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NCT 127 reacting to you putting your hands up their top when you’re tired

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Could I request a monsta x and nct 127 reaction where you always put your hand in/up their top when you are tired xx

I hope you enjoy this reaction and it lived up to your expectations! Requests are open so please check our guidelines and request all you like! The Monsta X reaction should be out soon as well so please be patient!

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His reaction will be based on how long you two have been dating. If it had only been a couple of months he’d be really surprised and confront you about it, but when you tell him it’s one of your habits he lets it go. It doesn’t stop him from getting nervous about it when you do it though, but if you were dating for a while now he’d be used to it and wouldn’t complain at all.

‘Huh… Oh Y/N it’s just you, are you sleepy again?’

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He would start giggling as he felt your hands creep up his shirt unconsciously, he’d turn to look at you to see what you were up to only to see you were struggling to stay awake. After this had happened a few times now he’d realise it was a little cute habit of yours and would secretly love it. He’d giggle everytime he felt your hands brush against his stomach and would think to himself how he managed to find such an adorable girlfriend.

‘Woahh. My jagiya is so cute~’

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Would squirm under your cold touch and would ask you what you’re doing, when you answer him saying it’s a habit you’ve always had and apologise he’d say it’s fine. Although he finds it quite uncomfortable seeing as your hands were really cold he wouldn’t say anything but instead would put his hands over yours and rub gently to try and warm you up. Would be really flustered on the inside though and would be letting out a few nervous laughs whilst trying to show you he doesn’t mind your habit.

‘Yahh Y/N you’re hands are so cold, let me warm them up for you.’

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God forbid. You having this habit only builds up his ego and confidence even more than before. When he felt your hands work their way up the back of his shirt an instant smirk came on his face. He’d remove your hands and turn to face you only to see your pout. Would instantly laugh at the fact that you loved your hands up his shirt so much and would tease you forever, would probably even tell the other members about your sleeping habits.

‘Wow you really like me that much huh? Don’t blame you, who wouldn’t want their hands on this.’

*Starts to dance his bit from limitless*

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He’s probably the only member that would make the biggest fuss over it, you made the mistake of putting your hands under his shirt and snuggling into his side in front of the dreamies, but you couldn’t help it as you were very very tired. Usually he wouldn’t be bothered but after you did that he’d constantly nag at you, the only time he wouldn’t nag is when you were both sleeping, then he’d let you out your hands wherever you wanted.

‘Yah not here there’s young children around what’s wrong with you!’

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Loves it. Loves it. Loves it. The first time you did it he asked you about it out of curiousity, after finding out it was habit he’d find you oh so much cuter. Everytime you do it he sneaks photos of you and shows them to the members saying how adorable and cute you are. Falls more in love with you every time he finds something new about you and enjoys showing you off to other people, even complete strangers.

‘Hyung look at her! This is her habit I told you about! Isn’t she adorable~’

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Would get super flustered tbh, poor bean would be awkward af and not really know what to do. You told him about your tendencies when you’re tired and he had told you that it was fine. Although when you did it in front of the members he thought he was going to die from being so flustered, his eyes darted everywhere as the members teased him. He didn’t mind though cuz even though he was getting made fun of he couldn’t help but think how cute you are.

‘E-erm… go to sleep Y/N… y-you must be tired.’

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You both would just be sitting together on the sofa when you snuggle into his side and one of you hands traveled up his back and the other rested on his stomach. He looked down at you alarmed and was struggling to think of anything to say, you left him speechless as you soon fell asleep soundly. He didn’t want to wake you up yet he also didn’t want the members to walk and see you both like this, especially Haechan. He decided it was best to just let you sleep soundly and he’ll explain it to the members when they walk in, when he confronts you about it later he’d be awkward af but when he learns it’s your habit he decides that he needs to suck it up and get used to it.

A-ah okay… a habit. Then it’s okay, feel free to do it w-whenever you’re tired i g-guess!’

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He would be a cocky little shit honestly, much like Yuta but more teasing than egoistical. You told him about your habit beforehand so he would know what to expect, although when it happened he didn’t think it’d be as cute as he originally thought. He didn’t let you know that of course, instead he’d say something like someone help and get this leech off of me. Would probably take photos only to tease you and show you for when you wake up, but would also look at them in secret cuz so cuteee.

‘Why would you look at that? The leech is back for more, I must be amazing or something as she always come for me, strange that isn’t it?’

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漂洋过海来看你 Across the Ocean to See You ep.19

“Are you okay? You didn’t answer the door or pick up my call! What happened to you?”

“The fish died…”

bonus (just because zheng chu makes the best expressions)

| A Work Of Art |

Continued from X


Nasir’s studio was a mess. A riot of colorful paintings strung about here and there, splattered drop cloths tossed haphazardly across the floor, paint brushes and other art supplies in the oddest of places, but it all made sense to his artsy mind. But, alas, he was in a slump. Nothing seemed to piece together just right and he’d ended up throwing out seven large canvases each of which had multiple layers of paint and gesso and stab marks.

In dire need of inspiration, the only thing he could think to turn to was Agron. Agron was his inspiration for many things, so maybe a few sketches of his lover would light a spark.

Sitting on his stool, charcoal in hand, he smiled as Agron shuffled in and interestingly enough asked him to close his eyes. He’d obey, wondering what kind of crazy thing he’d open them to. Agron sitting like a pimp next to the headless mannequin? Or maybe lounged across the couch like ‘one of his French girls’?

Whatever he was expecting, it wasn’t what he received. Nasir popped open his eyes to find Aggie nude, his body in a beautifully silhouetted profile, his green eyes facing him, worried and roguish at the same time. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing formed and so for a long time he just sat there and stared. Suddenly he blinked and that snapped him from whatever trance he was in and he realized he needed to say something. “Y-yeah. It’s really good…”

Nasir had been through countless life drawing classes and had seen his fair share of nude models. Hell, he’d seen Agron naked a million times before but this somehow seemed different. A blush came to his cheeks and he became fidgety. Agron was exquisite. Nasir had always known that but here, in this light, in this room, Agron was angelic and unapproachable while he was a beggar unworthy to worship at his temple.

Nasir cleared his throat and moved to place his charcoal on the paper. How was he going to get through this? His lower half was already stirring against his wishes, added to the flutter of his heart that made him feel like a childish schoolgirl fawning over the popular boy.


Agron wasn’t entirely sure why he felt so nervous. Perhaps because this was not something he had ever done before. Perhaps because Nasir shared a part of himself, a passionate side of his talents that Agron found so damn enticing and beautiful … that he wanted to be the right inspiration for him. So when he saw his flustered gaze, he wondered if it was because his position and state was good or … whether it was too far beyond what Nasir had expected, or even wanted. Despite the inward uncertainty, Agron remained composed, and hearing Nasir confirm that it was good – or really good – helped ease some of that concern and uncertainty

“You sure?” Agron asked, watching the way Nasir’s hand lifted the charcoal. “I mean, I can do something else if you like … “ But part of him was now starting to wonder – and realize – if there was an entirely different reason for the flustered state. One that prompted Agron’s gaze to slowly trail over Nasir’s own body, before a smile began to form on his lips. “I hope this isn’t the reaction you have to any of the other models you’ve sketched.” His words teasing, a playful jealousy in them though made only in jest – starting to tease his lover’s reaction as reasons for it became more and more known. Ones that had Agron feel not only relieved, but flattered as well. 


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hello, may i ask WHY IS YOU ART SO CUTEEE???? really, my heart gets warm seeing your drawings!!! its so beautiful and cute!!!!

hehehe thank you ❤️ ❤️  Hmmm… absolutely it’s bcos yoongi and jimin they’re so cute so it came to my art >///<)b