why post

  • Patton: Why aren’t you in school right now?
  • Virgil: Dad, why does life feel like an endless abyss of self-loathing and humiliation?
  • Patton:
  • Patton: I’m just going to call and say you have the flu.

Hi I want everyone to know that

I also want everyone to know that

Do you know who else I love?

but wait there is more!

And please don’t forget that

you guessed it

and most importantly of all

I love every single one of you! You don’t even have to know who I am but know that I love and support you and wish for your happiness. You are going to be amazing no matter what.

The actual track names of reputation

1. *Clears throat*



4. The note at 3:08

5. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?


7. one, two, three

8. *DING*

9. go, gO, GO!!!

10. jag-you-ares

11. the beat in the chorus

12. aah aah aah

13. *cackle*

14. the dolphin body roll song

15. the notes trailing off


HNNNGH I’m glad they’re finding Sauboh a creep and find Donut selling way better work. But wait, there’s more!

Musashi, what???

Ashjgsfjhgfs I can’t even.

Do you ever think about how michael got trashed during the extra life stream and would not shut the fuck up about how he was having a baby

and how he turned into a facebook mom and wouldn’t stop posting pictures of iris once she was born

and how he talks about how much he loves his wife and child

idk bout you, but i really love how the guy with the reputation to be a loud, angry asshole is one of the sweetest husband/fathers ever