why pay less

“We feel we are fighting the right fight. We’re on the right side of history here. So we have nothing to be too frightened about. But the whole idea of filing a complaint against your employer is a little … daunting.”

“We kind of exhausted every other avenue. This was the next logical step for us. We were forced to do something that brings all this to light, that makes U.S. Soccer justify why they pay us less than the men. They have no justification anymore and we needed them to see that.”- Becky Sauerbrunn 

Just a reminder that they (WNT) attempted to get this fixed behind close door. 

the only way shiyariyumi could reasonably happen in canon is if in fha at some point cu n shirou start hanging out more and archer is like um??? why is cu paying slightly less attention to me nowadays????? but instead of talking about it like a reasonable person he just starts competing with cu for shirou’s attention