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Alternate version of Hermione design. She’s bald, yes. I like to explore every possibilities and the only way of doing it is drawing and actually seeing it… This is all conceptual, so I’m just throwing a headcanon here. I’ve drawn her design along with my Harry and Ginny. Somehow, I like the way my bearded Harry looks at her side. 

Again, this is conceptual. An experimenting. Just giving something to imagine.

omg you guys my likes section is almost EXCLUSIVELY mad sweeney

i………………………………love him so much and AG was so satisfying BUT IT TOO IS OVER

that being said, i’m still going to spend most of the summer doing American Gods work, because it was so refreshing. after the wringer spn put me through, i really was trying to make mountains out of molehills. i do have a few spn comic ideas to get to, tho!

SO IN REGARDS TO SPN CONS I’M WORKING! my plans for the rest of the year (which are subject to change, but this is the basic overview!) are:

  • CHICAGO, IL JULY 14-16
  • NEW ORLEANS, LA OCT. 27-29

sanfran might still be on the table, but it’s a bit too far off to tell right now. i love seeing everyone’s faces with my traveling comic show HOWEVER i might need a month to get my bearings at some point :’)

anyway here’s that gif of me with my cat band again


I thought I should keep the tradition alive of me posting random selfies before an exam, I know you all want to see these, bc they’re a work of art, and I mean, just look at that face. I call dis piece “before she fails”, it’s inspired by law school, hope you like n good night to you allllll

also abbie says she’s my shoes in the background, so we’re hanging now @blackthornsims 👌🏻
(here’s a story)

(Even though I live in Canada, I’ve never been to the eastern side or the maritimes. But I will go next year, because it’s actually a school field trip.)

(also, I have a smol announcment.)

(I’m going to Otafest!)

(I’ma be thereall 3 days and I’m also cosplaying Spain for the first 2 days (day 1 is pirate spain, and day 2 is regular, casual? spain.) and China for the last day.

(If u are going, that’s’ fricking amazing, I hope to see you there. If you aren’t I will be vloging. Or at least try to vlog.)

(and I guess ya’ll gotta know what i look like, so here’s a picture of me in my somewhat complete cosplay:)

(god, I looks so weird.)

26.6.17 //

Studying chemistry this evening after a further maths exam this morning. I’m so close to being finished with exams that it’s hard to find the motivation to keep studying 😥

Being on my own is something I’ll always prefer. Not having to go through pain because of another person. Not having to worry about getting lied to, cheated on, physically/mentally abused by the other person. Not having to worry if they actually want you or not. I am just able to do my own thing and not have to sit there and watch someone walk away so easily like I meant absolutely nothing. They can give you the entire world but at the end of the day they’re gonna wanna take it back and give it to someone else. It just sucks because you’d never think someone would do that a couple days after you end things because it makes you feel like the most worthless piece of shit as well as thinking if any of it meant anything at all. All I ever asked for is respect and honesty. Respect my feelings not to show her off right in front of me, respect me enough to tell me the truth and not have me find out through social media. Respect me enough to not post about her a day later which is shitty cause you never posted about me but now I know why. Because it hurt her when she saw us together so you put her feelings into consideration but wouldn’t put mine. Be honest with how you’re feeling. Be honest if you found someone else. Don’t continue talking like we’re still together only for me to find out you’re talking to her the same way. Don’t continue talking about the future together with me if you’re again, saying the same things to her. I’ve fucked up, I know what I have done to people but I have always owned up to it and told you how I felt, where I’m at and what I wanted. I never hid it, I never tried to lie about it because I respect people enough to give them the truth. Ya it will hurt to hear it but imagine finding it out on your own and feeling like your hearts been ripped out of your chest not once, but twice. Being on your own, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You don’t have anything to worry about or anything to make you feel less than what you are. This is not even close to half the reasons why I like being single better. Fuck everyone else. Learn how to be happy on your own and learn to stop having to be with someone for you to be happy because you’re gonna end up at a certain point where all you have is yourself.