why red omfg

i’ll probably make a more thought out post tomorrow when im not like ten versions of dead inside from work but I’m starting to think that Felix is afraid of not being in control. 

He’s afraid of losing control.

He has Counselor and Locus, in a way, wrapped around his finger. He’s in control of them at this moment. He knows Locus is going through something and is determined to keep Locus in check. Keep Locus with him. He’s in control.

Counselor almost pulled Locus out of his control. Out of his boundaries. He was trying to push Locus away. For a moment, he lost control of Counselor but quickly regained control by threatening him with Sharkface. 

He gets so mad and violent and just DIFFERENT and more menacing liek he drops out of his “I’m a cool guy who loves a good laugh” attitude when something falls out of his control.

He was fine bragging to Tucker and everyone when they learned his plans because at the moment, before Carolina and Epsilon saved him, he was in CONTROL. 

He was totally fine with fighting Tucker up until the radio reveal because HE WAS IN CONTROL.  

When Hargrove threatened to “get rid of loose ends” he was quiet. He was slightly angry or irritated because HARGROVE was in control. Not him. 

I don’t know, maybe I’m over thinking this but it’s a possibility.