why say hound

i still need an au where stiles stays void.

where everyone worked tirelessly trying to stop the nogitsune, trying to free stiles of the possession, but their efforts were completely futile and, after months of agonizing torture and trial after trial with nothing to show for it, they find that the only way to stop the demon is to kill stiles along with it.

everyone expects it to happen exactly the way it does. what, with the way scott refused to give up after every failed attempt, how he let the nogitsune beat him to the brink of death time and time again and still stared at that face with the same loving affection he’d had for stiles, no one is really surprised when scott says that he’ll protect him at all costs.

they get it, mostly because stiles still comes back in glimpses. he’s always frantic and scared, clinging to scott, shaking and begging him to make all the pain stop. it’s just enough to remind each of them of who’s life they’d be taking, remind them that stiles is still trapped in a body he can’t control, that he’s still helpless and human and deserving of life.

and that’s why they leave it to scott to do whatever he thinks is best.

it isn’t his fault. scott knows that and he’s not willing to punish stiles when he’s done nothing wrong. he isn’t willing to leave him alone with nothing to hope for except the inevitability of being speared through the chest by an oni or some other hunter who knows what the nogitsune is capable of. stiles is in there, scott can still hear his heart beating, feel the warmth in his eyes when he looks deep enough, relish in that familiar touch when the spirit is kind enough to coddle him for his unwavering love because, in scott’s mind, he’s still loving stiles.

the spirit knows it. he takes advantage of scott’s unconditional devotion to his best friend. he lets stiles slip out whenever scott complains of the number of bodies racking up, whenever scott questions what he’s fighting for, when scott begins to realize that he’s nothing but the demon’s puppet.

and it’s an easy thing to rationalize, doing the demon’s bidding unperturbed, when scott’s got stiles crying in his arms, begging for forgiveness and freedom.

the grief and guilt building on scott’s shoulders makes him ache, the weight of it all leaves the ghost of bruises on his skin that spirit manages to soothe, a little, when he leeches every bit of that strife. but scott still has the screams of all those victims ringing in his ears, stiles’ tears stained on his skin because he can’t save him, not really. he can’t save anyone.

so, scott does the only thing he’s still capable of. he protects stiles. and if that means slaughtering a dangerous hunter without a second thought or capturing a helpless victim so that the demon can have himself a much needed snack, so be it.

and scott knows that the blood on the nogitsune’s hand is just as much his own as it is the demon’s. he can’t say he’s never killed, that he’s never been the monster he so feared becoming. but he’s numb to it, now. he has to be if he wants to survive the agony in his chest from what he’s done.

and the pain he does feel is worth enduring. he remembers every time he has the pleasure of hearing stiles whisper his name before he’s gone again.

and keeping him around is the most selfish thing scott’s ever done. but he’s always been rash when it comes to his best friend.