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Character Aesthetic: Stan Pines

“Everything I’ve worked for–everything I care about–it’s all for this family!”


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

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hey! new im a new tumbler user but i loooove your blog, its so fun. and i love mystic messenger so even better. for valentines would you consider writing about how the guys ( seven, jumin,zen, yoosung ) have planed the "perfect" valentines date ( in their own style)but things keep going sooo wrong its funny, but mc can see they're trying so hard and convinces them that its perfect by just spending the day with them? they could be a couple already or a first formal date hope you like the idea!

Thank you for your request, you’re so cute *v* i really hope you like it!


  • Mc will love this cake ;)
  • He made it with a lot of love!
  • Oh, but he needs to organize this place too, let’s see…
  • Candles are always something romantic, doesn’t it?
  • Why doesn’t this light up? Why this is hard?!
  • When he finally did it, he’s just smiling
  • “Done ;)" 
  • But he forgot the tablecloth…
  • Ok, no need to be nervous…Let’s just take the supporter of the candle gently…
  • SHIT, the fire went out
  • Not this again T-T, so he yeah, it was some time before he could light this up again.
  • Everything is perfect!

  • Wait…How many minutes he’s here…?
  • Ok, when he was going to take the cake off the oven, he forgot the gloves
  • The cake is on the ground now…Yoosung is crying.
  • You came home earlier to see this scene when he sees you his eyes widened
  • "No…! Don’t see this disaster…Oh no no no, worst boyfriend ever!”
  • You laugh and then you give him a hug “It’s alright Yoosung…Don’t cry!”
  • He looks at you, with his puppy eyes “I want to do something special…”
  • You smiled, so cute!
  • And then you got closer “Being with you is already something special”
  • His eyes are so bright now, and he’s blushing…After a while, he gives you one wide smile.
  • Both of you will go see some movie, a romantic one!
  • But hey, Yoosung is already thinking about next year…Those candles will not beat him again!


  • Ok, first things first, he pick a big sack of petals that he was keeping hidden for all this moment
  • He’ll put all these petals in bed, romantic right?
  • You’ll be so surprised! It’s going to be so great! This will be one unforgettable Valentine’s Day!
  • So he did it, he fills the bed with those petals, he’s with such a wide smile on his face while he’s doing that
  • Just to think about…Calm down beast!
  • When he opened the door to go to the living room, he noticed that the bedroom window was open!
  • It was like a slow-motion scene in a movie, he was screaming “Nooooo”  while he was running to the window…
  • But the worst happened, a strong wind came and made the petals fly…
  • And because he let the door to the living room open…The petals are in the living room now too.
  • It’s just a big mess!
  • He ran to the living room to pick those petals before they go to the bathroom, kitchen, he doesn’t know!
  • But then he sees you in the door…You were out to buy something to one special dinner…But you came home you early!
  • “MC?! Why are you here so early?!”
  • “…The market was closed…” You look at all this mess “What happened…?" 
  • "A DISASTER!” He said sighing, you can see he’s so frustrated, you know how he is always waiting for Valentine’s Day, he’s the romantic type of guy.
  • “Hey” You got closer to him, putting your hand under his chin, making him look at you “You’re here, i’m here too, this is all we need to have the best Valentine’s ever” you smiled.
  • He smiles too.
  • He understands with that simple quote that what matter is not what he does…What matter is that you’re with him.
  • And you’re not going to leave this house today anymore, let’s just say that.


  • Last year you said to Jumin that something meaning is better than anything money can buy.
  • So instead of going to a restaurant or something, he’ll cook something for you.
  • But Jumin’s so confident today, he can make you pancakes, so this recipe will be easy!
  • Everything goes wrong.
  • His first attempt, the food got burnt.
  • His second attempt, the food was raw.
  • In his third attempt…What has happened here? Is this food?! Or he created a monster?
  • He’s so pissed off right now, he’ll call some help, you’ll never know!
  • But you got home too early…You weren’t supposed to be here, Driver Kim should make you wait even more in the shopping!
  • WHY
  • Your eyes widened when you see the mess…Oh god, even the couch is dirty with food.
  • You see a dress in the couch, it’s dirtied too.
  • Jumin saw this too, he’ll die.
  • “Oh no…The dress…!” He runs to it, picking it up, he look at you, “MC…I’m sorry, i’ll make up to you, i’ll but anything you want, we can go on a trip or some—”
  • You cut him out, with a laugh.
  • This is too funny, and he’s too cute like that!
  • You pick an apron, putting it, and then you just smile looking at him “Let’s do this together!”
  • Jumin froze, just looking at you…After that, he just gives you a genuine smile.
  • “Yes, my love…”


  • He’s creating another robot for you, this time a robot of him.
  • Now he’s just recording something, so when you press a button, you’ll listen to it!
  • “MC…I love you” He smiles, and when he recorded the press the button…Nothing.
  • And then he tries and tries, again and again, his sweet “i love you” is angry and stressed, “i love you”.
  • Until he has enough of it “Go to hell, stupid thing!” He sighs, throwing that on the couch. 
  • And then he realizes…The place is a mess, you’re used to it…You know, see all those metal bits on the floor, but today is supposed to be a good day!
  • He looks at the window…Well, at least you guys can see the stars ;D
  • It starts to rain, what the hell!
  • DAMN IT! He screamed, and this woke up, you get out of the bedroom and walk toward him “Saeyoung…?What’s the matter?” He widened his eyes, oh shit, he didn’t think about a solution yet!
  • “Oh, hi MC…!” Stay calm…Act normally….Smiles…Smiles…
  • “What happened here?” You ask laughing “Oh, nothing MC, i was just…DON’T TOUCH THAT!”
  • You were picking up the robot “Why not…?It spits fire?! But it looks like you, it’s cute!”
  • “This doesn’t work…I couldn’t make it talk” He sights walking towards you.
  • “Really?” You push the button and then you listen Saeyoung’s voice “GO TO HELL, STUPID THING” Your eyes and Saeyoung’s eyes widened 
  • He sighs, this Valentine’s Day got out of control.
  • “Hey, we can try to make another one…Together, come on, teach me!”
  • He never thought you were interested in this… Oh, you actually want to spend some time with him? Trying to make him happy?
  • While he was thinking, you pick his glasses from his face putting on your face now “NOW I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING!!”
  • He laughs, while you laugh with him and then he picks your hand, dragging you to the bedroom “What are you going Seven?”

Six of Crows Dreamcast:
1: Fransisco Lachowski as Kaz Brekker
2: Alex Pettyfer as Matthias Helvar
3: Olivia Cooke as Nina Zenik
4: Colin Ford as Wylan Van Eck
5: Adonis Bosso as Jesper Fahey
6: Mariana Santana as Inej Ghafa

Let me know what you think!!!!

Yoi ep.7 reactions

Immediately relatable.

**Careless Whisper plays**

*ahem* okay not all of him is going to “sleep” with that on him, but all right~

“Me” when I try to draw or practice music or just anything in life in general…

Can you not?


“Why you gotta be so ruuuuude~~~?”

Can’t get this song out of my head now, thx~


Why does this tissue box have a bootyhole?


You were perfect baby :’) **sniffles** I’m not crying you’re crying!! (ಥ﹏ಥ)


**chrchik** that’s the sound of me screen-shotting my new wallpaper~~~

Yayyyyyy Phichit-kun!! :’D 

**sees Christophe** *cringes*

“I’m just saying, my boyfriend’s better than your’s~~~

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Contrast - (Harrison “ Harry” Wells/Reader)

Imagine E-2 reader let Zoom take Jesse. So Jesse and Harry are shocked when they see E-1 reader walk in one day correcting one of Jesse’s science equations.

For my dear @wowjeena

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“Oh… my… god…” Jesse turned to her father, “Why didn’t I see that? Why did you see that!?”

Harry stared at the board tilting his head at the corrected complicated equation he had his daughter had been working on, “I don’t know…It makes perfect sense…”

“It’s a common misplacement of numbers.” They both froze at the sound of your voice behind them, “I’m sorry, I hope you two weren’t working on that forever and I just ruined everything. Sometimes I just see things and can’t help myself”

Harry turned defensively stepping in front of Jesse, “Y/N…”

Your eyes widened in surprise, “Oh…you must have a version of me back home.”

Jesse stepped closer to her father, “You could…say that.”

You looked toward her seeing their uneasiness, “I’m making you uncomfortable…I’m so sorry…”

Harry watched you take a step back putting yourself in almost a submissive body position. Something the Y/N back home would never had done. Back home you would have strutted over declaring how wrong he’d been for such a simple solution and go on to how incompetent he was. 

“I can go…” You lowered your gaze from his hard stare, “I’m sorry…”

“Wait…” He spoke up feeling Jesse tug on his arm. He looked back at his daughter, “After everything this team has done for me…after everything I’ve done to them…to get you back…”

“Dad…” She whispered fear lacing her eyes, “She…”

“That…” He looked to you pausing by the door way, “That isn’t Y/N…this is…Y/N.

You gave him a small smile relaxing a little, “I’m not here to cause trouble…Barry just asked me to come introduce myself after he explained what’s going…I’ve been abroad in New Zealand doing some work on-”

“A new form of electrochemical energy storage?” His eyes smiled a little as he interrupted you taking a guess.

“No…” You shook your head a little at his remark, “Same field-ish… Photobioreactor…is that what my counterpart is working on, on your earth?”

He watched you curiously take a step toward him as he crossed his arms, “Yes.”

“That’s atrocious!” You looked at him, “Everyone knows that it is cleaner to use photobio over electrochem!”

“Yes, but it’s more expensive to maintain.” He countered surprised by your concern for the green ideal, “Everyone knows that it takes twice as much, versus chemical.”

“It provides jobs and if we could get federal funding here in the states…” You shook your head frustrated.

“Job security isn’t an issue back home.” He told you glancing to Jesse who still seemed uncomfortable, “Jesse…why don’t you go make us some lunch. Pretty sure Cisco brought us some groceries today…why don’t you go deem what they consider food here.”

“Right…” She nodded glancing at you as she walked out.

“Nice to meet you, Jesse.” You smiled at her warmly as she walked out without a word. You looked back to Harry, “Did…my doppelganger…do something?”

He swallowed looking away, “Our Y/N…she…well…she was a rival of mine. Always looking for a way to gain an edge. She’s the one who planted the idea in Zoom’s head to take her…to set this whole plan into motion…”

Your face fell as you put a hand to your stomach, “…I…I don’t know what to say…I’m so sorry…I wouldn’t have just…”

“I know.” He nodded slowly taking off his glasses, “I was in your position a few months ago when I first came here. Your team trusted me…I will try to do the same for you. Jesse…she…”

“I don’t expect anything.” You told him slowly taking a step toward him, “I can’t even imagine…”

“I should go talk to her and make sure everything’s okay.” He looked to your face. Even your eyes seemed different, they were so warm and inviting. Full of curiosity he would guess. He was used of this cold harsh individual. All busy, and only there for the glory and looking for the kill.

“If there’s anything I can do for either of you, please, don’t hesitate to ask.” You told him that desirable smile coming back to your face, “You’ve both have been through too much and I would like to help you anyway I can.”

“Thank you.” He watched you turn walking out noticing all the differences even more. You didn’t wear stilettos that clacked against the floor like a war drum. You hair was relaxed gracefully bouncing as you glided out. Then there was that gentle look back full of genuine sincerity instead of pure contempt with a desire to destroy.

He took a deep breath clearing his throat before he went to seek out Jesse. Yes…this was going to be different if you were going to be around the lab. He’d try to be wary for Jesse…he wouldn’t lie that there was a sinking feeling in the back of his head knowing you were there.

Even his doppelganger here had secrets…he wondered what yours were.

:deep breath: alright! So, I liked The Final Problem much more than I expected to. It helps that I’m a huge Mycroft fan.

Some things I liked:

- Mycroft…. pretty much every scene with him was perfect and I appreciate how much screen time he actually got.

- Mycroft’s umbrella, I love that it wasn’t just hiding a sword… oh no, it had to have a gun hiding in it too. I mean, why do things halfway when you can be utterly and ridiculously over prepared? (But more seriously, if he feels like he needs that… why doesn’t he have a bodyguard or two?).

- John, Rosie, and Sherlock at the end was cute. And if it is the end, I’m mostly satisfied with it.

- Molly’s sweater.

- Mystrade is basically canon, why else would Sherlock ask Greg to watch out for his brother? At the very least Mycroft has a goldfish now, whether it’s platonic or romantic, I don’t really care. It’s there.

- The scene where Sherlock has to choose who to shoot. Fantastic acting there by all three of them. And it showed very clearly who both Mycroft and John actually are (also, the ice man isn’t really very icy, is he?).

- I liked that John was the one who figured out the mind control bit. He is smart and I like it when they remember that.

- Moriarty’s entrance was just so… Moriarty.

- Sherlock being so kind to the “little girl on the plane”


Bits I didn’t like:


- I felt no sympathy for the sister, she was a killer and a hug from her brother doesn’t change that. And the end scenes with them playing together would have been more poignant if she’d been more likeable or better built up.

- The Holmes parents were understandably upset… but the things they were saying to Mycroft was too much. He didn’t actually deserve that from them.

- The plane thing didn’t work for me.

- I (and many others) guessed long before this ep aired that “Redbeard” meant something else like a friend or sibling that had died. So that was a bit anticlimactic for me.


Some other things:

- I do not like the Holmes parents! What the heck were they doing when they should’ve been watching, and taking care of, their kids? It really sounds like Mycroft took on a lot of responsibility as a child/teen, it explains a lot about him, and his relationship with Sherlock though.

- What’s up with the number 13 on Mycroft’s fridge? They didn’t explain that did they?

- I guess we’ll never know what that letter from John to Sherlock said.

- I really expected that when they were talking about mind control that John was going to end up being a puppet of Eurus. I mean it would’ve been an interesting scenario (I’m not complaining that they didn’t do that, but my mind couldn’t help but go there).

- I want some more episodes. I liked this season and I love the characters even more than I did before (which is hard to believe).

you know you can tell which people only care about supergirl insofar as it’s relationship to supercorp/sanvers and started watching season 2 only for them because they make posts like “oh we knew what we were getting into with the cw! why did we do this again!” as if it wasn’t a completely different (and no, it wasn’t perfect but it was still good) show in season 1, when we signed up for a cbs show


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Why is like not rare for Hinata’s fans to be boys, I mean, a big amount of them are boys and I do understand why. Like Hinata is the perfect wifu, she is quite, big tits, fake innocent personality and obedient af. Perfect material to jerk off on the bathroom.

Oh pure Hinata-sama, how can anyone hate her if she’s so perfect? It doesn’t matter If you don’t have any development at all and your own husband keeps ignoring you. We adore you Hinata-sama. The real heroine of Naruto. Lol

What a stupid and ignorant reason.

anonymous asked:

Regarding Tohru's issues and why she's NOT a perfect Mary-Sue and is actually a big, fat mess inside: Isn't this the exact reason why she calls Akito pure at the end of the series compared to her? Cause Akito, like a child wasn't afraid to be honest and express how she's really feeling while Tohru would bottle everything up and repress her true feelings and "dirty side" cause she felt she had to be perfect.

Oh, most definitely, anon-friend.  You pretty much just hit the nail on the head! 

Tooru projected a front to the world that portrayed her to be consistently happy, which has to be the biggest lie she told.  The truth is: Tooru isn’t very honest with herself or with other people.  In her attempt to convince herself that everything is going to be okay, she ends up living a rather inauthentic life. 

That’s not to say that her kindness and altruism are fake – they’re not. I do believe she does care for people as greatly as she seems to, but I have to wonder about the motivation sometimes.  I wonder if the reason she focuses on others’ problems so much is because she doesn’t want to think about her own.  They offer a much needed distraction from the chaos of her mind, but really…what she most needs to heal is to actually accept her own feelings.

Tooru went through two traumas when she was younger: her father died and then her mother all but forgot about her for an indefinite amount of time.  During this season of her life, she learned that in order to gain love, she had to be submissive and sweet.  She even adopted her father’s ultra-polite way of speaking so that she could resemble him somewhat and gain more of her mother’s love.  (I’m going to do a big post about this later because I am now pretty sure of what I’d type her as in the Enneagram!) 

Akito is the absolute opposite of Tooru.  In a lot of ways, this is a bad thing because Akito is abusive and doesn’t care about the feelings of others.  She projects her own feelings onto people whereas Tooru accepts them as they are.  This is why the curse is able to be broken – because a leader (or “god”) must be self-sacrificing in order to be effective and Akito could only ever be selfish. 

However, there is also one positive to Akito being so fundamentally opposite of Tooru – the fact that she readily accepts her own feelings and doesn’t mind showing them to the world. Of course, Akito could do to mature and learn to filter her emotions in socially acceptable ways (as in…maybe don’t stab one of your family members…just a suggestion) but the fact that she can accept herself is a quality that Tooru sorely lacks.  I would like to think that Tooru comes to accept herself later on and becomes more honest with her emotions once the manga is over.

Thank you so much for sending in this ask !  ❤


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You never understand why your siblings make the most ridiculous choices in love.

“Why are so pompous about your lovers, Bex?” you ask your sister. “It can be clearly seen they’re the lamest people on earth. I mean Marcel was really lame centuries ago, Matt Donovan was just an ordinary human and now, Marcel again? Are you kidding me, sister?”

Rebekah rolls eyes and ignores your comment. The rest of the table looks you in curiosity.

“Oh, please,” you sigh. “Don’t get me started. You guys are not the perfect examples for us, are you? Let’s talk about Nik’s choices, shall we?”

“Gladly.” Rebekah grins. “I’ll explain his type: Lunatics.”

“And blondes.” you add. “Oh wait, there was this ginger lunatic, right? And the doppleganger. No, no, that’s Elijah’s type!”

“What?” Elijah pouts. “Why are we talking about my love interests?”

“Because they keep dying?” you want to say but behave yourself quickly. Instead, you say, “Because you fell for three doppelgangers, a vengeful witch and a werewolf girl who died and became a hybrid?”

“And Aya.” Klaus adds. “She was a vengeful bitch either.”

“Yeah,” you giggle. “Kindred spirits with Aurora.”

He gives a deep breath and Kol laughs.

“Good point sister.” he says. “I never realized-”

“Oh yes cause you are such a decent lover, right?” you interrupt him. “Come on there, brother, you only liked witches because of the power they held and after a thousand years when you finally got the magic you wanted so desperately, you fell for another witch? Shocker, really.”

As he gets his answer, everyone in the table giggles.

“Okay I cannot make fun of Freya at that moment so I wanna make a toast to our late boring brother Finn, who also loved another ginger lunatic during his entire life.”

Your sibling stucks between laughing or arguing but Klaus toasts.

“To our youngest sister who thinks her choices are better than ours. But that’s another night’s story since the list is too crowded.”



i ship it so hard. they’re perfect. just imagine how they would scream smth like “I LOVE YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT” and hug the shit out of each other.

God gave you two wings so you could fly free-
So why, oh why would you come back to me?

The winters down here are so terribly cold
and mittens aren’t the same as hands to hold
but you had a choice - this is no place to be
So why, oh why would you come back to me?

These bodies, they break - they bruise and they bleed
they hunger, they thirst, there’s so much that they need
but you want for nothing - perfect as can be,
so why, oh why would you come back to me?

Do you not long for days spent, flying so high,
watching the wonders of the world blur endlessly by?
This world is so big, so much left to see -
so why, oh why would you come back to me?

Oh why, oh why, I never may know -
but now that you’re here, don’t you ever let go.

Is it just me or does it look like: 

Kihyun: *internally* This does not seem right, what am I doing wrong??

Jooheon: *just casually waiting patiently*

Wonho: Oh man, oh man, why Jooheon? *puts hands up to mouth* Why can’t I be the one kissing Kihyun? I swear to god, Kihyun, if you’re enjoying that!

Changkyun/IM: Mom? *leans to peek* Mom?? That is NOT dad!

Shownu: IM? *peeks around the opposite side to look* IM, stop looking right now. The adults are trying to play a little game here. Go back to bed, little one.

Hyungwon: *can’t stop laughing because the beautiful DEVIL*