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Don’t EVER say your writing is bad. It is not bad. It’s inexperienced. Everyone is inexperienced when they first start. You think J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Leigh Bardugo, Ransom Riggs, Rick Riordan, Adam Silvera, Maggie Stiefvater, Oliver Wilde and other great writers were just poked in the ass with God’s dick and He came on them with ‘Talent Cum’? No. They DEVELOPED that talent by working on it so they can improve . Wanna know why they improved?

They. Kept. Writing.

They beat those keyboards like they owned them (the authors) money. And as they kept writing, they gained something only hard work can gain: Experience. That, my friend, is how you become good at something. Or, if you like, you can say experienced or confident. All in all, your writing is not bad. It’s an opportunity . An opportunity that can help you learn and grow. Grow to be the next big deal, baby!

That beign said, work. Own that keyboard, honey! Own those characters, own that plot, just fucking own it.

When I first started writing my Game of Thrones story, I thought absolutely no one will read it. I have a rare pairing in it, and I first thought not many people would be interested. But I just kept writing anyway. I currently have 3369 people who read my story. And now, when I look back at my work, I can see how far I’ve came as a writer. my reading, my writing exercises, and my extra English classes have payed off. My hard work payed off. Why? I.Kept. Writing.

Wanna know what to do now?

Go to your laptop, tablet, phone or writing device you have, open up your writing software, and write. It doesn’t matter what you write about. Just write. Work on your unfinished works, work on your finished works, work on new works, on old works, just work.

The devil works hard but you gotta work harder.

And just keep working until your work is something that you would want to read. That’s what I do. Own that keyboard, honey. Own those characters, own that plot, just fucking own it. Keep writing and you’ll become the author you dream to be.

Just. Keep. Writing.

Good luck, you marvelous ballsack. Own that story, baby, own it!

  • Rick Riordan: *releases Ship of the dead*
  • Me: *gazes at it lovingly through shop window* I will come back for you as soon as my student allowance comes in. Wait for me.

i just fukign physically CANT

just FUCK me UP


My final piece and my WIP of Demeter for the @pjomythomagicproject. Also, shout out to @achtervulgan315 for being her writer and bouncing ideas around with me.

While deciding how to draw Demeter, I brushed up on my knowledge of her, and learned that poppy flowers were her emblem. They grow like weeds in wheat and barley fields, and were seen as a good omen from her.