why on a school day

One times girl came up to us at lunch and told us to look in her sweatshirt. She had a whole litter of baby rabbits sleeping in her sweatshirt pocket and I don’t know why, but she’d just been going about her school day with a bunch of bunnies in her sweatshirt I guess.

Day by day - Jan. 21st, 2017

- Woke up at 8am (why tho)
- Spent ¾ of my day doing school stuff, since I felt motivated to get shit done for once
- Watched Prisoner of Azkaban with my brother
- The media coverage of the women’s marches worldwide is making me incredibly happy
- I, for once, did not have crippling anxiety today. Not even for a minute. Almost forgot how that feels like
- Duolingo streak: day 23
- I just really miss Skam

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂


One of my favorite scenes from the series. Andrew strangling Kevin when he finds out where Neil is. 

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic


Why can’t the boys at my school who do sports look like this… and talk to me 

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Song of the day -  Here by Alessia Cara

That feeling you get when you know you want a relationship, but you’re scared. You want the late night texts and conversations, cuddles and kisses. You want to be “the couple”, the ones who everyone knew was going to last. Yet, you still sit in your bed late at night heart aching, wondering why you have trust issues, why you cant just stop being shy and tell them that you like them. Why cant I speak?

Ok so I need to talk about the locker room scene. I have many thoughts. Because after you’ve watched any scene 1789303 times you have thoughts.

(And no I didn’t add subtitles because we’ve all memorized these scenes right?)

- first off I’m in love with how shook Isak is when he notices Even. Like of course but still how cute is he?
- Isak looks like he’s holding his breath before he asks “where have you been?”
- that pause Even takes before answering says so much to me. I actually think he was having a small manic episode during the pool scene and the day after (making decisions without a care about the consequences, not being able to sleep…) And part of the reason he left Sunday morning is because he knew he was starting to come down and enter a depressive stage. Hence why he wasn’t at school for a few days. In that pause I think Even is thinking about that. About telling Isak what actually is happening. But then he backs out and tells him about Sonja instead. Which could be an actual lie and a way for him to test the waters to see if Isak is actually wanting to be in a relationship with him. 
- bless this wonderful boy Isak for asking Even if it makes him sad. So pure. So good.
- now we get the gasp Isak makes after they kiss which is just the most beautiful thing. It’s like he has to catch his breath. And then he’s in heaven. 
- and Even smiles at Isak like “OMG this boy is perfection”
- then they hold hands I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise
- the anticipation, nervousness that Even has before he speaks says so much about how much this means to him. How much he’s falling for Isak.
- now we see Isak being nervous about answering Even’s question. The ironic thing about this is Isak is scared of loosing Even by telling him about his Mom, or at least embarrassed about it. He thinks telling Even that he doesn’t have contact with her is a good thing. It won’t push him away. Oh baby how wrong you are. 
- and Even goes through so much in those few seconds. Worried when Isak says his Mom is crazy, relieved a little when he realizes it’s something very different than his mental health issues, and then totally heart broken when Isak says he’s better off without mentally ill people in his life.
- again the nervousness Isak has before asking what Even’s parents would think of him kills me. This show does silence so well.
- the little smile Even has before the school bell rings. Fondness for this boy, almost nostalgic for what he knows he can’t have.
- and then the realization he has to end this conversation quickly. To say something to protect Isak.
- the way Even reaches his hand up into Isak’s hair. One last touch.
- when he says “I think they’d love you.” what he’s really saying is “I know I would have loved you.”
- and that kiss. Ugh. The way Even tilts Isak’s head back and then brushes his cheek. So tender. So loving.
- and lastly Isak is left shook and processing what just happened. He’s in total bliss. And knowing what’s to come makes watching this again so heartbreaking.

Let me know what you think. While we’re in this between season drought we have to support each other. 💛


Tamaki Suoh + Pink!
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