why onision is a douche

ONION LOGIC: Women are life factories, regardless of whether or not they are capable of having children, or even want to.  All woman have vaginas, and all people who have vaginas are women.  Women all have a primary goal in life to be a companion to a man.  All women want to be with men, and all men want to be with women.  All men lay awake in their beds at night thinking about women they’ve probably never even met until they find a woman to settle down with.  All men enjoy gross, perverted things having to do with vaginas, and no woman would ever enjoy these things.

From the video “WOMEN & LOW SELF-ESTEEM”

I know I already did a quote from this video, but I thought this one was just as important.  He’s trying to make a point that women are important, I get it.  But in doing so, he’s insinuating that everybody is heterosexual and cis (and absolutely consumed with sexual desire 24/7, no less,) and implies that the only reason a guy would overlook a girl being “ugly” is so he could get laid.  And he’s kink shaming, to boot!  Isn’t that lovely?

Dear Onision (And Any Bananas This Might Apply To)

Telling people that they shouldn’t be sad because others have it worse is NOT helpful. Telling people that cutting is stupid is NOT helpful. Calling people who self-harm attention whores is NOT helpful. Telling suicidal people that their urges are selfish is NOT helpful. Telling people with disordered eating to just pick up/put down the fork is NOT helpful. You know what actually helps people? NOT giving them armchair psychiatry sessions over the internet. If you want to actually help, recommend they see licensed professionals to sort out their problems, and keep your own mouth shut.

ONION LOGIC: Women are so superior to men that they need men to keep them company, marry them, buy them things, and open doors for them.   Because they’re so superior.  Men do these things for women as a sign of submission and admittance to their inferiority.  It would be unthinkable for a woman to ever do these things for a man!

From the video “WOMEN & LOW SELF-ESTEEM”

So I’m not even going to touch the blatant heteronormativity here, and just say that I hold doors open for people (regardless of their gender) because it’s a nice thing to do.  I pick up tabs sometimes because it’s a nice thing to do.  I don’t see this as catering to somebody or a service to them, I just see it as being nice.

And this is the same video where he mentions that even ugly women can still get a man because they have a vagina.  He refers to women as life factories and implies that this is where their value comes from.  So women who are infertile, or women who choose not to reproduce are therefore worthless.  Way to go, Onion!