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i found this piece of shit fucking prompt buried in my google drive and for some reason, never wrote it

Imagine Louis “Never Even Been a Prefect, More Times in Detention than Class” Tomlinson opening his Hogwarts letter for his final ear and out of the envelope slides a Head Boy badge. The amount of confusion he experiences. The unanswered owls he sends to the Headmistress trying to figure out if it’s a mistake. He tells no one, not even his mum, which kills him, but the last thing he wants to do is tell people he got it and then have to tell them when he finds out it was all a mistake.

He gets to the Platform (almost too late, obviously) on the first day and his gruff Head of House grumbles at him, “There you are, Tomlinson, your prefects are in the first cabin.” And Louis is astounded because this isn’t a joke. He gets told to pin his Head Boy Badge on (you better not’ve lost it, or I swear, Tomlinson…) and get on the train before it leaves him behind, and he doesn’t get to ask any questions.

He walks into the first cabin and surveys who he’s working with – there’s Liam Payne the headstrong do-gooder Gryffindor and Harry Styles the spacey yet surprisingly competent Ravenclaw and Niall Horan the chill Hufflepuff and Zayn Malik the not at all surprisingly competent Slytherin (and maybe the Mixers for the girls and Eleanor for the Head Girl?). Zayn greets him because they’re housemates and they go way back, and Payne looks up at him and asks him if he’s lost, which, please. He’s a seventh year.

But it hits him a little that it’s sort of a fair question (not that he’d ever admit it) – but he’s Louis “My Transfiguration Professor told me I’d never amount to anything” Tomlinson. This doesn’t happen to him.

He’s also got a bit of a reputation for mischief. That bit he’s not particularly ashamed of.

“Sit up straight, lads, your leader is here. Look at the ladies, next to them you look like you’ve just spent three hours de-gnoming your mum’s garden. Get your feet off the seat, Horan, show some respect for the position,” he barks, rising to as much of as his full height as he can manage.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Payne asks, knowing full well the answer.

“I’m Louis Tomlinson, your Head Boy, and I’d watch your tone there, Payne.”

And Zayn smiles and shakes his head because it’s classic Tommo and Niall crows with laughter and Harry widens his eyes, looks vaguely amused but says nothing, and Liam looks like he’s just swallowed a mouthful of earwax-flavored Bertie Botts, and the girls could not literally give a fuck and Eleanor asks him if he’ll need a measuring tape for their dicks if they’re going to keep on at it like this.

Louis is all talk, all bark, all strut, but when it comes right down to it, he hasn’t got a clue how to lead them. But he knows he has to. He knows he has to learn. He’s going to step up for once in his life because he’s been given a chance.

It’s probably Lilo and Liam learns how to relax from Louis and Louis learns how to actually be responsible from Liam. And it’s a lot of trial and error and anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Quelled by the best support system either of them can possibly imagine. Basically an X-Factor era fic in disguise, isn’t it?

summary of the freshman, book 3, chapter 12

-zigmund & mc overreacted at each other
-christopher overreacted at mc
-k-dog overreacted at mc
-yasmin’s been taking crazy pills
-jimmy got his act together and apologized like a sane person (unlike chris)
-my bec is taking an L from her family but taking a W in my heart

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i have 0 consistence and yet I try to animate a head rotation because i OBVIOUSLY DONT NEED IT LOL


i could do this all day. | bucky version.

today was wild.. i read the new hq chapter and fell in love with miya osamu, finished watching young justice and cried my eyes out, and read the first chapter of robot x laserbeam and fell in love with roboto..