why she always ended up with creeps

I hate to be the one to break this to you, dude, but as a general rule, women don’t pretend to virulently hate men they’re secretly in love with as some sort of elaborate courtship ritual. That’s a trope we made up to justify why the male protagonist always gets the girl in the end even when it’s starkly at odds with prior characterisation. In real life, if she acts like she thinks you’re a creep, it’s because she thinks you’re a creep!

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If you are still taking requests then I would appreciate a sulking natsu who just wants Lucy's attention!😁

Lucy’s Laugh

Word Count; 1142

A/N; sorry this is so late!!! Hope you like it!

“What the fuck’s your problem?” Gray asks, slipping onto the bench beside Natsu. Natsu wants to punch him, but he can’t tell if that’s because Gray is an annoying dickhead or because Blue Pegasus decided to drop by to celebrate the day Loke joined Fairy Tail and the Tri Men had been trailing Lucy like lost puppies for the last two hours. 

It’s probably both but Natsu thinks he’s in a generous mood, so he doesn’t punch Gray.

“Get lost,” he snarls, hearing no heat in his own voice. Heat that flares when he watches the tall one with dark hair pin Lucy to a wall. He wants to step in and hit that prick with a Fire Dragon’s kick to the nuts, but Lucy would yell at him for over-reacting, and think that he thought she couldn’t deal with things on her own. 

That had not been a fun conversation two weeks ago when he caught some perv trying to look up Lucy’s skirt and threw him through a window. Lucy hadn’t spoken to him for an hour! 

His mood soured more when he saw her genuinely smile and laugh at something the mage said. She was over there having fun with other people when he and her were supposed to be going on a mission! Stupid Loke asking her to be his date for the party and stupid Makarov throwing the party and stupid Blue Pegasus pricks flirting with her and keeping her to themselves. 

“Earthland to Natsu, if you don’t stop squeezing that mug you’re gonna br- nevermind. Yo Mira, a fire whiskey for Hot Head and I’ll take a brandy neat please!” Gray hollers over Natsu’s shoulder. Natsu lit his fist, burning off the alcohol and wooden chips coating his hand. 

That bastard had made Lucy snort water out of her nose! Natsu had been trying to do that for weeks! And it had nothing to do with how Lucy was tucking her hair behind her ear and doing that cute giggle that made Natsu’s heart beat loud in his chest. Because that was dumb. Lucy was Natsu’s best friend. 

Nothing else. 

“You know, I’m pretty sure with your magic you probably could burn a hole through Ren’s head if you keep glaring.”

“I’m not glaring,” Natsu snaps, taking his mug from Mira without looking at her and downing it in a long gulp. 

“Uh huh,” Gray drawls sarcastically, swirling his amber alcohol in his glass as he arches an eyebrow at Natsu. “And I’m completely straight.”

“Why don’t you go do something useful like jump off the roof,” Natsu turns his attention to Gray, he Ice Bastard having naked, having lost his shirt hours ago and pants soon after. Seeing as how everyone was blind drunk and either dancing, flirting, or fighting, though, no one really gave a flying fuck about Gray’s state of dress, including Natsu.

He breaks another mug in his hand when he sees Ben -or Fen or Renni or whatever his name is- rest his hand on the slip of skin between Lucy’s shorts and her crop top. 

“Gray fight me!” Natsu roars, jumping onto the table and lighting his fists. 

“Nah,” Gray says after a minute of looking at him. The fires go out on Natsu’s fist as he gapes in betrayal at his frienemy. 

“What the fuck?” Natsu asks, staying standing on the table. 

“You’re just pissy ‘cus Lucy ain’t paying attention to you,” Gray shrugs. He downs his drink in a gulp, rolling his shoulders as he leans back. 

“Am not,” Natsu grumbles, fingers twitching when he hears Lucy do that high giggle she did when she was trying to flirt. Natsu liked her real laugh better, the way her eyes lit up and she snorted. 

Gray snorts and rolls his eyes, Natsu feeling heat creep over his face. Stupid fire whiskey. Natsu narrows his eyes when he sees a sly grin spread over Gray’s face. He’s about to turn around and see what the stripper was smiling at when a familiar scent overwhelms the smell of the guild partying around him. Light and summery and it makes Natsu’s gut swoop like when he’s forced to ride the train. 

“Why do you always end up on the table?” Lucy sighs. Natsu looks over his shoulder, beaming at Lucy when she quirks an eyebrow at him and gives him a fond smile. He tries to turn around fully, heel catching on a suddenly slick part of the table and he ends up tumbling to the ground in a loud crash. 

“Oi! You fucking bastard you did that on-” Natsu roars, cut off from untangling himself with the destroyed bench he was surrounded with by Lucy’s worried face hovering over him.

“Are you alright Natsu? That was a pretty spectacular fall,” she asks, holding out a hand to help him up. Natsu grins at her easily, taking her hand and hauling himself out of the wreckage. 

“Bah, like a little wood could take me out!” Natsu grins, throwing his arm around Lucy’s shoulder. She rolls her eyes, elbowing a sore spot on his ribs pointedly but not saying anything. 

“You know, if we left now I bet we could still make that 3000 jewel request,” Lucy smiles at him leadingly, eyes hopeful. 

“What about Loke’s party?” Natsu asks, mentally kicking himself. He shows Gray the middle finger behind his back when he hears the prick laugh under his breath. 

“I haven’t been on a job with you for a week or two. I’ll take Loke out for dinner or something to make it up to him later. Besides,” Lucy says, rolling her eyes as she gestures at where Loke is perched in the corner of the room, several girls hanging off him in awe, his stupid glasses pushed onto his head as he boasts about… something. Natsu doesn’t really care, most of his attention turned to Lucy leading him out of the guild hall. “I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“Well then let’s get going!” Natsu chirps, grabbing Lucy’s hand and dragging her the rest of the way out the door. He turns his head back to smile at Lucy, eyes closed. Which means he misses the pole on the side of the street, and he walks straight into it. Natsu bounces off the wood pillar with a yelp, falling to his ass on the gravel and holding the side of his face. He pouts up at Lucy, who is leaning over her knees from laughing so hard. She snorts, covering her mouth her hand and blinking away tears before meeting Natsu’s gaze and breaking into another fit. Natsu leaps to his feet, grinning at her brightly. 

Let’s see pony-boy make Lucy laugh like that. 

The Liffey

Characters: Jimin and You

Word Count: 2,841

Genre: Sorta Angsty/Fluff/One Shot?

Summary: two hardworking souls meet at a pub…

Y/N, meet me tonight at The Liffey. I’ll be waiting outside for you. -Jimin

The text message he had sent had been on your mind all day. Out of nowhere, he… of all people had decided to text you.

It wasn’t too long ago when you tried to confess your feelings to him and you were turned down. Since then, you have tried your best to forget him. You buried yourself in school and work. You took up running so you could clear your mind.  You even considered moving away but even that was too extreme for you.

Why now? You wondered. You fought every urge to go and see him but you found yourself in your car, headed to the pub anyways.

This is a mistake You thought as you parked your car.

You finally made it outside to the pub where he was waiting for you. The pub was starting to show signs of aging but it was still a favorite place for the locals. From what you remembered, the Liffey had low prices, good beer, and was a great place to unwind after a stressful day.

Today was different though. You were positive that you were going to die from seeing him again. Were you being dramatic? Absolutely.

Years ago you guys met here. It was a random night with just you and your close friends but out of nowhere a stranger caught your eye. Back then, Jimin was shy and you used to make fun of how nervous he was when he first went up to ask for your name. That night, you and Jimin spent the whole evening talking and you were in awe of how sweet he was and how comfortable he made you feel.

He sat in front of you and listened to everything you had to say. You learned about how he was a singer and a dancer and he learned about your dream of going to school, finishing and becoming a doctor to make your parents proud.

When it was time to go, he asked for your number.

That night was only the beginning. A few days later, you guys met up again.

After a few drinks, you guys continued to open up to each other.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” you asked

“No, we actually broke up a while ago. Why? Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked

“Same here, actually…we’re broken up.”

“What happened?”

You shrugged your shoulders and looked away for a moment. To think about it didn’t make you sad but it was a topic you had not thought or shared about in a while to anyone.

“Life… I guess.”

“That tends to happen a lot”

You looked at Jimin.

“Can I tell you something?” You asked

“Go for it” He replied

You took a deep breath.

“All my life I saw my parents struggling. We didn’t have a lot of money and I always felt like I couldn’t do anything even though they sacrificed so much for me… I was never the smartest student, but I knew that if I worked and studied hard, I could go to a good school, get a good job and be able to pay my family back for always being there for me. I know I deserve to be happy, but when I was in a relationship, it really distracted me from achieving my dream of helping my parents and so I had to end it”

“Wow” Jimin replied

“Sorry  I didn’t mean to go on about my sob story”

“No, no, these are the kinds of things that help shape who you are, and quite honestly, I like who you are. I mean, I know we’ve only met a few times, but I can tell that you are a much better person than most of the other people I have known my whole life.

You blushed for a moment

“Thank you”

“What for?”

“For understanding”

He flashed you a smile but you couldn’t help but wonder

“What about you? You seem like a great guy, what happened to you and your relationship?”

“Ah, now that is an interesting tale. You ready?”

“Ohh, do tell”

“Like I said the other day, I’m a singer and a dancer. While most see this as a hobby, I see it as my life. Most people I’ve met, well let’s just say they have a hard time believing that I will get anywhere. My ex was one of those people. She was never supportive and always made me feel like I was wasting my time. And so one day I leave early from practice and I’m walking down the street and then I see her with another guy!

Your eyes were wide open.


“Yeah! They were out eating lunch and everything!”

“Did you go up to them?”

He laughed “No, let me finish Y/n”

“All the time that we were together, I had never seen her smile and look so happy. It then occurred to me that I was never going to be able to give her or anyone that and I realized that day that being in a relationship wasn’t going to work for me if I was serious about my career.”

“Were you in love?” You asked.

He ran his hand through his hair. The question caught him off guard and he seemed deep in thought.

“I think love is interesting in that it never ends up like how you think it will” He replied.

“What do you mean by that?” you asked.

“I mean, it is usually when you least expect it… or when you’re not looking… falling in love just sorta creeps up on you. With her, I don’t think it was love. Or, true love? I mean, what she did was wrong but I thought about it and had to think about why she did it. I was never home. I was always in the studio. She must have been so lonely and I caused that.”

You understood that all too well.

I guess we’re just not meant for love” You joked.

“Hey! I’m quite capable! I just have a lot of goals to achieve before I can settle down!” He laughed.

You raised a glass. “Well then, dreams first… then love! Here’s to us and our dedication!”

He laughed again and raised his glass with you.

Soon, meeting up together became a regular thing for the two of you.

As the months and then years rolled around, you tried to fight your feelings. It was subtle at first and you didn’t think too much about it but then you began to notice the little things about him that just made you crazy. For all the time you spent together, you knew you were falling for him.

For one, you fell in love with how hard of a worker he was. He would always call you late at night to ask how school was going and then he would tell you about how he was still in the studio practicing. If you told him to go take a rest he would refuse until he got his dance moves correct. Once he was satisfied, he would ask you to come out with him for drinks at The Liffey to celebrate his victory. With no room to dance at the table, the both of you would laugh the night away as he would try to show you his moves anyways while he was seated down.

You also fell for his cute charms. He was always laughing and smiling; he was never upset with you or anyone and he always tried to make you laugh when he knew school wasn’t going the way you liked. He was your support system for when you felt like giving up and you were his too.

‘You really like him don’t you?” Your friend asked

Jimin instantly came to mind but you played it off.

“Who?” You replied with a smile

“Ah, Y/N, don’t lie to me! I see you randomly smiling like a crazy person all the time! You guys need to learn how to live properly and give each other a chance before it’s too late! You both work too hard and deserve to be happy!”

You knew your friend was right but with life and all its complexities… the timing wasn’t right. You also weren’t sure about how he felt about you. While he drove you mad, you didn’t know where he stood with you. You both still had your dreams to achieve and love would have to wait. At least that’s what you both agreed on.

The last time you saw him was short. Outside of the Liffey, you both stood in the parking lot before bidding each other good bye.

“I guess this is it Y/n”

“I guess so. You’re going to leave tomorrow for sure?”

“Yeah… Our flight leaves a little after 10. My group and I finally have a chance at becoming a real big thing. Can you believe it?”

He was right. There had been so much buzz about him that you couldn’t help but feel proud of him.

“I’m really happy for you. I know how hard you have been working for this”

He ran his hand through his hair and smiled.

“Thank you for believing in me Y/N. You don’t know how much I appreciate all the support you have given me.”

He leaned in and gave you a hug.

“Promise me you’ll work hard and finish school”

You nodded as you wrapped your arms around him and held him tight.

“I probably won’t get to see you for a while.” He said.

You rested your head against his chest.

“I know” You replied.

“I’m sorry Y/N…”

At this point you were trying to fight back tears.

“Jimin… Before you go, there’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you…”

You lifted your head to look at him.

“I know we said dreams first.. But I can’t do this anymore. I just want to let you know that I have fallen in love with you Jimin. For all the time we have spent together… I can’t be the only one, right?”

Jimin looked at you shocked.

“Y/N, I…. we can’t….”

You felt this coming, but there was no real way to prepare yourself for this. You tried to make him understand.

“I know, but after all this time… don’t we deserve to know? Don’t I deserve to know? I’ve told you everything and yet I have no idea how you feel about me. I’m not trying to stop you from following your dream… I just want to know if you feel the same way”


“Do you really not feel anything?

Jimin couldn’t do anything but stare at you.

“I have to go”

Go? You couldn’t believe that was all he had to say.


You tugged at his sweater.

“ Kiss me” You said.


“Jimin, kiss me. Kiss me now and if you feel absolutely nothing at all… Then I can leave knowing that…but just know that if you walk away, then we’ll never know what we could have been…”

He looked at you with sorrow in his eyes. You were both so close, yet, he pulled away and apologized.

“I’m sorry Y/N”

He walked away and you were left by yourself.

You saw Jimin sitting outside. Dressed in all black, he looked deep in thought. For a moment, you were even afraid to approach him. For years you thought about going back to visit. But of course your fear of possibly facing him again steered you away. You almost turned around to make a run for it but you were too late.

“Y/n! I’m so glad you could make it!”

Shit You thought

“Jimin… long time no see”

He got up and you braced yourself for what was to come.  He smiled and gave you a hug. The last time he hugged you, you didn’t want to let go. Now that he was back in your arms, you felt your tears coming up.

“Y/n, is there something wrong?”

You were quick to tell a lie.

“It’s nothing. I think my allergies are just acting up again. Let’s go get a drink, yeah?”

You lead the way and he followed.

Sitting inside together was just like old times.

“How have you been Y/N? I heard you bought your parents a new car!”

You laughed.

“Who told you!?”

“Wait, you really did? I was just joking!”

“What?! Are you saying you didn’t think I could?”

Jimin flung his body around as he laughed.

“No, no! It’s just that it’s so crazy how time has flown by. I mean, 5 years ago we were in here talking about our hopes and dreams. And now we’re living them.”

It was true. Everything that you both set out to do was completed. You had finished school and found a great job. Jimin was a big star and making headlines everywhere.

“What about you, mister big super star? How have you been?” You asked.

“Getting ready for another world tour soon!” He said with a smile.

The both of you sat in awe for a moment. To say both your accomplishments out loud felt good.

You took a sip of your drink.

“We’ve both come such a long way, haven’t we?”

Jimin ran his hand through his hair… A gesture of his that you had missed seeing so much.

“We really did”

He held out his glass “To us! For never giving up on our dreams”

You raised your glass. “To us”

You both smiled at each other for a while. To be so close together again was almost unreal.

“I really missed you Jimin”

“I missed you too”

He took another sip from his glass.

“Speaking of us… Y/N, I want to apologize for leaving you like that that one night”

Oh no, not this.

“We don’t have to talk about that”

“Please. That’s why I wanted to meet you today. I want to explain why I acted the way I did.”

You didn’t want to be reminded of that night again and so you tried to stop him.

“Really, it’s fine Jimin.”

For once, you saw Jimin get a little frustrated.

“No, you don’t understand. I often came back here to think about what would have happened if I just kissed you that one night. Like maybe if I did, you and I wouldn’t have missed out on so much”

Confusion struck your face.

“What are you saying?”

“I was so scared Y/N. I thought so much about your dreams and then my dreams… and I couldn’t do that to us. I didn’t want to become a distraction to you and school. I also couldn’t live with the idea of you ever feeling lonely if we were together and if I was gone at the studio for days on end.”

At that moment, you finally understood. All this time, he had been living with what you said in his head. From the beginning of when you first started talking to each other… he remembered why you had ended your other relationship and just now you remembered again why he ended his. He didn’t want history to repeat itself again.  

“After all this time, I thought that you just didn’t feel that way about me..”

He shook his head

“I wanted to kiss you so badly but I was afraid that if I did I would never be able to let you go. I wish I could just go back in time and kiss you. Kiss you and make us work. With you by my side, maybe the past few years wouldn’t have been so hard. Thinking of you was the only thing that kept me going..”

He looked at you and you saw him filled with so much regret.

“I was and am still very much in love with you Y/N. It’s not too late for us, right?”

Fear crept inside of you.

“It’s still going to be a challenge with us working and being away from each other”

“I know but I’m willing to make this work if you are.”

You looked at him and you knew he meant it. You nodded your head and smiled.


“You mean it?

“Dreams first, then love” You reminded him. “With our dreams fulfilled and out of the way now, I’m pretty sure it’s time that we gave love another try.”

The biggest smile grew on his face. He got up from his seat and came to you. He gently wrapped his hands around you and readied you for a kiss.

“Y/N, you are my biggest dream and I love you.”

As his lips touched yours, your heart fluttered at how sweet his kiss tasted. The kiss that you had been waiting for was finally happening and it was everything and more than what you expected. With both your busy schedules, you knew things would be tough, but with him by your side you knew things would be okay.

A/N: You best believe I made a fanfic about the pub he was at when they were in Ireland. Also, i’m feeling a little sad so I’m not sure what the hell I wrote. The ending was probably crap too but oh well. i’m just bleh

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Hi I have a Spideychelle one shot prompt? Where Peter & MJ are studying and Peter stumbles on one of MJ's sketchbooks filled page to page w/ MJ's romantic, mushy, fluffy doodles of the pair of them. It's essentially MJ's own Spideychelle fan art album. MJ is horrified her secret is out thanks to her own carelessness. Hilarity (and romance) ensues

okay when i got this i immediately fell in love with it because it was so beautiful and dorky and awkward and perfect?? but it took me forever to write so i’m sorry for that but it was suuuuuch a cute prompt like omg wtf?? i’m sorry if this doesn’t live up to the prompt because they prompt was so great so i’m sorry.

It’s a regular Thursday afternoon at twelve twenty-two when Peter’s life gets flipped on its axis. He’s in the library, studying with Ned and MJ for their bio test right after lunch. He’s trying to focus on histone proteins but MJ’s curls keep falling into her face and she’s biting her lip every so often because she’s concentrating a bit too hard. He’s a bit too gone for her, honestly.

Then, MJ gets called to the office on the overhead speaker and Peter’s eagerly waving goodbye and following her movements as she packs her things. She lets out a sigh and a quick “later, losers” before taking off. Peter goes back to trying to study, but Ned watches a bit longer. So, it’s Ned who notices when her book bag, which MJ hadn’t fully closer, knocks against the bookshelf near the door and a book falls out. He walks over to pick it up, startling when he sees what’s on the pages. Ned quickly grabs the book and brings it back to Peter, slamming it down on the table, excited. “Dude, look at this!” Peter takes one last look at the definition of epigenetics before his heart falls to his stomach and his brain stops functioning.

There, in Ned’s hands, is MJ’s sketchbook. MJ’s sacred sketchbook. The one she carries with her everywhere. The one she’d left in decathlon practice at the end of sophomore year. The one she’d angrily pulled from his hands when he walked up to her the next day to return it, asking if he’d seen any of the pages. He’d said no, because he didn’t dare look. But now, here in front of him, are pages of drawings that Peter’s getting to see. They’re all of Spiderman.

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write some monster hunting trio angst where nancy gets hurt really badly and jonathan is driving them to a hospital and steve is stressed and crying in the backseat with nancy telling her all the things she needs to stay alive for and honestly just FUCK ME UP LARA

Hi anon! Thanks for being so patient, sorry this took forever! But it was perfect for Angst Thursday :) 

Jonathan’s hands are clenched around the steering wheel, holding so tightly his knuckles have long been white, white like the bone under Nancy’s wound but he can’t think about that because if he does he’ll pass out. And he can’t because he needs to drive, he needs to drive, why are they so far out?

This is the type of day they had been warned about. Their parents’ fears, the calls with little siblings who tried to hide how relieved they were to hear their voices. The worry they each carried inside but refused to share with one another.

What if something goes wrong?

And they had laughed it off with the siblings and tenderly held their moms’ hands for reassurance and promised to always come home.

They have to come home.

Steve sits in the backseat, one hand pressed against the gash in Nancy’s side, feebly trying to stop the blood, the other holding up her head. He hasn’t stopped talking since they got in the car, but Jonathan prefers it to having to hear Nancy’s ragged gasps.

“It’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna get to the hospital and they’ll fix you right up. And you’ll have a badass scar and everyone will be jealous. And we’ll go home.”

She’s biting her tongue because it hurts, it hurts. She tries to concentrate on the sharp taste of blood in her mouth and the intensity of Steve’s eyes.

“We have to go home, Nance, okay? We have to go home, we’re all gonna go home. We’re gonna see the kids graduate next month and your mom is gonna have a party and make that dip you love.”

They have to go home, all of them.

“And we can tell everyone about Bug.” He flicks his eyes down to her stomach, barely starting to swell, a new little treasure inside. The tears he’s been holding back start to escape.

“I really think it’s a girl, Nance. She’s gonna be just like you.”

Jonathan thinks he’s going to throw up.

“No, no, keep looking at me Nance.” His voice cracks. “Keeping looking at me.”

The pain is starting to subside and she knows why. She knows why. Darkness creeps into her vision.

“Stay with me, okay? Stay with us. We love you, we love you so much.” He can barely get the words out through his sobs.

“Stay with us.”

Jonathan wakes up with a gasp. He always wakes up before they get to the hospital. It doesn’t matter though; he knows what happened there. It was the end of everything.

It’s been months, years, but the bed still feels too empty, the room too quiet. The sound of one person breathing is nothing like three.

He stares up at the ceiling. This nightmare. It never ends.

Knowing You, Ch 13: Date


“H-hi…” She’s already blushing and they haven’t said more than a simple hello yet. Talking to him shouldn’t be this difficult – they talk every day. They’d been talking to each other right up until this afternoon and she hadn’t been flustered at all. Things had been normal. They were good. Actually, they were great… So why is she nervous now?  

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A Ghost of Love & Madness

Hey guys, so I’ve always loved Mad Hatter as a character and the moment I found out Sebastian Stan (whom I adore) played the Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time I kinda lost my shit! Hahaha! Anyway, since I have yet to find any good Mad Hatter/Jefferson X OFC story I decided to make my own, and this story just flooded into my head! It’s been a long time in the making and thankfully I think this story has finally gotten me out of my writing slump! So hopefully I’ll be continuing with requests soon! Damn, this story ended up being 39 pages! Damn! Ha! All that said, I hope you guys enjoy!

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House of Cards pt. 3 - m.

“A house made of cards with us inside, The end is visible, it’s unstable

We won’t work in the end. Even so I keep hoping.

member: Jeon Jungkook

genre: Smut, Angst, 10% fluff

warnings: nsfw, rough sex, cheating, mentions of depression

 Words count: 3.1 k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (Last Part)

Y/N tapped her fingers against the table, gazing out the window. Her mind wondered of thinking what Jungkook is doing, but she shouldn’t. They agreed on the term to not seeing each other anymore. She felt lonely, wanting to feel his touch again. Needing to be loved back. Is she falling in love with him? 

She sighed heavily and chewed her inner lips. “Ms. Y/LN?” 

She snapped out of her thoughts and saw her Philosophy professor, Mr. Hong and the whole class’s attention directed at her. “What is the meaning of life?”

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Rae and Finn in bed. Both asleep. She’s frowning, shaking head from right to left, faster and faster, she sarts saying something.


-         No, no, no ! Please don’t be ! I’m sorry ! NO PLEASE !


She stood up, sweating, short on breathe, almost suffocating. Count to ten, just count to ten.

Staring to settle she remembered where she was, and realised he now was up too, his hand on hers. It was pitch dark but she could feel his glance. Maybe if i just lay back in he won’t ask.


-         Rae ? Everything’s fine ?


Of course he will. Fuck you Finn Nelson and your endless caring.


-         Yeah, i just…go back to sleep, i’m fine.

-         You sure ‘bout that?

-         Yep. You don’t have to worry, i swear.

-         Alright then..


They both lay down, his head right in the back of her neck. His breathe seems to soothe her. Not enough though. A tear drops from her eye, then a second, and another one. Soon, she finds herself sobbing. He passes his arm around her chest, holding tight to her hand, getting closer.


-         You know i can hear you cry right ?

-         ..I’m not crying, what d’ya mean ? I’m just… i think i might have a cold actually. Got any tissues ?

-         Yeah, on the bedside table next to ya.

-         Oh, thanks


She bends to the table, reaching for some tissues. He puts his head on her shoulder.


-         Were you having a nightmare ? D’ya want to talk ‘bout it ?  I know sometimes it helps to..

-         I’m okay Finn, seriously. Just go back to sleep, yeah ?


How could i even tell you about that ? Where would i start ? Why should i bring something like that when i’m finally being happy ?  Again, she lays down, spooning with him. When i have you by my side..


-         You…you don’t have to pretend with me … i don’t care if… i mean…


He writes something on her back, ending up kissing her neck. She smiles.


Few hours later. Sun barely creeping through the curtains. Rae opens her eyes.


-         Holy fucking shit !!!!


Finn frowns, still half asleep.


-         Shit, shit shit…Where is this fucking shoe ?

-         Always so lovely when you wake up or am i being lucky ?


Oh great, and now i’ve woken him. Again. Oh God, he’s even sexier with his hair messed up like this. Her eyes noticed the blanket was hardly covering his lower hip. If he wasn’t stark naked already, i would shred his clothes to pieces and just..Talking about clothes, where did this fucking shoe went for God sake ?!  He looks at her, covering herself with the sheet, furiously searching for her shoe under the mess of all their clothes covering the floor. A cheeky smile runs on his face.


-         Maybe you lost it downstairs. We were rushing a bit last night. Not that i’m complaining tho’


She laughs.


-         Yeah, better check downstairs. Nevermind if i use the barthroom ?

-         Nope. Was it so bad ?

-         What ? What are you talking about ?

-         Dunno, seems like you’re basically running away.

-         Oh. No, no, no, i’m not. My mom’s gonna kill me if she wakes up and finds i’m not home. Told you i shouldn’t have stayed. I overslept.

-         At least i make a good pillow then. Can pillow ask for a kiss ?


Rae comes back to him, still covered by the sheet, she sats down and gives him a long kiss. I  never want to leave his lips. But i’m surely never kissing them again if i’m dead. Better go now.


- Sorry dear pillow, sheet and i have to go.

- Give me a ring later, just so i know neither of you are dead.


They smiled and she rushed to the bathroom as he put his head back under the blanket.



Rae’s silently closing the front door, looking at the clock. Maybe mom’s not up yet, i’m just gonna sneak into my room, right into my bed..You can do it Rae, yeah, almost there. Stop breathing. Slowly open the door. Here we…


-         Mom ? I’m so fucked.

-         Will you please follow me downstairs Rae ?

-         Mom, i’m sor..

-         Downstairs.NOW.


They both walked to the kitchen without saying a word.


-         Take a sit.

-         Mom..

-         Don’t.

-         But..

-         WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?! Out to get wasted again ? Thought we already went through it Rae. I forgave you once, not twice, you’ve been warned.

-         I..i wasn’t getting drunk or anything, i..

-         Where have you been all nigth then ?

-         Was with some friends.

-         Oh yeah, same friends as last time ? Will you ever learn ?

-         No, not them. They weren’t friends anyway. 

-         I know you weren’t at Chloe’s, i called her parents.

-         In the middle of the night ?

-         Well, my daughter was missing, what did you expect?

-         …

-         So, not Chloe. And if you were at the pub you wouldn’t be so secret about it. Don’t make me ask again Rae, i’m losing control.

-         Alright ! I was at Finn’s !


Linda looked confused and yet, rassured, somehow.


-         Are you lying again ?

-         No. You can call him if you want.

-         I sure will. Did his father knew you stayed at his ?

-         Of course.

-         He has no clue right ?

-         … He’s away for a few days.

-         And why exactly did you… Are you and Finn together again ?

-         What do you mean “again”?

-         I may be blonde but i’m not that stupid Rae. So ?

-         Yes.

-         Great. Glad for you. He’s a good guy.


I never tought mom would be so cool about it. Maybe she realised i’m not a child anymore. Maybe she’s gonna leave me some space. Maybe i could ask her to stay at Finn’s ‘till his father come back. That would be perfect. Just me and him, for a few days. Kissing and..


-         Now you’re going to your room and you will stay in there until i decide otherwise. No more pub. No more gang. No more Finn.

-         WHAT ? You can’t do this to me !

-         I told you never to do that again. And you did anyway.

-         But…

-         Rae, you know it : as long as you live under my roof, you live

-         Under your rules. Got it.  Can i ask you a favor tho’ ?

-         Do you really think you’re in a position to ask for anything?

-         I have to call Finn, just once. To let him know i’m not…to let him know i got home safely.

-         I’ll call him.


Rae’s room. She’s writing in her diary.


There was not point in arguing. As mom said, i wasn’t in the position to do it. Still, this decision was so unfair ! I mean, she couldn’t have done worse. No more Chloe, no more Archie, no more Izzy or Chop…NO MORE FINN ! And i couldn’t even call him ! I’m so mad at her right now. I understand. But i’m still mad.

Last night was perfect by the way…even more perfect than the other night. Remember how i described it as a sex-quake ? This was even better. What is more powerfull than a sex-quake? We agreed i would meet him at his to have this deep talk he desperatly want to have. He says he want to know everything i went trough. Anyway, as soon as he opened the door, the look he gave me made me want to do him right there, on the porch. He’s so hot, how is he even human? We managed to go inside eventually, and instantly forgot about the talk we were supposed to have. Feeling his body next to mine, his breathe on my neck, his hands all over my skin… Perfect.

That was until i woke up in the middle of the night. It keeps happening. I haven’t talked to Kester about it. I thought now that i fixed things with everyone, it would have stop. But it didn’t. It’s not just a nightmare. There is so much more to it. Much more that i can take.


Let me know what you think, should i continue ?

Again, English ain’t my birth language, it’s the very 1st time i try and write a whole ‘story’ in this language so, sorry for all the grammar & vocabulary mistakes and everything.

So, uh, lunch had gone disastrously. It wasn’t enough that she was trying to impress the new girl, but apparently Steve had to be at his most ridiculously rich-kid-douchey, Jonathan wouldn’t talk at all, and consequently, Damien was trying so hard to show the new girl exactly how uber-goth-edgy he was that he kept saying weird stuff to her about like, God and Satan and stuff. The fact that he’s the son of the Actual Devil is nothing even remotely close to an excuse. So that’s an explanation as to why after the final bell rang she didn’t hang with Jonathan by the lockers like she always did, but rather ended up trailing after Rose like a weird creepy stalker, running up to her in the hallways by the door and pulling her aside. She was desperate to explain herself, or rather, to explain her friends. Because she liked Rose. She liked her a lot, and she didn’t want to jeopardize that because Rose probably thought her friends were creeps.

“I feel like it’s my moral responsibility to apologize for Damien. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve been trying to get Steve to break up with him for what feels like years, so… I won’t. He sucks. Feel free to call him out at any time.” She punctuated that with a little smile, a giggle, a way to try and say ‘look at me, totally not as weird as my weird friends! please don’t never speak to me again because of today’.

dragondraems  asked:

Horror. Preferably body horror, but I ain't picky.(ps. your writing style is really nice)

Body horror, eh? There’s so many options for that, I had a hard time deciding on something. Here you go!

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He hisses. Better than whining. Better than bleeding crying. He’s been crying a lot lately. The Elder Brother…Sandor hates that that’s what they call him. Elder Brother. Makes him think of fucking Gregor every single time.

“It looks better today,” Elder Brother says. 

“Still hurts,” Sandor grumbles.

“It may well for the rest of your life,” Elder Brother says. He’s been saying that a lot–rest of his life. What bleeding life is that?  He says as much, and the man’s eyes flicker.

Elder Brother sits down on the plain wooden stool next to his bedside and Sandor watches him closely. He waits. Usually Elder Brother will ask him how he feels, what pains him, but not today.

“You live, Sandor Clegane,” he says simply.  

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The great idea Part 1

Hello Universe! I received this awesome prompt:

So I decided to give it a go. Whoever sent me this THANK YOU this idea was amazing, and I hope it satisfies what you imagined, if not I am sorry, please don´t hate me. :)

I am not sure if this will be a One-Shot or if you want me to continue a little more with the story, let me know what you think.

Thank you again everyone for your requests, I am working on them, but for know here is this:




One year has Hannah been living in Los Angeles, and for 11 months she has been going to the same coffee shop, every day, except Saturdays. She already has “her spot” and has befriended every barista that has and works there. Hannah doesn´t know why she loves this place so much, maybe it is the spot where she sits, or maybe it is the cute and humorous cups of tea, or maybe It is the different people that come in every day, with different stories to tell, and cool drinks to order. But today was different; today she had finally made up her mind about why she loved this coffee shop: it was “that girl with cute brown eyes.”

Hannah had seen her come in a few times, she always caught her eye, Hannah always ended up staring at her while the tall woman ordered her coffee. Hannah always felt like a creep when she realized how long she stared at the girl, but she couldn´t help it. The girl was gorgeous.

The girl also seemed like a creature of habits, as she would always get a table right in front of the coffee shop window that gave a view to the streets. The first time Hannah saw her, she thought the girl was going to meet with someone, because the table has 2 chairs, one across from the other, but as time passed, Hannah realized, the girl just simply liked to watch people from the coffee shop. Weirdo.

But today Hannah would finally have the courage to talk to the tall brunette girl, and by talk, she meant leaving a creepy-type post it note in the chair across from where the girl usually sat. So as Hannah watched the girl enter the coffee shop, and order her usual coffee, she stood up and pasted the bright yellow post it on the chair´s back, and quickly got back to her table where she could stalk the girl safely.

Grace waited for her coffee in the counter. She checked her phone. 2 missed calls. 3 new emails. She had gone out with this guy for a couple of dates, but she really didn´t feel it. She never actually felt something with any guy she had dated before. She sometimes joked at herself that maybe she was born with a robot heart, but lately she started to believe it even more. Maybe they weren´t the right guys, or maybe there really was something wrong with her. These thoughts went on for a bit until her coffee was finally ready. She sat at her table and placed her coffee on it, she suddenly noticed there was post it note pasted in the chair that was right in front of her. She grabbed it, and read what was on it.

“You know, stalking strangers on the streets would be much better with someone for you to make your comments with. ;)”

At first Grace thought this was meant for someone else, but something about the “stalking strangers” part made the message really personal. Her train of thought made her assume that if someone noticed her “watching humans from inside a coffee shop like a zoo-habit” then it must certainly be someone who also goes to the coffee shop. She looked up and started to look around her, to check if anyone was looking at her suspiciously. But the coffee shop was almost empty, the only people that were in there were: The 3 baristas, 2 of them were women and the other was a guy, but Grace was pretty sure the guy was gay, she didn´t judge or anything, but never in her life has she heard a straight guy say “OH Guuurl” so many times. Then there was this guy sitting outside, maybe he was the person who left the post it. He had black hair and a really short beard, he was actually really handsome as Grace started to pay more attention to him, but he didn´t seem like the type of guy who leaves post its for girls. She then saw a cute hipster couple, definitely not them.

As Grace started to check out every person at the coffee shop, Hannah started to feel a nod on her stomach. “This was a mistake” she thought. “What were you expecting? Was she going to magically find out you left the note and ask you out?” As Hannah thought this, she noticed how the tall girl´s stare was moving on to her, so as quick and unnoticeable as she could, Hannah held her book a little bit too high to her face, and pretended as if she wasn´t just staring at the woman across from her a second ago.

Grace keeps checking out an old man who in Grace´s mind is a pervert who has probably been stalking her since she was born; she then turns her gaze to the person who is in the table next to him. It is the girl who is always there, Grace had already noticed her when she started to attend the coffee shop more frequently, the short haired girl was always sitting in that same spot since Grace arrived, and until she left. Grace thought that the girl was some kind of antisocial weirdo who lived in the alley and robbed people for money to buy her coffee and stay on the coffee shop until night, but the girl seemed clean, and polite and with a stable job to do. Grace just stared at her for a bit, maybe it was the girl, she has been there since Grace has started going to the coffee shop, and… “Does she seem a little flustered?” Grace thinks. Before leaving, Grace decides she should maybe make herself clear that she doesn´t want anything, so she grabs a napkin and writes on it quickly, before hanging it on the chair across form her and leaving.

Hannah waits 5 minutes until she quickly gets up and grabs the napkin.

“Sorry, I don´t date mysterious stalkers, but thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind.”

Hannah reads the paper over and over until she realizes she is still standing beside the table. She decides that now she has a good reason to go to the coffee shop every morning. She was going to date this girl.

The next morning Grace went to the coffee shop and sat on her regular spot, almost immediately she checked the chair across from her, expecting for another post it note to appear in front of her, but there wasn´t any. Grace felt a little disappointed about this, maybe the post-it stalker didn´t find her attractive enough to try giving her another message. She sighed with a little sadness, and grabbed her coffee and looked to the street, she suddenly realized the presence of a pasted post it note blocking her sight on the window. As she saw it she smiled in relief, and grabbed it to read what it said.

“Too bad for those mysterious stalkers of yours. The good thing is that I certainly don´t stalk people, so maybe I can buy you coffee next time?”

Hannah noticed how the girl in the other side of the room smiled as she noticed her post it and read it, the girl´s smile was cute and sexy at the same time. She loved it.

Grace finished reading the note, and again started to study the room, to see if there were any familiar faces from yesterday, which were the baristas, the short-haired girl who is always there, and the creepy old man. Grace started to believe more that the responsible for the notes was the old man, but then a lady arrived at his table and greeted him with a kiss.

Hannah saw how the tall girl kept studying the room, her gaze always coming back to Hannah, but she just pretended like she didn´t notice, and was doing serious business on her phone.

After a while of thinking Grace noticed how nervous she got with the thought of replying to this person, she felt her stomach twist as millions of images of people writing on the post it came to her head. She then realized she was running late and wrote a quick response on her napkin, and left it in the same place as she did the day before. She walks out of the shop almost running. Didn´t look back to see if anyone approached her table.

Hannah grabs the napkin and walks out of the coffee shop too, reading the words written on the piece of paper.

“Maybe, but first I need a name, who is not to say you are the president and I am her with no idea that I am talking to you…sir.”

Hannah smiles, the sun hits her face at that moment. This girl is amazing.

The next day Grace wakes up with a weird enthusiasm, she quickly showers and feeds her dog, and goes out for coffee. She enters the shop, quickly glancing at her table and the window, but she can´t see any post-it pasted near. She orders her coffee but when she tries to pay, the cashier tells her that it has already been paid for. Grace knows instantly that it was the post-it stalker and just thanks the cashier and waits for her coffee on the other side of the bar. She checks the room, this time the creepy old guy wasn´t there and Grace only noticed that the only person that had been there the last two days, was the girl with short hair who is always sitting with her tea mug on the side. She gets called to get her coffee, and as she is approaching it she notices a post it note pasted on the plastic cup of her coffee. She instantly smiles and grabs it as if someone was going to take it from her.

“I hope you don´t think that I am stalking you because I know what coffee you order. By the way, the name is Hannah. May I ask for yours?”

Grace stands on the bar for at least 5 minutes, reading over and over the name that is written. “Hannah. So it is a girl. Wait. The girl who is always on the shop, it is her!” Grace thinks and quickly turns to see the girl she suspects of, reading a book, as if she hasn´t noticed Grace´s stare.

Grace doesn´t know what to do, she starts to think a million questions in her head. “Am I gay? Maybe it is not her, may- wait wow she is reading that? She is such a hipster, she probably listens to jazz or those really indie bands. Maybe we could go to a concert and…STOP” Grace was having an internal struggle in her head, Hannah in the distance noticed how the tall woman was still staring at her post it, biting her lip. Maybe this was a bad idea after all.

Grace looked over again at the girl across from her, she remembered how the past 3 days made her feel excited, and happy, and all of this was because of some stupid post it notes she received from the girl with- “What? Blue eyes? You´ve got to be kidding me” -Grace felt strangely attracted to this girl, and before she knew, she was walking towards her. Fuck it.

“Hi, I´m Grace, thanks for the coffee” Grace sat on the couch in front of Hannah. The short girl looked up, and smiled. She had already  noticed how attractive Grace was, but up close, she was astonishing. Hannah couldn´t believe it, she actually got Grace to talk to her, she couldn´t hide her smile.

“Hello, so, do you want to watch strangers through the window? I am really good at guessing what people do with their lives” Hannah winked and pointed at what was Grace´s spot in the window.

“That sounds perfect” Grace said, smiling as she stood up, and walked towards her chair.

This is gonna be fun. The thought crossed both girls ‘minds.



anonymous asked:

Hi! Hopefully you're still taking prompts, if so: Bellarke AU prompt: "I usually don't give free drinks out, but you look like you need it. Tell me about it."

Here you go! Hope this suffices and you enjoy.

Clarke glared over at the group of giggling girls with far more skin showing than clothes who kept sending sultry looks toward the bartender (who was admittedly very good looking but Clarke still strongly resented them for their childish eye fluttering and tasteful laughter). Her eyes narrowed further as one redhead leaned heavily on to the bar, her cleavage popping obnoxiously out of her low cut top. There was no way Clarke could resist her eye roll (so she didn’t), sparing only a second more of a glance at them before looking down and groaning. Her glass was pathetically empty, and the music seemed to blare louder simply to spite her.

“I usually don’t give free drinks out, but you look like you need it.”

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Learning To Fall (Part 1)

Requested: No

A/N: Hi! So I wrote this with my friend Cel from teenage-mutant-ninja-5sos. We plan on making this a series so please stay tuned for more. This is my first time writing a 5sos related thing and I wanna do more of these. If you want you can start requesting and I would be more than happy to use your prompts!

Charlie was a girl with secrets and she knew how to keep them very well hidden. But can she keep them from a certain Calum Hood?

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okay general psa: do not honk at girls that are walking down the street. this happens to me every single time i go on a walk, and i don’t get it. i mean, i’m not what society would consider “hot”, i usually dress in plain clothes and I don’t often look at the people in cars driving by. but even if I was jessica alba in a mini skirt (which is just as acceptable) i still wouldn’t get this behavior. is it a game? why are you honking?!

“but the girl was hot, it’s like a compliment”

  • newsflash: she doesn’t think that’s what you mean. she likely thinks you’re making fun of her for how she dyes her hair, or how she fits her clothes, or what she’s wearing
  • even if she has no insecurities about her looks, she most definitely thinks you’re being super skeevy/predatory and wishes you would go away. you’re essentially creeping on her in a way that she cannot respond to, fight off, or prevent. even if you have the most “noble” intentions, that’s a shitty thing to do.

“but she was a friend of mine, i just meant to say hi / it was a joke”

  • and what? you think she’s gonna have time to look up and see you through the windshield in your buddy’s truck traveling 45 miles an hour? she has no clue you’re any different than a creep.

“it wouldn’t bother me”

  • bullshit. b u l l s h i t. BUUUULLLSHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT.
  • every man i’ve mentioned this “phenomenon” to has always been well, maybe they were trying to warn you about traffic or maybe they were honking at another car or maybe they knew you

tldr; stop honking at people on the street in general, it’s fucking weird.

end rant.