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New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted

  • cas: *is arguing about something with dean*
  • cas: *gets into dean's space*
  • cas: *makes intense eye contact*
  • cas: *says something aggressive in a deep, gruff voice*
  • dean: *swallows*
  • dean: *shifts awkwardly*
  • dean: *licks lips*
  • dean: *stops arguing and just looks at cas*

‘We must be meant for each other.’


i saw someone point out that jounouchi’s flame swordsman was a fusion monster and ever since ive wondered if he actually ever reads the cards,,



Stay away from Thea.
– No, I… I can’t.
She’s not safe when she’s around you. I’m not sure anybody is when you lose yourself to this rage. You love her. And that’s why you’re going to do what I’m asking.

They have PPG on Hulu now! Granted it’s only, I think, 12 episodes, but it’s still nice to be able to stream it now that it’s not on Netflix anymore. 

YAY! Oh, awesome, good to know there’s another source for the Powerpu–


remove that.


Bradley James as Damien Thorn in Damien

The Beast Rises (S01E01)

why is lapi//dot full of trauma jokes

sorry, this is gonna be me ragging on lauren zucchini here but…we’re all aware of how she’s made like, what, 3 jokes about lapis’s trauma now, right? and people are also aware of how lapis broke peridot’s tape recorder, her comfort object, and never apologized for it. i just realized that zucchini made a joke about that too, where peridot was like “it has no functional purpose, it just makes me feel bad!” in beta or whatever it was.

what the fuck is with zucchini and them joking about trauma and comfort objects being destroyed right in front of the people that need them (to make it worse, in this case it’s an autistic-coded character).

oh yeah, and we can’t forget the “haha funny and cute!!1″ filler episode where sardonyx, a thin fusion (with pearl in it and was the result of pearl manipulating garnet several times and then acted like the victim over it, which wasn’t brought up at ALL in the episode so here we go again with zucchini not taking people’s trauma and discomfort seriously, especially when it came from a poc character!) making smoky quartz, a fat nonbinary fusion, feel like shit just for…having a yoyo??? oh yeah, and then smoky quartz feeling upset causes sardonyx, another poc fusion, to be upset for like…5 seconds and then never be brought up again bc “oh no the room is falling apart and the episode is almost over.” and then after that it’s just pearl and garnet being like “WOW NICE YOYO” after 11 minutes of “your yoyo sucks, try to be more like these other, thinner and more pearl-ish fusions!”

zucchini why do you treat people’s issues like this oh my god. also the show needs to just…stop shitting on amethyst’s fusions and any fusion that doesn’t have pearl, please…like garnet.



matt + senses

He dwells in eternal night- but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures other men cannot perceive. For though attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness - his uncanny radar sense guides him over every obstacle!


The world changes. It is inevitable. Perhaps the only thing that is inevitable.

I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.

TV Show or Another Piece of Media: *is violently fatphobic and makes fat people overwhelming uncomfortable, depressed, or angry*

Us, Calmly and Casually: Well, that’s disappointing-

About 20 Anonymous Thin People in Our Inbox: OH MY GOD, why are you getting so upset over a TV Show? LOL you’re pathetic. I can’t believe you are crying and throwing a fit over a show. You’re embarrassing yourselves. I can’t believe what a big deal you’re making out of this. You’re getting so emotional over nothing. LOL you’re so ridiculous. *insert trigger joke here* LOL you fat people are so amusing, getting all up in arms over a show. LOL. Why do you care so much? Why must you make a big deal out of everything? Why are you so offended? Oh my god what is it with fat people going on and on about ridiculous stuff like a TV show??? I can’t believe you are literally crying and screaming. It is just a show. Why are you making such a big deal out of it? It’s a joke. Calm down. Let people have their own opinion oh my god. Just calm down? Like? The fuck? *goes on for another 20 minutes about how we are making too big a deal out of this* I just can’t believe anyone would cry over a show, my god-

I mean, we really don’t make that big a deal out of anything. We just tell people that we are less than happy with something and why. 

But you sure love making a big deal out of us not agreeing with your opinion…

-Mod Bella


A gifset for my favorite oneshot allies