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Interest Check: Homestuck Harlequin Challenge

This is an interest check for a potential fanwork challenge! After some discussion within the Discord, a few of us are interested in running a Harlequin challenge.

What is a Harlequin challenge?

The name of the game is Harlequin AUs, in which your faves are transplanted into a ridiculous romance novel, the type that only comes in paperback from lines like Harlequin and Mills & Boon. Extravagant drama, a forest-worth of pining, agonized proclamations of love, making out in the rain– all your favorite and dreaded romance tropes, shovel them in!

Shorthand: the kind of stories that Karkat Vantas would love to read.

Rose moving to a small town to escape her Tragic Past and meeting a lovely horned fashion designer, and falling in love! Karkat writing the Next Great Novel and finding inspiration in his muse, a mysterious nighttime DJ he listens to, and falling in love! Jake needing to get married to appease his old gran and stay in her will, and his best bro Dirk volunteering to tie the knot with him, and them falling in love! John weathering his first job as a paralegal for terrifying hotshot lawyer Terezi, and falling in love!

Sensing the trend?

Is this for writers or for artists?

Potentially both. This is what the interest check is meant to ascertain: the structure of the challenge. There are a few options– a straight up fanfic challenge, a more loose “make whatever you want” fic/art/other fest, or a Big Bang.

A Big Bang structure sort of requires us to have about the same number of writers to pair with artists and fanmixers and graphic folks. We’ll only go with this direction if the numbers are right.

What timeframe are you looking at?

Tentatively, a two-month period with a check in halfway through to make sure things are going smoothly.

I’m interested in participating, but don’t know much about Harlequin-style work. Can I get a prompt?

Again, tentatively there is a plan to handle this.

For people who know how this works and know what they wanna make, you’ll have a basic guideline of what to create, just some thematic stuff to keep you skewed close to the challenge. Everything else is up to you.

For people who want a little more guidance, we can offer a list of commonplace tropes and narratives for this genre, or even a sampling of book-style summaries that you can use as your basic plot.

Any restrictions? Pairings? NSFW?

In the event of a challenge that isn’t pairing people up, we probably will let you create whatever you like. For a Big Bang-style challenge or similar, we’ll ask for your age and what pairing you think you’ll be doing so we can pair you up with similarly-minded folks.

All of this is subject to change. Right now, we simply want to know if anyone is interested in doing this, and if so, what they would like the make.

To that end, if you are interested, please:

1. Reblog this post.
2. Tag it with what you are interested in doing. Let us know if you want to write fic or art something up or make a fanmix/soundtrack for a fic, or anything else.
(Or, you can just signal boost it, that is very helpful too!)
3. If you want updates, please follow @hsharlequin, where we will be sharing info as it becomes available, including organizational news.

homestuck: this character is only on three panels, has no canon personality, is born into misery and frees himself from slavery only to have everything he loves torn from him, then is wired into a starship and used as a living battery for thousands upon thousands of years expanding the empire he was fighting against in the first place, and then dies unfulfilled and agonized as a result of the apocalypse

me, for some godforsaken reason: there he is, there’s the character i’m going to latch onto and write about until i die

i did do a drawing tho, and i did what i’m best at, which is faces, so i’m willing to share it:

ik in basically every single gemstuck au sollux is a fusion but why not imagine a world where sollux used to be part of a fusion which explains his fixation on the number 2 because he’s never lived his life as just one gem before but like maybe the other troll died or left or went away on a mission and sollux is Just Now learning what it’s like to function alone

I kinda noticed I never drew Dualpsii before. And it’s one of my OTPs, haha what, why didn't  I draw them sooner istead of internally complaining about the lack of art in the Dualpsii tag?

And and and are some people interested in joining the Dualscar<3Psiioniic team in the HSWC? I’m the only member for now haha OTL It’d be sad if the team got disbanded because it didn’t reach five members… Join the Dualscar<3Psiioniic team!! (please?)

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This is really funny to me but because of being a homestuck for a long time... whenever I see hs I don't think high school I think homestuck so whenever I see you using hs I'm just sitting here thinking overwatch homestuck au would be pure madness man. Why would someone commit themselves to that. Then I realize oh wait. It's high school.

ohmygod i thought i was the only one

i realized it was highschool when i saw ppl tagging my posts as hs au lmao


a casual Demonstuck!Dirk  because why not

Representation in the Homestuck Fandom
  • About a week ago: Jake is depressed and feels broken, and tries to search for a word that describes his lack of romantic attraction.
  • Half of #Upd8: I'm really sad that Jake is feeling depressed, but I'm so happy there's aromantic representation! That's really cool! (Aromantics proceed to talk about how they've felt just like this)
  • Other half of #Upd8: He's DEPRESSED, not aromantic! How could you even wish something so horrible on somebody?! Anyway here's all of this PROOF that he's not aromantic so stop headcanoning him that way!!! (proceeds to describe his *sexual* attractions to blue ladies)
  • Yesterday: Nepetasprite and Davesprite merge and become Davepetasprite^2, and Davepeta is so happy to be together, and also states confusion over their gender and start using them/their for themselves.
  • Half of #Upd8: I'm so happy that Davepeta is so happy that they exist! Plus, I'm so happy there's nonbinary representation! That's really cool! (Nonbinary people proceed to talk about they are basically Davepeta)
  • Other half of #Upd8: You only like them because they're nonbinary! God, Hussie. This is it. THIS IS WHY I'M QUITTING HOMESTUCK.
  • Today: Everybody is super happy about Davepeta, drawing lots of fanart, and the upd8 tag is clean of hate, with all of the mogaiphobic people presumably having left. It is a better day. A new day. A new era of peace and representation.
The amount of brony hate on this website is fucking astounding. For a site that’s so hell-bent on encouraging people to defy gender roles you sure do a great job of shaming males for exploring feminine things. If a girl watches anything marketed towards males, whether it be a cartoon or sport, this site glorifies it like no other.  (Empowering females! Yay! You go girl!)  But HEAVENS FORBID greasy, fedora-wearing neckbearded MEN like something that is marketed to girls. (HOLY SHIT YOU RAPIST STOP RAPING THINGS FOR LITTLE GIRLS YOU RAPIST!!) The blatant hypocrisy is so phenomenal it nearly pains me to see so many people feed into it.  How can you glorify one and condemn the other and then try to pass it off as ‘encouraging the demolition of gender roles’?  Not to mention if you try to generalize a 'female gamer’ like that and devolve her into a brain-dead attention whore those SAME PEOPLE will scream and make a huge bitch-fest over it. And about the R34, I pose a question: have you been on the fucking internet?  Good God if you look up ANY character you will find porn of them.  With all this fuss over the clop material on this website why aren’t you all petitioning R34 from other fandoms?  Have you seen the sheer amount of porn for nearly everything that’s ever existed?  Ever?  Oh, no, I forgot, it’s only bad when a male does it.  Admittedly, there will be instances when mature material is not properly tagged, and that’s then you contact the creator and ask them to tag it.  Things that won’t help are passive-aggressive posts feeding a generalization and your blatant blind eye to other fandoms. Isn’t it also funny that generalizing bronies is A-Okay but the minute you generalize a fandom like Dr. Who or Homestuck or SuperWhoLock people come crying to your ask box screaming, 'Don’t generalize my fanbase! Waah!’? Also, I think DWM was a stupid movement.  Congratulations- you 'got a blog removed’ because you don’t like darker humor.  What exactly will that do for the prevention of rape? Absolutely nothing.  While bronies have donate over $2,000 to a RAIIN charity, about $74,126 to help a young suicide victim, AND started numerous sites dedicated to charity work, you all have succeeded at throwing a fit about 'rape culture’.  You can say 'well, donating doesn’t erase the bad!!’ all you want, but the bad does not erase the good, either.  Deny it all you want, but bronies have collectively done more that that movement has done ever.  (In addition, JJ doesn’t fucking deserve all the hate he’s gotten and is still getting. The blog is DOWN. BOTH SIDES shut up about it, which includes anti-bronies telling him to jump into traffic and the bronies still upset about the blog being removed.  It’s over, just let it go.) TL;DR- Shut the fuck up with all this brony hate unless you’re okay with being a huge hypocrite.  How about, instead of circle-jerking to a bunch of stereotypes about a fairly diverse fanbase, you actually do something productive?  Get off your computer and actually contribute to this world we live in.  And I’m not trying to justify any of the bullshit bronies have done.  Our fandom is not perfect, and I have personally had a rude encounter with a brony myself.  But it’s not as vile as people make it out to be, and for everything you can say negative about bronies can be easily applied to every other fandom. (And before I get called gross male brony scum I’m female, have been apart of the fandom for about two years, give or take a few months, and I don’t identify as a brony.  I just find it fucking disgusting that that people justify hating an entire population of people for no reason, which seems to be a growing trend here on Tumblr.  Also, I’m submitting this anonymously because I know this would warrant me death threats and needles vitriol from anti-bronies. Congratulations, I can’t even submit my own opinions on this website.)

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you should post more Jake/(anyone but Dirk) cause like 90% of jakes tag is dirkJake

bruh most character tags tend to be at least 30% assorted shipping, it just happens that’s the only main ship with him hahaa (but also his character tag doesn’t update really fast either so that’s why you might see more shipping posts)

(and that last pic was <> !)

Anon:has homestuck been upd8d??