why so small though

honestly i wouldn’t be the woman i am today without FFX-2


local floating head wants to suffer in bed all day without disruption

Sehun trying to make himself smaller when he’s around Kai  is the cutest thing ever. I mean look at this Sehun actually looks shorter? and smaller?

why is he on his tippy toes whispering to a member that’s shorter than him?

Sehun is taller and broader than Kai and has been for years its almost like if he thinks that theyre still like this:

and Sehun does this thing where when he’s embarrassed,nervous or just shy that he likes to try and disappear into or hide behind Kai which is ridiculously cute cause again he’s the bigger of the two but it makes for adorable moments:

Imagine prince!Vernon getting flustered after seeing how handsome prince!Seungkwan looks in his royal attire.

BONUS: After prince!Vernon shyly compliments him, prince!Seungkwan responds with a quiet ‘thank you’ while a soft tint of red starts appearing on his cheeks.

Beady Little Eyes

(another lil thing for @squigglydigglydoo ‘s toon henry au, which has done wonders for bringing back my creative drive lately.  Wanted to try and feel out how Bendy would react to seeing himself when he’s off-model level’s of angry.)

“What did he mean?” Bendy stood on a stool in front of a mirror, stock still, looking at himself.  He bent in close over the sink and stretched his eyelid, intensely scanning for something, anything… nothing.

Which was exactly what he was finding.  The only thing looking back at him was that mug he’d come to know and love oh-so-much. His real money maker.  Not a flaw to be found.

“Boris doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ about,” the devil dismissed, intending to put the issue to bed.

But he didn’t look away from that mirror.  Why?  Why was he even listening to Boris?  Henry’d already poisoned the guy’s mind.  That dunce was always gullible anyway, it was his whole shtick.

So why did this bother him so much?

Bendy knew.  Of course he knew.  He and Boris had known each other for years.  If there was one thing that came with being that simple, it was honesty.  Boris didn’t have a lying bone in his body.  So when the words “he was right” came out of his mouth, coupled with the terror in his eyes, it stung.

Boris didn’t like how mad he was getting.  Why not?  After everything they’d gone through, all the work they’d done, why did they deserve to get thrown away?  They were owed this.  How could he not see that?  Boris was a dunce, but he wasn’t blind.  Henry didn’t care about this, he didn’t care about them.  But all it had taken was one sob story and Boris was in, hook, line, and sinker.

“That’s the problem with having an idiot for a best friend,” he muttered to himself, “they got no idea when they’re bein played.”

But Alice believed him too. Alice wasn’t dumb.  She was as goody-two shoes, sure, but she had common sense.  And she was siding with Henry.  How was he supposed to take that?  Both of them were with Henry.  Henry. Henry, Henry, Henry.  Even hearing that name burned him up these days.  That louse left, tossed them all away, let them collect dust for thirty years.  And yet somehow, he turned everyone Bendy had against him.  What had he said to Alice?  She had to be smart enough to see through him.  Had he threatened her?  Had he threatened both of them?  Boris had looked nervous when they were arguing.  Did that no good, dead-beat, absentee animator threaten his pals?!

“If he lays a finger on either of them…“ Bendy clenched his hands in a vice grip and looked back up at the mirror…

It stared back at him with beady little eyes.

Bendy screamed in terror and fell back off his stool with a clatter.  He lied there for a moment, staring up at the ceiling.  His teeth were clenched, his fingers dug into the wood, and his heart jumped a foot up with every beat.  It was at least a minute of stunned silence when he finally sat up, rubbing his head, trying to process what he’d just seen.  That face, that… thing.  Was that… him?

The thought spurred him back to his feet, he scrambled up onto the stool as fast as he could and looked back at himself.

There were his pupils, big and adorable as they ever were.  Once again Bendy inspected his eyes.  Was it him? Was that freak really what he looked like? Why though? Why were his eyes so small? After a new stint of finding nothing, he shook his head.  

“No, no it was… it was a trick of the light.  Yeah, that was it, trick of the light.  Gotta get these things replaced.”  He put his hands on his hips and looked up at the dim bulb.  “They barely work anymore.”  A laugh to seal the excuse.  There, that sounded sane.

“I’m workin too hard,” he continued to assure himself, turning around and leaning back against the sink.  “All this thinkin bout Henry has my nerves shot.  I need to calm down before I lose my head.”

There was a tap on his shoulder.  A glance to the side brought him face to face with the beady-eyed monster, leaning out of the mirror.

“Might be a bit late for that, mac.”  It growled with a hollow grin.

Bendy screamed higher and louder than he’d ever screamed before.  His legs kicked into high gear. He rocketed out of the room, slammed the door shut, and began nailing two-by-fours over it as fast as he could.  After a finishing touch of police tape and a nuclear hazard symbol for good measure, he pressed his body up against it.  He heaved, chest rising and falling rapidly.

That wasn’t him.   He wasn’t like that.  He was a good guy.  It couldn’t have been him…

But that was his voice.

That was his face.

That was him.  That horrible, bloodthirsty-looking freak was him.

Bendy started to shiver. He wrapped his arms around himself and sank to the ground.  He missed Boris.  He missed Alice.  He…

A few drops of water hit the ground.  Rain. Instinctively, Bendy pulled an umbrella out and opened it.  Drops kept hitting the floor.  Confused, Bendy looked up… at the ceiling.  “Oh.”  He flicked the side of his head to berate himself.  “Then what… oh.”  He moved his knuckle up to just under his eye and rubbed, looking at the droplet that had settled on his finger.  “Oh,” his voice cracked, smiling at the tear like it was a joke.  Then he put his head back down and let himself cry softly.

His friends were gone, he has dropping ink like a leaky faucet, and now his eyes were going screwy.

Was he the bad guy?  You didn’t name the show after the bad guy, did you?

Half-finished thoughts came and went before he could grab them, the bulb over his head was flickering but it wouldn’t light.  He tried to think of something, anything… nothing.

Which was all he was gonna figure out on his own.

But he had no one to ask now.

Except Joey.

Bendy smacked his forehead, “That’s it!”  With that, he hopped back up, grabbed his umbrella and started down the hall.  Joey would know.  

He had to.

Books Read in 2017: The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

“All you can do, all any of us can do, is work to be something positive instead. That is a choice every sapient must make every day of their life. The universe is what we make of it. It’s up to you to decide what part you will play” 

noxesandstardust  asked:

How old is Frisk/Chara? Also are you accepting requests again?

Their age fluctuates between 3-6 for me and I rarely draw them any older aha. I do think that during the game they’re around 9-12 though.

When they say “open” they’ll be open.

notmikasupamika  asked:

I've been wondering, if Furuta has a Kakuja, what would it look like? I'm thinking a giant lobster of some sort because of that one calendar page.

definitely a lobster

… this was meant to be funny but that’s actual kind of terrifying

Audrey & the Boyz oh my god remember that super old draw the squad. I’m just doing what needed to be done

milo lost his nipples again. 

inktober #23: have a gem au tony. he’s paraiba tourmaline, in his sternum - think the arc reactor. also he is very small and has limb enhancers lmao ;)


Goodbye old hammock, hello MONSTER HAMMOCK.

I love including little details in my fanfics, especially about treasured Imperial characters and their experiences in their respective Academies.  But I gotta say, that out of everything I’ve created for Mitaka, my favorite Academy story is his experience in his hand-to-hand combat class (the only class that took place ‘outdoors’ on the star destroyer, as in an artificial forest aboard the ship); specifically, his complete inability to properly fire a blaster.

Hand-to-hand? He’s got it. Knives? Even better! Firing a ‘giant’ blaster in the form of a ventral cannon? Easy enough!

But there was something about a blaster that he could not get.

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