why onision is a douche

Dear Onision (And Any Bananas This Might Apply To)

Telling people that they shouldn’t be sad because others have it worse is NOT helpful. Telling people that cutting is stupid is NOT helpful. Calling people who self-harm attention whores is NOT helpful. Telling suicidal people that their urges are selfish is NOT helpful. Telling people with disordered eating to just pick up/put down the fork is NOT helpful. You know what actually helps people? NOT giving them armchair psychiatry sessions over the internet. If you want to actually help, recommend they see licensed professionals to sort out their problems, and keep your own mouth shut.

ONION LOGIC: It’s never the victim’s fault…  Unless they choose to do nothing.  Then they’re just letting it happen and they’re asking for it.

From the video “Choosing Abuse”

I can’t even begin to point out how stupid this notion is, especially when you stop and consider that a key point in most abusive relationships is alienation.  They don’t feel that they can go to their friends or family because they aren’t allowed to see them or they are too far away, sometimes both.  Does that concept of alienation sound familiar to anybody else?  And even if they did get out, there’s the fear of retaliation…  The fear that if they do leave, the abuser will try to track them down and hurt them even more, or kill them, so they can’t do it again.  I know this is an old video, but really.  Just shut up, Gerg, seriously.

ONION LOGIC: Women are life factories, regardless of whether or not they are capable of having children, or even want to.  All woman have vaginas, and all people who have vaginas are women.  Women all have a primary goal in life to be a companion to a man.  All women want to be with men, and all men want to be with women.  All men lay awake in their beds at night thinking about women they’ve probably never even met until they find a woman to settle down with.  All men enjoy gross, perverted things having to do with vaginas, and no woman would ever enjoy these things.

From the video “WOMEN & LOW SELF-ESTEEM”

I know I already did a quote from this video, but I thought this one was just as important.  He’s trying to make a point that women are important, I get it.  But in doing so, he’s insinuating that everybody is heterosexual and cis (and absolutely consumed with sexual desire 24/7, no less,) and implies that the only reason a guy would overlook a girl being “ugly” is so he could get laid.  And he’s kink shaming, to boot!  Isn’t that lovely?

ONION LOGIC: People who are fat choose to be fat because of what they eat.  If they just put that candy bar down instead of shoving it their face, they could be thin.  Likewise, people with anorexia could be healthy if they would just eat something and people with bulimia could be healthy if they just didn’t throw up.  Problem solved!

From the video “Honesty About Eating Disorders”

It would be great if we could just eat what we wanted when we wanted to, wouldn’t it?  It’d be great if we didn’t feel compelled to eat a bowl of ice cream after a rough day at work, or skip a meal because we felt like our jeans were too tight that morning.  It’s not that simple, though.  And that’s not even getting into the fact that some people are just at a genetic disadvantage when it comes to weight.  Why does Gerg feel the need to oversimplify things and make it seem as though his opinion is the one absolute truth?

Yep.  You sure do know how to back off when people tell you ‘no.’  You know ALL about that.

An excerpt from “The Letter”
“We drove back to his hotel room, we walk in the door, I set down my bag and instantaneously he starts making out with me. He immediately starts taking off articles of my clothing, and we had only been there for not even 30 seconds. He gets me on the bed, still kissing me and touching me  — between his kisses was me going “nononononono”, and him kissing me harder to shut me up. I finally pull away long enough to remind him that he said we were supposed to wait a month, and that maybe we should get to know each other in person a day or two before we jump into having sex. He asks me “Why?” as he continues kissing me. Eventually I realized I was fighting an uphill battle, so I gave up and just went with it.”

ONION LOGIC: Women are so superior to men that they need men to keep them company, marry them, buy them things, and open doors for them.   Because they’re so superior.  Men do these things for women as a sign of submission and admittance to their inferiority.  It would be unthinkable for a woman to ever do these things for a man!

From the video “WOMEN & LOW SELF-ESTEEM”

So I’m not even going to touch the blatant heteronormativity here, and just say that I hold doors open for people (regardless of their gender) because it’s a nice thing to do.  I pick up tabs sometimes because it’s a nice thing to do.  I don’t see this as catering to somebody or a service to them, I just see it as being nice.

And this is the same video where he mentions that even ugly women can still get a man because they have a vagina.  He refers to women as life factories and implies that this is where their value comes from.  So women who are infertile, or women who choose not to reproduce are therefore worthless.  Way to go, Onion!

The crazy thing about manipulation is that you usually don’t recognize it unless you’ve dealt with it before. A, being closer to Gerg’s age and more experienced in relationships, saw through Gerg’s manipulation tactics right away and didn’t give him what he wanted. They split up because he couldn’t keep her under his thumb. Unfortunately, most of the other people he’s been with are (or were at the time) younger girls who don’t realize he’s playing them like a fiddle until it’s too late. He lulls them into a false sense of security in the beginning and later makes them change everything about themselves that he doesn’t agree with (becoming vegetarian, cutting their hair, isolating them from family, etc.) When he finishes with them and moves on to the next young girl, they are nothing but hollow shells, looking broken and lifeless. It’s incredible, really.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before…  What kind of a PSYCHO makes a video like this?!

ONION LOGIC: Going to a strip club means that you’re going to be sexually aroused by the performers and think about having sex with them.  Nobody would ever go to a strip club for any other reason than to get themselves sexually frustrated with no available means of release.  Obviously, nobody who is in a relationship should go to a strip club because it would cause them to be unfaithful.

From the video “Strip Clubs”

Okay, first of all, a guy bouncing his balls is pretty much the least arousing thing I can think of.  And secondly, I have never once found myself aroused and thinking about having sex with a stripper while at a strip club.  That’s their job.  They dance, and they’ll do a trick or put their tits in your face if you give them a dollar.  If you give them more money they’ll give you a lap dance, but they aren’t there to have sex with you, and if that’s why you’re going then you may want to consider dating somebody, or seeking therapy.  I can kind of see where he’s going with this, but I honestly don’t think the type of guy who would go to a strip club himself would have a problem with his significant other going to one.

ONION LOGIC: Everybody is beautiful, except for people I deem fat and ugly.  I couldn’t get it up for a fat, ugly chick but that doesn’t mean I’m discriminating, it’s just the way I was born.  No fatties, LOL.

From the video “Gay Pride”

While I agree with the point he’s trying to make here (that sexuality is not a choice,) it could definitely have been made without belittling other people.  And to all of the people who think he truly believes that everybody is beautiful, open your eyes.

How can you even attempt to claim that you aren’t transphobic because sometimes you wear women’s clothing in your videos, when you go around using slurs and saying that anybody who claims a gender that doesn’t “match” their genitalia is lying? Seriously? That’s the weakest argument I’ve ever heard.

Onision “Is that video still up?”

Yes.  Here it is, Gergles…  You told a woman she was a sexual recluse and boring in bed because she wanted to be cognizant and in control when sexual things were happening to her.  How is that unreasonable, or in any way boring?  A person wanting to be awake when people are doing sexual things to them makes them boring?  Seriously, you need a reality check.

ONION LOGIC: My viewers contribute nothing to my success, so they don’t deserve to express their opinions unless they agree with me.  I have every right to censor my critics and ban them, because it’s my way or the highway.

From the video “My Rights, Your Wrongs”

And you’re the one griping about censorship and making videos screaming when a video gets flagged…  Double standard much?

ONION LOGIC: I’m going to brag about being in the military so that people will think I’m brave and honorable, when really I hate the military and I am totally against it.

From the video “Pro Peace = Anti-American”

This one goes out to all of the people who claim that Onision must support our military because he was enlisted at one time.  He doesn’t, and frankly, he joined under false pretenses if he’s a conscientious objector.  By the way Gerg, that’s the word you were looking for, not conscious.  There’s another syllable in there.

ONION LOGIC: You can wear whatever you want, but I’m going to look at you if you’ve got your boobs hanging out because part of my culture is that we don’t see boobs all the time.

From the video “"Sexy” Clothing"

First of all, I don’t know about you but as a female that enjoys both genders, I certainly don’t think it’s an eyesore when I see some cleavage.  But the bigger thing about this is that when people complain about being ogled, it’s not because a person glances over one time.  There’s a lot more to it than just a person glancing over once in awhile.  People are leering for extended periods of time, coming onto them when they aren’t interested, calling them a slut, etc…  But you wouldn’t know that because you love to take an issue and make it as simple and black and white as possible so you can feel good about “fixing” it.  I mean, come on, didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s rude to stare?  I should be able to wear a low cut top out in public and not have people staring me up and down all day.  It’s just common courtesy.

ONION LOGIC:  Everybody who drinks, smokes, or does drugs does it because they’re self-medicating.  It’s obvious that the only reason they pick up that bottle or flick that lighter is to escape from their problems, which they are too stupid to handle in a constructive way like mocking infantile abuse, rape, gender identity, national tragedies and other sensitive topics on camera and calling it comedy.

From the video “Potheads, Drunks, & Smokers”

No, Gergles, most people use these things to relax and have fun.  That’s not to say that some people do use irresponsibly to cope with stress and other issues in their lives, but there are a good number of people who don’t.  The vast majority of people use these things just to have a good time, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they’re being responsible about it.

Plenty of people are offended by Family Guy and South Park but how often do you hear Seth Mcfarlane, Matt Stone, or Trey Parker crying about how many people are offended by the comedy in their shows? Seriously, come on. Calling a heavy-set character fat is different than saying in a serious video that fat people are all fat because they don’t care about their bodies and constantly eat junk food. How do you not see the difference? If any of those guys made comments like that in a serious, intimate setting, you bet your ass there would be backlash.