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what Scott says to Derek afterwards was really gross. "You may be an alpha but you're not my alpha" like why not just say "i do what i want!"

Scott’s already a recognized Alpha of his own pack. He hasn’t completed the physical transformation yet, but Derek recognizes him as an Alpha, Deucalion already knows about Scott, when Braeden rides into town in 3.1, she says “I need to find the Alpha, Scott McCall.”

Scott recognizing himself as separate from Derek’s pack is an important moment for Scott. Believe it or not, this isn’t actually a show about the Hale pack, and Scott is fully justified in telling Derek that, while they were fighting on the same side in this instance (and Scott ultimately saved Derek’s life from Gerard), Scott’s not part of Derek’s pack.


“I have no history with Reddington”

Red and Liz moments (1x01-1x10) - requested by anonymous

I was making an observation while watching ‘We Need to Talk again and I realized that the reason Greg has this massive shiver when Rose says his name

Is because that’s probably the first time he’s heard her say his actual name

Think about it. Why would they make such an emphasis on the scene unless it had importance? And up until now, We have only heard Rose call Greg ‘Mr.Universe’ exclusively ( “You’re hilarious Mr.Universe.”). This scene was suppose to emphasis how Greg felt that she wasn’t treating him equally, which was true

She treated him like a novelty, something quirky and fun for the time being. ‘I’m playing around with Mr.Universe’ as it were. And it fascinates me because it emphasizes how alien the Gems are.

Rose isn’t human, so she plays at being one. And Greg is the first one to get her to understand that humans are not play things, they’re real people.

Beyond the Field (part 9)

Sorry about the late update!! I should be working on NaLu week, but I love you all so much I went ahead and broke down and wrote a chapter. Be expecting another one during NaLu week!!!

Setting: Football AU

Read more chapters: Here

Summary: To him, football met everything. Nothing else was more important, but that day he picked his little sister up from the hospital and saw her blonde haired patient, everything changed.

“Lucy! Come on wake up!” Lucy groaned, turning over in her bed away from the male.


“Go away its too early to be awake.” She replied, hugging the blanket closer to her pink blanket closer to her body. She knew why Natsu was so eager this morning, he had made plans with his friends to meet her. Lucy was no doubt excited about meeting his mysterious friends she’s heard so much of, but the plans they’d agree too scared Lucy a little bit.

They we’re all supposed to meet for breakfast then head out to a waterpark that was about an hour away. As fun as it sounded… Lucy had never been to a waterpark before. Instead of telling Natsu that, she had just agreed to the plans not wanting to be the only person to disagree with the plans.

Lucy heard Natsu sigh from behind her.

“Then you give me no choice Luce.” Lucy almost squealed as she felt herself being lifted off the bed by the pink haired male.

“Natsu!” She shouted, wrapping her arms around his when he put her in a bridal style pose. He smirked at her.

“I gave you the chance to get up on your own.” He set her down on the ground, inwardly chuckling her her ravished appearance. Her blonde hair was a tangled mess from sleep, clothes wrinkled and not to mention the look she held in her brown eyes looking as if she was going to murder him which he was almost certain she was. After living with Lucy for two weeks now, Natsu already learned you don’t mess with the blonde while she was sleeping.

“Get dressed or we’ll be late.”

She waved him off. “Yeah yeah, let me get dressed and I’ll get my bag and we’ll go.”

“Okay, hurry up slow poke! Everyone’s probably waiting at Fairy Tail.”

Lucy rolled her eyes walking over to her closet pulling out a light pink spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of black nylon shorts. “Well, thats what you get from not waking me up sooner.

“You just looked so peaceful, didn’t really want to wake you up.”

Lucy stared at him for a moment, seeing how he was trying to hide the red on his cheeks beneath his signature scarf. It didn’t help his case that he refused to look at Lucy when he had admitted why he hadn’t woken her up. Lucy’s lips turned into a smile.

“I’ll be ready in a minute.” Natsu’s eyes looked at her from the corner of his eye’s, face still flushed.

“Alright, I’ll be in the car.” He turned and walked out while Lucy walked into her personal bathroom getting ready for the busy day ahead.

“Are you nervous?” Natsu asked as they sped down the street leading to Fairy Tail. Lucy nodded slightly.

“I’ve haven’t been around a group of people like this for a long time, and from what I remember I’m not to fond with large groups of people.” Lucy admitted, setting her hand on the armrest between Natsu and herself. She sighed, knowing that her lack of social skills was going to ruin her time.

Lucy felt someone warm on top of her hand. Her eyes averted to her hand, seeing Natsu’s on top of it. She looked up at his face, onyx eyes focused in the road while the corner of his lip was upturned in a smile. Lucy felt her heart swell with emotion at his soft expression.

“Hey, you’ll be fine. I’ll be with you the whole time, remember.” All of Lucy’s fears washed away when Natsu said those words, it oddly provided all the comfort she needed to get through the day already.

“Yeah, I know you will.” She spoke softly, feeling Natsu’s fingers fill the gap of her own.  The remainder of the ride was spent in silence, hand in hand until they reached the Fairy Tail restaurant.

Lucy felt her heart race as she stepped out of the car. She began freaking out about her appearance, her father always taught her that when meeting new people you should always look presentable and right now… Lucy didn’t think she did. She was wearing a pink tank top, black nylon shorts with black flip flops. She put her long blonde hair in pigtails that reached the middle of her back. She glanced over at Natsu, seeing him eye her questionly.

“Whats wrong Luce?”

She refused to look at him. “Nothing.”

She felt his fingers under her chin, raising her head to look him in the eye. “I know there’s something wrong Lucy, just say it.”

Damn Natsu and his observing nature. Lucy’s lip turned into a frown.

“My dad was a businessman and he taught me of making first impressions with others. It all starts with appearance and right now…” Lucy stepped back, running her hands down her side missing the way Natsu gulped at the sight. “I don’t think I’ll make a good impression.”

“Why? You look beautiful.”

Lucy felt her face heat up at his compliment. She surely wasn’t expecting him to say that, but… it did make her feel better slightly.

“Thank you, but just because you think so… won’t mean they will.”

Natsu scoffed at her reply, she finally looked up at him a confused expression on her face. “Considering they all have girlfriends, I doubt it.” He walked over to her, intertwining their fingers together and smirked at her. “Plus, my opinion matters the most right?”

Lucy felt his hand squeeze hers in comfort. She rolled her eyes, even though there was a smile on her lips. “Right. Let’s get this over with.”

He grinned at her leading her into the restaurant. They spotted Lisanna talking to Elfman at the bar area. The pixie haired female noticed them enter.

“Hey Natsu! Lucy! They’re in the back.” She said, pointing to the back of the restaurant. Natsu nodded as thanks, and lead Lucy to the back, their hands still intertwined.  

Lisanna’s eyes almost bugged out of her head, Elfman stared at her worryingly.

“Whats wrong sis?” Lisanna pushed his head in the direction of the retreating couple. When he seen what she was talking about, his mouth gaped open. “Natsu has a girlfriend?!”

Lisanna’s surprised expression turned into one of amusement. A smirk on her pink lips.

“About damn time she showed interest in a girl.”

“Where the hell have you been?!” Gray shouted at the duo when they finally reached the table. Natsu used his free hand to jab a thumb over at Lucy.

“Sleeping beauty here wanted to sleep.” Lucy felt the heat rush to her cheeks as she felt everyone’s eyes on her. Lucy slightly hid behind Natsu, unfortunately to her he noticed.

“Don’t be shy Luce!” He shouted, turning his attention to the group. “Guys, this is Lucy, Lucy these are my friends I was telling you about.”

Lucy waved with her free hand. “H-Hello.”

“Are you two dating?” Gajeel blurted out, causing the two teen’s faces to turn beet red.

“N-No!” Natsu stuttered out. “What gave you that idea?!”

Gajeel pointed to their conjoined hands. “You two are holding hands idiot.”

The two eye’s darted to their conjoined hands then up at each other face aflamed, both immediately released each others hands.

“I, uh, we uh… sort of dating?” Lucy slapped Natsu’s arm.

“How the hell can you kind of date someone?!” Lucy scolded, making some people from the table laugh. Natsu rubbed the sore spot on his arm.

“Thats so cute.” Lucy looked to the table and seen a woman with short, blue wavy hair say.

“Natsu, answer the question. Are you two dating or not?” A scarlet haired woman said fiercely. Lucy heard Natsu gulp and look at her nervously.


“Guys, lets not harass the poor girl too much.” Jellal spoke up. “It’s nice to meet you I’m Jellal, and this is my fiancee Erza.” He gestured to the scarlet haired woman who nodded a hello.

“Hello.” Lucy greeted.

“I’m Gray, your dipshit boyfriend’s best friend.” Lucy recognized the quarterback say.

Natsu scoffed at his statement and muttered. “He’s not my friend.”

“Juvia is Juvia! Gray-sama’s girlfriend!” A long blue haired woman declared.

“And I’m Levy! And the long haired guy over there is my boyfriend Gajeel.” The girl with short blue hair announced.

Lucy smiled at everyone. “Its a pleasure to meet you all. I recognize some of you from the football games.”

“Yeah, everyone but Juvia and Levy do something for the team.” Natsu pointed out. “Gray’s the quarterback, Gajeel’s a defensive lineman, Jellal’s the athletic trainer and Erza’s the team manager.”

“I see, well you guys do a great job.” The blonde commented to football players and helping staff.

“Yeah yeah.” Gajeel grumbled. “Are we gonna go or are we just gonna sit here and talk all day?”

“Gajeel don’t be rude!” Levy scolded her boyfriend who just rolled his eyes.

“Yes, we should be heading out right about now.” Erza commented.

“Okay, so Jellal and I are driving. Salamander, did you take the ginger tablets?” Gajeel asked the pink haired male who nodded.

“Yep, brought my whole bottle.” Lucy looked at him.

“Why would you need to take ginger?” She asked. Gray started to laugh.

“You didn’t even tell your girl you get motion sick? Smooth move bro.”

“Shut up!” Natsu shouted, about to pounce on the man but seeing that one look from Erza refrained him from doing so. He settled for growling instead hearing everyone’s, including Lucy’s, laughter. He looked over to her, a pout on his lips. “Its not funny Lucy.”

Her laughter finally started to settle down. “No its not. Its just amusing someone as reckless as you are has motion sickness.”

“Just be quiet and lets go already.” Natsu pouted with a red face, taking Lucy’s hand in his again as him and the others began to walk out of the building.

“How’d I get stuck with you as a passenger?” Gajeel complained for the umpteenth time. Levy sighed.

“Oh hush it. I wanted to get to talk to Lucy!”

“But I wanted to sit next to Lucy.” Natsu whined from the passenger side of the car. Levy laughed at Natsu’s pain.

“Sorry Natsu, maybe on the ride home.” She added on before turning her attention over to the blonde. “Are you excited about today Lucy?”

Lucy nodded. “Very excited.”

“You don’t sound too thrilled.” Natsu commented. When Lucy was happy about something, she usually had a more cheery voice instead of the monotonic one she just used.

“I am I promise!” The blonde said trying to defend herself.

“Have you ever been to a waterpark?” The petite woman asked. Lucy looked away from her.


Natsu and Levy gasped while Gajeel quirked an eyebrow amused by her answer.

“What do you mean you never been to a waterpark?!” Lucy shot Natsu a look and he immediately understood. Levy looked between the two, wondering what they meant.

“Why haven’t you ever been?” She pushed further, Lucy just shook her head.

“A reason that I’m not ready to tell you guys yet.” Levy decided not to ask further, seeing the blonde’s face fall.

The rest of the car ride was silent besides Gajeel blasting his music over the radio, Gajeel broke the silence after twenty minutes.

“We’re here.”

Lucy stared out the window in amazement. There were giant slides everywhere and she could hear the people scream from outside the parking lot. She seen Jellal’s car pull up with the others before everyone decided to get out of the car.

“What do you think Luce?” Natsu asked as he made his way to her. Seeing the amazement twinkle in her brown eyes told everything he needed to know. He smiled and nudged her shoulder. “Hey, stop daydreaming and lets go ride some rides!”

Lucy looked at him and nodded, a smile on her lips. “Yeah, lets go.”

Once the boys paid for the tickets and received their wristbands they decided to find the locker area to put all their stuff and change into their swimsuits.

“You guys can just go ahead and give us your things so we don’t have to pay for eight lockers.” Erza said, reaching a hand out for Jellal’s belongings.

“Good point.” Levy added on.

Lucy’s face turned beet red as she seem Natsu take his shirt off revealing all his tanned, toned skin. She knew Natsu had been in tremendous shape… but he had a six pack? Lucy would have passed out if her pride would allow it.

Natsu was hot, in more ways than one.

Seeing him smirk at her staring didn’t settle the blondes nerves.

“Whats wrong Luce, like what you see?”

“S-Shut up!” She flustered out taking his shirt and wallet to go put in the lockers. Lucy unwillingly turned away from him as she followed the rest of the girls.

“Don’t worry Lucy, I bet Natsu will have the same reaction when he sees you in your bikini.” Levy snickered opening up her and Gajeel’s locker before taking off her clothes revealing a orange and white striped bikini underneath.

“Are we ready?” Erza’s booming voice asked the two. Lucy turned around and mouth almost dropped at the two gorgeous females in front of her.

Erza’s hair was up in a ponytail, her deep red hair complimenting her black bikini while Juvia’s long blue hair hung loose accenting her purple polka dot bikini.

“Come on Lu-chan! Show us some skin!” Levy teased seeing as she was the only one in the group not ready.

“Err, right.” She said before taking off her tank top and shorts, putting it in her locker with Natsu’s things.

“Wow Lucy, thats a cute bikini.” Erza commented. Lucy looked down at the deep blue bikini she was wearing. In between her bikini top was a little tassel where you could untie it and had matching ones on either side of her bottoms. Lucy’s cheeks flushed at the complement.

“Thank you.”

The four girls walked out of the locker room to see the four men bickering. Lucy watched as Erza rushed over to the scene.

“Do I hear fighting?”

“Of course not Erza!” She heard Natsu shout.

“What gave you that idea?” Gray added on nervously.

She watched at Natsu looked over to the area scanning it as if he was looking for something only to stop his search when he seen her. Lucy didn’t know if it was from the sun on his tanned skin, but the blonde swore that Natsu’s face turned as red as a tomato when his eyes landed on her. She felt a nudge from her left, seeing that it was Levy.

“See? He’s so into you.” Levy smirked before walking over to the group. Lucy followed suit, stopping when she reached Natsu.

“Uh…” Natsu stuttered. “You, look, um wow…”

“Thank you.” Lucy blushed at his words.

After the ordeal, the group decided to pick the ride they were going to go on first. Much to Lucy’s dismay, it happened to be the largest slide in the waterpark.

Lucy gulped at the sheer size of it. It had so many twist, turns and drops… she didn’t know if she could handle it being her very first ride ever.

Seeing her distressed look, Natsu decided it was time to interlace their fingers together. “What’s wrong Luce?”

“Its just… so big.”

“Thats what she said!” They heard Gray’s comment followed by the laughter of the other five. Natsu rolled his eyes.

“Ignore him he’s just an asshole. It’ll be fine, promise! All your stomach will do is tickle a lot and when it does just scream, okay?” His hand gave Lucy’s a gentle squeeze, reassuring her that it would be okay. She nodded, showing Natsu she trusted him and telling herself that it would all be okay.

They finally reached the waterslides destination and began to ascend the hundreds of steps it took to get to the stop of the slide. With each step made Lucy’s heart race just a bit faster. Natsu had let go of her hand to walk up the steps behind her, she felt incomplete without his hand in hers. After what seemed like hours, they finally reached the top of the water slide and stepped in the short line.

Lucy’s heart was thumping so loudly in her chest Natsu could clearly hear it over the rushing water and people’s screams. He took one step up to stand right next to her, draping an arm around her shoulder.

“Remember what I said?” Lucy nodded at him. “Good. The rides only a few minutes long, so even if you don’t like it it’ll be over before you know it.”

Lucy rested her head on the running backs shoulder, happy for the comfort he provided her. Finally, it was their turns to ride.

“Next!” The employee shouted. Erza, Jellal, Gajeel and Levy filled in the four person raft. Lucy saw how shaky Levy was. She couldn’t hear it over the rushing water, but she had seen Levy look over at Gajeel. Within a matter of seconds her whole persona changed from scared to brave, except when they went down. Lucy gulped as she heard Levy’s scream tromp the rest.

“Next!” Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Juvia began to fill in. Lucy shaking with fear. Some of the fear left her as Natsu placed his hand on hers.

“Hey, just remember what I said and close your eyes or look at me if you have too.” Lucy didn’t have time to respond to his comforting words as she felt them being pushed into the ride. When they first entered, the water pushed them along quickly until they were going fast enough to make wind whip through her hair. Freaking out, Lucy held her head.

Natsu looked at her questionly. She was suppose to hold the hand strap, not her head. He seen Lucy’s face turn red, figuring it was from her not screaming the butterflies out of her stomach. Trying to outmatch Juvia’s screaming he talked rather loudly, “Lucy! Scream!”

She felt like her stomach was exploding with butterflies, and hearing Natsu’s words she finally did scream… finally feeling relief from the pressure in her stomach. Screaming actually made her enjoy the ride a bit.

Just like Natsu said, the ride did end… but a little to soon for Lucy’s liking.

“What’d you think Luce?” Natsu asked as they started to make their way to the other four.

“That you were right.” She smiled, intertwining their fingers together.

“I’m always right!” He boasted, earning a eye roll from the blonde.

They met back up with the group, ready to go adventure on more rides.

Seeing everyone so happy with each other and them making sure she was included in every conversation made Lucy feel loved and accepted, Lucy smiled at the group as they all made their way to yet another ride.

A overwhelming sensation hit Lucy’s chest…

Is this what it felt like having friends? If so… she never wanted the feeling to go away.

She looked over to the pink hair male she was holding hands with. Sensing she was staring, Natsu turned to her offering her his signature grin.

Her mind drifted back to the previous conversation back at Fairy Tail and she couldn’t help but wonder….

Were they dating? They did hold hands and they’ve cuddled a few times while watching movies on the couch but… they still haven’t kissed. Besides, he hasn’t even asked her to be his girlfriend. Although, if he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t be doing thing couples do with her… right?

Lucy sighed, only time would tell she guessed. And until then, she would just enjoy his company anyway she could have it.

‘friend or foe, him being alive is enough’
  • alright shinoas reaction when yuu turned into a monster… lets rewind mika was furious outraged, speechless and shinoa arrived at guren’s office demanding answers but when they weren’t received she didn’t press the matter further and simply gave up
  • When guren mentions her feelings she completely forgets about what she was going down there to talk about… maybe like the fact that the humans did experimentations on yuu??? idk that seems a bit more important rn… why arent you mad? why are you so cool with this? cause mika sure as hell wasn’t
  • When guren told her to leave, she just left?! wait what? no protest, ok thats cool. ‘if you love him stay by his side’ um, simple. i think anyone can do that… oh wait she wasn’t there all the time AND the other members of the moon demon company did that as well. 
  • also yoichi was by yuu’s side when he woke up not shinoa. this was a perfect chance for directors to put her there sleeping and make it all intimate and stuff but they didn’t THERE IS A REASON. 
  • Yuu suggests that he thought about mika in his dreams - in that 7 day coma, he thought about mika…
  • After seeing yoichi he asked about family but went straight back to thinking about mika and he was so filled with joy at him being alive he CRIED!!!!
  • Shinoa can be seen at the door watching yuu cry (a typical scene where a girl observes the guy expressing feelings over his other love? that’s kinda what it looked like to me).
  • Shinoa has a certain insensitivity. She talks about yuu feelings really light heartedly which bothers me, calling him a “cry baby”.
  • yuu doesn’t have a specific reaction to her after not seeing her and being told by her that he was in a coma
  • When he was worried he was asking for the other moon demon company member, asking for ‘everyone’, not just her in particular
  • He said he doesn’t remember anything but he remembers mika being alive, which means he doesn’t remember shinoa hugging him which means he didnt turn back cause of her maybe.. the drug wore off or something
  • also shinoa lied to him like i know you can say well back when they were little and at vampire captives mika lied, no he didnt he just have half-truths or omitted certain things,and he did that to help yuu and i dont see how yuu not knowing that he is a monster and the humans are experimenting on him will help him. if he knew he’d probably leave and go with mika…
  • after told from shinoa about news about mika he doesn’t even care for her presence and seems disinterested
  • she got overexcited over a meaningless touch and overread the situation
  • when she said the vampires had a sip of her blood yuu didnt really give a reaction whereas when mika was getting his blood sucked (ep 1) yuu reacted badly
  • shinoa also seems to have doubts in the flashback saying ‘mika, family, huh’
  • Yuu reacted with the same level of concern to mitsuba who also had her blood sucked by vampires. (and we made it clear he is not interested in her)
  • he said ‘sorry i worried you as well’ nothing specific to shinoa, whereas all the ways yuu reacts to mika is very very very unique.
  • when he addresses the whole moon demon company he says ‘thank you all for worrying and I’m glad everyone alive’ i think he is also alluding to mika being alive

shinoaxyu fans probs think theres a lot of fan service for them in this episode whereas i can barely see any and more proof that mika and yuu are canon

disclaimer: there are always 2 sides to everything, this is just my side and how i viewed things. Let it be clear that I am not hating on shinoa or shinoaxyuu, and i apologise in advanced if the wording appeared like i did so (take into mind this was written straight after episode - a time when emotions are running high)

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How did Orange and Blue meet each other?

Funny thing. I have like, three version of how they met.

But the supposed “canon” one is a 10 page comic I drew right after the first splatoon test fires and when I was just slowly starting to fall into my squid madness. Orange is the leader of orange team and a very skilled sniper while Blue is a promising newcomer in blue team.

He manages to sneak up on Orange but hesitates in the last minute and gets splatted instead by someone else. 

Orange is very confused why this happened and confronts Blue, who has wandered into their turf, next night. That’s when she finds out the boy has a crush on her and lucky for him, she returns the feeling and thus their flirty rivalry starts.

Here, you can have the most important frame of the comic

The comic is done with markers, so no erasing. Also, I was on a vacation without net so no references and I was just starting to draw these characters so it doesn’t look that good. But, if the demand is high, I could scan the whole comic.

Dark Castle Rumbelle is so cute!

Originally posted by shadow-user

I find it adorable how Rumple is always trying to scare Belle with the silly comments he makes. He pretends to be threatening and menacing, however in reality her safety is what is most important to him. And when Belle is not phased by his ridiculous half-threats, he is too dumbfounded by her to even respond. Her sass and ability to stand up to him and challenge him is super cute. She’s so small and adorable, but she has resolution and spirit, and she’s not afraid to voice her opinions. I think that’s part of the reason why he loves her. Belle has spunk! Their banters in the Dark Castle are pretty much my primary reason for watching OUaT.  

Fusion Thought

So I noticed, in the first episode with Stevonnie, the Gems are trying very hard to teach Steven fusion dances. However, in the recent episode featuring Rose, Garnet explains to Greg that he can’t fuse with Rose by dancing like Pearl. He has to dance like himself, she says. So why teach Steven their dances and leave such an important factor of fusion out, especially since he later clearly fused very easily with Connie simply by letting loose and enjoying himself, dancing his own way??

I bet it’s because he has Rose’s gem, so they thought he would dance like her. They thought that they could teach him some moves that Rose might do. And it just didn’t work because Steven isn’t Rose

Imagine having the reincarnation of someone you loved so dearly living with you 24/7 and seeing the similarities, and yet sometimes the old version just…isn’t quite there.

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My biggest pet peeve with Navi hate is in majora's mask when people are like "why would Link go looking for her, she's soooo annoying!" Like Link didn't fit in with the others until Navi became his fairy, so of course she became Link's beloved friend!


Navi is like the third most important person of his early life, after Saria and the Great Deku Tree. She was there with him through all of his quest; she shared his fears and cared for him, of course he’d go looking for her!

Also not mention that if he didn’t go, y’all wouldn’t have your game so shhhh

Sam Winchester: Peanut Butter And Jealous

Character: Sam

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “can you write one where the reader is on a hunt with sam and dean and they need access to some confidential files, so the reader has to distract the guy (who just happens to be pretty cute) who’s supposed to be guarding the file room, and when she does so by flirting with him, sammy gets uncharacteristically jealous and protective due to his feelings for the reader, which he hasn’t told her about yet?”

Warnings: None I can think of, maybe some swearing, but nothing major!

Word Count: 1250

Summary: While trying to flirt their way to some important documents, Sam realizes how much he hates seeing them with someone who wasn’t him. 

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Why I believe my OTP's will be canon


Originally, I didn’t want to ship any couple (Beside UlquiHime but I’ll explain that in a sec) because I wanted to enjoy better the story without worrying about ships. But this moment made me ship them.
And is the moment I said “This will be canon”, why? Because the rain is something so important for Ichigo’s character, his mother died in the rain, in his inner world it rains whenever he feels sad, whenever something sad happens in Bleach it rains so the fact that he himself said that Rukia stopped the rain in his heart, and Kubo’s “The rain brings BLACK SUN down, but the rain dried because of WHITE MOON” was something so emotional and important that makes me believe that IchiRuki will become canon :3 Plus all the rest, like, their sad good bye, whenever she kicks him for being depressed, being the one who changed his world, her name fitting her because it means “light”, being his rotator, etc… ;D

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Fun fact, I originally started to watch Bleach because of UlquiHime, I had received so many spoilers (I have nothing against spoilers) about them that I was pretty much sure I would ship them, instead I ended as an IshiHime XD But in my defense, the moment Uryuu step in front of Orihime to protect her and then praising her for the speed of her shield (I forgot it’s name) was so emotional, he didn’t even thought before standing infront of her and Orihime was so down, feeling as if she wasn’t strong enough and then he praise her because he believes in her force, it was just too much for my little shipper heart *3* And in the Hueco Mundo Arc different from Ichigo who also wanted to fight Grimmjow, Ishida was there just for Orihime and even stated that they were NOT there to fight Espadas but just to rescue Orihime *w* the way their relationship is, really makes me believe that Orihime can love him back and they can become canon <3

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Uhmm, I don’t actually have a specific image for them, I just think that if they don’t have or at least had something going on then I don’t understand manga love.

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I read the manga before I saw the anime, so I never saw the HitsuKarin episode, and untill I don’t see filler-canon near it I won’t see the episode, so the only other person I could ever understand ending with him would be Rangiku but she had all that story with Gin and Toushiro is so protective of Hinamori, she’s even top 1 in his list of priorities, that is difficult to me to believe that at least on his part it’s not love.
But nonetheless this is the moment I thought they would become canon, Toushiro is usually grumpy and rarely smiles, and yet, knowing that Hinamori was well and being able to talk to her made him smile so much is freakin’ adorable.

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While I loved the couple since the beginning, but because of Shunsui’s flirty character I thought they would end more like the side couples that we don’t actually know if they ended together or not, but at this moment I really thought they would become canon, Nanao seems so confused at the possibility of not parting from him and we know Kyoraku actually likes Nanao, that they can’t not become canon after this ç_ç

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Humm, differently from the others, this is actually a “why I don’t think he’ll end with someone else at the end of the series”.
Ok, I really love their story and I really wish Kubo would say to us how they met (I know their relationship is not important to progress the plot but can’t Kubo make a extra-chapter or something?) Hisana was extremely important to Byakuya, she was the first person to ever make him go against the rules and as we know rules are really important to him, and while she says “I wish I could’ve love as you love me” I believe she didn’t meant as “You love me but I don’t love you” but from the little that we know about Hisana she has really low self-esteem(just like Rukia, I guess it’s a family thing u.u) so I think she REALLY loved him, she just thought he loved her more (inferiority complex… I guess?).
Plus, if I’m not wrong, Byakuya was supposed to actually die against As Nodt but didn’t because of his huge fan base, why a dead character brought back by the fans would end with someone?

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I also don’t have a specific image for them, it’s canon stated that they loved each other and don’t believe she’ll end with someone else, I really don’t think she’ll end with Toushiro as I’ve explained better in HitsuHina, also because while I do know it’s impossible, I really like the idea of Toushiro being Rangiku and Gin’s son *^*

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let us discuss parrish's face when lydia told him she had enough credits to graduate last year, i don't know why but it really got to me how impressed he looked

I like to call it his “Lydia Martin I am in awe of you and everything about you and everything you do” face. He wears that expression a lot.

Honestly, though, I think that part of the scene is important for so many reasons. Jordan is being so careful around Lydia. The fact that he has feelings for her is, at this point, pretty much indisputable, but I do think he’s highly aware that when they met, she was on the edge of seventeen (Fleetwood Mac reference ftw!), and that there are probably a lot of people who might question their relationship, especially when it might have begun.

He’s also aware of Lydia’s reputation. Keep in mind that when they met, in canon timeline, it was less than a year after Lydia had been bitten, hospitalized, and her fugue state had had her running all over the preserve naked. There are probably still people around town gossiping about how the Martin girl went crazy. Now, Jordan knows Lydia, knows what she is and what happened to her, and he’s perfectly aware that Lydia is capable and completely in her right mind, but he’s also probably aware of the fact that those same gossips would probably question her ability to make sound decisions and call his intentions towards her into question, accuse him of taking advantage of her, especially since he is, technically, in a position of authority over her, being an officer of the law while she’s still a high school student. 

(Sound familiar?)

Like I said, Jordan knows Lydia. I think Lydia’s been more honest and upfront about who she is as a person with him more quickly than she’s ever been with anyone else on the show, even Allison. (I love her friendship with Allison but for a lot of season one it was very superficial.) So he knows that Lydia is smart. But, realistically, they probably haven’t discussed much of her scholarly achievements or goals, because they’ve had other things on their mind, and also, I think Lydia is aware that Jordan is highly aware of the fact that she’s still in high school, and she doesn’t want to draw his attention to it.

So when Jordan asks her about school, and she tells him that she could have graduated as a junior, you’re damn right he was impressed. He was impressed because he knew Lydia was smart, but he didn’t know how smart. And he was proud of her, too, you could just tell. 

He was impressed, he was proud, and Lydia could see it in his face, and you could see in her face how happy that made her, because she wasn’t holding back who she was and Jordan wasn’t intimidated, wasn’t turned off, if anything, he liked her even more. 

Which is a new experience for Lydia. She had to downplay her intelligence to soothe Jackson’s ego, her own parents underestimate her, Stiles put her on a pedestal because of her intelligence (and she still ended up downplaying it for him, in some situations), and Aiden just wasn’t interested in her brain. Allison knew how smart she was and she loved her for it, which is why Lydia was comfortable reading books on incredibly advanced and hard to understand subjects around her, but Allison is gone.

But Jordan…Jordan has taken everything Lydia Martin has to offer, accepted it, admired her for it, encouraged her to show him all sides of her without demanding it, and done absolutely nothing but hold her in higher and higher esteem for it. 

When it comes to Lydia Martin, Deputy Jordan Parrish is awestruck. Every little thing she does is magic. Everything she does turns him on. 

(Ending with a Police reference because I couldn’t help myself.) 

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I'm having trouble figuring out how to describe music in a romance novella I'm writing. In it, the MC starts playing the piano again after a few years away. He also sings while playing, and I can't get it to flow smoothly.

I’ve got an easy answer you might not like: Don’t! The important thing here is not the sound of the music itself, but the effect it has on the characters. So think about why your MC stopped playing the piano in the first place, what made him decide to play again, why he chose this particular piece, and how playing it makes him feel and (again) why. If there are any listeners, same for them, although since we’re not in their heads, you want to show their emotions by describing their reactions.

“Well, that was because she –” June’s explanation to Eloise stopped abruptly, her eyes widening a fraction in recognition. The drink she’d been politely sipping was placed on the end table without a coaster.

So, obviously June knows this song. What this makes me wonder is - does Marcus know that June knows it? Did he do this on purpose? Or is it some sort of lovely coincidence? Anyway, for me, the song itself is not the important thing. What matters is what it does to those who hear it.

How To Channel Natasha Romanoff (a handy little guide):
  • First, you need to be a bit of a sarcastic ass. Was your friend frozen in ice for 70 years? Call him a fossil. Or just poke fun at his love life. But don’t forget, friendship is important. This means going over home renovations in the middle of an epic battle and trying to set up your fossil-y friend on a date… during a fight. 
  • Be prepared for anything. Remember, you are a boss ass bitch. Are you in the middle of an interrogation (which you are totally owning by the way)? Does the covert organization you work for need you? YOU ARE NATASHA FREAKIN’ ROMANOFF! You can fight your way out and still look damn cute.  
  • Natasha Romanoff is the super-est spy to ever spy. And remember, when it comes to espionage, blending in is key. Make sure you understand your surroundings. And then disappear. 
  • If that fails, remember: public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable. Find someone. Make out. Be a super spy. (If anyone would like to help me demonstrate this one, I am accepting applications). 
  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:digimon tamers was so important. it was so dark and i don't think that the younger audiences really understood why the d-reaper resembled a female reproductive system because juri lacked a mother figure. the creators gave her a really dark past but why? what did she ever do to deserve that? also how long was ryo in the digital world before ruki and company found him? were there other reasons why he ran away. he was only 14 years old. why did it end the way it did? did takato find that the portal to the digital world was still open. will there ever be a second season for tamers. also why did they have to kill leomon again? why? he didnt deserve it. he didnt.

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Also I'd like to ask for more headcanons about Vincent, Francis, Diedrich and Alexis if that's not taking too much of your time. Thx! :x

Sure! (Btw, if you like headcanons about them, go read dorkshadows’, they’re really creative and funny: here, here and here. naehja has some cool ones as well, but I’m not sure she posted them yet​)

So, about Vincent:

  • He was aromantic and also very popular with women, ever since Weston, but he only ever slept with Rachel.
  • He was always very close to Frances (family was always the most important) which is also why he asked Lizzie’s hand for Ciel.
  • He played cricket only the one year against Diederich and drugged an innocent second year in order to have Frances replacing him: that’s how the “Blue miracle” happened.   
  • He never really accepted his mother’s death, which is why Ciel knows barely anything about his grandmother.
  • He was good at playing the violin and wrote a song for every people he loved.
  • Vincent could find funny pretty much anything except men courting his sister. Let me tell you, Alexis suffered.
  • Basically when Frances left after being married, Vincent started visiting her every week end and he also stayed an entire month after she told him she was pregnant the first time.
  • He also was the one who spent time with Edward during Frances’ second pregnancy when Alexis wasn’t home, because expecting Elizabeth was tough.
  • When Ciel was a baby, Vincent would always be the one watching over the crib until his son fell asleep.
  • To this day, I still believe he had really no idea of Ann’s feelings towards him.

About Frances:

  • Frances really looked up to her mother and it was very hard for her when she died, because Frances was only 13 and Vincent was at Weston so she felt alone for a long time.
  • Also, Frances was too young when Claudia died, so they couldn’t really have any ‘mother-daughter talk’, which is why she often felt at a loss with the whole ‘boys courting girls’ part.
  • After she exceeded all her fencing teachers, Tanaka was the one who trained her but the Undertaker fought with her once or twice as well.
  • Diederich and Frances didn’t get along at first (behaviors too similar and there was only place for one controlling person initially), but their exasperation towards Vincent’s attitude brought them closer and Frances ended up training him because he was too easily defeated.
  • She also really hated Alexis at first, because he was supposed to be the next Head Knight and yet she defeated him very easily, so she feared the fate of her family would forever remain the same because English Knights were useless.
  • Vincent actually kidnapped Frances the morning of her wedding day and things almost ended very badly for him until Tanaka found them and stopped Frances’ sword. At the same time, Diederich was trying to delay the wedding ceremony while lying to Alexis.
  • Frances felt incredible pressure about being a mother when she was expecting Edward, because she had lost Claudia at a young age and felt unfit to raise a child. Alexis, Vincent and Tanaka spent the entire pregnancy comforting her everytime she would have nervous breakdowns.
  • She got along well with Rachel, something she didn’t think would happen, however she had more trouble with Ann, especially since she could see very well how the younger girl pinned after her brother.
  • Expecting Elizabeth was even harder because the pregnancy didn’t go well and doctors weren’t hopeful about the outcome. However, both the mother and daughter escaped death, as we know, but Frances was never able to get pregnant again.
  • Another hard time of her life as a mother was when she started teaching Lizzie fencing but her daughter hated it and would always find comfort in Ann, so she feared she was losing her little girl’s love.

About Diederich:

  • He was the third son of a severe but rich German baron and his father never really cared about him (this one comes from naehja actually)​. However, his 2 older brothers died when he was in Weston (stupid accidents) and he ended up being his father’s only heir.
  • After graduating from Weston, Diederich lived for a little while with Frances and Vincent, until his father came to England one day, very angry and decided to bring him back.
  • The encounter between Dee’s father and the Phantomhives didn’t go well, considering Dee’s father met Vincent, a cheeky brat acting as the Underworld’s keeper with a strange sense of humor, and Frances, a girl able to take men down and assert her opinion with no fuck given. And let’s not forget the Undertaker who happened to pass by and visit Claudia’s children on the same day Diederich’s father came to the manor.
  • Still, Diederich ended up going back to Germany and became a successful military. He has Frances to thank for the excellent grades he received for physical/combat training.
  • He is very probably Elizabeth and Ciel’s godfather.
  • He really thought of Alexis as his brother, even though he’d have trouble admitting it, until the day Frances started to notice the younger boy more than him. Yep because he seemingly fell a little in love with her (I’m sorry, it seems I’ve failed and I am now shipping them a lot) and maybe that’s even why he never married.
  • Vincent totally was his best bro, even though he’d never admit that either, and he was very depressed after his death. Coming to England  was never the same after Vincent was gone. 
  • For the Dee/Frances ship: Vincent once tried to make him hook up with Ann because she was single as well and that’s when he found out that Dee was pinning after his sister. He was very considerate about it, a thing Diederich wasn’t expecting, and really tried to help his friend with coming to term with his infatuation. Didn’t really work.

About Alexis:

  • He fell in love with Frances at first sight after she beat him to a pulp in a fencing tournament (lol that’s a canon fact actually).
  • Courting her turned out to be very difficult since it’s hard to prove his worth to a woman who can scare demons (and Vincent didn’t help at all).
  • When he asked for her hand, Vincent said no but then Frances lied about being pregnant to change her brother’s mind. It didn’t exactly work because Vincent then tried to murder Alexis, and nobody really remember but it seems the Undertaker was the one who ended up giving his approval, a thing Frances took for granted, and Vincent was totally pissed (because ‘dude, why did you choose now to act as a dad?!’).
  • Four days before his wedding with Frances, his mother gave him a book called The art of pleasuring women and told him ‘you better nail it’ because she really appreciated Frances and he didn’t exactly realize what she meant at first.
  • Speaking of their wedding night, once he and Frances were locked up in the bedroom he dived under the bed to get her his wedding gift that he had hidden: a sword with the initials F.M. engraved on the handle. Frances cried a little.
  • He’s always the good cop to Frances’ act of the bad cop: Elizabeth and her energy were always hard to deal with when she was younger but she would always listen to him, and he was the one who comforted Edward whenever he’d lose to Lizzie in fencing.
  • After Vincent’s death, he noticed Frances’ desire for revenge, to the point she became obsessed with investigations and it was the first time he stood up against her to the point they started arguing, because he didn’t want for their family to suffer more than they already did. It’s actually a time he was really stressed out because he was sure he was going to lose her.
  • Now that their children are older, he’s really fond of taking Frances with him whenever he is to travel for a week or two, so they can spend some quality time together, but it doesn’t happen often because Lizzie only waits for such occasions to go live at Ciel’s house.

I had fun! :D Hope you enjoy them! ;)


Theory about Pearls that has probably been made 100 times

We know that Pearls must be some sort of manufactured gem (maybe the reason Pearl has such apprehension for kindergarten gems is due to them reminding her that she herself isn’t a “real” gem)

I have a feeling that Pearls are made to be some sort of medical unit (for minor injuries that don’t cause gems to poof) or perhaps Pearls were meant to me some sort of sentry for high ranking gems.

In “Sworn to the Sword“ we see that Pearl is really living out some sort of “failed” need to protect Rose through Connie and Steven.  All the “you are nothing” speak seems to be something ingrained into Pearl, thus why Rose making her feel “like she was everything” was so important. 

In “Do it for him/her“ we hear Pearl say “deep down you know you weren’t built for fighting”.  We already know the whole song is Pearl singing about her feelings with Rose, so this lyric only furthers the idea that Pearls are not meant tor battle.

I’m not exactly sure where I am going with this, it’s just some observations and food for thought