why so serious guys

  • me when eurovision starts: yay I'm so happy, Europe is such a beautiful idea we must protect it
  • me when one of my babies doesn't go to the finals: this is bullshit, Europe is a failure, there is no justice in this world

y'all… I just read this article with an interview from Tim Tebow where he said he wants a woman who loves Jesus and has to want to adopt and like… I’m right here ??? Am I Tim Tebow’s perfect woman?

PSA: So calling out creepy ‘Ler’s’ was one issue. Here is another.

This is how NOT to approach me.

Just because I’m a Ler does not mean I’m sitting here waiting to tickle you. Just because I’m a Dom, does not mean you can hit me up and start an argument so I’ll 'punish’ you with tickles.
If I don’t know you, why would I want to just give you thrills?! I don’t offer a free service to strangers I’m afraid, and getting salty because I won’t, just means I’ll block you.

Why so serious?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m the most friendly guy if you get to know me. All my posts are a piece of me. Teasing, happy, playful.

Just, please, don’t assume I’m going to instantly RP with you. It takes a lot more than a hello…

zjiminessz  asked:

Hi, I would like to know about Jimin's splits

Well well welllllllll. This is obviously the best example, and what sparked the eternal flame burning in my heart


*cough* Anyway, what we’re reeeealy talking about, is how freakin flexible and bendy this smol peach is

Come on guys, you’ll never be on his level

he could be a ballerina

look, even kookie appreciates the bendy. here he is…helping…yeah…

you tried guys, you tried

and look, that’s his knee, pressed to his adorably squishy face

Anyway, point is, jimin’s ability to do the splits and wrap himself around like the cutest fuckin pretzel you have ever seen has both destroyed my life, and made me a new woman. It’s a whole new world hahah. Please. Feel free to ask me about my religion anytime. 


you are what you wear, pt. 2

alternatively titled: “I Spy: Crisis Indicator Edition”


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Lie until even you believe it - that’s the real secret of lying.