why so perfect

What if Gladio’s harsh ass anger and attitude was all due to guilt for what happened to Ignis?

It’s slowly occurring to me that when Prompto left the group in Altissia to help Noct get closer to Leviathan, Gladio and Ignis were the two left…

And after the implication of what we see in the teaser for Episode Ignis… Where was Gladio? WHY WASN’T HE THERE TO BE BY IGNIS’S SIDE?

I feel like… Prompto and Gladio’s being overly concerned for Ignis and trying to help him by being up his ass all the time, and snapping at Noct for walking too fast and shit is because they were guilty because they weren’t there.

They were not there to protect Ignis, and because of that Ignis was overwhelmed and taken down by MTs and Ardyn fucking hurt him. Of course blinding him was a brilliant stroke, took away one of the most important things to Ignis, his sight. He can’t observe and protect Noct if he can’t fucking see.

WHERE WERE YOU GLADIO. We know mostly what Prompto was up to be WHAT HELL. Where you were you, Gladio, when Ignis needed you?!

your mission - protect these babies at all costs

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The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 5

Onwards to episode 5! We got a lot of Yuuri skating in this episode but, in the midst of it all, we actually got to see a wide variety of expressions. There’s a surprisingly lot of foreshadowing to later events in this episode if you consider that we see pride, determination, and anxiety from Yuuri over his skating as well as his decision to not listen to Victor’s skating instructions. That said, I hope I was able to adequately capture the diversity of expressions we see! Enjoy!

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Bonus because I adore this butterfly entry and picking just 1 Yuri on Ice gif was agony: