why people keep posting my stuff


I don’t know what I am doing wrong here! This is my 3rd time on Tumblr [I wasn’t banned I gave up] I try to come on and post some pics I like and see what other people like and I think I post stuff that is every day regular kinds of pics, mostly sports and portraits but I guess people see my posts as porn pics because I keep getting reblogged, liked and followed by porn accounts.

I know people like different things and people have a right to like what they like and I don’t want to change that for anyone but why do I attract people that are into things so different than me? I like sports and every day things that most people my age like, like hanging at the park going to the mall riding my bike shooting baskets with my friends, I’m not into things that people that are a lot older than me like [yea I’m a kid not an adult]. So what am I doing that make people think I am into adult sex things? If anyone has an answer please tell me.

Today I have been on Tumblr 6 times and I havnt looked at my dashboard 1 time yet or had time to post anything all I do is check the people that followed me and so far today I have been followed by 167 people and 162 of them had porn accounts and out of 167 people that followed me I followed 2 back. I know I got porn accounts that follow me that I don’t know about because tbh I cant keep up anymore but I have about 900 followers and I have about 1500 blocked accounts. This isnt any fun!

I wish Tumblr had a place that people under a certain age [maybe an under 16 or 17] could have there own section or be able to make their posts private but they don’t so I try to post pics that I think are cool like a sports pic and maybe share people that like the things I like but all I seem to do is share with porn accounts that think different than me.

Anyway sorry I havnt posted much of anything the last few days but everytime I come on here I get sad and I leave after I get through my follow list.

Really Tumblr is a sad sad place and I wish it wasn’t!

Sorry! But I just needed to say this because I’m so frustrated right now.

Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- Murder Kitten

After this post, there will only be 2 requests left!! Yay!!!!!  Also, this was requested by @abigailredgrave, who requests some pretty awesome stuff!!! I hope you guys enjoy this and have a nice day!!!!  If I am counting this right, THIS IS MY ONE HUNDREDTH FANFIC!!!! YYYAAYYY!!!

Warning: Swearing 

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Wait a second. What if Ronaldo’s theory about rock people putting “mind controlling minerals” into human water supplies has some truth to it? Is it something the gems did when they first invaded to keep humans from trying to interfere with their plans?

Is that why the humans in the show have so little interest in all the gem structures lying around everywhere? You think they’d be crawling with archaeologists and tourists, but they’re always empty and abandoned. The strawberry battlefield, the communication tower, the lunar sea spire, the kindergarten, Pink Diamond’s palanquin, etc… all of them were places Buddy Budwick was able to visit safely and record in his journal. Is he really the only human who ever tried to explore those places? Why? What happened to the human race’s curiosity of the unknown?

Also why the heck isn’t the Crystal Gems Temple a bigger draw for tourism in Beach City? It’s this monumental building carved into the side of a cliff, and I doubt there’s anything else like it nearby. Yeah, the gems wouldn’t want humans climbing around on it and taking pictures, but why hasn’t anyone ever tried? Are we supposed to believe that no one besides Greg ever tried to cross that dinky chain link fence?

And let’s not forget all the corrupted gems running around. They’re all over the world, and some of them must have had run ins with humans before the CGs caught them. What happened in those instances? We’ve seen that humans can fight corrupted gems and win (i.e. Connie, Sadie, the Pizza Family helping the CGs). So how often do humans have to fight gem monsters if the CGs aren’t there yet?

So I guess all of my questions here boil down to this; why are the humans so complacent about all the weird gem stuff around them? Is it natural for them or is there really a mind control conspiracy? It just seems weird that more people aren’t that concerned about all the danger and weirdness that keeps happening.

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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a lot of the time i find myself in a rp whit a shit load of potential, but dying for no reason. everyone has a lot of muse, everyone is saying how they “hate how this is dying like how can this be happening”, everyone obviously logged on, yet there are only a couple people who dare to actually attempt to keep it alive. i wish i can say this has only happened once but lately i find myself in this position a lot, and by all the complaining in the rpt tags i know i am not alone on this. so, i decided to make a little rp helpers guide or whatever cause some people obviously need this. 

so here is:


  1. don’t complain about the rp dying

i always see this and it always gets on my nerves. i’m not talking about those who post a starter and in the tags say “where is everyone at?” cause even though there is some complaining  involved in that, they are still doing more to try to keep it alive, actually posting a starter. i’m talking those who are obviously on the dash cause you see them post an ooc saying “this is dying i’m so sad :( :( :( “. that is not being active, thats just complaining, and being annoying (well a least for me. and if you really were so sad you would actually do something about it, maybe reply to a starter, then make one of your own, or something. DON’T BE THE COMPLAINER, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

       2. don’t blame the admins

although it is an admins job to run a rp, rarely is it ever actually an admins fault that a rp dies. keep in mind that along with running it, they also have parts in the rp, and like all of us do, they have lives outside the internet. if the main isn’t active for a day or two, so what? that doesn’t mean that the rp is dead, it means that the admins may have something else in their lives going on, or maybe even, that are participating in the rp, and doing their part to keep it alive? 

      3. don’t only reblog muse shit

in the past year or so, muse blogs have really made a difference in the rpc. now, we have a place to find things that can relate to our character, or a plot that they currently have with another character, and reblog them, giving people more of an in-depth sense of our chracters, from more then just statistics or a bio. i would be lying is i didn’t admit my love for this, cause it truly has made a difference. but, i cannot tell you how many times i have seen a rp slowly dying and there is that one person or in some cases, multiple people, who you know are on the dash, cause they are reblogging stuff, but instead of reblogging starters and replies, they are reblogging musings, or pictures. has this ever happened to you? you post a starter, and you worked hard on it, thinking of starters that are original is pretty hard, but you finally do it. how ever long after you see that little one thing on the tumblr refresh thing, telling you that there is something new on the dash. excited, you go, click on that refresh button, and when your dash reloads, its a quote, a picture, a gif set, something along those lines. now knowing someone is on the dash, you wait for that response, but it never comes. instead, your starter gets buried. #stopburyingstarterswithmusingshit2016. i’m not saying stop reblogging muse shit, please, if i did, that would make me a hypocrite. but mayb,e while your on the dash, and you happen to see a reply, or you happen to see a starter, or you see how no ones made a new starter in a day or two, why not make make posting actual rp stuff your priority?

     4. do be active 

this one is kind of a given, but i fee. as though lately, some people need a reminder. in order to keep a rp alive, you must simply be active! i know, i know, its hard to if no one else is on the dash, but, if your not gonna be the one to break the dead rp ice with a starter, then who is? what i have found out over my time in the rpc  is that activity is almost like a chain reaction. most of us are on at the same time, or at least once a day, yet for some reason everyone seems scared to post a starter, or even a reply, no one wants to be first. its like at a buffet or something, no one wants to be first in line, yet everyone wants to eat. so what can you do? be the first in line! start the activity up again! when it seems as though no ones on the dash, who cares? just post a starter, and reply to your other replies, and i’m sure the rest of the rp will start to be active again.

    5. if you don’t have muse, either try to get some or just leave the rp

i know some of us get very attached to some of our characters, and feel as though we can play them forever, yet, there always those times where are use just isn’t as high as it was before. it happens to the best of us. but, that doesn’t really give you an excuse to just abandon the rp. in my eyes, there are two ways to go about solving this problem. 1) you take a day or two, make an ooc saying that you just need a day or two but you promise to come back soon, let the admins know, and take that day or two, and try to develop your muse again. whether is that just taking that time to be off the dash, in the real world, looking through muse blogs, making photoshop shit for them, plotting with more people, i don’t know! but if you want to stay in the rp, with muse, i recommend doing this.  2) if you have attempted this last step and it just didn’t work, or you really just want out of the rp, just leave then. simple! i’m sure all the admins would understand, plus, i’m sure there is someone out there who will be more then happy to fill your role in the rp with whatever muse they have. 

    6. don’t ignore starters

this may seem like common sense, but i have seen this happen way too many times, where someone pot a starter, and then the complainer comes on, or the muse reblog person, orrr those people who mean well, do replies, but just for some reason don’t reply to start starter, instead make one of their own. part of keeping an rp active is being inclusive! sure, that person may not be your favorite, or you just don’t get their chara, or your muses don’t get along well, so what? if you want to keep the rp alive, your going to have to include everyone, thats just how it goes.

    7. promote!

this one may seem like it should only be reserved  for the admins, but it is not! promoting the rp to your friends or the rpc, either by talking about it, posting a link on your aim updates, posting a link to it on your rph/rpc, reblogging a main promote post on your rpt/rph, the list is endless. this way, your friends can join, people you met on aim yet don’t talk to anymore for whatever reason can jojn, those who are too lazy to go through the tags and just look at the rpt or rph tag for some reason can join, anyone can really! 

    8. try to get online

i know we all have outside lives from the rpc, but joining a rp, you are making a commitment to stay active. if something happens and you need some time off, thats when you ask the admins for a hiatus, and i’m sure they will understand and let you have some time off. but, if you find yourself bored, the dash slow, why not get involved, be active!

i know i’m going to get a message or two once i post this saying “ugh this is so annoying, this is all common sense blah blah blah,” but, lately from my own experience and from what i have seen people complaining about on the tags, i feel as though people need this reminder. also if majority of the rpc follows these tips, i’m sure rps would last a solid amount of time, and people can stop complaining. also, if anyone has any more tips, feel free to reblog and add them, or message me them!

autisticvelociraptor  asked:

So tumblr's new safe mode is shitty, and I went searching for a new ios app and found one that doesn't appear to be implementing safe mode at all, it's called FastFeed T2 and it's free on the ios app store (not available on android, sorry). It also doesn't have ads that I can see and is way more customizable. There's no fast reblog feature, but it's definitely way less shitty. Thought your followers might want an alternative to the official app since the new update is so awful.

Thank you for the rec, I will keep my eyes out for an android version too.

I just got back to my desk to a whole bunch of tags and asks wanting me to reblog petitions and protests for all this bullshit. What a nightmare. 

(This is why us fandom olds tell you that demanding censorship for “harmful” ships is a bad idea because they never actually go after people like the nazis and predators. This is what they did on livejournal back in the day, targeting people who posted LGBTQIA+ stuff in their tags. They even deleted people’s blogs if you were deemed to be using tags considered “inappropriate” by the algorithm so you had rape survivors who tagged their posts for trigger warnings getting deleted because they posted about rape. Mass censorship like this doesn’t work and yet here we are in the year of our Lord 2k17 and lgbtqia+ content is being considered by default nsfw and harmful to children, and yet my selfie just got stolen by a porn blog with full frontal graphic nudity and I’m the one having to file ownership so that tumblr can remove the theft in “1-2 weeks”. Isn’t this just magical.)

thank you for the feedback! i’ll probably keep posting the sims stuff here for now at least - if you don’t want to see that, all of my sims posts are tagged “hnery’s adventures at sims 4″ so feel free to blacklist that!

i’m just super relieved that people like my sims posts - or at least don’t mind them - i don’t know why i feel so guilty about posting them or why i’m so scared that people don’t like them.

“Why doesn’t my favourite writer post anything anymore?”

Hmm…I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we spend hours, days, sometimes months writing. And what feedback do we get?


Writing is hard. It’s slow, it’s lonely, and it feeds on author/reader communication. If people don’t comment, then why should we spend hours tucked away on our own just to shout into a void? We’re not being selfish, this is the same as artists on here asking for reblogs. If people don’t tell us they like our stuff, why are we going to keep making it?

Play it again, Jack I: A love letter to the mfmm fic writers

“Haven’t you read that story already, Miss Fisher?” “Once is nothing, Jack… and this one makes you come off especially well.”

A month ago, I asked you for recommendations of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries fanfic – more specifically stories that you reread, choosing to come back to them again and again, and also saying something of why you come back. I have gotten many wonderful answers, and I will give them back to you in posts over the coming weeks, where I mix the recommendations together. 

Also, please know that you can still send me recommendations. I will keep my inbox open for another couple of weeks – I know there are many of you that have been meaning to send stuff but haven’t gotten to it yet! Being allowed to hear what people love so much that they reread it is such a wonderful gift, I hope you’ll indulge us! (for how to write me, see the original post.)

But – there was one answer that was so eloquent and loving that I felt I couldn’t cut it up for the mix. Therefore, I will start this short series by posting that in its entirety. This is what @quiltingmom sent me, and I answered her that it’s like a love letter to the fanfic writers of this fandom, which she agreed it rather is. 

So, now I’ve given you my initial comment and reminder – the rest of this post is @quiltingmom‘s answer to my question. 

Look at this, Dot. It’s a love letter!

Hi whopooh,

When you issued this request my first thought was oh my goodness, that’s practically all of them, but then I started to think about the ones that I have read over and over again. Truly, there are just too many to list. One of my favorite things to do is to go into an author’s portfolio and reread all of their works again. We have so many – so many, truly gifted and talented writers in this fandom that it is an embarrassment of riches – and makes it so hard to cite everyone. I’ve decided to limit myself to a few which believe me has been incredibly difficult. The fan fiction milieu of MFMM offers so much variety in storylines, character development, style of writing, and AUs that there is a story for everyone. While I love them all, I think my favorites are the ones that incorporate a beautiful or interesting setting, an intriguing casefic, witty and clever banter, gorgeous wardrobe (I know, I can’t help it) and a romance between Jack and Phryne. So trying to follow my own criteria, here’s my list:

When I first discovered fanfic I don’t think I really understood what I stumbled into. Reading “Creatures of Stillness” by @gaslightgallows was life changing for me. I had never read anything like it before and I was hooked and so began my hopeless journey down the rabbit hole of fanfic. This story has Jack showing up in London after a harrowing trip on board a ship to get to Phryne. He shows up disheveled and unshaven and the reunion with her is glorious. Then there’s that shaving scene…

“That Moment is Now” [only available for registred users of ao3] by @phrynesboudoir/Sassasam. Well anything by Sassasam really, but this is my favorite of hers. It has got everything. Everything. I can’t even count how many times I’ve reread it. Jack and Phryne embark on a two week trip to the Blue Mountains in Sydney because even though she and Jack had been courting she has decided that the moment is now for their romantic coupling. The setting is positively gorgeous, those ice caves, wow, the murder mystery terrific, the banter between the two of them is perfect, clever, funny, witty, sweet – sigh, the romance and steamy passion is off the charts, oh and yes, her wardrobe is stunning. I think I’m going to go read it again now.

Like the Deserts Miss the Rain” by @flashofthefuse. I love everything she writes, that’s why I’m the president of her fan club. She is just so gifted in her storytelling. She’s one of my go-tos, her portfolio is amazing and prolific. I could lose myself for a day or week or two in it (not that I’d fess up to it). In this story, Phryne is in London but as they are romancing each other through letters they decide to meet halfway in Columbo and a romantic and thrilling adventure ensues. Phyrne buys a plane and she and Jack travel back to Melbourne via several stops along the way. In Singapore they are pulled into defending a party guest against the charge of murder. This story has it all. I really think this should be made into a movie. Again it’s another one that I have read countless times.

A Man in Need” by @jeneenp/Collingwoodgirl. As I told her, I was glad I arrived late to the party because I got to enjoy this story in one sitting. If I had to wait the entire year for her updates I would have pulled my hair out of my head. But I’d have gladly worn a wig for this story. It’s delicious because it has all of our favorite co-conspirators working together to unite an estranged inspector and lady detective. The reunion, ensuing murder and investigation, and romance are stellar. That train scene though – in the window…

Fear Not the Bugle” by @firesign23. I can’t even begin to comment properly on the depth, variety, richness of her portfolio of stories. She kinda leaves me speechless – well except her angsty ones, I can’t remain speechless about those, lol. “Fear Not the Bugle” explores Phryne and Jack in an established relationship but when a brutal murder takes place orphaning a traumatized 2 year old named Anthony, their relationship goes into an entirely different direction. It’s such a captivating look at the character development of Jack and Phryne given these circumstances. 

@omgimsarahtoo, @omgimsarahtoo, sigh. Yet again another author who it is so hard to pick just one of her works that I’ve read over and over again. She writes steamy passion with such poetic beauty that I’m in awe of her. But sticking with my it’s got it all theme, “Coded Expressions” is another one of my absolute favorites. Jack is called away into the Australian outback by one of his war buddies in a mystery surrounding another one of their war buddies just as he and Phryne are about to take their relationship to the next level. She decides she’s missing him too much and goes after him. The story, the original characters, the art, and the reunion are to die for. 

Taking a departure from the it’s got it all theme, another one of my favorites is actually a two-fer by RakishAngle/@afterdinnerminx. “Truth or Dare” followed by “Messengers and Forfeits” starts with a still chaste Phrack and Phryne getting Jack to agree to a game of truth or dare. It is sexy times indeed and a great read.

And as this is getting ridiculously long my last three are ones I absolutely adore because they are so fun to read. Light hearted and full of moments that just make you smile or outright laugh, they are the ones I go to when I need to giggle. The first is “Lost in Vegas” which is @ollyjayonline and @221aubrina’s hilarious story of a broken Phrack and the cast of characters, based on real life characters, that they meet along the way to their reconciliation. It is a hoot. The next is “Breakfast with Jack and Jane” by @davidandbillie. I love fics with Jane in them and this one is terrific. Phryne is away on a case and this story follows breakfast each morning between Jack and Jane and her attempts to get him to drive her to school. It’s funny, sweet, and just so adorable. My last reread recommendation is “Wardlow Whoopie” by @olderbynow. Every time I read this I start giggling uncontrollably. I love her work but this tongue and cheek fic is hysterical. She has another WIP that I absolutely adore but as I don’t want to pressure her – I’ll just do it passive aggressively through here – I’ll wait patiently for her to update it. 

There are so many, too many more works of a huge variety of authors that I haven’t named in this post, but I’ll have to stop to not make this too long. I cannot begin to express how many countless hours of joy I’ve had reading the stories of this amazing group of people dedicated to blessing us with their talent and creativity. I am eternally grateful for finding this fandom and falling into the rabbit hole of MFMM.

Thank you so much for this letter, @quiltingmom!

april 19, 2017 

asdhlgdgakj i didnt even hit 1k yet im one away but who cares not me. SH00KITY SH00K THANK FOR THE FOLLOWS IDC THIS ISNT A GOOD TY NOTE BUT I JUST,,,,,,,,,, HOW. ILY EVERYONE AND YAYAYYYAYA. @ravenclw drunk viv makes a return

probs won award for the world’s most basic banner tbh and its a big milestone rip whateva im in a good mood for the first time in forever i wont dwell on it


  • mbf this [add label here bc what am i,, who am i hedwig]
  • reblog this crappy post
  • check whos taken here but i will be writing out all the taken characters for anyone on mobile bc ik the struggle im nice yw
  • send me and ask with: your name, house, pronouns,,,,, three things you love (pls keep short and simple),,,,,,, top three characters!! i would prefer people bc easier to find pics but idc.
  • fandoms im accepting: harry potter (obvi), doctor who, star wars, percy jackson
  • remember ily im a slow slug and wont be putting on the pics and stuff until later bc laziness


  • be a cool bean

anonymous asked:

someone had reposted your texts on instagram w/o credit so I!!!! used manners and told them to please support your tumblr!! idk why I'm telling u but nothing happens in my life so ahhhh PS (before telling I checked they were yours and I gave them your tumblr in the comments I hope they put it in the caption) PPS YOURE AWESOME KEEP BEING COOL

omg! my first encounter with uncredited reposting! boi some people just -ugh. thanks so much for taking action and telling me. just so y’all know, the only insta i gave permission to is @gayiceskating and they fully credit me each time. gosh, people always warn about instagram thieves which is why i don’t post art, but a text blog??? i thought it would be pretty safe and chill?? idk if i’m petty enough to fite them on it –mmm bitch i might be– but pls tell me in the future if u see people reposting my/alex’s stuff? 


Right I know I don’t actually have that many followers but over the course of the past year I’ve had so much fun being in the pjo/riordaniverse fandom and it’s been great. Ive written fics that I would never have been confident enough to post before and been able to see the amazing and brilliant work of others and have had a brilliant time

BUT now Im in year 13 I have to start looking at Unis and getting my applications done with tight deadlines as well as passing my exams and unfortunatley running this blog is taking up too much of my time (mostly my fault but I need to be able to stop myself being distracted all the time)

Additionally being in a fandom with so many people obviously means there will be differing opinions on EVERYTHING and with all the stuff that’s come out yesterday as well as a lot of drama I’ve seen before I don’t feel that sense of happiness I once did anymore. Believe me I have had so much fun and joined the discourse group which has been interesting to say the least but yeah. This is it I think. This was a long time coming really. 

I have over 50 drafts on my account (YIKES) and it’s a shame I’ll never be able to finish them all but c'est la vie I suppose.

I know not many people will actually see this but I just wanted to put a little statement on here in case the three followers who engage with my posts wonder why I’m not posting anymore. 

But I’d like to do a lil shout out to the blogs who inspired me to start writing and being a part of this fandom so thankyou to: @bananannabeth for introducing me to the world of Hamilton and broadway @son-of-rome @percyyoulittleshit @rambledore @percysbi @blackjacktheboss  @greenconverses for all of your stuff and so many more!! You all inspired me to keep writing and love doing it. 

I’m sad to be leaving but I know it’s the best decision for me really. Who knows, a couple years down the line I may come back to this and re start my blog.

I hope you all enjoyed my fics as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I have so much more to say but I can’t fit it all. I will miss Percy Jackson and Co and everyone on this god damn website.

Pjo and everything else surrounding it will always have a place in my heart

 “And for once, I didn’t look back.”

anonymous asked:

you keep saying your going to draw stuff for people. you havent but you post oc art and its annoying

ok i can understand why you’d be upset but let me just say this even though i dont owe you an explanation 

ive been driving myself up the wall with college stuff and finishing off this school year on a good note. im swamped with projects and work and im not trying to pull the mental illness card but my anxiety and dissocation has been really bad for me lately making it hard to do really any art lmfao. that on top of trying to have a social life bc im literally leaving in june??? i have other priorities, including requests, but if it isn’t a commission then it’s not the first on my list.

bottom line: im not obligated to finish requests (note: free art that still takes just as much time), but i want to. i also should be able to take breaks from doing art for other people and draw for myself. 

“Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s rainin’!”

Hey guys! Finally, part 4 is out! This is the one we have all been waiting for. I hope you guys like this one. Will Jim marry Carol or not.

Warning: angst, fluff, Jim Kirk’s blue eyes, cursing. Angry Bones is a warning. Some weird southern expression.

Words: 936 words, it’ll be longer next time. Promise. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

Here we go!! Happy reading!

The church was silent, until someone in the far back coughed a little. 

Everyone was staring at Jim. The pastor, the guests, the groomsmen, and Carol. Carol Marcus, soon to be Mrs. Kirk, was waiting for her future husband to finally utter those two words. The two words that would bind them together for eternity. 

But Jim was silent like the dead of night. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid, he thought.

He couldn’t take it anymore, this is getting out of hand, he thought. 

Putting his feelings for Y/N aside, he tried really hard to be happy about this whole thing, but it was just such an idiotic idea. A couple more seconds and it would be too late. He had to do something before it was too late.

“I repeat, James Tiberius Kirk, do you take Carol Marcus to be your lawfully wedded wife, til death do you part? “

A few more seconds of silence. 

Damn it, Jim!

“No he does not!“

Gasps rang throughout the small church. 

Everyone turned to look at the best man, Leonard McCoy.

Leonard McCoy was not the most patient man, no not at all. Yet, he had put up with this shit for just over 3 years. Three years of watching his two best friends pinning for each other but pretending not to. Three years of watching a stupid blue eyed blond ignore the best thing that ever happened to him, except him of course because if it wasn’t for Bones Jim would be partying with Satan now. 

On one hand, was his best friend since his early days at the academy, on the other, was the woman that anyone would die to be with. Y/N was one of a kind. Although he would never say out loud, he had a small crush on the smart doctor. But Jim, he was completely and utterly in love with her. Worse of all, he didn’t even know it. 

“You heard me. This has gone long enough!“


“No, you. You just shut up. Just- just shut up. I have watched you lie to everyone and yourself for the past three years. THREE YEARS Jim!! No more! Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s rainin’, Jim! Stop lyin’! For three years, I had to hear you go on and on about your feelings. And let me tell you this, hearing you yapper about every single argument you’ve ever had with Carol, and about how much you miss being friends with Y/N has not been the highlight of my life. Damn it man, I’m a Doctor not a RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLOR! “


“Just shut up Jim. I’m not done! Have I told you that you are the stupidest man I know. I don’t even know how I’m friends with you. I must have been really, really drunk the day I first met you. My God, man! For three years, as your best friend, I have put up with this stupid idea, hell, I’ve been doing it since the first time we met. But now, I’m done! There’s an old Georgian saying Jim: “When the Lord was handin’ out brains, that fool thought God said trains, and he passed ‘cause he don’t like to travel”. You’ve been missing out on the woman of your life, your ENTIRE life. You’ve been friends with her for two DECADES and you still haven’t realized that she’s the one for you. If that ain’t stupidity, I don’t know what is.“

He paused for a second. Jim thought Bones was done, so he opened his mouth to say something, but Bones continued.

“Look Jim. If you still want to marry Carol, go ahead but I just had to tell you before you do this. As much as I hate your guts sometimes, you’re still my best friend. I’ll support you, no matter who you choose, but know this. Out of respect, I didn’t make a move on Y/N, and I was sure you would wake up and make your move. But if you marry Marcus, then I’m going for her.“

For once in his life, Jim Kirk was speechless. What does one say to this? 

A few moments passed, Jim’s mind whirled with hundreds of possibilities. 

Finally, he made his decision.

Jim was going to say the two words that would change everyone’s lives for ever.



Jim’s gaze shifted to his trusty First Officer, Spock.

“We have a problem, sir.“

“Now what, Spock! I have to say I-“

“Sir, Starfleet HQ was just attacked. At least 10 people have died, and countless others have been injured.“


Carol screeched. {A.N Imagine an annoying bird. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really like her… }

“ON MY WEDDING DAY! Please Mr. Spock, not now. We are about to get married, and-“

“Commander Y/L/N is amongst the injured. I have just received news that she’s in critical condition, and…“

“And? And what, Spock?“

“An old acquaintance of mine is treating her, Doctor M’Benga. He was the one that informed me of her presence in the hospital, and-“

“Straight to the point, Spock!“

Jim wouldn’t say it out loud, but Bones knew he was panicking.

“M’Benga doesn’t know if she’ll make it. Nyota and I are leaving for Starfleet now, you are free to come along, Sir.“

“Jim, I’m going too.”


“Jim, M’Benga is gonna need all the help he can get. Now the decision is yours, are you coming with us or are you getting married to Carol?“

“I can’t. I’m sorry, I just- I have to do this. I promised her.”

“I’m sorry Carol.“

Yo Cliffhanger, DUNDUNDUNNNNNNNN! Ok so, I had another sleepless night and I have already planned the next two parts. I just have to find the time to write… My aunt is visiting from Ireland, I haven’t seen her in over 9 years… Moreover, I have another aunt and an uncle plus their family and my grandparents coming over this Thursday. They’re staying till next week so I don’t know if I’ll be able to update soon. That is why I’m giving you guys a small gift. Finally, Jim is leaving Carol’s blond butt at the altar! Yayyyy!!!!! Or is he…? *Insert Law and Order Dun Dun* 

Thanks for reading!!

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anonymous asked:

Any advice for first starting and art blog??

  1. Make art. So much art. The only way to get noticed and run a ‘successful’ art blog is to make content that people notice. This doesn’t mean that you have to post daily (however it is good to still practice art daily/as often as you can, for then you can truly improve!) but it’s important to try and post things several times a week, even if they’re smaller doodles. I’ve fallen into another fandom at the moment so I’m still posting art all the time, just on a different blog than this one, and let me tell you that I’ve grown much faster on that blog than I have on this one.
  2. Only the first five tags matter. I know a lot of people tag like 20 things, or they’ll ramble a bit at the beginning of their tags, but Tumblr only tracks the first five tags. So if you tag “spaghetti” as your seventh tag, and you search “spaghetti” on Tumblr, it won’t show up. So tag the most important and searchable tags first and then ramble later.
  3. Don’t use too many tags. I haven’t tested this but I read somewhere that if you have too many tags, Tumblr may mark it as potential spam and thus it won’t show up in the search that way either. So try not to make too many tags with you rambling. I know I do that a lot so I have to be very conscious on it when I post my original art.
  4. Have creative tags! People love good tags; or at least, I do. I’m not very creative since I have the simplest of simple art tags (#xaandiir art…..very clever). But having a clever doodle tag or other kind of tagging system is appealing. Having a clean and organized way for people to search through your art/blog is also extremely important! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look through someone’s blog for a specific fandom or just through their art tag and they use 5 different tags that you have to search individually.
  5. Use a clean and appealing theme. Tumblr is about aesthetic and how things look. Using default themes can make you seem inexperienced and that might lose you some interest. It’s also good to keep an appealing mobile design since that’s how a lot of people will see your blog. Have a good avatar and keep your description short but sweet and easy to understand.
  6. Make a “brand” for yourself. When I started my art blog here, and essentially cleaned everything out, I decided I was never going to change my URL of xaandiir. You want people to know you. If you’re constantly changing your URL then it will be hard for people to properly find you. You need to settle on something and then stick with it, if you can. I didn’t know how well xaandiir would grow on me. It was just something that I came up with and decided to use, and it turned out that it fits me pretty well! It may take time for that brand to really fit, but then you should stick with it!

Now I’m by no means a professional or “successful” art blog, but these are things I’ve seen from people more popular than me and also have helped me grow faster than when I first started. It’s also a good idea to keep your art blog separate from your fandom blog, which is why I started a different personal blog for where I reblog my fandom stuff and keep this one as where I have my art tutorials and post my art content and writing and such!

Oh! And I nearly forgot the most important bit! Make artist friends!! It may be intimidating, but becoming friends with other artists can give you people to talk to and get opinions about your art (so you can grow) and then you can also promote one another on your blogs and grow together. Having an art community between you and your friends is really important and so it’s good to approach artists that you admire, even if it might be intimidating.

I’ve been getting sponsored propaganda posts on my Facebook for several days from Scotland In Union. Here is some stuff to know:

  • Scotland In Union is a corporation, not a grassroots organization
  • Scotland In Union are a propaganda machine. They have been connected to marketing companies down in England.
  • They spend money telling the people of Scotland that Scotland is too poor and too small to be independent.
  • Think about that for a minute. If Scotland was really the drain on the UK that they say it is, why are they spending money to keep it?
  • I mean, if you had a houseguest who was unemployed and eating all your food, you’d help them pack when they said they wanted to leave.
  • Instead, Scotland In Union is buying Facebook ads to beg us to stay.

I would go on their page and explain this to all the unionists there, but they’ve already blocked me for presenting facts to their sheep.


Ok I’m not sure how far these posts tell the truth but i’m fucking pissed and when there is someone out there doing stuff like this I wanna help taking her down. To be honest I never understood why someone would even hate on people online because I like to keep my opinion to myself. Still I would let those people be, it’s there decision how the waste their time and mostly they don’t even get what’s wrong about it even if you tell them. But it is NOT ok to actually go around and spread rumors or actually attacking and hurting people. Like it is one thing if you send them a massage about you hating them ( which is worse enough) but ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE OR SPREADING FALSE RUMORS IS INACCEPTABLE. Do they even know how much damage they do by accusing someone to be a rapist. It’s not just his career that could end, also his private life will be affected just because some bitch has nothing better to do than going around hurting others. I’m not saying this just because it’s bts, no idol has ever done anything to deserve this they all work hard and those fucked up people have no right to judge them. I’m really angry and I hope that this person gets scolded not only by other fandoms but also mostly by exo-l’s, I know that there are some who agree with her but belive the the biggest part of this fandom isn’t like that and they would never encourage such behaviour because I know and love exo, although I’m an ARMY, and when they belive in their fans than so will I (not to mention because my best friend is an exo-l, yes people a friendship like this exists and it’s a fucking good one). Please help protect not only your but all groups, they don’t deserve this and we are better than people like that. Sorry for the long post and that I wasn’t able to express my self that we’ll but thank you for your attention I love y'all


OH MY GOD Y’ALL. I literally hit 3,000 followers like less than 2 weeks ago and just now I was working on my 3k followers art post and it’s coming along nicely lol but I felt bad since it’s taking me so long and I’m just so busy with finals and stuff and suddenly I look up and what????? THERE’S 4,000 OF Y’ALL NOW?????? 

I can’t keep up!!!!

Anyway, I love all of y’all!!! I have no idea where you all come from or why you decided to follow my blog lol, but whatever the reason– welcome to my blog!! It just bamboozles me that 4,000 people, practically a small auditorium of people, would actually want to see my goofy Samurai Jack shit???? Like… what??? I am so awed and humbled, y’all don’t even know. I am super grateful for the company of all you new friends and I look forward to hearing from y’all!! I love to talk, and although it might take me a while to respond these next two weeks with finals and all, I love chatting with you guys!!! I am super chill, I promise. Hit me up lol!!!

I used this gif because I think a hug like this between Jack and Ashi would be suuuuuper cute. Just sayin


People kept tagging stuff like “HOWW??” and “wtf why not me??” in my last post on Tumblr, and… it’s really just practice.

So, here’s some old subway/metro sketches.These are from a few years ago actually lol
Keep a pen and sketchbook on you at all times, no eraser or pencil, and you’ll get better at freehand sketches. Force yourself to do it. Mess up? Sketch right beside it and try again. I bought the cheapest pen and sketchbook that I could find (dollar store stuff).Also, I’m that creepy girl staring at you and drawing on the subway. Lol
On the other hand, I’m going back to work tomorrow for the first time in about half a year so I might not post as much…but I dont post that frequently here anyways so…XD;;

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