why so small tho


It is done! amazing balls I actually kept my word! 

So thanks to @rifcringes posting some videos by Thomas Sanders, who I had heard of but never, that I can remember, watched anything of so I went and checked him out and I absolutely love his stuff! :D he’s amazing! So was this created! 

I ended up watching his vines compilations and found 3 which made me think of Undertale immediately, and this is one of them! based on one of the vines HERE  

I have no idea what is going on with Scratch’s eye light thingie, tried to like combine the original blue and yellow of UT Sans and then add some purple, looks weird or maybe that’s just me? it reminds me of candy for some reason

Also for those people who don’t use feet and inches to measure height, Papy is 221 cm aka 2 m and 21 cm and Scratch 141 cm aka 1 m and 41 cm. went with these two because Papy is the tallest and Scratch the shortest in my head when it comes to the skellies in UT, US, UF and SF~

Edit: realised I forgot to add a little black dot in Scratch’s magic eye, fixed now~ 


Heo Joon Jae was worried about me~

why is henry’s body so small tho like y’all really made a meme out of calling this buff???? tf

excuse me red-lining this w/ my trackpad i am unable to use my tablet at the moment but like


the fuck

In depth analysis of Zorc Necrophade’s design.

So, Zorc is pretty cool looking I gotta say. 

Ya know. 

Except for a bit of a ridiculous detail

insert CV joke here

Why this? I never understood this and its just too silly looking I can’t.

The dragon dick can breathe fire btw. Zorc literally ejaculates flaming destruction.

I’m currently cryin about how I’d make my Zorkura design more accurate:


(But, ayway, Zorc is a giant demon and I have a weakness. Its just that part is just so out there man.)


It was either “I only have ONE true fear!” or “I’m a walking wikipedia except I actually work.”

yesterday my darling baby Karla was super down because the pjo/hoo fandom is… well its mostly dead u.u so i went back and dug my old files and FINALLY finished this!! (theres a small wip u can see here which was 6 months ago lmao and it was already old then) tbh the whole BOO Ending Situation kinda ruined the books for me :// there were a lot of stuff about the whole series that was very problematic and a lot of stuf i plain hated. but the characters are still amazing to me and i still love them to BITS and all our headcanons and all the friends i made here! ill never forget that. so thank you! and this is DEFINITELY not goodbye as ill be making more drawings of them ok shh dont worry and cheer up darlings!!! <3