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Kinktober Day 9 - Mirror Sex - Sledgefu

This isnt so much a kinktober fic as it is an attempt on my friends’ lives. Gene & Snaf are on the train home but it’s been a while, maybe they should sneak off to a bathroom. This one’s angsty. 1.9k words

One more time was all he needed, he swore it. If Gene fucked him one more time, maybe he could live without him.

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I’m so tired of people using the interrogation scene in SNAFU as an argument about any of the male characters.   Whatever the men of the SSR thought about Peggy beforehand, at that point she is a hostile target for interrogation.  These men are good at their jobs, and they know her experience in the field makes her a hard target to interrogation.  Probably every step of their combined approach was planned before they even stepped in the room.  

TL; DR:  Um guys, these are spies and therefore not everything they say is rooted in truth… you have to take everything the characters say with a grain of salt, ESPECIALLY in interrogation.

Interrogation in general is really difficult–its hard to convince someone to tell you something when they have reasons against doing so.  Generally it’s accomplished by either finding leverage/ something the target wants and is willing to trade, or its about manipulating their emotions.  Keeping a target off balance makes that easier, and that’s clearly what they are trying to do to Peggy.

Dooley pays her compliments.  Whatever he thinks of her work until that point, or her ability as a woman to do it, he’s realized she wants to be of use, that she values her own skills.  So he gives her the approval she’s been looking for, trying to soften her up.  It doesn’t work because it’s too little too late.

Jack plays the good cop.  He goes soft.  Peggy doesn’t expect this – it isn’t his strong suit – she challenges him to go ahead and hit her.  He doesn’t do that.  he talks about how she saved his life, how he knows she’s a good person, absolves her of any guilt.  He tries to build rapport while she’s off balance.  It doesn’t work because Peggy interprets this as sexist: he won’t hit her because he’s a woman.  I don’t think he wants to hit her but that isn’t why he avoids it.

Daniel is the bad cop.  Why? Because she wouldn’t expect that from him either.  He did refuse to shoot her, watched her walk away with puppy dog eyes.  His insults are purposeful, not him working out his feelings but trying to push her off balance, provide a contrast to Jack’s good cop.  Yeah, he brings up Howard in a sexual context but he also brings up Krzeminski’s death.  Maybe he has a few personal feelings about these topics but he’s also realized something important about Peggy: she treasures her personal relationships.  He doesn’t accuse her of killing Krzeminski because he thinks she’s done it - he does it because knows accusing her of killing a coworker will insult her.  Just like he knows implying she’s only helping Howard because they’re screwing will also insult her.  He’s probably worried about it somewhere in the back of his head, but that’s not why he says it. Insulting someone is a classic interrogation technique to make them defend their actions, and spill something truthful in the process.

(Also he’s coming off a failed interrogation where he tried to build rapport with the bum and Jack swooped in and bribed him instead.  Of course Daniel would want to try something he sees as more effective.)

The pedestal/whore comment again is Peggy’s POV; her reaction to Daniel’s comments.  She has similar reactions for the other men.  There’s a bit of truth to all of them in her eyes but she’s also lashing out.  After all, she also accuses Daniel of turning her in because he wants the glory and the accomplishment and we know neither of those things are true – he’s doing it because he believes it to be the right thing.

The interrogation is successful to the point where they get her off balanced and angry; but it fails because they have no idea how much rage Peggy actually has.  She’s interrogated people - she should totally understand how they are trying to manipulate her - but they wind her up anyway, to the point where nothing productive comes out of the interrogation. Even though she wants to tell them about Dottie.  It’s not until she gets time to cool off and realizes something bad is imminent that she manages to tell them what they need to hear. 

Later, when Peggy spills her guts Sousa asks her why she didn’t tell them.  He means why didn’t you tell me? He is the most personally hurt but I think it’s because they were actually friends.  It’s not because he felt entitled to her interest or is mad that he didn’t get it: Sousa in S1 doesn’t actually believe he would get those either way.  She responds with the “no one looks at me” line, and he looks shocked at this.  You can see him replaying all their interactions in his head.

The really interesting thing is the parallel between the two of them.  They were both running their own investigation.  Sousa more openly - he shared much of it with Peggy - but it’s still a splinter from the main investigation.  I am sure her “no one looks at me” comment makes him reconsider why he didn’t notice sooner.  I just don’t know if he honestly 1) underestimated her for sexist or other reasons or 2) just assumed she would share because they’re friends, the way he does with her.

The fact that we’re still arguing about this scene a year later obviously means there was a lot of nuance in it; we’re all getting different things out of it too, which is interesting.  But c’mon, don’t forget these people are spies.  There are reasons above and beyond character that things go down the way they do, and those shouldn’t be ignored.

My Sledgefu AU masterpost

All Sledgefu AUs I want to write. This post will definitely grow. Feel free to add your own ideas.

  • Modern AU - college setting
  • kindergarten AU
  • Snafu-doesn’t-leave-the-train-AU
  • “You’re the new neighbor and you’re having a panic attack in front of my door in the middle of the night because you’re convinced your house is haunted and you’re asking me to perform an exorcism and I kinda wanna yell at you because “slightly tan skin” does not equal “witch doctor” you Alabaman fuckhead but you’re also kinda cute so let’s go ghostbusting” AU
  • Snafu is the actual reincarnation of a voodoo god AU
  • They grow old together but then Snafu gets lung cancer because chainsmoking is evil AU
  • did I mention Snafu-doesn’t-leave-the-train-AU
  • All the marines run a diner together
  • AU where Fem!Sledge dresses up as a man and joins the war thinking she is the only female marine, to then find out that EVERYONE in K division is secretly a woman, even Snafu
  • Crossover AU with Night at the Museum
  • like dozens of roommate/neighbor AUs
  • soulmate AU (the classic)
  • They grow old together but then Eugene’s heart problems come back AU
  • Eugene’s heart problems come back IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAR and Snafu just wants him to survive AU
  • Snafu-doesn’t-leave-the-fucking-train-AU
Kinktober Day 31 - Watersports - Need for Speed Finn x Reader

Happy Halloween now you’re all fucking cursed. The name is never mentioned tbh so u can imagine it’s anyone u want. I picture pj random.

“So uh, what’s it gonna take for me to see you piss?”

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Okay but imagine: smol innocent replacement Snafu with his accent and slipping into French when he’s excited. And he’s getting hazed for it. And the Guadalcanal vets are telling him to better not have that shit happen in combat. So he bites his tongue whenever he feels French words on it, he can’t do anything about the accent but eventually people ask him about swamps and voodoo and alligators less often. Eugene Sledge never even knows Snafu speaks another language because Snafu does not want to look at Eugene one day and see contempt in his eyes. Eugene with his reading and fancy education, Snafu knows, he knows Eugene thinks backwoods idiot anyway when he looks at him, he doesn’t need further proof of it.

Then, when he gets back to Louisiana he’ll basically have to relearn not to hate and deny his whole heritage and identity

Did anyone else noticed that Rami sometimes tilts his head a little bit?

First I noticed it in Until Dawn, next was within an interview and then as Snafu in ‘The Pacific’. It happens always within a short moment, but it is there!

I’m so sorry if I say, it always looks (because he’s smirking in a specific kinda way if he does this) like: “Wanna fuck or what?”

XDDDD Now I’ll go to the next corner to shame myself into the ground… ;))))


[my heart will go on plays in the distance]

  • snafu, on a date: so, what do you think of sledgehamma?
  • date: uh, I don't know, he's kind of whiny and...
  • snafu, shoving his date's teeth into his purse: sorry I gotta go home right now immediately