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Detective Conan 991 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • O: Kyoto Senshin High School’s…
  • O: Okita Soushi!
  • R: Eh?
  • R: Okita… Could it be that you’re the same Okita that Kazuha-chan told us about? Five-piece-thrust and all that…
  • O: Hm?
  • O: Hey, yer rly cute! What’s ya name?
  • R: M-Mouri Ran…
  • [A murder at the Kendo tournament!! Okita, Heiji’s toughest adversary, has appeared…]

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I had hiccups the other day and eating a spoonful of sugar has always been my preferred method of getting rid of hiccups since I was a kid, and it sounded like it would be Robbie’s too lol so here we are 

(Have this headcannon turned mini fic because I have no self control I guess)

Robbie uses sugar and only sugar to cure hiccups

The kids find this out one day when Stephanie gets the hiccups while they’re outside near where Robbie is trying to sleep.

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Okay, new cosplay rule:

I have to be a fan of something or want to cosplay it for at least a month before I decide to make the costume


I won’t decide on any costumes shorter than a month out from the con (except in special circumstances, like surprise guest announcements or groups getting organized, and only when I know I have time to throw it together quickly)

today was wild.. i read the new hq chapter and fell in love with miya osamu, finished watching young justice and cried my eyes out, and read the first chapter of robot x laserbeam and fell in love with roboto.. 

Do you sometime just, idk try real hard to not think about how you failed your whole purpose of living, and managed to actually trick yourself into thinking that you’ve moved on and is making new plans…
And then, something just HAPPENS to remind you what a fucking failure you are.