why people thought there was a triangle idk

Here’s Ed in a dress.

FUN FACT: up until about the 40s or 50s, pink was a boy’s color, since it was thought of as a diluted red. Blue was for girls, because Virgin Mary was oft depicted in a soft blue shawl.

Breaking down the spoilers objectively (or kinda)

Look, i know everyone is pissed. I think i’m the only person in the entire fandom that isn’t pissed cause from all the spoilers i got… they kinda match a headcanon i had back when texas 2 aired. 

But anyway, let’s talk about the spoilers (or the bits I got) and think about where the writers are trying to drive the plot and how they’ll do that (I’m telling you, this is the only way you’ll be sane):

- The love triangle won’t be resolved.

Disappointed but not surprised.

(or actually…maybe i’ll be disappointed but maybe not, let’s see)

…. looking back, they gave us many signs that they wouldn’t end this love triangle now. Liking it or not, they told us season 3 was about feelings, they had cory and topanga telling Maya that things wouldn’t be easier on season 3 when she said she was confused.

We just…didn’t hear it. (or didn’t want to hear it)

Plus, they had one episode (Legacy) to sort everything out. After New years… yeah… Pretty darn unlikely

(again, i thought at least the lucas/riley aspect would be over. But it was silly of me cause they can’t sort this out before the darn season OF FEELINGS. So It was my mistake)

But is this the end of the world? 

No, calm down. Let me tell you my thoughts and you decide if they make sense:

Look, the writers know we don’t want all that drama.

One of the reasons why we had a bunch of non-triangle related episodes after texas and then after new years is not just because they like the crazy airing order- it’s because people don’t tune in their televisions to watch maya and riley “fight” over lucas. They want to watch gmw, they want the comedy, the cute stuff, the lessons. They might like a ship or another, but they don’t watch this show because of it.

And sure, the writers themselves might like this drama (idk what goes on their heads) but they know they’re not writing a drama show. This is disney channel

(even on icarly, for those of you who watched it, the big ship episodes were all spread out. The biggest arc lasted for 4 episodes and then it was over. That’s how kids’ shows work when they have love triangles and romance and such).

Now, when season 2 ends… there will be no prodution/airing order that can save the audience from all of this drama. Except………………..

except if riley,maya and lucas decide to stop whatever it is that is happening between all of them.

-Cue to the seniors love triangle.

Why do we even need it? THINK.

why would we need a random love triangle to remind us of another love triangle we surely didn’t need to be reminded of?

(even better, Didn’t the writers just tell us that there is NO love triangle?)

Parallels on Gmw are tricky, they are almost NEVER what they seem (exibit A: Lucas and Riley exibit B: Farkle,exibit C: “never assume, look deeply, yada yada yada” do i need to go on?).

So this parallel will NOT be here to be Lucas/Maya/Riley on the future. However, Riley, Lucas and Maya won’t know that, will they?

So we get a whole episode of those three being nervous about love triangles, then scared about their futures and losing their friends and BAM… they probably agree to stop everything and only be friends.

And all of this isn’t about Lucas making any choice.

(ad it never was tbqh)

But rather about the three of them making the same choice.

(my personal favorite would be if they kinda made a promise to never let anything romantic happen between them, cause i’m a jerk… but anyway).

and this would make sense not only to the plot, but to the characters because: 1- the three of them have NO IDEA what they’re feeling. 2- They choose their friends above EVERYTHING, definitely over themselves and feelings they can’t understand 3b- Didn’t cory tell them to stop everything on texas3?

So there you go, the show will be back on track - less drama for us the viewers, yay.

…………At the same time, the writers will be able to play with the ships on the sidelines like they’ve been doing on season 1 and 2.

Here lies the problem.

Look, to me, the writers have given all the signs in this whole wide world that they want Lucaya + Riarkle. They couldn’t be clearer. Rewatch the show. Think about the things Farkle said to riley and didn’t say to maya *or the things he said that lucas didn’t say. Think about the things Lucas said to Maya and didn’t say to Riley… look at the way the characters are arranged (seriously, if you wanna make a rewatch just paying attention to that it’s ALWAYS riarkle + lucaya or riley/maya + Farkle/Lucas. This just wouldn’t happen if the writers were truly planning on anything else. Even on shows like iCarly and freaking How I met your mother, where the endgames were “clear” we didn’t have this sort of arrangements ).

So, to me, i think i know where they’re going. The only problem is HOW they’ll get there.

Cause the writers have a big issue ahead. They need to convince the audience that lucas/maya love each other romantically, but lucas/riley don’t.AND they need to bring riarkle into the game (and, man, they’ll have to worrrkk)

So, it makes sense that they’d drag the love triangle longer cause they need the viewers to stay tuned, so they can show them. SO they can convice them.

(i mean, they could have killed rilucas completely on legacy, but many of the casual viewers wouldn’t get it at all. They’d be pissed, they’d be sad for riley. They need to see- like we do - WHY lucas and riley are just friends while lucas and maya aren’t. And one episode won’t do it.

Riley needs to see all of this too. Remember that Riley very often reflects the casual viewer because this show is on HER POV. If one episode won’t be enough for Riley to kill rilucas romanticallym it definitely won’t be to the casual viewers. )

Now, they have basically one season to do all of this. Season 3 is the one about feelings and season 4 is a whoooole other story…..so, for now, i don’t know when they’ll kill the triangle (my bet is on SkyLodge) - or if they’ll kill it in one episode that is (maybe it’ll be a slow process).

Either way, i think it’s likely that it won’t be there on season 4 anymore.

(PLEASE it can’t be there on season 4. Cause they’ll need to talk about relationships in general on the show, and they won’t be able to make that if the characters don’t know what their relationships are.

So - to me- if season 3 is about feelings…this is the season where they all figure out what they are to each other. Then season 4 should be about relationships. But I digress)

- Now, add Josh, Smackle and Farkle to this crazy mix.

Just like riley, maya and lucas couldn’t possible have figured out their feelings on season 2 if season 3 is the one about feelings- farkle FOR SURE- doesn’t know what he’s feeling:

“And I don’t know how to handle these feelings we’re feeling. “  (texas3)

“Because all these things we’re feeling are new.
We don’t know what they are yet. “ (New Years)

(Let’s not ignore what the writers are telling us this time, huh?)

So,sure, Farkle is happy with smackle on the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3…… but how exactly is this a good sign for them?

If farkle is so sure about his feelings for smackle then…what’s left to figure out? what’s his arc on season 3 if he has his feelings all figured out? Because this guy is one of the main characters of this show (he’s on more episodes than Lucas),so FOR SURE he has an arc on season 3 and IT WILL be about feelings. And arcs imply changes so… he starts the season of “figuring out feelings” with smackle…..how does he end this season?

(think about it)

More than that, it makes complete sense that Josh and Smackle are in all this

 How do you learn in life? About ANYTHING?

Comparisons and Contrast.

How does maya figure oout her feelings for Lucas? She needs Josh

Farkle needs Smackle fo figure out her feelings for Riley (and Maya if you believe in Mackle but …later I’ll talk about this)

and Riley needs Lucas to figure out her feelings for Farkle

and Lucas already has Maya and Riley.

So, plotwise, everything that i’ve heard about the spoilers MAKE SENSE.

Because I can see why they made certain choices in order to slowly make the casual viewers catch up (in case anyone hasn’t noticed, texas and new years was not enough AT ALL) and they need to bring gmw back to the comedy/kid show side, so they need to press pause on this blatant love triangle and they need to work on the sidelines yet again.

I just honestly can’t know if they’ll make it a pleasant and (truly) honest ride or if they’ll  play with the love triangle (even on the sidelines) until we die. 

What I can tell you is that, in my opinion, it wouldn’t make sense for them to do this, considering i believe they need to drag the love triangle just to convince everyone that it doesn’t exist. So…. there’s let’s wait and see

fuckery. just fuckery. idek.

(…just skip to the italics if you don’t wanna waste your time k bye)





*deep breath* lol

first of all- the rape scene

that scene is pretty self explanatory on how ridiculous that scene was. I feel like I don’t need to talk about this because I’m pretty sure everyone covered it . for me. 

Its not even about the rape though- the bottom line is rape is a sensitive topic, and yes I completely agree that it should not be ignored and can be a topic of discussion, but its just the way they portrayed the assault was disturbing. the fact that they used it as a plot device to advance francis’s plot is absurd

“feminist show” my ass.

 basically laurie was on crack or something when she planned out that episode. I cannot express my feelings enough on how badly I feel that she needs to be fired. 

ever since season 2 the show has been goin downhill. ever since from the beginning the show has been getting bad 

it’s not just the rape scene that ticked me off- in fact like i said the rape scene was the last straw.

so anyway

I haven’t seen a single reign episode since 2x09 until my friends wanted me to watch it with them and jfc I’m so glad I haven’t caught up with it.

Mary’s character development has reached an all time low people omg 

I’m assuming from the gifsets and shit that last episode she let him “be free” although I’m not sure why bc I haven’t actually seen what was going on these past months (so happy I haven’t) 

but anyway 2x14 was the first and last episode I have and will have ever seen since 2x09 because OMG 

what the actual fuck

I don’t get how a woman who has been through something as horrific and disgusting can be so freaking open to this nigga conde who she barely knows and completely shuts off her husband and “true love" 


I haven’t seen her "recovering” episodes but still

the mary that I knew- the mary that was in love with francis- ‘I want you to be free"

and then here comes francis walking in like

talking to the woman that WAS WITH HIS BROTHER AT ONE POINT

francis’s love for mary amazes me


like ok i get it she was raped and by no means am i saying that doesn’t matter ( i am still infuriated by the portrayal of the rape btw) but the fact that she runs off to conde and just last episode she says she loves her husband doesn’t make any sense.

jfc after the episode I have seen, I still can’t believe people are watching it.

I still can’t believe people are watching this after 2x09 TBH HOW

i’m so glad people have stopped putting themselves through watching this shit but It annoys me that it took monde to shut people down.


speaking of monde -why is marry always the object of all the dudes affections in the show i mean really ????

and why is mary always infatuated with someone of francis’s family?? 

and always breaking up with francis???

i don’t remember the last time francis broke it off with mary actually..(maybe in season 1? i think? idk)



claps 4 u laurie AMAZING WRITING 

and then back to monde-AKA MASH 2.0 

i don’t even know.

and the “you will be the death me” thing UHM WHAT 

i thought…mary loved francis????? ??????????????

i didn’t watch the last episode like I said before but from what I heard that’s what she said ??? was she lying??? laurie where are you I need you to explain this because that makes no sense

I guess I understand why people are leaving reign now after this episode but I still don’t get how you stayed in the first place? #sorrynotsorry

But then again frary is hard to let go? but still ?? …idk i just don’t know what to say anymore

then I saw the promo for 2x15 and OH MY GOD 

mary jumping into bed with francis just for the purpose of securing her country lol what

I thought after what she has suffered- and her love for her husband - i mean - I thought-but francis?-oh wait she loves conde

–the mary I knew- that loved francis - is not this at all

and I don’t ever forget all of the times mary fought for francis, but that mary is not this mary right now 

idek what i just said 

*deep breath*

All of that being said (if any of that made any sense lol) I miss reign honestly and truthfully- Yes I miss it not reign right now but the show I fell in love with. I miss mary. The only character that seems to have had me-through the bad and the good - is Francis. It’s not just because I am irrevocably in love with Toby. All biases aside though, Francis has changed as well, but he has never lost that same aura from season 1. The only thing I am afraid of for him is if Laurie will continue to write him off as some helpless husband pining for his wife the entire season, but I probably won’t care anymore because (I hope) after this post I will remove reign season 2 from my life. And I love Mary okay. I do. It just seems that the writers have made Mary too fickle and made her fall too fast and too hard too soon- like her feelings seem meaningless now. For every man that has shown any interest to her she loses herself. Her character development is horrible to say the least. I hope that I can just pretend that reign ended with season one and was a good show. Not because of monde or the random love triangles but because ever since season 2 started  the plot lines got boring, they got recycled from season 1 and a lot of things don’t make sense to me. I kept saying I was done since 2x09, when the writers pulled that painful rape scene, and I REALLY wish I was but from exhausting myself to reading things online and watching promos of the show to see how bad it was doing- I realize I wasn’t done. As a former passionate watcher of the show, I cared about it too much. And even now I realize I care as I write this ( I realize how long this is already lol) but I really hope I can put this behind me. Reign season two doesn’t exist. Laurie ruined my show lol k bye 

yeh .


idek what i said ok I can’t speak english people bye