why ride a horse when you can ride me

She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

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It's a deal

Request: Gaston request??? I beg you??? Gaston trying to join reader one day while she’s reading and then her agreeing to go hunting in return

Warnings: none

a/n: request more BATB :)

You flipped another page of your book, The Taming of the Shrew, as you sat near the well. You heard the villagers whispers but you chose to ignore them, there were much worse things that could happen to you than getting gossiped about.
What business did a girl have reading? Most beautiful girl in town, but she’s quite odd isn’t she?

You sighed as you continued to read until you saw someone sit in front of you. You peered over the edge of your book and rolled your eyes.

“Hello Gaston.” You said as you continued to read.

“Hello Gorgeous.” He said with a smirk on his face.

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**Inspired from watching Amazingphil’s video (https://youtu.be/DJd4AG7h03Y) :)

the RFA reacting to outfits MC found and made them wear


Y: MC…why…I can’t wear this..

MC: You look great!! …the G note–



MC: Zen where are you? I can’t see you anywhere?!

Zen: why? do I look too good in thi- oh..


Jumin: I know I wear suits but…is this necessary? When will I ever wear this?

MC: next time you f-

Jumin: How can I order more?


MC: oh dear god….why did i…

Saeyoung: YEEHAW MC SAVE A HORSE…ride a cowboy ;)

MC: I would but I can’t seem to see a cowboy..just you. Ride yourself.

Saeyoung: …ouch


Jaehee: Is this your way of telling me I should be happier?

MC: No…i just thought that Yellow would look good on you. like my Lil sun

Jaehhe: oH NO MC. Stop it right there. We are not V and Rika.



Saeran: …this is…why

MC: you look…good?

Saeran: I hate you.

MC: yeah…I hate me too.


Jihyun: I look like an idol


Jihyun: …haha…no.


MC: I LOVE your cheese dress!!

Vandy: I hate you. I hate saeyoung. My ass is exposed to the open

Handcuffs & Hospital Elevators

Theo Raeken imagine

Originally posted by doriaelin

Summary: With the return of Theo, you want nothing more than to send his ass back to hell. But along the way, something does not feel right, as if you’re forgetting something. But what?

A/N: Because, let’s face it, we all love Theo.

Prompts: “I don’t sugarcoat things, I’m not Willy Wonka.” - “You’re tolerable.” - “How’s that a good thing?”


“You did what?” You yelled at Scott.

“Okay, in my defense, it was Liam who brought him back.” He pleaded with you.

“Oh yeah, I already feel much better about that asshole being back.” You fumed. You started pacing your room. This could not be happening.

“He thought he was helping.” He reasoned.

“I swear, that boy is an idiot. He should leave all the thinking to Mason.” You stopped pacing and let out a sigh, looking up at Scott. “Okay, so we send him back, right?” You crossed your arms.

“Well, it’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is.” You furrowed your brows. Why wouldn’t he want to send that bastard back? “Just send him straight back to hell, where he belongs.”

“Y/N,” he started slowly, “he remembers Stiles.” He looked at you with hope in his eyes.

“How’s that a good thing?” You let one arm fall back beside you, while you put the other over your forehead. You couldn’t believe he was actually willing to keep him.

“He knows about the Wild Hunt too. It could help us. “

“Scott, it’s Theo. The words ‘good’ and ‘help’ don’t apply to that guy.”

“You think I don’t know that?” he sounded desperate. “But it’s our only option right now.”

You sighed again. “Fine, I’ll come along. Where did you leave that asshole?” You went to grab your sweater off your desk chair to go outside.

“Just to be safe, we thought it would be best to lock him up in jail.”

“Good.” You walked passed him, pulling your sweater over your head. “That’s where he belongs.”

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#1 (Actor!Otabek and Actor!Yuri)

I saw a prompt in the otayuri tag yesterday and it gave me a lot of ideas. This is the product. I looked up but I can’t find the post again to talk to the person, but if you’ve seen it please get in contact with me. You’ll see that I changed most of it but still… Hope you like it! 

- (2519 words) -

There’s a reason why Otabek doesn’t do talk shows much, and the reason is pretty simple: it’s because he’s not talkative. He answers questions, he elaborates as much as he can, but still he feels like people were expecting more of him. That’s why when his publicist talks to him about an invitation for a talk show episode, Otabek turns it down.  

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“Nn, …look how late it’s gotten. I wonder if Aniki and the others are waiting for us.”
“Yes, we should probably go back soon…”
“…Time seems to fly by when I’m talking with you, Shannon-chan.”
He seemed to be speaking the words of my heart. We were thinking the same thing, so the same words came out.
“I wish we could talk together like this forever… I hate clocks.”
“Same here. Talking about this stuff with you is the most fun part of coming to Rokkenjima.”
When I saw that his smiling eyes were looking right at me, …I turned around. I couldn’t let him see my suddenly red face.
“If only I could leave this place, …I’d be able to read so much more…”
The bookshop on Niijima that I go to and the bookshop he goes to in the city are on completely different scales. The book exchange between the two of us had become completely one-sided, with him giving me all the books.
“How long do you plan to be a servant, Shannon-chan?”
“…I don’t know.”
“If, someday, you decide to quit…”
“If I do…?”
“Come over to my place.”
He said it almost carelessly. Maybe he was a bit embarrassed, since he laughed weakly and blushed.
“And then, …we won’t need to worry about time running out anymore.”
“…That’s right. …We could be together…as long as we wanted…”
The little secret dates on this island only happened a few times a year, …and even when they did happen, it was only for a short, uncertain period of time. It wouldn’t work over the phone or with letters. We can only talk about our mystery when we’re standing together like this.
“I know that day’ll come someday.”
“…You think it will…?”
“Yeah. I’m certain of it.”
Certain? Why is he certain…?
“When that day comes, …I’ll come for you, riding a white horse.”
After saying this, he turned away. He was probably too proud to show me his blushing cheeks. But even without seeing, I knew what his face looked like. To come riding on a white horse… …umm, isn’t that… Uhh, isn’t that like a prince riding a white horse…? So, what exactly does that mean… umm… ummmmm… Does it mean…you’re going to be my prince…? …My mind was going blank, so I just couldn’t reason out his mystery of love, even though it was all plain and simple…
“I, … I wonder… when that day will come…”
“Very soon, once you’ve made up your mind.”
My heart skipped a beat…
It was so sweet…yet it hurt…
“Any time’s good for me. This is your life we’re talking about, Shannon-chan. You should think about it carefully before you decide. …And once you’ve made up your mind, I’ll respect your decision, no matter when you make it.”
“O, …okay…”
“I’ll keep on waiting until that day comes.”
“Nn, …ah…”
If only I had been a bit more foolish…and courageous. I could have said then and there that I was already prepared, and asked him to take me away from this island right away… But I couldn’t say it. I had to think carefully about my future, for both of our sakes… My head was filled with pointless, senseless thoughts…
“I, …I’m glad… …Thank you…”
With his back still to me, he scratched his head and laughed. I knew he was doing this out of embarrassment, so I could clearly tell what his expression must have been. In the same way… He must have realized what my face looked like. We’re both puzzle-solvers of love. We theorize about each other’s love, solving each other’s mysteries…
“…Thanks for giving me time.”
“You have all the time in the world.”
“No. …I’d feel bad if I kept you waiting too long.”
“So, I’ve prepared myself. …No, I should say that I will prepare myself. …I’m not going to quit my job right now. …Yes, …one year. …I’ll do it in one year.”
…If, a year after now, you still feel like coming for me on a white horse… And me too. If I still like you a year from now… I’d like to dedicate the rest of my life to you…
“One year from now, right here, …I’d like to make my decision.”
“…A whole year, huh? That sounds good. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. …That’s a good amount of time to look deep into your heart.”
“S, …so…next year…”
You’ll come to get me, …right…?
“Yep.” He responded to my cowardly determination with a quick, strong answer…
“I’ll be waiting for that day to come.”
“Yes. …I’ll be waiting too… …Make sure…you come, okay…?”
“…Don’t forget. Come here next year, okay?”
“Yeah. I’ll definitely come. I’ll meet you here.”

[Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Ep 7 - Vol 5]

anonymous asked:

you can ride an horse then why didn't you get your own when you and gon was dealing with the ants I heard you stand on the horse gon was riding in

I can too ride a horse. But there weren’t that many horses so we had to share one. And I was standing because I felt like it! It would have been awkward- I mean those pants felt weird sitting- I just felt like standing okay?!

martial-minimalist  asked:

16, 33, 27

16. Do you prefer hot horses or lazy horses?

I’ve never met a lazy horse, having said that, I prefer horses who have control of themselves, which makes sense due to my riding skill. Spooking happens but a horse quivering under you all the time isn’t a fun ride in my book.

27. If school and money weren’t a factor, where would you choose to live to benefit your riding? And why?

For me, it’s not a choice of where but rather how much. The only thing that has improved my riding and relationship with horses is spending more time with them. I’d get myself a nice farm, with a large enclosed ring for when the weather is super shitty but otherwise I’d live where there are a ton of horse trails and few major roads.

33. Have you ever met a horse you didn’t like?

I can’t say that I have in all the years and all the horses I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I’ve met a few whose personality didn’t fit mine very well but they still got scratches and stuff, just not a lot of my time.