why so wide eyed


└ I <3 that our youngest wears his heart on his sleeve.  

Cr: Power of the Paradise Making of

Capricorn & Pisces
  • Capricorn, working on a project w/ Pisces: So, how about you just start gluing the stuff you made to the board, and I'll finish writing this report
  • Pisces, shrugs: Whatever you say
  • Pisces, sneaks a peek at Capricorn working hard:
  • Pisces, inner dialogue: Man, how can I be more like him? He's just so.. I wonder what's the name of the scent he is wearing... Does he plan on getting another tattoo? Why are his lips so pretty?
  • Capricorn, wide-eyed: Pisces..
  • Pisces: Yeah?
  • Capricorn: Your gluing your hand to the board
  • Pisces, comes back to reality: OH SHIT
Your ignorance does not negate the horror of what has happened.

Don’t tell me to suck it up.
Don’t you dare tell me to fucking deal with it when my entire future is now balanced on some precipice with no stability; liable to fall at any second as the entire country looks on in shock.
Don’t shrug, pull it off, and say that you ‘don’t care about the result’ when you, as a 16 year old, will not be able to study at university, will not be able to repay any loans and will be forced to embrace a country now in disarray as our entire infrastructure crashes.
Don’t look at me, wide eyed, and ask why I care so much- as tears rest on the brim of my eyelids.

I care so much today, because in 5 short hours, my family lost half a million pounds. Bank repayments of £700,000 per year can’t be made. The ‘family business’ has completely collapsed. We are bankrupt and there is no money left.

A future in a career that focused on research in universities doesn’t exist anymore.
Don’t just stare, and laugh as you completely deny how horrific this decision was; cowardly.