why people reblog and like but don't follow me

I ! am ! finally ! done ! This was one of those were you go, eh, I’ll start it, I’ll doubt I’ll finish it, but whatever. So here’s Anders, kudos to @timesorceror again, for making this a thing.

“Anti” tags are so wild how y'all intentially live so negative like your fandom is essentially “be angry” isn’t there enough real world stuff to be angry about

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The last thing you reblogged isn't really true. Some people just don't like to ship characters. Whether keith or lance be a girl I still wouldn't ship it and I'm sure others wouldn't too. I'm sorry for ranting but that last reblog makes me feel terrible for not shipping it and makes me feel like a homophobic person.

didnt say you had to ship it? it just says most people wouldn’t deny most of their reactions do have somewhat of a romantic undertone

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Hey, I don't mean this in a way of this message being bad I'm just curious (really sorry if it does sound mean I don't mean it to) why do you reblog your stories so near to when you had just posted them?

It’s fine, I don’t mind explaining. I actually had this conversation last night. I have over 2600 followers, and I am so grateful for each one. That being said I sometimes struggle to get 100 to 200 likes, reblogs, comments, ect. So I will reblog to get it out there so more people will see it. Those reactions and comments tell me everything. I have a story on ffn that i’ve been writing for 4+years and because the reviews have trickled down as the fandom has died off my desire to write it has disappeared. One of the many reasons I like tumblr is because I get to interact with people. Another reason is because sometimes the post gets buried under other stuff not just on my blog but in people’s dash’s. So that is why I reblog because I am in need of validation.

i hate that i need so much attention almost as much as i hate not getting it.

Okay, for real, why are all of these car blogs following me?

  • My brain: Stop reblogging shit about Daredevil. Your followers are going to get really annoyed, plus you're better than that.
  • My rational side: You're right. My blog is technically for myself, but I don't want to alienate my followers. There are other things to blog about.
Looking for AC blogs to follow!

And also friends to play with :)

So, after wondering why my dash is so dead, I realized I’m only following ~20 people… That’s pretty sad, don’t you think? 

I’m looking for blogs that post 70%-100% animal crossing. Please reblog this, and I’ll check you out and likely follow you :)

As for friends, shoot me an IM and maybe we can exchange discord or Skype contacts or something! Or we can just chat here, that’s fine too :) This place gets kinda lonely sometimes, no? 

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There's a huge difference between ddlg and pedophilia. 1. ddlg is between an ADULT COUPLE with CONSENT. meaning, they're not a actual father and molesting the child. 2. I'm not a ddlg (Idk how to say that in a sentence. sounds weird). I've just seen people harassed for liking it and I don't think that's right that they're shamed for their own kinks/fetishes. 3. if you just reblog clothes, then why can't they just reblog clothes from you? I personally really like your blog.

There sure as hell isnt much difference when ddlg blogs go around following and harassing literal minors? These “daddies” purposely target young girls like………… okay….

plus its not “kinkshaming” when theres literal children at risk??? if you’re more worried about ddlg blogs being upset that theyre being kinkshamed than the safety of children or minors … well okay then

I don’t want them reblogging clothes from me because no one in the comm wants our fashion style sexualised? its not meant to be? it’s literally the complete opposite, fairy kei etc has a very childlike theme and for ddlg blogs to reblog it onto porn blogs its just? disgusting? why sexualise something made for children that’s just so gross? why should sexualising anything meant for children ever be justified?? and everyone is literally sick of it anyway im not answering anymore asks about this because i’m sick of trying to argue w/ people with twisted thinking

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Why do you follow blogs that don't reblog the same things as you??

Do you know what an echo chamber is? If you surround yourself with people that think just like you do, you’re much more likely to hold onto false ideas, never getting any pushback. I’m not right about everything, (big shocker, I know) and if I never try to connect with people that disagree, I might never hear God trying to speak to me through them. 

This advice doesn’t apply to every situation though. Bad company corrupts good morals. Don’t surround yourself with people who will influence you to move away from God. 

Be intentional about your relationships. Connect with Godly friends to get stability, counsel, camaraderie and opportunities to give. Connect with wise people to get wisdom. Connect with people from different economic or social backgrounds to get perspective. Connect with the worst of sinners to make a difference. 

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Kageyama is an abusive piece of shit. I'm sick of seeing abusive violent behavior being made into a fucking joke. I'm guessing most people don't know what it feels like getting kicked hard in the stomach.

1. it is animated/slapstick comedy and was never intended to imply or encourage abuse…who in the right mind would even think that it’d be funny to imitate this act in real life

2. why are you following me, a Tobio Stan

3. are you seriously going to every blogger who reblogged that gif to spread your negativity?

hey guys!! I decided to make my very first promo just in time for new years. I also recently hit a follower goal so there’s that too!! 3-6 people per category. this will end january 2nd and results will be posted soon after that. ((forgive me for the banner))

💫 rules 💫
+ mbf me
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+ write ur funniest joke in the tags
+ 30 notes or this didnt happen

💫 categories 💫
- best urls
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(bonus category: funniest jokes)

good luck and have a happy new year!! boop ur pets for me pls. ❤️

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Hi, I'm sorry, but what is special interests? for like, autistic people? I'm Autistic but I don't know what special interests are... also, reasons why, my family always told me to hide my symptoms.... I'm probably making about me way too much, but what are special interests?

Don’t worry, it’s fine to ask :)

However, I’m really not sure how to go about explaining this tbh. I’m sure there are links and resources but I’m all tired out from Christmas and don’t have the spoons to search them out right now – perhaps our followers and good people of the actuallyautistic tag could reblog with links and/or their own explanations?

Thanks in advance to responders, and sorry I can’t give you a proper answer myself!

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What the hell is the big deal with the unfollowing? I thought the main idea behind blogs was to express yourself and the things YOU like. If happens people to share same interests - great, if not - good. Others will come. But to define yourself with someones other opinion (or numbers?) it's complete and utter shit. Pull yourself together and have a nice day (:

Oh no, unfollowing never bothers me. It’s never been a big deal to me. I post what I want and I reblog what I like. It’s my blog, as you said.
What bothered me was I lose far more followers ‘when I post/reblog Benedict pics’ although my blog is a Sherlock/Benedict blog. I was just confused because I couldn’t understand why some people started to follow me in the first place knowing it’s a Benedict-centered blog when they clearly didn’t want to see him on their dash. That’s all. I don’t worry about the number of followers. I never have. Thanks anyway for your advice. Have a great weekend. :)

Okay, I think I should stop talking about this. Thank you guys for your kind messages. 

Daktasinsanity goes insane and has...

So, I reached 200 followers mark recently and I thought that I’d like to do something nice for my dear followers (and I suck at drawing but I had to include those bunnies no matter what).

I decided to hold a “contest”(kinda like my version of a give away since I got nothing but a piece of my soul to give so..).
I swear to write Levi/Eren one-shot for the winner. They can ask me to write almost anything about these two fav boys of mine. 
The fic will be posted on AO3 and the person “asking for it” will be credited in the notes (and if you happen to have an AO3 account then ofc it will be dedicated to you as a gift) so if you are really shy about letting people know that you’d love some kinky ass things then don’t ask for anything like that! ;)


1) Reblog this post(likes won’t count, sorry). You don’t have to be following me to participate (cos I don’t want to force people to put up with the shit that I reblog). 

2) The setting can be the canon world or a modern AU, fairytale or anything that rocks your boat. Genre can also be which ever you prefer. 

3) Have an idea ready by the time this contest ends. If you have ever had a story idea you’d like to see someone write, now is your chance to make me write it! (I don’t want to go through all of this and then pick a winner who is just “I dunno”)

4) Have your ask open so I can let you know if you happen to win. If I cannot contact the person then I will be forced to pick another.

This thing will be ongoing for 2 weeks. Starting today 22nd of March, lasting till 5th of April. The contest ends at midnight on 5th of April. Since I live in Europe it means that contest ends when it is midnight for me, which is UTC+02:00.

If you don’t know what kind of fanfics or what kind of style I write, you can go find that out here. 

The winner will be announced within a week of the closing of this contest (It will be a fair lottery type of picking of a winner). I will post a message under a tag #dakta’s 200 follower celebration to let people know when it has ended and who won it. I will contact the person via ask also.

If anyone has anything to ask about this, you are free to ask me any time! I won’t bite, hard. 

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literally you tumblr kids are annoying as fuck, with your 1-word names like "descendingly" or some other stupid as fuck name, wit ur cartoon display pictures and ur kewl lil group of other tumblr friends that do and reblog E X A C T L Y the same things, or just add "me" to whatever posts you all circle jerk around onto. make me sick, have some originality. I don't have a fucking clue in the world why people like and reblog ur stuff, it's like "I'm ill today :[" -gets 80 notes... fucking sheep.


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You tagged the contacts/tear gas post with 'casual ableism', and I don't understand why. I'm not trying to be rude or contest that it's ableist, but I didn't catch it myself and I was just wondering if you could explain? I think I'm missing something.

Hey there! I wasn’t tagging for the info about the tear gas, but someone’s comment underneath where they called it “insane.” A lot of folks who follow me and have mental illness or disability don’t like to see casual ableism, such as when people call things “crazy” or “insane” just for emphasis. 

I try to avoid reblogging things like that as a rule, but if it’s attached to vital information (like that post was) I tag for it.

Casually throwing those words around is offensive to a lot of people.  I know a lot of folks (myself included) have grown up words like “crazy!” constantly, and it can be hard habit to break.  But there are many more descriptive and more accurate words out there to use.  Here are just a few sources on alternatives, and further reading: