why so gorgeous

It took my friends about a year (sic!) to persuade me to watch Once Upon A Time.
Finally, I did. Mainly because their final argument was, “Remember that dark evil dude from Eragon that was the only thing you liked in the whole movie? Well, he’s in it”.

And he is GORGEOUS. I know I’m like that old fine Captain Obvious, but he’s seriously gorgeous. All that shifting voice and accent, all that moves (that remind me of my fellow friend Maddy and Gothic singer Roman Rain))), all that delicate trickery, oh dear me, HOW COULD I RESIST THIS TRUE TRICKSTER. Later, my friends confessed that they asked me to watch this only in order to make me paint Rumplestiltskin|Mr.Gold…)))

What can I say? IT WORKED.

See, you all know that I absolutely love painting Clark Gregg, because his anatomy is very close to the one of some art school paragons (meaning: nearly a perfection; not joking, I mean - CHECK DAT SKULL), and this pleases me in a calming way. On the other hand, when I started working on Robert Carlyle’s facial features, I SCREAMED WITH JOY. He is so, so deliciously wrong!..

I hope you enjoy the result.

As a bonus - my lovely friend BellaSquirrel reminded me of the following video.
Count that as a working soundtrack ;3