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Imagine your daughter asking you about Sam’s scar

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You turned around to see Katie standing awkwardly in the kitchen doorway. You smiled at your daughter, taking the pan from the hob and turning it off.

“What’s up, sweetie?” you questioned, nodding her over.

She walked in, worrying her lower lip between her teeth.

You crouched to her height, frowning softly.

“Sweetie?” you repeated. “Is everything okay?”

When she was close enough, you rested your hands on her little hips, searching her expression for answers.

“Daddy’s done in the shower,” she told you, and you nodded.

“Okay baby.”

You waited, sure that she was going to continue.

She took a deep breath, holding it in for a second before letting it out.

“Mommy, why does Daddy have a scar on his tummy?”

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Left Behind

Characters: Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree, Genji Shimada, and Reader

Summary: A small drabble about being left behind by Overwatch and how Gabriel Reyes doesn’t let that happen.

Other Info: Also posted on AO3.

You’ve been left behind as a causality by Overwatch before, resulting in you crawling your way back in a painfully bloody mess for miles, and they weren’t even sorry for it. You’re a soldier, Commander Morrison explained upon your understandably pissed off questioning, it happens in war but that they’re glad you survived and found your way back to them, only to have him shove a gun back into your hands and usher you to join the fight once more with an all too fake smile.

It’s actually what got you into Blackwatch in the first place; somehow you always manage to drag yourself back time and time again after being left for dead by the very organization you thought you believed in. That sense of loyalty and safety missing and vacant like a gaping void. You had joined the back door secret side of Overwatch without a second thought, not even letting Gabriel Reyes finish his recruitment pep talk before walking off.

You just want to do what’s right to keep the world safe, but you learned the hard way to never trust Overwatch; they’ve probably already got your name engraved on their ever growing K.I.A/M.I.A list. It’s why you’ve become so moody and annoyed with the wide-eyed hopeful cadets that roll in like flies.

It’s why, now, as you bleed out from the hole in your side, you defeatedly slide down the wall and just accept the shit you’ve gotten into. Several other agents are dead at your feet and you’re close to following, but at least the enemy was taken out, right? At least, that’s what you try to convince yourself as the building you’re in shakes and threatens to crumble on top of you. Your ear piece crackles to life somehow as another explosion hits and violently rocks the ground under you, cracking walls and causing large debris to pin you down. You scream in pain and scramble to try and push the rubble off. But it’s useless, you’re too weak and there’s no one here to help you.

“Agent!” Reyes barks. “What’s your status!? Your location!?”

“Team dead. Enemy eliminated. Bleeding out and pinned down,” you answer with a bloody cough. “Assignment complete, sir.”

“Not until we get you home. No man left behind, remember? Where are you located!?”

You scoff and chuck your comm away, even though Gabriel’s deep voice still rings from the small piece. It’s a joke, help never actually comes and you know that by now. That’s just something they say to comfort your small brain as they let you die for them. You knew this day was coming and you’ve already accepted death. It just sucks and you’re kind of disappointed in yourself that you feel like crying. But hey, at least you got the mission done, right? You close your eyes and wait patiently for your time to come. If you don’t bleed out first, the crumbling building will eventually crush you. And with the exception of occasional muffled, far off sounding gunfire, it’s pretty quiet.

Ever so slowly, the world starts to fade of color and all of your energy seeps from your body like thick syrup. You try to move your hand but all you manage is short twitchy movements before falling limp.

“Over here! The signal is comin’ from over here!” A familiar southern voice suddenly rings out, breaking the silence.

Thundering footsteps race towards you, and when your eyes slowly open and you somehow focus your vision, you’re fully fucking surprised to see Gabriel, Jesse, and Genji looming over you with worried expressions. But even then, you don’t really trust that they’re here to save you.

“Stay awake, agent,” Reyes commands as he kneels beside you. “Help is here. You’re going to be fine, I promise.”

McCree is quick to apply pressure to your injury, earning him a disgruntled grunt, as Genji easily kicks away the rubble trapping you. The three men surround your weak form and help in someway to either stop the bleeding or offer small words of comfort.

You can’t help but stare up at Reyes in disbelief and thoughtlessly utter, “you didn’t leave me to die?”

Reyes screeches to a halt and looks hard into your eyes; a look of sad recognition washes over him, like he’s heard that phrase one too many times before. And in a surprisingly gentle action, he brushes back the hair sticking to your sweaty forehead and says reassuringly, “No one gets left behind under my command. I will never leave you behind to die, and you better understand that now because I don’t repeat myself.”

Your throat gets tight and tears cloud your vision, his words alone would’ve meant nothing to you but he’s actually here. He, McCree, and Shimada are really here to help you.

“It’s gonna be okay, darling,” Jesse drawls, “ya may get shot and maimed while workin’ under Gabe, but he ain’t gonna leave ya to rot.”

Genji silently nods in agreement.

You can’t fight back the soft sob that escapes.

Association Ch-4

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Rated: Angst

Pairing: YutaxReader

Summary: She really hated the guy, his stupid smirk, and flirty attitude was an annoyance at work. Outside of work though, matters were different.

(Y/N): I had to use this gif. Look at his fingers!1! I was listening to Easy Love by SF9 on repeat and as a result, I think this turned out more angsty than I originally intended. I’m not sorry.

Chapter 1| Chapter 2|  Chapter 3| Chapter 4

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Annoyed | Lee Chan/Dino | Requested

Pairing: Chan X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,250

A/N: Here’s another request! I didn’t really know how to end this one so I hope it’s not too awkward. ~Jasmine

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Late Nights

A/N: Remember when I posted? HA! What a joke! Now that school is done, I am dead, and can write once more. Here’s a fic from a giveaway I did. Au revoir, mes amis. 

WC: 3387

TW: Swearing (probably), homesickness.

Pairing: LMM x Reader

AU: College

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Freshman Year, First Semester

For what seemed like the 90th time that night, you checked the clock on the desk next to your bed.

11:59 PM.

The same as when you checked it last time. And the time before that. It became abundantly clear that the more times you checked the clock, time wasn’t going to move any quicker. A sigh escaped your lips before you flopped back down onto the pillow. This sucked.

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Headcanon: The First Doctor - a horrible pilot even in the first serial - came to Earth by accident. 

They didn’t plan to stay long, but Susan immediately falls in love with this planet, its fashion, music, and culture. She talks the Doctor into staying for a while. (we all know One’s a big ol’ softie who can’t deny Susan anything)

But, the Doctor doesn’t like to stay anywhere for too long. Sometimes they sulk and demand Susan explain why she’s drawn to this insignificant planet. So, with wide-eyed enthusiasm she describes how fascinated she is by these humans, and how this planet appears through her eyes. Her passion is contagious, much to the Doctor’s chagrin.

You know, this planet might turn out to be interesting after all.

The Brothers Bittle
  • Jamie is the kind of person who needs regular doses of undivided attention or else he starts getting Weird.
  • Like, one time Suzanne had to leave town for a conference for three days and Coach got really overwhelmed with teaching and coaching. But then around nighttime Coach realized the house was suspiciously quiet. Too quiet. He even put Wicked in the CD player and turned it up, but his younger son didn’t pop out of the woodwork like normal.
  • He found him on a sidewalk near the center of town, covered in red body paint and holding up a placard. Coach was just relieved he didn’t have to go down to the police station this time.
  • So from then on, the entire Bittle clan makes sure Jamie gets regular doses of attention. Bitty calls him from Samwell at least once a week to check in. Suzanne teaches him how to garden. Coach takes him out back and they throw the football around for a bit. It’s good. Jamie stays out of the public lock up.
  • Sometimes, someone will say “Do you think Jamies is a little…funny?” And if Jamie hears he’ll whip around and say, “I’m not funny. I’m hilarious.”
  • It becomes a code for the gay underground at his school. More than once Jamie hears his friend Cow sigh to herself when Linette walks by. “I’m too hilarious and beautiful for this class.”
  • Jamie, Cow and Horace all go to prom together, and someone’s parent laughs and says, “Look at Jamie! A girl on each arm! What a ladies man!” And then when the three of them pile into the car Jamie will sigh woefully to himself. “I’m too hilarious for this town.”
  • “SAME!”
  • But imagine Bitty goes to Samwell for 5 years instead of 4. Maybe he double majors or something, but whatever happens Jamie ends up attending Samwell too.
  • So then you have TWO Bittles running around Samwell, and when people talk about them they’re like, “Oh yeah. The Brothers Bittle. One is super athletic—he’s captain of the hockey team. The other one loves musical theater waaaay too much.” And then someone meets them at a kegster and they look at Bitty like, “So how’s the theater department doing?” And Bitty is like, “How should I know???” Someone meets Jamie and they’re like, “How’s hockey?” and Jamie is like, “How can you think about hockey when Grantaire and Enjolras are so in love?”
  • Everyone thinks Jamie is going to join the hockey team for some reason, and it really pisses Jamie off. It gets to the point where he quits calling sports by their sports names. “Oh yeah. My big brother plays knife-shoe-Oreo-fight. My dad coaches egg-ball-hand-throw. My mom met him in high school, when she was in acrobatic-encouragement-yelling. Oh, I learned to dance like this when I took lessons in noisy-shoe-clicky-clack.”
  • Dex doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.
  • By midterms Jamie is on a first name basis with the campus cops. He keeps doing performative art on the quad and the police keep telling him to put on pants, gdi. Bitty dies of fraternal shame at least once a week.
  • Affinity Housing is this stretch of houses and there’s a theater house, a marching band house, two artsy houses, a house for psyc majors, the zombie apocalypse house, etc.  Think frat row but not for formal fraternities. Jackson is a senior in the theater department and he gives his dibs to Jamie.
  • The theater house is right next to the religious studies house, and they are mortal enemies because the theater house is always loud. Always.
  • Listen. If you think hockey players are superstitious, just know that hockey players look absolutely tame next to drama students. Opening night rituals include: the Passing Around of the Gummy Sharks, shouting “Thespian Lesbians” at each other at full volume, “Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boyt-FUCK!”, rubbing the top of Guy Monty’s bald head, and kissing the director on the cheek.
  • Bitty, being a big brother, knows this. He hugs Jamie tight the night before a performance. “Break a leg,” he says. “Oh, and Jamie?” He leans forward and whispers, “Macbeth.”
  • Campus police can hear Jamie Bittle screaming from across the quad. “Should we check it out?” a rookie asks. His partner sips his coffee and grunts. He’ll learn. They all learn.
  • After Bitty graduates and Jack is in the NHL for a season or two, they come out as a couple. Which wouldn’t normally affect Jamie but the reporters are super thirsty for deets and Bitty and Jack aren’t giving them anything. Jamie starts finding reporters in his yard, on his way to classes, lurking by the auditorium. It’s super annoying.
  • They catch him after an all nighter and Jamie is twitching with caffeine. He has his script and his astronomy homework out because he can’t focus on just one now and a reporter puts an audio recorder in his face and asks for a soundbite. His eye twitches. “How can you think about Eric and Jack at a time like this?” he hisses. “When dark matter and universal expansion ARE SO IN LOVE?!”
  • Jamie calls Dex “Dad” unironically. “My hockey dad,” he says when Nursey gives him a weird look.
  • Jamie for literally anything: “Hah, that sounds so gay. I’m in.”
  • Jamie kicks open the door of the Haus. “DAD I NEED YOUR POWER TOOLS!”
  • Dex is like, “Are you going to be weird?”
  • Which is how Dex ends up going to all the set building days for the Samwell Theater Department. He does it for Jamie, and Bitty sends him baked goods as an extra thank you. And the actors and techs keep giving Dex their phone numbers even when he explains he is in a happy, stable, monogamous relationship.
  • Dex needs a drink.
  • Bitty coming to visit is such a weird trip, both for SMH and the theater department. They learn too much about the Bittle household.
  • “Lol remember that time I told you serial killers lived in the Fruity Pebbles box?” “Omg Dicky you are such an asshole.”
  • “Lol remember that time I told you that you were adopted.” “Omg! That wasn’t funny!” “Jamie, you look almost exactly like Coach.” “Dicky, they didn’t have any baby pics of me! How was I supposed to know!”
  • “Lol remember that time I told you bats like to nest in people’s hair and then I dropped a squeaky toy on your head?” “Fuck you, Dicky.”
  • But then Jamie gets his revenge. He tells reporters about Jack and Bitty. Well, he lies.
  • “Jack is afraid of snow globes.”
  • “Eric Bittle is afraid of the dark. Also he wets the bed. Also he’s never kissed a girl!!! Also—wait, gimme back the recorder.”
  • “Jack Zimmermann has a tattoo of the Canadian flag on his lower back. So does Eric. They’re friendship tattoos.”
  • “When Eric was little he wanted to be a chicken. As, like, a career path.”
  • “Eric Bittle was adopted.” (“Sir, you and Mr. Bittle have the same face.”) “Are you saying all white people look the same?”
  • Jack, an only child, is really confused. “Why does your brother hate you? Bitty, stop—stop laughing. Bitty, I’m serious. You’re brothers, you shouldn’t fight.”
  • Jamie gets himself a Twitter account just so he can roast his brother publicly. Of course, it goes both ways. The chirping is relentless. Dad Bob gets in on it. Hockey fans are confused. Jamie is living.
  • There is a video on Bitty’s vlog, where he and Jamie are in the kitchen trying to bake something. Well, Bitty is trying to bake something. Jamie is being a huge pain in the ass. “I WANNA LICK THE BOWL!!!” “Jamie. Sweetheart. There’s literally only eggs and sugar in it.” “Ugh! Fine. Can I lick the spoon?” “…No.”
  • It devolves from there, to the point where Bitty and Jamie are throwing whole eggs at each other. There are drifts of sugar on the counters. The air is full of flour dust. Jack Zimmermann, professional NHL player, has is back against the wall, wide-eyed. “Why are you guys so violent?”
  • The video cuts to a pristine kitchen, and Bitty wearing a crisp, clean apron over crisp, clean clothes. He sets a perfect sheet cake on the counter in front of the camera. “And that’s how y’all make a sheet cake.”
  • Kent Parson follows Jamie on Twitter because they’re both sluts for absurdism. By the time Jamie graduates, the campus police know both him and Kent by their first names. Their performance pieces go viral. Jamie gets a spread in the Swallow. Bitty dies of fraternal shame again and he leaves Kent at least four angry voicemails.
  • Lardo finds Jamie at the Drama House. “You have zero respect for art.” “Uhhhh…” “I like that about you.”
  • Jamie calls everyone Dad. Bad Bob? Dad. Dex? Dad. The student director of the play he’s in? Dad. Lardo? Dad. The female lead and his love interest in the play? Dad. Lin-Manuel Miranda? Dad. Coach is frowning with the phone pressed against his ear. “How come I’m never Dad?”
  • Dex makes a face. “I seriously don’t have answers, Mr. Bittle. Why do you have my phone number?”
But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 7: the reunion

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You’ve finally landed back in Seoul, moved into your fancy new apartment and reunited with your trainee friends. However, you’ve ended up having a reunion that you weren’t prepared for. Minho had clearly moved on and you were stuck in the past. Frozen on the spot with your world crumbling around you; it’s time to run or face your past.

*Your heart is in your mouth and your legs feel like jelly. Run… run! Go! You back away from the door and head for the exit with your face burning like fire. Your name is being called in that baritone voice but you don’t stop to listen. You push the door open and step out into the sleepy afternoon sunlight. At least out here you were safe, right? He couldn’t go out in public. You turn to look behind you as a silhouette hovers behind the tinted glass before disappearing. You breathe a sign of relief and try to calm your pounding heart.*

[Y/N] …right …groceries…

*You try to absorb yourself in shopping for groceries as you walk around the convenience store… trying to forget his pained expression. As you amble around the store in a trance, picking up random things, you don’t realise that the sun is starting to set. You pay for your things and step out into the cooler night air. You feel comforted by the darkness and stroll slowly back to your apartment. The sound of footsteps behind you makes you feel uneasy. You try to pick up your pace but a large hand grabs you from behind and pulls you into a dimly lit alley way.*

[Y/N] what the fu-

*You fall silent as your eyes fall upon the tall handsome figure stood before you. Minho leans against the wall and just stares at you; it was like he couldn’t believe it was really you.*

*You take in his appearance… he was more muscular… manlier. He was a man now and your insides whirled. You don’t dare to look up at his face as you feel his eyes burning into you. You hug your bag of groceries tight to your body and look down at the floor. What does he want?*

[MH] …when did you get back?

*His deep, cold voice sends chills down your spine and you gulp for air. You peak up at him but the intensity of his gaze makes you look away.*

[Y/N] yesterday…

*You answer in a small voice. You hear his quiet intake of breath as you talk; that was the first word you’d said to him in 2 years. You brave another glance up at his face and he isn’t looking at you. Your eyes trace the familiar features and you feel your heart ache. How was he even more handsome? He definitely looks more like an idol; his clothes scream money.*

[Y/N] …how …how have you been?

*The awkward small talk makes you cringe, but you have to say something. You need to know he’s okay. He looks up at you and his eyes lock onto yours.*

[MH] I’ve been good… I debuted.

[Y/N] I- I know… I saw…

*You notice a small smile twitch at the corner of his mouth.*

[MH] do- do you want to go get a coffee… or something?

*You look up in surprise and find yourself nodding. You’re both unsure of how close to stand as you walk together; you feel an urge to reach for his hand so you clutch your groceries even tighter. Minho notices and offers to carry them for you. Your arms feel empty and awkward as you follow Minho down several small, quiet streets.*

[Y/N] where are we going?

[MH] a quiet cafe… I go there a lot…

*You blush as you remember that he’s a celebrity now. You eventually arrive at the entrance to a building. It definitely didn’t look like a cafe from the outside, but as you descend the stairs a strong smell of warm coffee embraces you and the dim lighting invites you in.*

*Minho guides you into a corner booth and wanders off to buy some drinks. You take in the atmosphere of the cafe; you can tell that it’s fairly exclusive and you’re certain that you recognise a view of the faces hiding in the dark corners of the room. You reach for your phone and check the time; it’s 6PM… where did the day go?*

[MH] ahem…

*A strong coffee aroma fills your nostrils as Minho places a mug awkwardly in front of you before sitting down.*

[Y/N] thanks…

*You become extremely conscious of Minho staring at you. You look down at the table and reach for your coffee but his big hand intercepts you. You freeze and look at him, wide-eyed.*

[MH] why do you look so scared?… it’s not the first time we’ve held hands…

*You blush and feel your hands get sweaty under the heat of his. His thumb runs gently over your fingers.*

[MH] I can’t believe you’re here…

[Y/N] Minho…

*Before you can sigh and pull away your hand, Minho squeezes your hand tighter.*

[MH] Talk to me. Please.

*You look up in surprise and notice his pained expression; guilt ripples through you.*

[MH] Tell me about what you’ve been doing for the past 2 years…

*You tentatively delve into a conversation about your job and the Seoul branch launch event. Minho reciprocates by telling you about his adventures as an idol; the concerts, the events, the fans… you feel the envy building up inside of you. He was living your dream.*

[MH] Do you have a boyfriend?

*The personal question takes you by surprise and your cheeks flush pink.*

[Y/N] …no

*You swear you hear him mutter ‘good’ under his breath but you can’t be certain. Suddenly Minho’s phone starts to ring; he reaches for his phone and glares at the screen before putting it on silent.*

[MH] where were we…?

*You slowly turn back to the conversation. You make the most of your free hands and sip your coffee. It isn’t long until Minho has them imprisoned again. You allow yourself this moment of comfort and before you know it you’re both laughing together.*

[JH] oppa~

*A girlish trill breaks your laughter and Minho’s face turns serious as he looks towards the sound.*

*You follow his gaze and notice a girl heading towards you both with a fierce determination. You recognise her from somewhere. As she gets closer you realise that she’s the girl from earlier; the one Minho had been entangled with in the studio. You feel nauseous just looking at her.*

[JH] Oppa… I tried calling you! Why didn’t you answer?

*Minho ignores her and turns back to you. You become heavily aware of your hands being in his and you try to pull away but he holds you in place.*

[MH] I was just having coffee with Y/N

[JH] Y/N? Weren’t you a trainee?

*She squints at you and notices your hands. She motions for Minho to let her into the booth; he stands up reluctantly. Rather than sitting straight down, she sticks herself to his side.*

[JH] I’m Jihye… Minho’s girlfriend.

*You resist the urge to roll your eyes at her.*

[Y/N] yeah, I used to be a trainee…

[JH] why did you leave? 

*Her sweet expression can’t hide the malice in her tone. You shuffle awkwardly in your seat. Was this his type now? Shallow and childish?*

[Y/N] I… I- um

[JH] I guess being an idol isn’t for everybody…

*You notice Minho recoil at her possessive touch, but you simply decide you’re too tired to deal with this right now.*

[Y/N] I better go…

*Minho’s eyes search your face confused as you grab your groceries from under the table.*

[JH] we have plans too, right oppa?

[MH] we do?

*You reach for your handbag but Minho puts out a hand to stop you. You smile shyly and bow to them both.*

[Y/N] well, you’re clearly busy so I’ll… see you around…

*You start to walk towards the exit. Why did walking away always hurt so much? His voice follows after you.*

[MH] Soon?

*You turn around and smile at him; ignoring Jihye’s sulky expression. You knew you couldn’t see him again, but the temptation to add a little fuel to Jihye’s fire was too strong. You glimpse at his expression.*

[Y/N] Soon.

*You purr before turning away confidently; summer dress and hair swirling with your action. It felt good.*

~to be continued~

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Are you kidding me?! - Dean Winchester x Reader

A/N: So I wasn’t planning on writing anything but this was requested and the idea was Dean and Reader are dating and Sam and Dean one day decide to play a prank on her and it ends with fluff and I don’t know if this was what you really were thinking about. I tried and I hope you like it, whoever wanted it and all of you guys! xx' 

Are you kidding me?! - Dean x Reader

Prank wars.

That was a habit of the Winchester brothers that you didn’t particularly like to take part in. However sometimes you would help Sam prank Dean only to get revenge for the pranks he had pulled on Sam and for yourself of course, cause the looks that girls on bars sent him and he pretended not to know about were enough for you to get jealous and want a payback.

What kind of girlfriend wouldn’t?

But normally you wouldn’t participate in them because you knew that the more people took part the longer the pranks would last and the more work you would have to do afterwards.

Yes, since you were the only girl that lived with them you couldn’t but clean up the mess they left afterwards, just like this time.

“Agh” you groaned “So I cleaned the whole kitchen and there is no sign of ketchup and I also  gathered the exploded bottle and broken chair” you said as you walked into the living room where Sam sat with a book on his hands.

“By the way, how did you manage to make the whole bottle of ketchup explode not to mention have Dean fall of his chair that although it seemed ok, had in fact a broken leg?” you asked him frowning and he just chuckled.

“Well I have my ways” he laughed more “Although in the beginning I’d though of putting a cockroach in his cheeseburger, or better in his pie, instead of that but oh well” he shrugged and you made a face.

“Ew really Sam? That’s too much even for Dean. I mean all he did was put honey on your shampoo” you said.

“Yeah but my hair stuck for a whole week, so I had to get him back” he responded.

“Yeah but-” you started defending Dean again but Sam cut you off.

“(Y/n) do you want me to remind you the way that waiter came to him the other day and-” he started but you cut him off.

“Don’t!” you said “I clearly remember how she came to him, I don’t need you to remind me” you took in a breath to calm your nerves.

“Anyway” you spoke again “Are you even going to talk to each other or-” someone cut you off.

“Not a chance” Dean’s voice was heard from behind you; as a pair of arms hugged your waist.

“Hey baby” he gave you a quick peck on they lips.

“Hey” you said after he rested his head on your shoulder.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell my semi-naked brother that he doesn’t need to show off in front of us and go wear some damn clothes” Sam told you and you opened your mouth to say to Dean what Sam had told you to.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell my completely-bitchy brother that I had no other choice but take a shower after his amazing prank, since I was covered in ketchup” Dean spoke this time and as you opened your mouth to speak you were cut off by Sam.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell my completely-awful-at-pranks brother that the next time he messes up with my things I’m going to get him back really bad” he said and this time you didn’t have the opportunity to even open your mouth.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell my brother that he is acting like a total diva” he said and Sam didn’t miss a beat.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell my brother that he is the biggest jerk in the universe and a total asshole” he said and Dean immediately started speaking.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell my-” he started but you cut him off.

“OK enough! If you want to play that game then so be it, but I’m not gonna stay here to live yet another Apocalypse.” you said and broke out of Dean’s arms and went to grab your jacket.

“Where are you going?” Sam asked and Dean glared at him; clearly pissed because he was going to ask the same thing and Sam beat him at it.

“Out. Grabbing some food and-” you pointed a finger at Sam that went to speak “No. I’m not taking any ketchup” you wore your jacket and took your keys.

“Hey” Dean’s voice made you turn to him “Don’t forget the pie!” he said and you frowned a little bit as you looked at Sam who had the exact same smile as the cat from Alice in Wonderland and you immediately understood why.

“I uh, I’ll take two just in case” you said, more to yourself.

“Anyway ok, but when I’m back you’d better be wearing clothes” you said pointing a finger at Dean.

“Why? Do I give you any ideas?” he winked at you and Sam just rolled his eyes.

“Hey (y/n) can you tell-” Sam started but you cut him off.

“NO!” you pointed a finger at him and then turned to Dean “And no” you said.

“Yet” you murmured more to yourself “But I’m in no mood for taking care of your sick ass, got it” you said and he nodded.

“Ok I’ll be back in a while” you said grabbing the only umbrella that was near the door Hm weird, I though I left more umbrellas here you thought but shrugged it off.

“Try not to kill each other while I’m gone” you said and closed the door “Although I doubt you’d stay like that for a long time” you mumbled and opened the umbrella which luckily was big enough and seemed quite strong as it was raining really heavily.

Both brothers looked at each other “Game’s on”

Taking a deep breath you stepped into the pouring rain; holding the umbrella tightly to yourself hoping that despite the fact that it was raining cats and dogs you wouldn’t get really wet. After all the umbrella seemed to be able to withstand even the heaviest of rain. Right?


You hadn’t even taken a few steps into the rain when you heard a weird noise coming from the umbrella and then… that was it.

It gave away and suddenly rain started coming from lots of holes, big and small ones; it didn’t matter cause the result was you becoming wet to the bone.

You stood there in shock, mouth slightly agape as the cold endless rain hit you and made you more wet than ever.

“Are you kidding me?!” you shouted frustrated.

Taking in a big deep breath you made your way back; after having thrown the umbrella somewhere.

You opened the door; and even if it wasn’t five minutes that you were gone; there was nobody on the living room. Dean probably would be on your bedroom changing and Sam… well Sam was somewhere doing his… usual moose-staff.

“Probably combing his hair or something” you said to yourself before you made your way to your bedroom; you definitely needed to change.

You walked up the stairs and went to your bedroom, whose door was slightly open.

Oh well.

As you grabbed the door handle and went to go in you stopped dead on your tracks; your eyes wide, your heart beating fast and a lump forming on your throat making you feel as if you couldn’t breath and your eyes began to sting from the tears forming.

“Yes babe of course” it was Dean’s voice speaking on the phone.

Not with you however.

“Yeah yeah don’t worry… yeah that might be hard… there is a uh a girl but that’s not important I wouldn’t miss this chance for anything… I know babe, I know. So am I, yeah don’t worry I’ll come… oh babe, be sure of that. It will be an unforgettable night” he chuckled more as he spoke with whoever it was, and you had a pretty good idea who it was.

That chick from the bar.

Huh of course you thought

He was cheating on you with her.

Of course you thought once again as tears started streaming down your face.

And his words kept being repeated in your head.

There is a girl he said.

She’s not important he said.

How could he say that?! your sadness turned into anger.

How can he say such a thing? After all these years we’ve been together how can he… You shook your head dismissing any further thoughts and wiped the few tears that had rolled down your cheeks holding back more that were to stream down…

The few tears that were almost impossible for anyone to see if he didn’t come close and that, of course,… he didn’t…

Sam didn’t…

And you decided that you’ve had enough. If that’s how he wanted to play it then so shall be it. You cut Dean’s conversation off and stormed into the room.

“Are you kidding me?!” you shouted and Dean immediately turned to look at you wide-eyed.

“(Y/n)? Wh-why are you back so soon?” he asked.

“Why I’m back so soon huh? Did I spoil your little surprise maybe?” you asked sarcastically and he still looked at you a little bit wide-eyed.

“(Y/n) it’s not what you think it is, I can explain.” he said his voice trembling a little bit.

“Explain? Explain what exactly?!” you ended up shouting “That you were going to cheat on me with that whore?! Or maybe that you have done it before?!” you couldn’t stop yourself from shouting; feeling more angry and hurt than you’ve ever been in your life.

Hurt what a word to use to describe what you felt at the moment. It wasn’t in the slightest close to what you were feeling. Your whole world falling apart.

But anger was exactly a word that could describe you as you saw that smirk on Dean’s face and then hearing him chuckle.

“You’re laughing?” you asked not being able to believe what was happening.

This definitely wasn’t Dean. No. Not the Dean you knew. Not your Dean.

“Ok now I think it’s time to explain how the case is.” he chuckled a bit and continued “(Y/n) I-” he started but you cut him off.

“Explain what?!” you shouted “That all this time we’ve been together I never meant anything to you? That you only used me? That I was important as much as a trash is? That you pretended to feel things but none of them were true? That it’s so hilarious how I even believed you? How I even believed that you could feel anything about someone like me? That to you everything about me was a nothing? That I was a nothing? That my damn feelings for you were a nothing? That the fact that you made me love you more that my own damn life or anything else for that mater, that you made me fall head over heels for you and are willing any moment to sacrifice my damn life for you because I love you more than anything else in Earth, Heaven or Hell is a nothing then…” you took a deep breath and blinked a few times as the tears had now started streaming down your face non-stop “… save it. I know the way out” you said and for a few seconds Dean stood there looking at you more wide-eyed; pain all over his green eyes.

“(Y/n)…” it was Sam’s voice from behind you; Dean could not utter a single word.

“Leave me alone Sam” you said in a low and harsh voice tone; shrugging off his hand and running out of the room and then…

… silence.

That’s the only thing that could be heard in the room.


Sam stood there looking at his brother whose eyes were fixed on the door from where you left, only three words echoing in his head.

I. love. you.

None of you had said those words despite the fact that you’ve been together for at least three to four years. He knew he felt that way about you but always doubted that you did the same, it’s in his nature to doubt after all he is Dean Winchester. So he waited till you said it first and that hadn’t happened till now.

But it wasn’t the way he had imagined it. No, not at all. He’d hoped it would be just the two of you, that he would be holding you after having shown you how much you meant to him and that someone of you would say it (probably you) and that he would say that he loved you too, more that he could imagine. But that did not happen.

No. Not at all. And all because of…

… a stupid prank.

Really stupid.

“Dean…” Sam’s voice brought him back to reality.

Slowly he turned to look at his brother “Go to her” Sam said with a sad and sympathetic smile “Explain everything”.

And he did.

Shaking his head he quickly exited the bedroom and quickly ran down the stairs. Upon seeing the open door he realized where you’d went.

He went outside and walked into the rain, not caring if his clothes got wet. He had to find you. He had to.

Running a little bit more away he looked around him but could not find you. He searched  around him frantically, looking for you, but all he could see was rain pouring down on everything; just like his tears.

He had really screwed up this time.

He put his hands behind his head and looked once again around him in hope of finding you.

And he did.

He saw you running… in the opposite direction of him.

And oh did that hurt.

“(Y/N)!” he shouted and started running towards you and as soon as you heard him you picked up your pace, but it wasn’t enough since he caught up with you.

He grabbed your arm and made you turn to look at him; your eyes widened as you saw his also tear-stained face.

“Leave me alone!” you said and tried to break free; in vain though; as he grabbed both of your shoulders and forced you to look at him.

“No!” he shouted also so that he could be heard in the heavy rain “You have to listen!” he said and you shook your head.

“Listen to what Dean? I’ve had enough of your lies! Why don’t you let me go and you can have the life you want!” you said still struggling to break free.

“No! That’s not true, you have to hear what I-” he started speaking but you cut him off.

“I told you I’ve had enough! Just leave me alone and forget that I ever existed and so you can-” you started but this time he cut you off by grabbing you more forcefully and crashing his lips to yours.

You tried to resist but in vain. Soon you found yourself giving in to him and enjoying the kiss, you could not lie; not to yourself at least; no matter what he did you would love him and you could not change that no matter how much you wanted to, even if he felt nothing for you. The mere thought made more tears run down your cheeks and a sob escape your throat as he continued to kiss you. It hurt to know the truth. It hurt to kiss him and know that it didn’t mean anything to him. It hurt to love him so much.

After a while he pulled back; both of your lungs screaming for air; and cupped your face looking into your eyes.

“Why are you doing this to me?” you asked, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Oh baby” he said and some tears rolled down his cheeks “Please believe me. Nothing happened. None of what you heard is true, (y/n) I-” he almost choked on his tears “I love you more than my own damn life too baby, I would never do such a thing to you” he paused and you opened your mouth to speak but he cut you off “It was a joke” he said and your expression changed dramatically.

“Damn it (y/n)… Sam and I… thought that it would be fun to pull this kind of prank on you, knowing that nothing else would get you angry apart from that, no ketchup all over you or glue on your hair or something like that. Just a prank. All we wanted was to make you feel a little bit angry but not hurt you baby, never hurt you. And even the umbrella, Sam made some holes so that you would get wet and come to change and find me supposedly talking on the phone to a chick, but I wasn’t talking to anyone baby. Please believe me… None of them is true. I- I love you and only you baby…” he said tears running down his face “Please believe me…” he completed in a whisper-y voice.

You looked at him not able to believe anything and just as you were about to push him he spoke “Please (y/n)!” he said more urgently; afraid that you might think he was lying “Ask Sam if you want, he will tell you the same please, baby I-” he paused and pulled away from you he hands falling to his side as one pulled something from his pocket.

He looked up at from the ring, he had bought the previous week for your anniversary, to you “I don’t want to loose you, never…” he said and you looked at the ring wide eyed.

He averted his eyes from you to the ring “I bought it for our anniversary next week. I was planning…” he took a trembling breath in “I was planning to ask you to marry me” he let out a dry chuckle “Poor Sammy, he must have a headache from me rambling about how to ask you all the time and how I hoped you’d say yes though now… I just hope you forgive me baby and not break up with me for that stupid joke” he looked up at you again.

“You’re such a jerk…” you said and let out a dry chuckle and he looked at you with hopeful eyes “First giving me a heart attack and now…” you laughed a little bit more “Times like this I wonder why I love you so damn much, come here” you said and hugged him tightly; burring your face in his chest; as he did the same.

“So this means…” he started.

“Yes, I want to marry you asshole!” you said laughing and he laughed more.

He picked you up and turned you “I promise to make it up to you in every possible way” he said with a wide smile.

“And I promise to get you back for that in every possible way” you said after he set you down.

He let out a chuckle, putting the ring on your finger and cupping your face afterwards “Do as you wish…

… Ms. Winchester”

Blood Relations Part 8

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A/N: hey everybody!! next part is out!! I said previously that this will have more of Jaebum, and it does, but what I had originally planned while saying this, is gonna happen on the next part! But that doesn’t mean this isn’t satisfying at least to me it was :3 Anyways, enjoy!

Gif’s not mine

Words: 4165

Pairing: Jaebum/Reader

Summary: the new residents of the house want to get to know you…

Previous Part: Part 7

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verkoh  asked:


Miss Verkoh is… quite a curious little thing. I do not particularly mind her questions, if I was to be honest I would say they’re charming in a way. Though perhaps part of me worries that the girl will ask the wrong questions one day. Not to me, of course, I can handle her rampant curiosity well enough in stride, but perhaps to another. Someone who doesn’t take kindly to such inquiries. But then she does seem to handle herself well enough, so my concern may be entirely unfounded. Who knows why it is so natural of me to worry so.

She is wide-eyed like a fawn. Blue eyes, snowy skin and hair. She really is quite lovely, I will admit it. She’s quite easily impressed, it would seem. Certainly easily flustered. I can scarce greet her properly without her cheeks flushing pink, imagine it.

We do share an interest in archery, she’s even asked me to school her in my shooting style. I enjoy the girl’s company a fair amount, so needless to say I am looking forward to it.

Send ‘!!’ and I’ll write a para description of your muse.


└ I <3 that our youngest wears his heart on his sleeve.  

Cr: Power of the Paradise Making of

Part 2 – Fujii, Sanada, Kenya, Shiraishi

Request: “Atobe,yukimura,shishido,Fuji S, Sanada, Kenya,and shidaishi misunderstood that their s/o (female) cheated on them and they make up”  

I want to apologize for taking so long to  finish the request. The heat is killing me! In Fuji’s part you both are adults!~

Fuji S.:

Fuji watered his cacti, staring out of the window. He shouldn’t think of those things. You would never cheat on him. He knows that, right? You were already dating for a long time and you would never do something like that. Hell, he even thought about marrying you!

He couldn’t deny that your behavior the last few weeks was more than weird. You constantly snapped at him because of the smallest things and you often left the house without telling him where you were going. He thought you just had a bad week and invited you out for dinner, but you blow up and refused going. Maybe he should just talk with you.

The next morning he woke up in an empty bed. He found you in the kitchen, silently staring in the air while eating breakfast. Fuji placed a gentle kiss on your cheek “Good morning, beautiful. Why did you stand up so early?” You glared at him and hissed “Maybe because I have to go to work?!” Without giving him the chance to answer you stood up and rushed out the door. Fuji stared after you, what’s going on? Why were you so cold and irritable?

When Fuji came home in the evening the house was empty. Normally you should already be back from work. He quickly checked his phone. Maybe you had to work longer, but there was not a single message from you. He wandered through your house. Maybe he was just worrying too much and you would walk through the door in a few minutes.

He walked into the bedroom, changing into more comfortable clothes. He glanced at your shared bed and with a sigh he picked up one of your socks from the floor. While bending down he saw a bag under the bed. He kneeled down and pulled the bag out from under the bed. Why would you hide a bag under the bed? Sometimes you really had weird antics.

He opened the zipper and his eyes shot open. All his doubts were back when he saw that the bag was filled with your clothes. Shirts, a bathrobe, a few books, toiletries. Oh god, are you planning to leave him? Are you moving out?! Fuji clutched the bag in his hands before slowly sinking down on the bed. He couldn’t believe it. You really found someone else. You, the girl he wanted to spend his life with, were cheating on him. A single tear slid down his face while he sat on the bed, not sure what to do.

After a while he went to the kitchen, sitting down and waiting for you to come back. He had his face buried in his hands while he sat in the dark room. He waited for more than an hour and you still weren’t back. The house you both picked out together suddenly seemed a lot bigger. What should he do when you don’t come back? Maybe you were scared of leaving him and just ran off to your new guy leaving him completely alone in your house… What should he do without you? He needs you!

Fuji’s head shot up when he heard the front door open. You walked into the kitchen, shrieking when you saw Fuji sitting in the dark “Are you crazy?! You almost gave me a heart attack!”

You knew that something was up when Fuji stared at you wide-eyed “Why were you so late? Please just tell me the truth. Why have you packed a bag…Have you found someone else? Did I do something wrong? Please, whatever it is we can work on it. You know that I love you, right?” Fuji saw how you squirmed a bit. Oh god, he was right…you really were cheating on him. He stood up and slowly walked up to you, his head hung low. Fuji’s voice was barely a whisper “Please…just tell me the truth.”

You tugged on your sleeves and started to speak in a small voice “I-I didn’t want to tell you like that…” Fuji’s heart dropped. No…No he couldn’t lose you! Everyone, but not you! “I d-don’t want you to think that I’m cheating on you…y-you should know that I would never do that.” Fuji’s looked up in surprise. You weren’t cheating? “But what about the bag and why didn’t you tell me where you were going all the time?”  Your voice was almost inaudible when you started to explain “Uhhm… I went to the doctor. I am…I’m pregnant. I didn’t know how to tell you. I wasn’t even sure if you would want a child… a-and I just somehow packed a bag for the hospital one day. I know it’s way too early but I just wanted to do something… a-and” 

You started to ramble until Fuji’s lips suddenly were on yours. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to his body. When he pulled back he rested his forehead on yours “You really are pregnant? We are going to be parents?  “ You nodded your head and Fuji gently stroked your cheek “I’m so happy. You shouldn’t have been so worried. You are the woman I want to spend my life with and I’m more than ready to start a family with you.” Both of you gazed into each others eyes, smiling like idiots until Fuji suddenly picked you up, twirling you around “I’m going to be a Dad!” You half squealed half laughed, wondering why you were so worried in the first place. When Fuji set you back down he rested one hand on your still flat stomach, his eyes sparkling with happiness “Thank you so much, (Name). You make me so happy.”

Fuji smiled to himself, what he thought would be the worst day in his life turned out to be the best.


Sanada was in a bad mood. It was a stressful day. He just had a fight with you this morning about him canceling your date. It wasn’t like he was happy about having to cancel the date, but they had to do some extra training. They were Rikkaidai and he couldn’t allow the team to lose. He yelled at Kirihara finding at least one way to let off some steam.

He stayed back after training, discussing a few things with Yukimura. When they finally were done they walked out of school together. Sanada stopped dead in his tracks when his eyes landed on you. You should be home by now and who the hell was this guy?! Sanada watched how the guy bent down, obviously trying to kiss you. Kiss his girlfriend!Unable to watch any longer he turned on his heel. He wanted nothing more than punch the guy in the face, but what would he get out of it? Obviously you weren’t longer interested in him and he didn’t want to show you his teary eyes. No, he wouldn’t want to look weak in front of you. He could faintly hear Yukimura calling his name before he rushed home.

Why would you do that to him?! He thought you both loved each other. Did a tiny fight destroy your relationship? Was it his fault for not spending enough time with you? But why would you cheat on him? He knew you, you were an honest person, sometimes even too honest. The you he knew would never cheat and why did it hurt so much? Why did he still want nothing more than holding you in his arms even after seeing you kiss another guy.

When he arrived at home his phone started to ring. He glanced at the screen before turning his phone off. Why would you call him? Didn’t you hurt him enough? Sanada couldn’t sleep that night. The picture of the guy kissing you appearing whenever he closed his eyes.

He dragged himself to morning practice the next day, not wanting to see a single person. He was early, considering he didn’t sleep. When he entered the locker room Yukimura was already standing there, arms crossed in front of his chest “Sanada.”. Sanada almost wanted to turn around and go back home, but he couldn’t just ignore Yukimura “I don’t want to talk right now.” Yukimura glared at Sanada before letting out a loud sigh “Sometimes you really are dense. What were you doing yesterday, running away like that? You should really look first before assuming things.” Sanada glared back at Yukimura “What are you implying?” A small smile played on Yukimura’s lips “Do I really have to tell you everything? You know who the guy was, right? It was (Name)-chan’s classmate. The one who confessed to her last week. Seems he tried again and got a bit too “friendly”. Next time don’t just leave and make me help your girlfriend. I assume you owe her an apology. You are free from morning practice today, but I expect you to be back to normal during afternoon practice.”

Sanada was already out of the door before Yukimura finished speaking. How could he jump to conclusions so quickly? He should have known that you wouldn’t cheat on him! He should have helped you! He was such an idiot! He should have punched the guy immediately…. he would do that later, you were more important right now.

You were more than just a bit surprised when you saw Sanada the moment you stepped out of your house to go to school. You gasped when he pulled you in a tight hug, squeezing you against his chest. He buried his head in your hair “I… I am so sorry (Name)-chan. I should have never assumed something like that. I promise to make it up to you. I promise to spend more time with you just please… please forgive me.” You slowly wrapped your arms around his torso, returning the hug. You never heard Sanada beg before and alone the tone of his voice showed you how honest he meant his words. His hold on you tightened even more “I’m going to kill him… I should have helped you and instead of helping you I ran away. What kind of a boyfriend am I?” 

You giggled a bit and nuzzled your  nose in his shirt “Nothing happened, Yukimura-san helped me. I can imagine how it looked like, but I’m still disappointed that you didn’t talk with me about it. Just promise me to take me on a date next Sunday and we are good.” Sanada pulled back a few seconds to place a gentle kiss on your forehead “I promise you and this time I’m not going to cancel.” For the moment Sanada was happy to just hold you close but he would definitely have a “talk” with the guy later.


Kenya was pissed. You called off your date for tomorrow because you wanted to meet with another guy. You said it directly to his face! If you wanted to cheat on him you should at least try to hide it or didn’t you care if he knew it or not?! He immediately wanted to ask you about why the hell you would stand him up to meet with someone else but he didn’t get the chance because Kintaro had to butt in. Just great.

Now he was sitting in class with no option to talk with you and he wouldn’t even see you after school since your classes ended earlier than his. After training was no option either since your parents probably wouldn’t be happy about him showing up late and unannounced.

When he finally arrived at home after a long day of school and practice he wrote you a message, trying to ask you “casually” with whom you were meeting. Usually you wrote him back immediately. When you didn’t reply after an hour he wrote you a second message. He wrote you 10 messaged before going to bed and still no reply from you.

Were you ignoring him on purpose? Were you mad at him? During the night he glanced at his phone whenever he woke up and he woke up a lot.

The first thing he did the next morning was checking his phone. Still nothing. He always got jealous easily. You were his girlfriend and for him you were the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world so it was no surprise that he was afraid of losing you. He just had to know why you canceled the date to meet with someone else.

The whole morning he spent pacing up and down his room, he just had to know. Making up his mind he jogged out of his house. He knew exactly where you usually met with people. You had such a bad sense of directions you easily got lost even after living here since forever. He often made fun of you wanting to meet in the exact same place every time and he always picked you up from home to make sure you wouldn’t get lost on your way to dates with him.

When he arrived he already saw you sitting on the edge of the fountain. He wanted to walk up to you and pretend that he “just walked by”, but he stopped when he saw a guy strolling towards you. You smiled happily at the guy… too happy for his liking. He could see that you were completely comfortable around him. Why were you so comfortable around a guy he didn’t even know?! You wouldn’t cheat on him with that guy, right? You just told him a few days ago how much you love him so you wouldn’t do that. No, despite how often he got jealous you always reassured him and told him that he was the only one you love and you wouldn’t lie about something like that. 

Kenya tried to calm himself down and it almost worked until he saw you giving the guy a peck on the cheek like you did it a 100times before. The guy just grinned and gave you a peck on the cheeks in return. Kenya was frozen in place for a few seconds, feeling all his hopes shatter before he ran up to both of you.

He grabbed the guy by his collar and pulled him away from you, yelling loudly “What do you think you are doing kissing MY girlfriend?!” His voice died down to a whisper when he turned towards you “(N-Name)-chan… why? D-Did I mess up? Why would you cheat on me? I thought you love me…”

Kenya looked like a lost puppy when you and the guy started to giggle. Now you were even laughing about him? Nothing made sense anymore. After both of you calmed down the guy patted Kenya on his shoulder, “I think I’m leaving you alone with her.” He turned to you and gave you a quick hug before walking away with a quick wave.

Kenya looked at you with big eyes “W-What is going on (Name)-chan?” You grinned at Kenya “That was an old friend. His name is (random name) and he’s gay… you don’t have to worry.” Kenya stared at you for a while, his mouth dropping open “For real?!” You nodded “For real. I think I told you that you are the only one for me?” Kenya still was confused “B-But why didn’t you answer my messages?” You scrunched up your nose, a sign that something was annoying you “It fell down yesterday and is complete worthless now.”

Slowly a smile spread across Kenya’s face and he hugged you tightly “I’m so glad! I was really worried when you suddenly canceled our date and kissed the guy.” You hugged him back, ruffling his hair when you pulled back. Kenya gave you a gentle kiss before grabbing your hand “Let’s go on a date right now, okay? I’m buying you some ice-cream to make up for assuming things?” You immediately agreed and let Kenya tug you along with him. Kenya grinned, he got his date with you after all…


Shiraishi was just watching practice when Kintaro skipped towards him. Shiraishi rolled his eyes a bit annoyed about the constant questions of his kouhai. What would it be this time? Kintaro looked at him with innocent eyes, not preparing him at all for the coming question “Why is (Name)-chan meeting (ex-boyfriend) again? I don’t like him at all!”

Shiraishi couldn’t believe his ears. Why would you meet that guy again, after all that happened?! It took Shiraishi months to get you to trust him after your ex-boyfriend just played with your feelings. He didn’t like the guy for obvious reasons and he wasn’t happy about you meeting him. He thought you didn’t want to see the guy ever again? It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, but your ex could be really manipulative and he wouldn’t want you to get hurt. He would just have to talk with you.

He calmly explained Kintaro that he didn’t know why you were meeting with the guy. Shiraishi tried to stay calm, but even Kintaro could tell from his expression that it was better not to ask more questions. The rest of practice was extremely silent for Shitenhouji.

After training Shiraishi waited for you to walk home together. You arrived shortly after him, smiling at him. Shiraishi smiled back, but his smile seemed a bit forced. After walking for a short while Shiraishi spoke up, “Can I ask you something (Name)-chan?” You already noticed his weird behavior and quickly nodded your head “Sure!” Shiraishi stopped walking and turned to look at you directly “I don’t want to pry into your things, but I wonder why you met with (ex-boyfriend)?” You already were dating for quite some time and Shiraishi could tell from your body language that you were upset. “How do you know that? Are you spying on me?!” 

Shiraishi scolded himself for not asking you in a different way, but there was no going back now “I’m not. Kintaro told me he saw you. I’m just worried about you. You know that you shouldn’t meet the guy, right?” Your voice was icy when you glared at your boyfriend, “You are NOT telling me who I can or can’t meet. Don’t you trust me at all?! I thought you were different…I’m walking home alone.” With that words you turned on your heels and left Shiraishi behind. Damn. How could he say it like that? He knew how important trust was for you. He called you Name for a few times but you already had jumped into the next bus. Shiraishi tried to call you a few times, but your phone was turned off.

When he arrived at school the next morning he saw you talking with your ex-boyfriend. Just great! He wanted to walk over and tell the guy to never talk with you again, but he couldn’t, knowing exactly you would get even more angry. His eyes widened when he saw you handing the guy something with a bright smile. Why were you smiling at him and what the hell did you give that guy?! You wouldn’t cheat on him with your ex again, right? But why would you meet him again and why would you smile at him like that?! Did your ex manage to somehow get you into starting something with him again? Would he lose you?! He just wanted to talk with you, but what if he was just assuming things and he would damage your relationship even further? With a heavy heart Shiraishi turned around and walked into the school building.

During lunch break Shiraishi sat under a tree, his lunch untouched next to him. He just didn’t want to lose you. You were the girl of his dreams. His head snapped up when he heard your voice behind him “Hey…” You sat down next to him “Kintaro told me that you were sad.”  A small, sad smile tugged at Shiraishi’s lips “He did?” You nodded and shifted a bit closer to him “I’m sorry for overreacting yesterday and for ignoring your calls. You know how important it is for me that we trust each other and you just gave me the feeling that you don’t trust me. I just hope that we can be honest with each other.” 

Shiraishi’s eyes were on you, trying to read your expression. What if you were going to tell him that you wanted to end things? What should he do if you really cheated on him? Shiraishi spoke slowly, his voice almost breaking “I know that. I should have approached the subject differently. I’m just worried. I love you and I don’t want you to get hurt. Sometimes I’m just afraid to lose you, especially when I see you with your ex.” You gently placed your hand on Shiraishi’s not used to see him so vulnerable. “The first time I met him was a coincident, I assume that’s what Kintaro saw and he asked me to give him back some things he left at my place. I wasn’t happy either about seeing him after such a long time, but I gave him back his things today so I never have to see him again. You are the one I love and the one I want to be with.” 

Shiraishi could feel a weight being lifted off his mind and he gently wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you into his side “You make me so happy. I’m just so glad to have you.” He dipped his head down, gently cupping your face with his free hand to pull you into a soft kiss. You smiled into the kiss, leaning your weight against your boyfriend. After pulling back from the kiss Shiraishi stroked your head, pressing a peck on your forehead “Let’s just stay here together during lunch, okay? Can I walk you home after school?” You smiled up at Shiraishi, settling your head against his muscular chest “Sure. If you want we can cook dinner at my house after school. My parents aren’t home today.” Shiraishi tightened his hold on you, enjoying how perfectly you fit into his arms…

Something from the Kagepro manga I noticed-

Okay, you guys know this scene from chapter 18? Well, after the fifth novel confirmed that Kano was working for Kenjirou, he was obviously well-aquainted with the wide-eyed snake. Kuroha is assumed to be possessed by the wide-eyed snake. This explains why Kano seems so scared by Kuroha’s statement:

“You’re the ‘Deceiver’ from that time, aren’t you?”

The wide-eyed snake remember Kano while in Kenjirou’s body. He remembers using him and his power, and he remembers Kano being the 'Deceiver’. Kano knows that that’s Kenjirou in some way (the wide-eyed snake) and he has that stunned look on his face.

Now Kano knows that he failed to protect his friends. He couldn’t protect Takane when appearing as Ayano and warning her to tell Haruka she loved him. The snake was here again, now in the form of Kuroha, and he was going to kill Kano first. That was the wide-eyed snake’s way of telling him that he’s useless now, he’s done, and he was only a little pawn in his game, by killing him first. And now, everyone he’s ever called a family is going to die, because he couldn’t stop the wide-eyed snake from getting to them.

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Hogwarts AU cliches: Accidently switching ties after making out in a broom closet. (Any characters that spark your interest, from the hp world or not :) )

Have Sherlock and John. =) 

‘No, Sherlock. Not now.’ John tried to weakly push Sherlock off as the boy dragged him into the nearest broom closest but his heart wasn’t in it. As soon as the door closed behind them, John decided enough was enough and threw caution to the wind. He closed Sherlock into a deep kiss, feeling Sherlock’s smirk as he did so.

Sherlock deepened the kiss, occasionally taking breaks to allow John to breath, during which he attacked John’s neck (John refused to call that kissing). Their ties had come off at some point, and John’s shirt was being unbuttoned.

John had lost track of time when a bang from outside made him freeze. 'Sherlock.’

Sherlock hummed from where he was kissing at John’s collar bone. 

'Sherlock.’ John repeated. 'It’s after curfew. We have to get back to our houses.’

With a sigh, Sherlock broke off his attack. 'You mean we have to get back to your house.’ He corrected and John nodded. Sherlock hadn’t slept in his dorm for months, and no teacher had the heart to tell him to do so, not after what had happened.

John waved his hand. 'Yes, fine. Now come on.’ He grabbed a tie and roughly buttoned his shirt up as he unlocked the closest door. 

'Come on then.’ Sherlock said imperiously, leading the way to the kitchen’s and John’s house. They didn’t meet a single other person on their way, Sherlock’s knowledge of the prefect’s patrols and secret passages ensuring a smooth return.

But somewhere along the line, it had become a race. So they arrived at the entry portrait, John barely had time to get in before Sherlock was on him. They burst into the common room, laughing and out of breath.

It took John a moment to realise every eye in the room was on them. His laughter died down as he looked around the room, trying to figure out why so many of his housemates were looking at them wide eyed and amused. It wasn’t like this was the first, or hundredth time, the pair of them had stumbled into the common room late at night and out of breath. It was their thing, practically.

'What?’ John asked finally.

Sherlock huffed a laugh behind him. 'John, you’ve switched houses.' 

Confused, John turned back to look at him and froze when he saw his own yellow and black tie on Sherlock’s neck. He touched his tie and looked down, shocked to see Sherlock’s green and silver tie.

'Oh.’ He looked back at the rest of his house, now all trying not to laugh. 'Umm.’

'We didn’t shag.’ Sherlock drawled and John turned on him, outraged.

'Sherlock!’ He yelled as the rest of the house lost their battle with their laughter. Even Sherlock was smiling and John found himself reluctantly starting to join in.

MC’s kid copies Soryu and pulls a fake gun

-It was once a request but I couldn’t think of anything, so I changed it up a little-
-And sorry Baba-


“So, tell Uncle Baba about that Michiko girl from school. I heard you’re really into her.”
Your son sat beside you in the penthouse lounge, pouting, face bright red up to the roots of his ears.
“Come on, don’t be shy! You guys going to get married?”
Your son didn’t reply.
“Look at him, he’s so cute!” Baba exclaimed happily to Ota, who only smiled. “He’s shy! I bet he wanted to hold her hand.” He turned back to your son. “When’s the wedding?”
“Stop it!” The little boy jumped to his feet and pulled a pistol from his back pocket, pointing it at Baba’s face.

There was suddenly silence in the lounge, everyone surprised at the young child’s action.
“Rude.” Eisuke said coolly, crossing his arms with a smirk.
“He’s just like you, Soryu.” Mamoru huffs amusedly on his cigarette.
“Interestingly.” The other man commented. Soryu looked rather proud, nodding slightly as he watched your son.
You were horrified.
“Tamo, put that thing away!”
Your son looked at you over his shoulders, wide eyed and wondering why you were so scared.
“No, Tamo! Give that to me!”
Ota was holding in laughter, trying to keep a straight face and ending up with a strained version of that angelic smile that seemed both wicked and hilarious.

“Awww, don’t be so mean to your Uncle Baba, put the gun away. Listen to mommy, kiddo.” Baba was still trying to worm away from the muzzle. Your son glanced at Ota, laughed, and pulled the trigger.



“I swear, that water gun was worth every penny!” Ota burst out, laughing at Baba’s soaked front. “Wasn’t that just the best birthday present for him, Soryu?”
“Hey! You all knew about this and didn’t tell me?” Baba gave his friends hurt look, dramatically clasping his hands over his heart, against the wet suit. “How terribly cruel to a weak old man like me!”
“Finally admitting you’re old?” Mamoru chuckled.
“Oh shush, old guy, don’t hurt my poor heart anymore!” Baba laughed with a wave of his hand. Tamo squirted him with the water gun again and he put his hands up in defeat.
“Kiddo, you’re so mean! Ahhhh!”
“That’s quite the kid you got there, ___________.” Mamoru frowned, shaking his cigarette. “He’s like… Ice Dragon material.”
“Kishi, stop!” You sigh and grab your son by the collar, dragging him back to you, scolding him as you stand him in front of you. He bowed his head.
“Don’t be so harsh on him, it was just a bit of harmless fun.” Ota called out to you, still laughing.
“Ota, it’s no laughing matter!” You shoot him a glare. “He was pointing a gun at someone!”
“You don’t complain when Soryu does it.” Eisuke pointed out.
“Because I know Soryu won’t shoot anyone!” You snap back at him. “I don’t want Tamo growing up thinking that pointing a gun at people is normal!” You glare at Soryu, who met your gaze evenly. “And Soryu, can you please stop doing that around Tamo? You’re setting a terrible example!”
“It’s just a water gun, ___________.” Baba said generously. “It’s fine, don’t give the kid such a fright.”
“Tamo.” You scold the boy. “Apologize to Uncle Baba.”
He looked up at you, stubborn and almost on the edge of tears. You showed no sign of giving in to his puppy dog eyes, and Tamo turned to Baba. There was guilt across his face, and he mumbled.
“Sorry, Uncle Baba.”
“Do you understand what you’re sorry for?” You ask.
“I shouldn’t point a gun at people.” He replied.
“And why not?”
“___________, you’re such a strict parent!” Ota exclaims, and you glare at him so fiercely that for once, he shuts up.
“It’s mean and it makes them feel sad.” Tamo says quietly.
“Exactly.” You put a head on his head.
“Don’t worry, kiddo, I forgive you.” Baba said as he beckoned to him. “I just like teasing you a little. You’re so cute!” He ruffles your son’s hair affectionately and the boy’s mood seems to lift.
You sigh and sit back down.
“Wow, didn’t know ya had that in you.” Mamoru gave you a look of approval. “Even got Ota to shut his trap.”

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Lovers Lost in Space || Lucien & Chuck

Lucien was fiddling with the boutonniere on his suit jacket, looking down at it and thinking that it was crooked when it fact it was already perfect. He had checked multiple times before he and Chuck left their room a few moments ago to go to the chapel. The son of Nyx wanted everything to be perfect for their wedding and the boutonniere was the only thing he could get his hands on that he could fix. “Fuck… Chuck, why am I so nervous?” Luc looked up, his expression wide-eyed and anxious as he finally let his hands drop to his side.