why should i come back

She knew that he didn’t deserve her. She knew that he always chose the girl that would drive him crazy for a couple months until he called a quits. She knew that he’d always answer her calls even if it was two in the morning. She knew he’d always meet her in the same spot at three in the afternoon and smoke cigarettes with her even though he stopped smoking months ago. She knew he’d listen to her talk about boys stepping all over her and kiss her to make her forget it. She knew she didn’t need that in her life, but in his eyes she knew that there was a love that he covered with a pillow until it stopped moving. She swears they can get it back. She keeps fighting because she doesn’t deserve him either, but she wants to. How can you blame her for wanting him so bad if she smiles uncontrollably just from hearing his voice?
—  She and I have a lot in common

Remington (my OC)

the customer is always.. rude

I work in the book section of a hypermarket; this was my exchange with a middle-aged woman whom I had just helped find a new crime novel to read.

Me: “I hope you like it; I personally thought it was great.”

Customer: “If I don’t like it, I’m coming back to yell at you.”

Me: *nervous laugh* “Alright, and if you like it, you should come back and tell me that.”

Customer: “Why would I do that?”

  • *Me in the school library*
  • Guy: I see you every day studying so hard, no wonder your so smart. Don't study too hard now.
  • Me: *laughs* I just try my best
  • Me inside: studying? What is that, I come in here to read fanfiction, but ok.

I’m so mad at myself. I stopped reading bleach 2 years ago and now I find out that Toshiro is suddenly looking like an adult. A very cool one at that.

 yes i made a joke. a terrible one. i’m sorry.

but wow. he was my favorite character, above Uryuu ,Byakuya, Urahara, Hisagi…

(okay so i had a lot of favorites but Toshiro was at the top okay?)



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hi it's nix// i.. don't even know where to start. i have my finals coming up on the 9th of March. It's my senior year so how i perform is going to affect my entire life (i know it's not the end of the world but it IS a big deciding factor) and the college i get into. but i just cant study. i've ried making a motivation page in my bujo and it's filled with LOADS of reasons in tiny lettering why i should study, i've tried disconnecting my wifi but i keep coming back, (cont.)

i’ve tried music because my house is creepily silent (and when it’s not, it’s too fvking loud) and music just distracts me. on top, my cat just keeps howling and no-one’s taking it to the vet to figure out what’s wrong. i’ve tried my desk, my bed, away from my computer, pomodoro, and everything but i cant focus for more than 15 minutes and it’s scaring me because idk what will happen. the notebooks on my bookshelf say i’ve studied the entire year but i just can’t remember anything. (cont.)

my parents have friends who have children in the same year as me and they’re working super hard just like everyone in my class. i stay at home all day and do nothing but try to study and i feel like i might fail and i don’t want to because i really think i have the req. potential. it’s just that my parents aren’t pressuring me and they’re scared more than i am because they’ve sacrificed more than me and i need to do this for them. idk. // also i went on this amazing four day trip and (cont.)        

i experienced a lot and felt really refreshed but i have my college apps and final stress creeping in again. i just really want to succeed and make them and myself happy so that i can start adulthood without a sense of failiure, i want to go to a good college and study well and move out of the city and nothing will happen if i don’t score well and it terrifies me. and i feel so terribly lonely because all my friends are at home studying (most of them under phone curfew) so i have no-one (cont.)      

to talk to except my parents and when i go near them i just feel guilty. i want a good future. i want to prove that i am capable. i want to go to bed with satisfaction. i want to make them happy but despite all this when i sit down in front of a book i just space out. i don’t have opportunities to go out of home/ i’m so full of fear. and loneliness. // anyway i’m sorry this was so long but atm i don’t have anyone to talk to. (even when i do i feel horribly alone so whatever) / how are you doing?           

[nix] it’s just really bad because before i went on the trip i thought i had relapsed because i was so stressed but then The Trip happened and i enjoyed myself, long baths, good books, sunsets, sea-baths, and it completely refreshed me and i thought i’d go back to my study routine again and it’s bothering me so much. i’m not too stressed, i just can’t focus or function. even if i am, i journal to get the stress out and when it’s out i feel empty and numb. idk. idk.             


Sweetheart, finals are a huge thing and as you said the result will affect your whole life but as you also said it’s not the end of the world. Yeah, it’s important but no matter what happens it will be okay. There are so many opportunities and all is possible. You might not be able to go your dream way but still everything is possible afterwards, you might just have to take another way which is longer and not the straight way but still leads to the same end goal in some years. Anyway, I don’t think the actual result are the problems right now because you are smart and you have study already so much through the year: so you are able to write those finals and to succeed!

The stress and pressure is the problem and you are really stressed out (even if you think otherwise). The trip away showed you that everything is still possible and it was a good time. But as soon as you were back, you were in the same routine and while it’s good to focus on the finals, is the focusing also the reason why it won’t work out. You are thinking too much. You fear too much. Do not think about what you all have to do in the next weeks to be prepared for the finals. Think in little steps. Day to day or morning till noon and noon till afternoon. Set little goals what you want to learn in a few hours or in one morning. Let it be realistic. Focus on this special little task, just one and ignore all the rest. Don’t look at the whole stuff, just little pieces. Study for 45 minutes or 1 hour and then take a short 15 minutes break to refresh. If you can’t focus for 1 hour then focus for as long as you can and take a short break afterwards. Don’t beat yourself up if your study time is short. Look at it step by step. Read those papers for 15 minutes and take a walk afterwards. Write down those informations for 15 minutes and make yourself a cup of tea afterwards. Solve that task in 15 minutes or longer and take a short break to talk with your parents or play with your cat and continue studying afterwards. And so you will study a lot even with those short study sessions. Don’t stress yourself out if you can’t concentrate on something, choose another subject/topic and try out to focus there. You have time and you are intelligent.

You are not alone and we all just want to best for you. Your parents want to best for you and even when they have sacrificed a lot they still want that you are okay and happy. They do not want that you are scared and terrified, it’s important but it’s not soo important that you ruin your health because of it.

You can do it! I know that! <3

Think about this: Sansa orchestrating Littlefinger’s downfall in a way that mirrors him orchestrating Ned’s. Ned counted on LF providing him the gold cloaks’ support when he would expose joffrey’s illegitimacy, and LF betrayed him? I want sansa to play LF like a violin like HE played Ned and make him believe that she’s on board with his plan to reveal Jon as an impostor, a targaryen bastard, Not A True Stark, whatever, and then at the crucial moment ordering the knights of the vale to turn back on him, while she reveals, in a beautiful j’accuse speech in front of all the Vale and Northern Lords alike, what LF did: his betrayal of Ned, how he whispered in Joff’s ear to execute him, his role in the PW, Lysa’s murder (and probable planned murder of Sweetrobin), his intention to use Sansa to secure Winterfell and the Iron Throne for himself and possibly that he killed Jon Arryn starting the war of the 5 kings in the first place.

  • Person: Can you beta my story?
  • Me: no I'm too mean
  • Person: no no, I need some harsh criticism! Gimme all you got
  • Me: well
  • Person: but it's supposed to be that way
  • Me: but
  • Person: I designed it that way
  • Me: I just think
  • Person: that's my STYLE
  • Me: aight
  • Person: but thanks so much for your suggestions