why so green you ask

northern californian gothic
  • when people say “california”, they don’t mean you. they never mean you.
  • you can see the snow, it’s under your feet and all around you, but they keep insisting it’s not there. you saw it fall from the sky yourself. “it’s not real,” they say. “it doesn’t snow in california.” you reach down to scoop some up, to prove it to them, to make them see, but it burns your hands to the bone. “it not real. it doesn’t snow in california.”
  • you’re walking through the town and it’s raining, big fat drops from a dark sky. you turn the corner onto a new block and suddenly it’s not raining anymore; the sun is out, kids are riding their bikes in circles in the street, the air is warm, and the sidewalk is bone dry. you keep walking and turn onto another block. it is raining again. the only thing that tells you you’re still in the same place is the sound of birds singing in every tree, never breaking their song.
  • when you drive by the river, you always remark about how high or low the water is. “it’s really low today.” “oh, it’s almost up to the trees.” you have to. even when you’re speaking to an empty car. you don’t want to find out what happens if you don’t. you can’t afford to find that out.
  • there’s a mountain range in the distance that always have snow-capped peaks year-around, even during summer. you can keep driving towards them forever, but they will always be the same distance away.
  • sometimes, you can’t tell whether they’re actually mountains or just clouds. you can’t really tell anything from clouds, anymore.
  • “why do they call them ghost towns if there’s still people living in it? still, it’s really cool they all dress up like cowboys.” “what are you talking about? we’ve been here all day and haven’t seen a single person.”
  • sometimes, a pinecone just hits you in the head. you’re not even near a pine tree. the pinecone finds you anyway. the pinecone will always find you.
  • you don’t ask your neighbor why their flowers are growing so well during the drought. there is always a drought but their flowers are always so happy. you don’t ask them why every spring they write “i’m so sorry” on their lawn in red paint. you don’t ask them where your friend from L.A. who came up to visit you disappeared to. you don’t ask them.
  • the dogs drug something in from the woods, but you don’t know what or where it is. you just see a bunch of thick brown fur and trail of black blood. the dogs are nervous.
  • people are wearing flip-flops in the freezing rain. “excuse me, i’m sorry, but aren’t your feet cold?” you ask them. “i don’t have feet,” they sob. “oh god, what happened to my feet? oh god, my feet. oh, god.”
  • you’re in sacramento and you know you’ve seen that tree before. there’s a million trees around you but you know you’ve seen that tree before. it’s the same tree. you’ve seen that tree bef-
  • there is a bear you met as a child. you apologized to them for looking them in their eyes, and they moved out of your way to let you pass. to this day, you are pretty sure that bear is your friend. but you never know, with bears.
  • you’re in a diner passing through a small orchard town. “my wife and i have been here since the Great Depression,” the young farmer sitting next to you says. “oh, so you’re third generation, then?” you ask. the farmer just smiles into their coffee.
  • every place is named after the terrible things white people have done there
  • there is gold in the river. there is gold in the streets. there is gold under your fingernails and in your skin. they will kill you if they find it. they will kill you if they see it. lie. lie about the gold. lie about the way your hair sparkles. “it’s all the avocado oil,” you will say as they squint at you. “it’s just the avocados.”
  • you can hear them chanting it across the bay. hella. hella. hella. it’s so rhythmic, so comforting, like the rise and fall of the hills. hella. hella. hella. you know one day they will come for you and yours. you know one day you will join them. hella. HELLA. HELLA. hella. hella. hella. hella. hella.
  • the redwoods do not “start”. the rest of the world ends.
  • the ocean is cold and gray and it will take you. it will take you away. all you can smell are the wild herbs growing on the edge of a cliff and the corpses of seals rotting on the beach and the sand is made of jagged rocks that cut your feet. still, you wade in, ignoring the way the water stings your skin until the cold eventually numbs you to the bone. it will take you away. you don’t remember what it means to be warm.
Daddy’s Girl (S.Coups)

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Seungcheol was definitely the strong type, able to withstand anything that got thrown his way. Finding out you were pregnant? Great! Discovering the gender was a girl? He cried tears of joy but still great! Having to go to the convenient store at midnight because you craved pickles and Nutella? Questionable taste but he did it! And when his baby girl decided to be unconventional and dress up as a knight, as opposed to a princess, you can bet he didn’t even flinch.

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anonymous asked:

okay but like can we talk about monty?? in season 2, monty was the one doing the hacking and the one to help clarke stop mw from killing everyone but god forbid we even get a glimpse of him for more than 30 seconds bc at mw, jasper the white boy, is the leader. it was satisfying to see jasper do something more than be his usual fuckboy self but can we pls give monty some credit?? clarke made the decision but he's the one giving her the means to do so. i wish he was more important on this show :/


Season one Monty was the one trying to get the wristbands to work as two-way communication. He was there right from the start trying to help people, even when his best friend, his brother was missing. 

Then he was the reason the bomb worked on the bridge. Without Monty showing up with that extra gun, Raven would have died. They all probably would have died because the grounders would have attacked before the 100 was ready for a battle. 

Skip forward to season two where Monty is the first one to greet Clarke, the only one to believe her or to take her seriously when she feels uneasy about Mount Weather. He’s the one who tells Jasper to cut the shit and start paying attention, he wants proof that Clarke is okay, he wants to go after Clarke. He’s the one who hacks into the system, he’s the one who makes the plan, he’s the one who puts the radio in place, he’s the one who sends out the SOS message to their people, he’s the one who risked his life to do it, to save his friends. He’s the guy who jumped first to protect Harper when they were going to take her again. He’s the one who made it possible for Clarke and Bellamy to pull that lever.

Please explain to me why he was barely shown this season. Explain to me why he wasn’t the main character for the Mount Weather arc. Explain to me why his morality wasn’t explored as the episodes went on and the remaining 48 got restless and felt hopeless and he was there, waiting for Clarke but knowing they had to take action themselves. Why didn’t we see the exploration of a moral code that allowed him to tell Maya that the mountain men should have let themselves die, why didn’t we see the development from goofy stoner to man who would do whatever it took to save his people, including die, including kill. Please explain why Monty Green is still in the shadows. 

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Hi! This might be an odd question, but come the next federal election I'll be voting for the first time. I know it's a bit far off, but I'm wondering where I could find good information on who to vote for. Definitely not Harper, but I'm not sure between the NDP and the Liberals- I trust Mulcair most as a person, but I'm not sure he knows what he's doing, and I just can't take Trudeau seriously. Should I look more my specific MP? Or just go anyone-but-Harper? I'd appreciate any thoughts, please!

In terms of basics, try apathyisboring.com which gives you a rundown of the parties and pretty great glossary of terms if you’re unfamiliar with the details of the electoral system and/or the issues that might be relevant to how you cast your vote.

You may find that you prefer to vote for a particular party (in which case you should go to each major party’s website to (try to) figure out their platform and whether their aims most closely align with your interests), the party’s leader (be sure that whether mulcair-as-a-person actually matters to your vote’s representation in parliament), or the MP in your area you want actually representing you in the legislature. Closer to the election a vote compass will show up on CBC that may help you figure out where your issues place you among the major parties. The research on the vote compass says there’s a strong Liberal bias, but everyone I have talked to who tested out their views landed unrealistically far left on the compass (mind you, that probably says more about the company I keep more than anything else) – either way it’s probably best to do the research and figure out where you’re situated independently of the vote compass.

Personally, although my views align most closely with another party, I vote NDP because I live in an NDP stronghold (this is not necessarily an endorsement). I vote for my MP, the individual. She represents issues that are important to me. I care a less about her party affiliation as I do about what she represents and how she represents it, and I’m only happy with what she’s done for our riding. I’m not sorry she’s NDP (it’s the right choice for her alignment) and the fact that she’s now part of the merry band of official opposition is a bonus, but that’s not what motivates my vote.

When I lived in the suburbs, though, where the Conservatives had a stronger grasp, I voted for the most competitive alternative party just to keep them out. Meanwhile, my parents live in a really solid Conservative stronghold, and they consistently vote for the 3rd and 4th ranked parties in the area (respectively) – not because they’re competitive, but because the party most closely represents their views. Ideally, I think, this is how a democracy is supposed to work – you vote for whomever is going to best represent your views.

But as this is not an ideal democracy, there are lots of other approaches. You can vote for the party leader you find most trustworthy (a vote for Elizabeth May is NEVER a vote wasted in my view) (this IS an endorsement) (just from me, I can’t vouch for my fellow blogrunners), for the party politics you prefer (you might hate your MP but hate the leader of another party/the country more), or – not cast a vote at all.

You’ll hear a lot of rhetoric about how you can’t pass up your opportunity to participate in our great democracy, blah blah, but another totally valid option is to conscientiously not vote. Not voting out of apathy isn’t ideal, but the majority of the population occupies unceded territory, and objecting to the whole imperialist model that is the entire governmental/electoral system is absolutely a valid choice. You can object for a whole lot of reasons, and loudly not-voting after giving it a lot of thought is absolutely not apolitical.

You also have the option of spoiling your ballot in objection to the available options. But if you want to vote for a representation, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Hope this helps!



Request: Hello!!! Can you do a Dean one off the song Wings by Birdy? Love you! Thank you!!!

Request: Reader is dared to take a walk through the graveyard. Armed only with a nerf gun that looks like a machine gun and some pepper spray, you agree and go in. Thirty minutes in and then you see a hand popping out of the grave. It is Dean, literally back from the dead. But you don’t know him and you’re convinced he’s a zombie. After screaming like the lead actress to a horror movie, you threaten him with your nerf gun and interrogate him at bullet point. And you take it from there?

Request: Greetings! How’s your day lovely? I have a quick little request for you. Nothing specific. I just love the song ’ I need you’ by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and I think it suits a deanxreader. Could u use the song or its message in a story?

Request: hey, i really love all your dean x reader one shots i know your probably busy but i was wondering if you could do one where the reader is a British hunter and goes to america for a hunt and bumps into dean and sam and dean falls in love with her British accent and well her in general and he persuades her to move to america and they start dating, or something like that.

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well dang then I'll ask you again, why is john green so hated on tumblr? literally know nothing about the dude except he wrote a book that was adapted into a successful screenplay, and his head looks like a peanut. but every day I see tumblr posts about him sucking dick???

i don’t even think it’s hatred in the angry sense so much as it is he’s just a laughingstock, but off the top of my head:

  • pretty much all of his books are laden with manic-pixie-dream-girl nonsense and hamfisted writing
  • the fucking anne frank memorial scene in TFIOS
  • he generally talks like one of those “how do you do, fellow kids?” posts, starting his posts with things like “greetings, tumblypoos” despite being nearly 40 years old
  • in the same vein, he’s constantly going on about how nerds are an untapped romantic resource and about how he’s one of those ~sensitive introverts~ and all that “not like other girls” bullshit
  • tumblr staff fuckin loves him for some reason

as a result, it became something of a meme to take his text posts and reblog them with the original text replaced with various copypasta (the sucking dick one being the most popular) - he’s made a bunch of whiny posts about how rude it is to edit people’s posts as a result, and tumblr attempted to remove the feature shortly afterwards, so people joke that the staff of this shithole will never do or fix anything unless john green complains about it

Green Witchcraft: Walking the Green Path II

  As I mentioned in the previously post. green witchcraft is for the most part secular. Worship of a god or goddess isn’t an essential part of the green path. I personal have patron gods, but they do not really play a part in my practice, they’re are my guidance & support in my life, but not my magic.

And this is the main difference between green witchcraft & newpagan religion, godforms are not essential part of the green witch path. The Earth it’s self is sacred, an archetype of nurturing & further refinement of that archetype is not necessary for the green witch. That being said, if you do come across a deity that resonates with you, there is nothing wrong will making a little shrine to honour them & drawn inspiration from them. The green witch path is a spiritual one, yes, but spirituality does not necessarily equate to religion. You can be part of any religion & still walk the green path honouring nature & all her green blessings as sacred & blessed. The green witch sees all the divine in nature, and each green witch interprets that divinity a little bit differently.

  Green Witchcraft is not Wicca (as I mentions Ann Moura’s “Green Witchcraft” books are about ‘Green Wicca’ which is entirely different path) Wicca is a formal, structured religion which sets out certain tenets and moral guidelines and who followers celebrate certain rituals in certain ways.

Green witchcraft is a non-structured, flexible practice that has no set holidays and no compulsory rituals. The green witch is adaptable. S/he creates their own path according to their individual strengths and talents and the energies and supplies native to his/her geographical locale. It means being adaptable & flexible to your needs and the needs of the earth. It is a dialogue with Mother Earth, a practice that enriches both the green which and the earth itself. The exchange of energy produces manifold benefits, to put it simply, we heal the earth & the earth heals us. We seek harmony through our actions & we look to balance energies that are askew.

  There are no ethical or moral rules associated with green witchcraft other then those the practitioner already possesses. Why is that you ask? Well, the green path is so very personal that to create an overreaching ethical system would exclude some practitioners or force them to change who they are. Green witchcraft isn’t about forcing an individual to change; it is about choosing to harmonize one’s own life with the energies of nature. Secondly, a green witch is so in tune with their surrounding that a set ethical strictures is unnecessary. Knowing yourself to be a part of a greater whole makes it difficult to act against the whole. Our aim is to work with Mother Earth in partnership, to act against her would be counterproductive. When you are so in tune with the earth you feel a sense of responsibility and guardianship, so further focus on ethics is unnecessary. Essentially, if you love & respect the world around you, it’s impossible to abuse it. The more empathy and sympathy you have for your surrounding, the better you will treat them. 

This is a quote from Marian Green book Wild Witchcraft

“Magic is the art of learning to recognize these elements of change: the natural patterns of low and ebb, the times of progress, of standing still and of retreating…Magic teaches us to determine which way the tides of Nature are flowing, to see on which level they run and what they can offer each of us at this moment.”

  In Marian Green’s view, magic is learning to harmonize yourself with the forces of nature and understanding how they flow through your life. This is the life work of the green witch in a nutshell. Spellcraft is seen as a perfectly natural occurrence along the green path. Is brewing a cup of rosemary tea for a headache a spell? Or is it natural medicine. To the green witch, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the conscious use of the energies of the rosemary to help heal a temporary imbalance. It is the connection to the natural world and the acknowledgement that we are all a apart of that world that allows us to function as a link between the world of people and the world of green.

Marian Green goes on to explain that “by accepting each of us is just as real a part of Nature as any tree, animal, ocean, plant, or invisible life force, and being willing to rediscover skills that we had forgotten all about, anyone with a pinch of common sense, a fair share of determination and a sense of humour, can discover unexpected talents within themselves, once they are willing to acknowledge that they are there to be awakened. It is simply by re-establishing an understanding of Nature around us and by realigning our lives with those forces of change, that each of us may discover inner peace and tranquility, new magical arts, ways healing and self-awareness.

  In short, by opening yourself to the energy of nature, and by accepting that you are a part of that grand symphony of energy and power, you allow yourself to partake of that energy to re-balance your life. then you can work to re-balance the energies of other situations.

  In other witchcraft practices, there are methods by which energy is raised, aimed at a target or goal, and released. The green witch uses energy in a slower, more subtle ways. Seeking to be a part of the ebb and flow of the energy around her/him, s/he thus does not deliberately collect energy to shape & release. Instead, s/he focuses on cultivating a "connection with the forces of natures…and thus initiating a slower but more permanent positive changes within yourself so that you can influence the world by your thoughts, words and actions” ( Cassandra Eason Modern-Day Druidess) The green witch works from the inside out and moves with the natural flow of energies instead of seeking to manipulate them. The practice of the green witch is fluid, natural, personal practice, one informs every moment of every day.

(Source & inspiration The Path of the Green Witch)