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I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!


Deckerstar in New Lucifer Promo (x)

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For the OTP challenge thing: Number 15 (so hard to decide) RivaEre, please? Thanks a lot! <3

((send me a number and get some v sloppy and low quality smut hhhhh sorry)) 

#15 - sweet and passionate

“Look at you, so adorable,” Levi coos, his eyes full of fondness as he cradles Eren’s face in his hands. “My little darling, I’m gonna eat you up.”

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So i’ve been pretty against letting dogs sleep in the bed, really didn’t like the idea of it, didn’t want the fuss, the movements, the butt licking, the pointy elbows, the cold nose in my face and the reduced amount of stretching-out-space for like…my entire life

I was so wrong



I had to lower the quality and post on Vimeo because Tumblr can’t handle their shit.

Thank you to all those who sent in questions! @equuleus86 @formeniel

Caryl talk begins around 2 minutes. Bloopers are at 7.29 so you can laugh at my expense.

I had such a large amount about fan fic recs and I had to cut pretty much all of it out which was annoying but I’ll tag those I’ve mentioned. Fic talk is at 4.38.

I was so awkward doing this but hopefully you’ll enjoy! (pls ignore how horrid my hair looks too, it usually looks nicer I swear) (also the angle of the camera was less than flattering!) Thanks again,




When you really love somebody they change you and I think that she’s changed mostly by her love for Booth and his love for her. And I think that’s kind of a beautiful thing.” - Emily Deschanel


« Friendzone. Has a woman ever done anything worse to you than put you on a friendzone? » — Daniel Radcliffe at The F Word red carpet in Toronto. (x)


make me choose: chenhun or chanhun 

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Just an appreciation post because I think this era was when they all have perfect hairstyles.

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Is it true that Colin was annoyed in the M&G when someone told him she loves his wife?

Not at all! Actually, he seemed quite happy talking about her and the admiration and love is really clear in his voice when he does :) Here’s exactly what happened:

Fan: “I just love your wife, she’s like so pretty and amazing. Did she come with you? If yes, did she like Brazil?”

C: “Yes, she’s here and… Eh, I also love my wife”

*everybody laughs, including Colin*

C: “And yes, she’s having a great time. She loves here”

Fan: *says something about how awesome that is and how lovely Helen is*

C: “I know- I know how you feel, yeah”

*everybody laughs again*