why so cuuuute

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everyone's requesting and im a newer follower but it'd be neat if u could do mahiru/mukuro cuddling or holding hands? (i love my freckled daughters)

of course! what a cute ship!! freckles A+ short hair A+++! (they are holding hands in case it’s hard to tell)

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Can you write about Kagami, Hanamiya, & Murasakibara's gf babying them and treating them like cute little children when she's being really affectionate?

HEY ANON-SAN! Hope you enjoy! xxRaniku 


“WHY YOU SO CUUUUTE?!” You giggled as you pinched Hanamiya’s cheeks before poking his eyebrow. 

He couldn’t help but feel his eye twitch as you continued to prod and poke his face. 

“I seriously don’t understand why people find you so scary when you look like a little angel!” You squealed before squishing Hanamiya’s cheeks together hard.

Suddenly you were pushed on the floor by accident as Hanamiya stood up fast. He suddenly grabbed you and hauled you over his shoulder.

“YOU’RE GETTING ON MY NERVES WOMAN. I TOLD YOU TO STOP WITH THE BABY TALK IN PUBLIC!” Hanamiya hissed as he stomped his way out of the cafe. 

He was genuinely embarrassed and he couldn’t wait till you both get back to your place so he could punish you for embarrassing him. 


“Mukkun say ahhhh!” You grinned as you tried to feed the purple haired giant who happily opened his mouth for you as you fed him some curry.

Murasakibara was munching happily as you began to stroke his hair before you got ready to feed him another bite. 

“Say aahhh Mukkun.” You said pushing another spoonful of food in his mouth.

Murasakibara didn’t really care about what people thought of you babying him. He loved every second of it. To be honest, he was actually hoping you’d keep doing that even on the days you have your time of month. 

Murasakibara glanced down at you as you readied another spoonful of food to give to him, only for him to shrug. 

Or maybe not. He’s pretty sure you’d get even more pissed at him for actually suggesting that, so he’d rather just stay in his chair and bask on the lavish attention you decided to give him that day. 

He’s definitely taking advantage of this more often. 


Whenever Kagami finished working out or training, he’d always want to eat at Maji burger. And you couldn’t help but get excited whenever you see his chubby cheeks.

“You look so adorable whenever you chew so much. I just want to pinch you and squish you all day! How about I feed you just once? Pleaase! You look so cute, I can’t resist it!” 

Kagami couldn’t help but blush at your words and at the stares of the people nearby. 

“____-chan…Maybe you should tone down a bit…everyone’s staring at us.”

You couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as well.

“I’m so sorry Kagami! I didn’t want you to feel embarrassed! I was just really excited by your cheeks and I-”

Suddenly Kagami’s hand was on your cheek with a smile on his face.

“Later. Let’s continue this later.”