why people are poor


Why I Love Black People, Reason #8,372.

So last night, some poor intern at Yahoo probably lost their job with this tweet.

Learn to proofread, Beth!  Anyway, Black Twitter was not bout to just let that slide and the GOLD going down in the #NiggerNavy hashtag has me crying.  Now, I know some of my white friends/readers are slightly uncomfortable reading that hashtag, and that just means you were raised right.  But Black America has enacted a brief – very brief – reprieve where you can read and even chuckle about the n-word without collapsing into a puddle of guilt.  Note, this reprieve is not extended to speaking or typing, so I bet not see none of y’all’s handles on Twitter trynna participate.  I already know Buzzfeed is probably finding one of their many Black folks to compile a list and blur out the i-g-g in each tweet so they can post it and catch those clicks real quick.

And tell your Trumpublican cousins to stay out of our hashtag with their whining about how racist it is that we can say it and they can’t.

Edit:  I don’t check for Buzzfeed so I was wrong.  I mean, yes, they already made a post, but they didn’t blur anything.


In which Bakugou is me

  • 16 Year Old Me: Why are people poor? There's enough food and shelter for everybody.
  • Conservative Parents: You're too young to understand. Go to college.
  • Goes to college. Acquires bachelors in political science. Reads books and essays for a decade on structural poverty: Turns out poverty is a man-made creation structured to maintain a hierarchy of power. Vast majorities of people have little to nothing because the top of the capitalist hierarchy deploys state violence to horde wealth.
  • Conservative Parents: Bla bla bla, liberal commie-talk. A college degree don't make you smarter.
  • Me: Liberals and communists aren't the same thing.

I don’t understand why people are angry that Ariana canceled her tour?? That poor girl witnessed an explosion in front of her own eyes. At her own concert. She will feel a huge weight of responsibility for the tragedy because all of the victims came to see her. They came because of her. She’ll be sitting there asking herself “Why me? Why my concert? Why of all places and times did they choose my concert?” She will blame herself for leading children to their deaths. This tragedy will affect her mental well-being for the rest of her life. Let me reiterate: She watched people die.

Frankly, I would be highly concerned if she didn’t cancel her tour.

why did nt people have to ruin fucking fidget spinners they had a purpose to ease anxiety and help people who pick their skin or pull their hair as a nervous habit and now theyre being banned from schools because the fucKING NT PEOPLE ARE JUST TREATING THEM LIKE TOYS WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING OH MY GOD

EDIT: And I’m not saying NT people can’t enjoy the fidget toys/stimming in general. If you’re one of the people who quietly uses their fidget toy/stim toy in class without bringing a bunch of attention to yourself, then you’re fine and I’m glad you’re having fun with it!!

It’s the fucking shits who buy the stupid light up spinners and do “sick tricks” with it and bring a ton of attention to themselves/try to talk to others about how cool their fidget is in the middle of class when the teacher is teaching.

not to mention the teachers who arent educating themselves on these fidgets and just automatically assuming theyre a toy/distraction when in reality they can help their students focus better and actually improve in class!

THOSE people are the reason why these poor kids who aren’t doing anything wrong with their fidgets aren’t allowed to bring them to school anymore. THEY ARE NOT TOYS!! 

I lost some really pricey headphones today and I’m coming back tomorrow on campus to check if I left them in one of my labs I hope they’re still there pls send me good luck

i hate seeing people whine about ‘poor baby anders why would anyone hate him he did nothing wrong! he just wants peace for mages!!’ Because, boy! There are so many reasons to hate him. So I’m gonna list out all the reasons I hate this shitty ass character :) so sorry if it’s long

obviously, he blew up a chantry and killed a lot of innocent people. Let me repeat that because some reason people think that’s okay. Anders blew up a place of worship and killed innocent people.

Not only that but it made Meredith call for the right of annulment which gave templars the right to kill every mage in the circle. So not only did he kill innocent people in the chantry that he fucking blew up, innocent mages of the circle can also die.(depends on if you side with templars.)

The conversation he had with Aveline about her dead husband, which obviously crossed a line.

  • Anders: So you married a templar, huh?
  • Aveline: What of it?
  • Anders: Are they all as dirty as they seem?
  • Aveline: What?
  • Anders: Did he ever ask you to play “the naughty mage and the helpless recruit?” Maybe the “secret desire demon and the upstanding knight?”
  • Aveline: That’s disgusting!
  • Anders: I hear it’s quite popular.

The way he acts towards Fenris and Merrill if Hawke is in a relationship with either of them is disgusting.

  • Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but…
  • Anders: Are you sure about Fenris?
  • Anders: He seems less a man to me than a wild dog.
  • Hawke: You just don’t know him.
  • Anders: I know as much as I’m ever likely to.
  • Fenris: That’s right, mage.
  • Anders: He has let one bad experience color his whole world. Surely you want someone more openminded?
  • Fenris: A mage and a hypocrite. What company you keep.

He compares him to a dog and says ‘ONE’ bad experience made him like this?? O FUCKING KAY ANDERS

(If Hawke romanced Merrill but also slept with Isabela)

  • Anders: Hawke was a fool to let you move in. You’ll only betray him/her. That’s all your kind can do.
  • Merrill: Why do you only do this to me? Are you jealous? You don’t get upset about Hawke and Isabela.
  • Anders: You can’t really get jealous of someone for sleeping with Isabela. It’s just…understood.
  • Anders: She’s like a side dish. She comes with the meal.

Literally he’s disgusting

  • Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but… are you sure about Merrill? She acts sweet, but she’ll never choose you over her demon.
  • Hawke: Merrill loves me.

(If Merrill is in the party)

  • Merrill: What right do you have to question us? Is your Justice any different?
  • Anders: Yes. Keep your illusions then. Maker knows I won’t be the one to change them.

How can I forget! He approves to giving Fenris back to Danarius! You get approval from him by sending a slave back to their master. That in itself is enough for me to fucking hate him. He fucking whines about mages needing freedom from the circles and templars but? fenris hates mages? Better send him back to a life of being a slave. :)

lol I’m definitely forgetting some things but I need to get ready for school so this’ll do.  

And to anyone that tries to come and defend him, I DON’T CARE. I literally don’t want to hear what you have to say to try and defend him. I don’t.

Honestly now that I’m rereading it, 99.999% of people’s reasons of “why Marx is wrong” are directly resolved in the first chapter of the first volume of Das Kapital.

“but what if I put in a lot of labor into something nobody wants to buy?” this he talks about before even the second section of the chapter

“marx thought that lazy people who work slowly make more valuable commodities because there’s more labor” literally by page 5 he talks about why that’s wrong

“he thought that the conditions that poor people live in will become objectively worse as the rich get richer” do u know what “relatively” means

My only (shocking!) conclusion I can draw, is that barely anybody who’s criticized Marx for his critique of political economy has in fact never read a word of Marx’s critique of political economy (or at least nothing outside of very selective quotes ripped from their context)