmate will be there.
• The day he gets to Hogwarts is one of the happiest days of his life because not only is he away from his god awful mother but he’s already made a new friend.
• his new friends name is James and he’s got messy hair and hearts drawn on his wrist and he’s there to hug Sirius when the sorting hat yells Gryffindor
• Once they get into their dorm he sees a beautiful boy with scars on one of the beds. He’s got his trouser leg pulled up and his sock pulled down and he’s drawing the Gryffindor lion on his ankle. Sirius doesn’t even think anything of it and introduces himself and the world just seems so much brighter to him all f a sudden
• it all clicks when that night he looks down and sees the lion resting on his ankle.
• after that he makes a plan, he’s going to woo Remus Lupin on his own, he’s not going to tell him he’s his soulmate bc he wants Remus to love him for him, not bc fate told him too.
• and it’s easy to keep it from Remus because even though Sirius HATES his mother the pure blood customs are still drilled into his mind. And one of those was a good pure blood aristocrat never wrote on his skin. So while he always got to appreciate the artwork Remus drew, Remus never saw anything new on his skin.
• so fast forward to 7th year(Ik Ik how original) and Remus is so in love with Sirius he doesn’t know whether to kiss him, cry, or throw up.
• it’s just him and Sirius are like two puzzle peaces. They’re made for each other(literally)
• but Remus is also depressed af because he knows he’s a horrible person
•because when his soulmate does show up he KNOWS he won’t be able to love them as much as he loves Sirius, and that’s fucked up
• so he starts writing, he still draws but Remus has always been better with writing things down then actually speaking so he starts writing apologies to his soulmate
• things like “I’m so sorry you’re stuck with me, not only am I a werewolf but I’m also in love with someone who isn’t you” ya know things like that
•and Sirius is over it, he asks James and Peter and even Lily for advice, no one is surprised at all that the two are soul mates but they do think Sirius is an idiot for not telling Remus sooner.
• lily and Peter had good plans that involved over the top production and fancy restaurants but James told him “just grow a pair and tell him straight up you chicken” and ya know how DARE James say he’s a chicken Sirius will show him
• so that next day while everyone’s not in the common room Sirius takes Remus’s hand and tells him to watch
• he takes a quill and writes “I love you dumbass” onto his hand and watches as it shows up on Remus’s
•he doesn’t really remember much after that bc Remus kind of tackled him and ya know its hard to think when someone’s tongue is down your throat
• and yeah they lived happily ever after, no one died, the end

wwheeljack  asked:

You're TFP Breakdown art makes me so happy! There isn't enough BD art out there and seeing even the few you've drawn give me joy, so thank you!

Thank you so much for such kind words ;u; I don’t know really what to say other than it really warms my heart when I see people enjoy my art.

Also I am terribly sorry for such late reply to this ask! ;A;

4/100 days of productivity//12.30.15

Worked on some doodles to use in my planner/bullet journal, which I’m hoping to set up tomorrow! 

Also, of course, I worked on my Korean, which is making me really happy, despite the fact that my parents think it is a waste of time because “when are you going to use that? Why don’t you learn a more useful language? Or learn a new skill or something?” And then when I mention needing to edit my novel, I get another eye roll. 

Anyway sorry for the rant, hope everyone is having a good day!

anonymous asked:

You live up to your username

((Thanks. Love you too……

Y’know I was trying to ignore this. I was going to delete it but I don’t know why I didn’t…I was in a bad mood so this just kinda made me post it. 

I could care less if people come at me with hate, yes it will make me feel bad and all, but I would rather that than you sending it to my friends. 

Everyone in this community is amazing and has amazing art. I know lots of the people very well. I like to consider everyone here my friend. I have some people who are closer than others and I go to when I need help. It makes me sad that people send such amazing people with such amazing art hate.

And Anon, let me tell you something, I do not draw as best as I can for this blog. These posts are all small doodles. I bet if I drew something with all my talent, it would be way better than anything you could muster up. I will believe that until you get off anon and send me some of your work. I am normally very humble and shy. I can’t even accept a compliment but I’m in a bad mood and this just made me snap.

Tbh this one made me laugh more than it offended me. Hippos?? Why relate it to that??? But I thought it looked cute but no. I’m sorry it does not match your criteria. 

I did not make this blog for you.

I did not make it to show off what little skills I had.

I made it for fun. So I could join a community. Make friends. Try to make people laugh. Try to make them smile and make their day just a little bit better.

And I did make friends. I did make people laugh. I made some one’s day slightly better than it was.

So who cares what you think, you are just a stuck up person who is too scared to come off anon.

If I wasn’t mad right now I would probably cry because of these two asks. I got really upset when I got the first one. I got it on Monday and I was planning out mine and a friends cosplay. I saw the notification and got really happy that I got an ask and when I read it you couls see my mood had just plummeted. 

So I hope you both got the satisfaction of ruining a girls day and making her feel ten times worse than she already does about her art! Go you!

Well that’s all I have to say to you two and anyone else who is sending anyone hate.

Well to the people who actual enjoy my blog and are decent people:

Thank y’all so much for supporting my blog! I love you!!!


Thirteen Nights of Halloween (Jeonghan)

1004 Grim Reaper

Rule number one: never fall in love with a human.

Rule number two:  If the grim reaper so happens to fall in love with a human. They (the human) must pay the price.

Jeonghan slams his book shut and giggles at the so called “rules.”

“What do we live in, a drama?” Jeonghan loudly laughs at himself and continues walking around the streets of Seoul.  

He watches his surroundings, taking in every little detail as he always did. The couples, the fallen leaves, even the different smells of coffee lingering around the streets. Jeonghan yawns and stretches his wings and arms and wanders straight ahead, taking a look at every store that was on the street side. Jeonghan slightly squints his eyes and looks at a sign that he has never seen before, one with simple lettering and numbers.

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My hand is dead. But yeah basically (idk if this has been done before but if it has im really sorry i didn’t know and I wouldn’t mind you telling me) I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days,, it started with soriel doodles in some of the rupphire poses from The Answer but I got carried away and started developing the idea,,, but i guess this is something?? i dunno if ill do something more but maybe/probably,,, this is just really fun lmao