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*NEW* Pretty Little Liars Endgame (Alternative)

Whilst I still stand by my first endgame theory, today I want to explore an alternative way the endgame could potentially unfold. 

One day at Radley, Charlotte accidentally pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof. Jessica, who was on the board at Radley, agrees to help her niece Charlotte by ruling Marion’s death a suicide, but internally within Radley, Charlotte blamed Bethany for it. Charlotte reversed the roles when telling her story to the liars in 610 so that they would feel sorry for her. 

Jessica feels bad that an innocent patient, Bethany, was blamed for something her niece did so she signs Bethany out of Radley to adopt and ride a horse. Considering she helped Charlotte get away with it, it is the absolute least Jessica can do. But Bethany isn’t appreciative of these sympathetic gifts because she knows that Jessica is having an affair with her father. Jessica asks Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie” as a way of saying “I’m not having an affair with your father, I’m just a long lost aunt hence I’ve been around your father lately!” Bethany throws a tantrum and buckets after Jessica’s lies. “Is it like mother like daughter?” and “can I trust anyone in that family?” says Bethany in her recordings. Bethany’s hatred is building towards two dead characters, ‘mother and daughter’ Charlotte and Jessica. (Even young Charles thought they were a part of the DiLaurentis family for quite some time.)

After Charles’ funeral, Charlotte’s doctors let her go, out of belief that trapping a transgender patient in a mental asylum isn’t doing any good. And, she’s apparently been making progress… again, Bethany was blamed for Charlotte’s fatal mistake. She never returned to Radley as Charlotte: she was free to walk the streets of Rosewood. She created the new alias CeCe Drake, after having found out about her birth mother Mary Drake (although having still never met her). CeCe attended college and shared a roommate, explaining how she knew everyone at Eric Kahn’s party and perhaps how she slipped into the Rosewood High yearbook. This also explains why Charlotte needed a visitors pass to see Mona in Radley, as she was no longer a patient that can sneak down the hall. 

During college, CeCe and Noel happened to be at the same frat party. Noel accidentally pushed a girl down the stairs, but of course the bystander ex-Radley patient gets the blame for it. As a result, Charlotte is kicked out of college for something Noel did. Hence Noel helped Charlotte in the dollhouse; he felt he owed something to Charlotte. He took something from her that she worked extra hard for. 

While CeCe was off beginning her new life in Rosewood (still before ‘that night’), Bethany was still in Radley, taking medication that should have Charlotte’s name on it, drowning in her own drool. That’s sure to drive her crazy. 

“That night”, Bethany escaped with the intent of killing Charlotte as revenge for ruining her life. Jessica, who was Bethany’s caretaker at Radley, got a call that night from Radley workers informing her that Bethany has escaped. “I’m very worried, please send someone”, said Jessica, knowing how much Bethany hates her and her niece. A war was brewing. Charlotte wanted to hurt Bethany before Bethany harms anyone. Charlotte accidentally hit Ali instead of Bethany, but thankfully Mrs. Grunwald came to Ali’s rescue. “I swear I thought it was Bethany, mum” cried Charlotte.

Mona hit Bethany with a shovel thinking she was hitting Ali; she hated Ali that much. The purpose of a psychic saving Ali was because only a psychic could know to come back to Rosewood and save another person: Bethany Young. Mrs Grunwald sensed more danger and went and saved Bethany. I don’t like supernatural elements as much as the next person, but it exists, and we have to acknowledge it and use it.

Notice how the person saving Ali/Bethany is different in the two instances. TWO people were pulled out of the dirt. (Red sleeve vs no sleeve.)

Bethany Young is alive. Bethany Young is Uber A and AD, which stands for After Death. Whilst there have been many deaths over the seasons, Bethany’s “death” was THE death that started it all and so it’s very iconic for her to go by AD. We know AD has to be someone who has access to medical records, as they leaked Yvonne’s abortion and Veronica’s sickness. Who better than someone who successfully faked her death? 

Bethany couldn’t stand the idea of that bitch Charlotte getting 5 years treatment and then getting to go home with her family, happily ever after. As revenge, Bethany killed Charlotte the exact same way that Charlotte killed Marion and blamed her for it: Charlotte was pushed off a building (bell-tower). 

Here is our clue from the writers that we should be looking at Bethany. In the (FAKE) flashback we saw of Bethany, she was wearing this red sweater.

Yet we saw someone in an awfully similar red sweater walk into the bell-tower the very night Charlotte was killed: Bethany? Again, even though it was a fake flashback and that red sweater doesn’t technically exist, it is the writers foreshadowing. 

And if it wasn’t already clear, Bethany killed Jessica, too… the affair that could’ve teared apart her family forever (Bethany might have become related to Charlotte, that thought scared Bethany!) and Jessica also helped Charlotte get away with pushing Marion. Jessica had to go. Season 5A made it extremely easy to guess that Melissa and/or Peter killed Jessica with Peter’s drugs, and hence they lied about where they were the night she was killed. Yet, here we are in 7A, and the writers still haven’t confirmed Melissa and Peter’s involvement. For that reason, I believe the answer is elsewhere. If it really was Melissa and Peter, that could’ve been confirmed years ago. If it really was Melissa and/or Peter, why is it being extended into season 7B? Because there’s more to the story. It was Bethany.

Bethany/AD chooses to frame Melissa for Charlotte’s murder. Out of all people in Rosewood, why did the killer chose Melissa? Because Melissa has a motive that would make sense in front of a jury: Charlotte sent Wren the video of Melissa confessing to burying Bethany the actual person in the grave, which lead to Wren breaking up with her. Melissa’s relationship crumbled, combined with the simple fact that Charlotte is in possession of a video that could destroy Melissa’s reputation forever, is why Bethany decided Melissa is the perfect candidate to frame: she would have a motive to want Charlotte dead. 

Bethany stole Melissa’s suitcase, broke the handle and bashed Charlotte’s head with it. She then put the suitcase back before Melissa notices it’s missing… or did she? Whilst unpacking her clothes, Melissa says in 613 “I know I had more clothes in here”. Evidently Melissa’s suitcase was tampered with. 

Melissa was the person sending unsigned, emoji texts throughout 6B. She was being harassed by Bethany, that if she doesn’t admit to killing Charlotte or find another killer before the end of the election night, her confession video will be shared with everyone. 

How did Bethany even get her hands on this video? From Wren. As we know, Charlotte sent the video to Wren so clearly Wren is in possession of this video. The reason he instantly ended his relationship with Melissa is because Bethany is his sister and he was mad that Melissa potentially killed his sister and didn’t say anything. Of course, she’s alive now, but what a big secret that is to keep.

As Emily stated in 617 after being attacked, “there’s definitely 2 people after us”. Bethany wanted Emily to touch the suitcase handle (why not have a second person to frame?) whilst Melissa was the one trying to get it back to save herself.

Marlene has said there is one question she can’t wait to answer, but she can’t tell us what this question is because the question itself is a spoiler. That question is precisely “who is actually in the grave?“ The answer is one that makes total sense: Alison’s twin. This also explains how the Jane Doe was identified as Alison in the first place: similar DNA.

They foreshadowed this in 513 by showing a dead Alison in a grave. This was the writers telling us that YES, despite all complications, there really is an Alison in the grave. We already have twins; Mary and Jessica. However, scientifically, twins CAN give birth to twins. So, it is possible to have another set of twins involved in the endgame. Also, Marlene has explicitly said that “we won’t see Courtney”. We may never actually find out the name of Ali’s twin. It doesn’t matter. They aren’t alive, they aren’t A like in the books. We will never see them. They are DEAD. 

It’s also possible that the person in the grave is a random girl we’ve never met before - probably one of the many new cast members joining the finale.

This is tricky to answer for 2 reasons:

- At the time of this Tweet, Marlene knew there will be a FAKE flashback involving Bethany in 610. Ignore that flashback COMPLETELY. It never happened. That was Charlotte retelling a story of lies.

- There is before the incident regarding her face,

- There is after the incident regarding her face.

What incident?

One day whilst on temporary release, Bethany was with Jenna in Jenna’s garage. Alison and her friends threw fireworks inside and as a result, Jenna was blinded and Bethany was burnt. This is how the show is coming full circle as we are circling right back to the stories of season 1. Bethany hates Ali and the girls for the permanent damage she has suffered. 

Alison blamed Toby for ‘The Jenna/Bethany Thing’ which Bethany assumes means that Toby was involved, too. Hence, in a true moment of anger right after her name was announced to the public on television, Bethany blew up Toby’s house. 

Note that Bethany never shows her face in her pictures. This is not laziness by any means, she is actually a brilliant artist.

So whilst Bethany is framing Melissa for Charlotte’s murder, she is harassing the Liars over it too because they ruined her life.

Bethany/AD is walking around Rosewood in masks. Her face is deformed, on top of the fact that she’s supposed to be dead. She cannot show her face. Further, 6A revealed that Bethany Young shared a room in Radley with Leslie Stone. That same season we saw Leslie with boxes of glasses identical to those that AD has been wearing. Leslie knows Bethany is alive and she was trying to locate her long lost friend - she found her!

Bethany shot Spencer as not only revenge for burning her (The Jenna/Bethany Thing), but for being the one to bash her over the head that night. Of course, Spencer didn’t actually do it (Mona did) but since everyone in Rosewood thought it was Spencer, Bethany later latched on to this popular belief. (Note: if Alison survived a rock to the head, Bethany survived a bashing to the head, too. Heightened reality, unfortunately.) 

This message was from Bethany: 

Again, note the blacked face.

This Black Veil person from 401 was Bethany. CeCe’s story of who this person was, revolved around Sara Harvey pulling off a veil to reveal her face, but in reality, there is a (BURNT) Alison mask underneath that veil. CeCe’s version couldn’t be true as Sara never had a mask when she entered the limo. Sara never saw the girls as dolls - Sara was just Charlotte’s decoy, so it makes no sense for Sara to have been playing dolly earlier… This is Uber A.

Why would Sara Harvey care about Bethany Young? She doesn’t. Below is Bethany sending flowers to her family who she misses. She wants to tell them she’s alive and well! But first she wants to finish off this game and punish the people who hurt her.

Despite the above Tweet being from 2013, she is going to follow through with that in these final episodes because:

I know what you’re probably thinking… Bethany being Uber A is not satisfying. To me, it is! It goes right back to season 1 as it revolves around ‘that night’. The person that suffered that night in the pilot, is back for revenge! 

I could do a part 2 for this theory to explain who is Bethany. Who are her parents? Is she a DiLaurentis? Is the “aunt Jessie” thing supposed to be taken literally - is she a Drake? Is she someone’s twin? Is Melissa Bethany? Is Sara Harvey Bethany (I hope not, but very possible)? Is Bethany Charlotte’s twin who also transitioned, hence Jason thought he saw CeCe that night (but really it was Bethany, like Charlotte says)? I believe we are dealing with Bethany - but who is Bethany, is for another day. I do NOT believe for a split second they will make Uber A be a person we’ve never met before. That’s pathetic.

When the Bethany-ideas came flooding to me, I googled ‘Bethany is Uber A’ to see the fan consensus on this topic and the first result was an amazing post by @the-outlast. Whilst we have some largely contrasting opinions on some aspects, shoutout to this person for a couple pieces of evidence I used to explain our belief that Bethany is alive :)

Smoke. [Bucky x reader]

Request: Hey! Absolutely love you and was wondering if I could get a request based of these prompts? “She’s got tangled hair and cigarettes” “I like the look of your face when you’re yapping on about him” “I don’t wanna be your friend I wanna kiss your neck” “When I see your pyjamas I can’t stop smiling at you” Bucky X reader if you don’t mind xx

Warnings: slight angst, drinking, drunk reader, smoking (duh), one or two swear words.

A/N: my first dedication goes out to the beautiful @minervaem without whom I would not own thousandsof goats 
Also to @buckyywiththegoodhair because Nicole is a sweetheart and offers some of the best advice, and @just-some-drabbles for putting up with me and just reassuring my lame self generally 
Thank you to the all three of you for generally being awesome ahhhh i don’t know how to talk or dedicate stuff to people help

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He often found solace in the wisps of smoke floating to the ceiling. The fashion in which it danced gracefully through the air, weaving its way down your lungs as you drew in a deep breath, inhaling greedily in the temporary high it gave you.

His eyes observed the rough tangles of your hair that carelessly cascaded down your curved back. Your fingers enclosed around a cigarette, eyes closed gently while the city continued on in the merciless manner it always did.

Your conversations were something he’d like to equate to smoke as well. It gave him peace in the restlessness, adrenaline in the pure form of adoration.

As your fingers outstretched to slowly offer him the small half burnt roll of tobacco, he made sure to notice how your mouth emerged in an imperfect circle, the exhaust falling over your lips like the remains of what used to be a powerful waterfall, now reduced to the calm flow of water from the edge of a cliff.

“Fuck him,” your voice declared sturdily, artificial tranquility seeping through your words. 

Bucky chuckled deeply, raising the cigar to his mouth, trying to push away the aching sense of happiness he achieves with those few words.

“You’re laughing now, but I’ll eventually find someone who’s good to me,” you objected, a smile taking over your face. “And you won’t be laughing then.”

Bucky elected that appropriate moment to hastily take a wind of smoke, delaying the time for his reaction.

The twinkling lights of the offices which had just been illuminated glimmered in both your irises, occasionally being disrupted by the blinking of your eyelids as the breeze blew over your heads in a flurry. 

The soft blaring noises of the cars brought him happiness as they drove, full of life, through the busy streets of New York, distracting him from the harsh real life he found himself living. He let the sounds of other people’s lives calm him down, keep him grounded. 

“God, he’s such a loser.” You snapped him out of the daze he so often found himself in when he was in the familiar setting.

He tilted his head to look at you, eyes trained on the bottle which had made its way to your hands. The second bottle shared between you two this evening.

You took a swig of the liquid, each drop assisting in forgetting everything, forgetting him.

He who was not the first of many, who had so recklessly played with everything you were sure of, everything you stood for and tore you down.

“He truly is.” Bucky nodded along with you, wanting nothing more than to clasp your hands in his and pull you through the heartbreak you so desperately tried to mask.

“But he’s a funny guy. He makes me laugh, and he doesn’t listen to me that often, but when he does, he understands. He took me to one small part of Central Park once. That was nice.” You had a smile on your face and Bucky couldn’t bring himself to hate that fellow for that particular reason. Because in the end, he did make you happy, even if it was for the shortest of time. 

“I like the look on your face when you’re yapping on about him,“ he admitted to himself but kept from you, seeing a small twinkle in your eyes which he was sure was only for the moment.

You were intoxicated, and intoxicating both. He found himself wanting to have more of you to himself, to get drunk off of the feeling of your skin contrasting his, your fingers intwined with his, but was too late in realising it.

“To be honest, he’s kind of a jerk. And he’s not a nice person. He’s trouble for me, but he still gives me a thrill, I think. I guess I like the thrill, not the relationship,” you said thoughtfully- drunk, but thoughtfully-, evoking a sense of admiration in Bucky.

“But I still love him, you know?” You sighed, gulping another bit of the magical substance which to you, seemed to drive away negative thoughts from your mind. “Which is stupid, because he doesn’t deserve me. He probably deserves a nice punch in the nose for cheating on me, but not me. He doesn’t deserve-”

Your voice cracked, sending thuds of agony to Bucky as he shifted closer to you almost automatically, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, hoping that the sad look in your eyes as you looked to the horizon would disappear.

“Don’t allow him to make you question yourself. You are worth so much more than him,” he said, almost commanded, watching as the bottle made its way to your mouth again. But he just let you do it. “If he can’t see the kindness in your heart that makes me- us love you, or the excitement in your eyes when you see something you love, then he isn’t worth keeping around.”

Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked down at your folded knees, trying to process what he said.

It was silent, and he could almost feel the gears turning in your brain, the very same that induced the thoughts that you had or the ideas you spoke of.

“You said ‘me’.” Your voice was confused, accusatory.

“What?” Bucky asked, lost.

“You said ‘me’, but changed it to ‘us’. You said you love me, but then you changed it.” If you weren’t drunk off your ass, maybe you would have kept it to yourself. It wasn’t the first time Bucky was so careless with his words.

“You caught me.” He shrugged, earlier upset but now thanking the fact that this would have slipped your mind by the next morning.

“You love me?” you asked almost innocently.

“Of course I do. I’ve told you before.”

“I don’t remember,” you murmured, shifting to look at him.

His serene eyes told you nothing that you wanted to know, showing you none of the pain swimming underneath in his mind.

“You won’t remember this either.” He sighed, and you did the same, making him quirk an eyebrow at you and smile.

“Why don’t you ever say it to me then? I always thought you saw me as a friend.” He turned away from you again, looking back at the setting sun. He’s had this conversation too many times for him to want to repeat the same answer.

“I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck,” he sang softly instead, quoting the song he had been listening to on repeat for a week, his gaze focusing on the skyline. 

“Your lips pressed to my neck. I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet.” You half-sang, half-giggled, seemingly forgetting about whatever had just been said, instead focusing on a different song.

His fingers tightened ceremoniously around your shoulders in an attempt to make sure you wouldn’t slip and fall off the edge where you both had resided. 

“Can I say something to you?” you asked, pausing momentarily to look at him.

He gave a small hum as an answer, and you took it as a yes, leaning in to whisper into his ears.

A slight chill ran down his spine as your lips ghosted over his earlobe, making him gulp nervously and force a straight face. If this was going anywhere where he wished it would go, he would have no clue how to react.

“You know,” you began sultrily, not helping his state, “when I see your pyjamas I can’t stop smiling at you. I like you in them.

Bucky stared blankly ahead, taking a moment to register what exactly you had just said. 

“Okay, come on sweetheart. I think that’s enough for today.” He spun around, trying his best to keep his voice from cracking, to hop off the ledge whilst ignoring your cries of protest.

His rough hands held yours securely as he helped you down, throwing your one arm around him to help you stagger along.

“Bucky just because I kind of love him doesn’t mean that I love him more than you,” you whispered, sighing soon after.

All he could do was smile sadly as you continued walking, the sun have gone down already, trailing with it all the words he could have confessed and feelings he could have acted upon.

In the end, all your conversations and gestures would be washed away in the morning along with the liquor because as he said, your conversations were like smoke.

And smoke was only vivacious for a brief period before it dissipated into the atmosphere, leaving no trace of even being there.


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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 4

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Summary: After a poor introduction to Jaebum, the tension between you two only seems to grow.

Word Count: 4992

Warning: Blood, violence and smut in later parts.

“When soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.” -Prometheus Unbound

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I Won't Hurt (M)

yoongi (& taehyung), 8.3k, yoongi us a rich kid and only knows about getting his own way

warning: smut, mentions of death and murder, mention of drugs, mention of family problems

one | two | three | tbc

Let me show you how much I care, please. I’ll do anything. I want you. I want to be out of prison and be with you. Only you.”

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You’re in trouble, little lady! - George Washington [NSFW] x Fem! S/O

Anon asks:  

- fuvk fuck fuck f uck i really need more nsfw george washington material [ coming right up!! ]

- More NSFW George Headcanons (or a x Reader fic?) please? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Loved the last one <3! [ thankyou, im glad you enjoyed it! and  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ofc. always a slut for gwash smut. ]

- Hey! If it’s not to much trouble could I request a threesome with Gwash and Alex with these prompts?? “I don’t care whether you can take it. I will do it anyway and you’ll love it.” And “Just count down with me and if you make it to zero without squirming, I’ll stop hurting you.” If not I totally understand,,, I love your blog!!!! Ps. Take care of yourself (drink your water) [ mY WATER HAS BEEN DRANK. THANKYOU FOR REMINDING ME - EAT YOUR VEGETALS CHILD!! ]

- Hey um.. so um… do you maybe um.. possibly um.. if it’s not any trouble um.. could you um, look and see if you um have some Gwash coming up maybe? [ here you go sweetie! and you dont need to be shy around me <3 ]

Wordcount: 1,311

“[Y/N]!” Your co-worker, and friend, called. You turned to face her, clipboard held to your chest as you wrote down the name of your newest patient. He had his leg blown off whilst he was fighting. As soon as her head popped around the curtain, you noticed the look of contempt on her face – assuming it was at the soldier though.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, her gaze moving from the half-missing-limb up to your face, her expression softening to that of a sympathetic stare.

“I… Washington demanded to see you, he said it was urgent.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, your heart dropped to your stomach and your blood ran cold in your body. Oh no. What had you done that had been so bad that the president himself wanted to see you? You had only been an average nurse; you highly doubted he would want to give you any direct praise. You gulped, even the soldier who was complaining loudly about the pain a moment ago had quietened down with fear and sympathy for you. You felt like the entire world was suddenly on your shoulders, stopping you from moving anywhere.

“Alright…” You whispered to your friend, fingers clutching tightly at the wood of the clipboard whilst you tried your hardest to pick up your feet and continue pushing forward. It was difficult. Whatever he wanted was important and you were almost positive that you were going to end up in the same state as the soldier that you had just taken care of.

Your steps were silent as you made your way down the stretching halls, your jaw beginning to move up and down with fear as you got closer to the two double doors that separated you from the male. Did you knock? Did you go straight in? You stood for a moment, debating on what to do, though you decided to knock first – surely that was better than just waltzing in, right? Your fist rose to give a tap on the door, but just before your knuckles could make contact with the wood, a stern voice called out:

“Come in. I’ve been waiting for you.” The low voice definitely belonged to him. You had heard that deep, sexy voice many times and had even found your mind wondering off back home to him… When he walked past, his strong scent of cologne lingered in the air and left you breathless, your heart pounding against your chest.

Not wanting to anger him more, you used all your strength to push open the two doors and slip past the crack that was created for you. Your (E/C) eyes locked on his chocolate brown ones, your own wide while his were narrowed at you. He didn’t look… angry. If anything, he looked smug… Like a naughty school boy that had seen you doing something you weren’t meant to be doing, like he had some kind of power over you. Your throat went dry, your cheeks flushing a dark shade of pink and your body going stiff. You weren’t sure if you were in love or just completely embarrassed and frightened of the huge figure sat in front of you.

“Y-You wanted to see me, sir?” You croaked out, breaking the gaze to look down at your small white flats. They were awful shoes, but a uniform was a uniform and – well, while you were taking care of hundreds of screaming patients, you weren’t too bothered about looking glamorous.

“Yes.” Was his only response before he let out a sigh and stood up, walking around to the front of his desk and folding his hands together in front of him. You daren’t look up to see the look of disgust and disapproval on his face, you couldn’t bare it. You were afraid that he would see the taint of pink he had brought to your soft cheeks, the way your eyes glimmered when you looked up at him. However, his finger slid under your chin and pulled your chin up to look at him – you couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in your eyes. Was he going to end you home…?

“Tell me, darling,” He purred. “Are you a virgin?” The question was straight to the point and caught you off guard. Your eyes couldn’t get any wider and your cheeks couldn’t get any redder – why was he asking this?! What did he even mean? Sure, you had touched yourself a few times but you had never actually done anything…

“Yes…” You whispered, trying to avoid eye contact with him, but it was completely helpless. A smile spread itself across his face.

“Good.” He breathed, smelling like mint and that overwhelming cologne that always knocked you off of your feet and managed to make you swoon – you had a thing for the Founding Father and it was apparent. He pushed some of your hair from your face and let his free hand grip your waist, pulling you closer until his lips were finally on yours. Did you try to resist? No. Not at all, not in any way, shape or form. You kissed back and let your body fall limp against his, giving him control. He began to lift up the bottom of your dress, his hand on your thigh. He pulled back from the kiss, just enough to look at you and take in your expression. He paused as soon as he got to your underwear – almost as if asking permission. You nodded, signalling for him to continue. He happily obliged, lifting your leg onto his hip before you tugged at his belt, making it fall loose. He let out a happy grunt, shuffling his pants down and backing you up against the desk, lifting you to sit on it. George kept your legs apart by fitting himself between them, finally thrusting in.

“Daddy!” You cried out in pleasure. You guessed he was big from his stance, but not this big. It was odd, considering that you were always told that losing your virginity would hurt. Did it? A little, but the pleasure took your mind off of anything else. His fingers tangled in your hair and his mouth connected to your neck, licking and biting happily. He loved your cute little whimpers and cries of joy.

“Baby girl…” He mumbled against your sensitive skin, his eyes closing as he felt himself getting nearer to the edge. His thrusts were beginning to pick up a pace, he had to be quick as he had a meeting any minute and someone could walk in at any moment. He let out a few heavy pants, one hand pulling at your hair whilst the other one held your leg down. He was a huge ladies man and was very popular with them, but he had never had better sex. You were amazing.

“I’m going to…” He stuttered before you cut him off, pressing your mouth to  his which muffled both of yours and his screams of orgasm. It was amazing.

The two of you cleaned yourselves up, and just in time. A few seconds later, the doors burst open and there stood Aaron Burr.

“You’re excellency, sir.” He bowed his head, allowing himself in. George turned his nose up – this wasn’t who he was expecting.

“Who are you?” He asked, clearly not really interested.

“Aaron Burr, sir. Permission to state my case?” He smiled again, not even acknowledging you.

“As you were.” He sighed quietly, his arm around your waist.

“Sir, I was a captain under General Montgomery until he caught a bullet in the neck in Quebec and well, in summary, I think I could be of some assistance. I admire at how you keep firing at the British from a distance… I have some questions, a couple of suggestions on how to fight instead of fleeing West.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, how about 15 for the numbered prompt things? And of course Sanvers please! If you don't want to that's okay too. Have a good day :)

Of course anon, thanks for the prompt! 

15) things you said with too many miles between us

Maggie sighs into her pillow and groans. Hours she’d been lying there, tossing and turning, sleep evading her. Not that she should be surprised, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since Alex had left. Since she’d let Alex leave. Alex. She just wanted to hold her close, to hear her breaths soft on the pillow next to her, for her to curl into Maggie the way she always did when they were together. But she couldn’t, couldn’t have Alex back, the way they were because Alex was there, Alex was thousands of miles away in a different country, on a different continent. Maggie reaches for her phone. Three a.m. She groans again, knowing work was going to kick her ass tomorrow, again. A tired detective with crappy coffee and crappy coworkers did not mix well. She quickly did the maths in her head; it would be something like six p.m in Germany and her hands hover over the call button.

But she hesitates, because what would she say?

 I’m sorry Alex. I’m sorry that I didn’t fight harder for you, that I didn’t say we could make it work. Fuck this distance? We love each other and that’s greater than any obstacle? 

It’s what she should have said at least, instead of crying and storming out because everybody leaves Danvers, everybody, ignoring Alex’s protests of it’s not forever Maggie. It’s not forever. I have to do this, I have to take this assignment, the U.S isn’t the only country with aliens, and alien invasions. You know you’d do the same, help a country set up and run their own version of the DEO. Come with me Maggie, god baby please come with me.

But Maggie hadn’t of course. Gone with her. Because she couldn’t, she couldn’t leave her work here, couldn’t pack up and leave and Alex had understood because if it weren’t for the fact that she was helping the world, saving countries, she wouldn’t have gone either. Maggie sighs, sighs and curses herself because Alex had made the tougher, the braver decision. She’d left National City, left her friends, her family. Left Maggie, Kara. Not that Kara couldn’t visit in the blink of an eye, but she’d left for unselfish reasons. For the greater good. And sure, it wasn’t forever, it was essentially just a temporary assignment, but Maggie had freaked. Maggie had freaked because Alex would be thousands of miles away and what if she met someone else? What if she fell out of love with her? And Maggie couldn’t deal with what ifs, with uncertainties, so she’d cried and she’d shouted and she’d spent hours on her kitchen floor sobbing until her lungs hurt. But she’d let Alex go. She’d made the worst decision of her entire life and now there were too many miles between them.

Maggie closes her eyes again, knowing that sleep was futile now because her thoughts were raging and settling on all her mistakes and words she wishes she’d never said. Her hands hover over Alex’s name in her phone. Fuck it. She hit dial.

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The Runaway

Sister Winchester - The Runaway

Pairings: John winchester x sister reader, Sam Winchester x sister reader, Dean Winchester x Sister reader.

Warnings: Mild assault

Summary: You save John’s ass on a hunt, but in doing so you disobeyed his orders. Tensions rise as the pair of you fight until John takes it to far by slapping you in the face. You hold your ground and decide to leave, however you must get past Sam and Dean before you hop on the late night bus to a new life.

A/N: Just a quick insight I guess that I needed to get out of my head. I keep trying to work with different characters and wanted to try and look into the father and daughter relationship. I hope you like it as always. I hope to be working with Castiel next but I have received my first request (yay) so I’ll be working on that beforehand. Please enjoy and sorry for my rookie skills. Love you long time. Xxx

//Part 2//

“I’m sorry Dad I didn’t mean to… I just wasn’t thinking… I didn’t want to see you get hurt.” you cried but John wasn’t showing any sympathy.
“You do as I say Y/N. Always. When i tell you to hide, you hide not jump out of your spot and play bait! Are you stupid? Taking on three vamps is way out of your skill level. If your brothers didn’t catch up to you, you would have been dead meat, you understand?” John’s words stung you. The pair of you stood in the middle of the motel kitchen and glared at each other. Why couldn’t he be proud of you? What you did was an act of love not disobedience. It was all so unfair. It felt like you could never win with him, no matter how hard you tried. But now it felt he had pushed you away one too many times and you had had enough. You deserved to be treated better then this, even if it meant going against your father’s strict ruling. This is not what your mother would have wanted.
Your Dad always thought you were too small and weak to hunt. That you would trip over and blow their cover. Or get frightened and cower in the corner. However you were fearless and had your fair share of hair raising incidents which you managed well. Your father was simply prejudice towards you. So most of the time you were put on research whilst the boys went out on hunts. Meanwhile you would stay, wait and worry. You would be so worried when they came home to see if they were alright, but John would always push you away and stop you from fussing. You would later attend to your brothers in secret, cleaning wounds and sewing up gaping slashes.
But this time was different because you were allowed to come with them on the hunt. John found a large vamps nest and needed an extra hand. All his old hunting buddies were on their own trips across the country and therefore he reluctantly got you to come along for back up.
You were excited to prove yourself and make your dad and brothers proud of your natural hunting skills. Also you thought this could be the start of actually feeling part of the family by being more of a vital player in the family business. You thought through all this, and came back to answer John in an ice cold tone you had never used on him before,
“But Sam and Dean didn’t catch up to me Dad… I killed those vamps all of them, by myself.” you rebutted.
John cocked his head and brought his eyebrows together. “Are you calling me a liar?”
“No sir” you responded mechanically.
The tension was rising in the room and your brothers could feel it. They both stopped what they were doing and exchanged a worried look.
“Funny because that’s not what it sounded to me” John stated with venom lacing his voice.
You were fuming.
“How dare you” you heard yourself say. You were not really thinking about the repercussions of your actions anymore. You stared John right in the eyes and held your ground. You couldn’t believe this. Years of neglect from this man who was supposed to be your father and you couldn’t take it anymore.
“Excuse me” John was gobsmacked taking a step closer to you.
“Why can’t you just take my word for once. Why can’t you just trust me. Why can’t you just get it through your head maybe I’m okay at hunting that maybe I saved your ass tonight if I hadn’t distracted those vamps.”
“Don’t take that tone of voice with me Y/N. I’m pretty sure as a fully grown man I could have taken on three vamps by myself. If anything the boys and I would have finished that nest in half the time if we didn’t have to worry about you the whole time. You made the hunt harder. You were a hindrance. You didn’t help. You never help”
“Oh bullshit! I took half those vamps!” you shouted back.
John had never been so angry at any of his children before, and couldn’t hold it anymore. He swung his arm back and slapped you hard in the face making you fall to the ground.
The room went silent as you put a hand to your now hot face. All remaining respect and loyalty you had to your father shattered with that one slap. Your brothers were just standing wide eyed. John had never hit them before. But they didn’t say anything, they were to scared of their Dad.
You hurriedly pushed away the tears rolling down you cheeks and stood back up, centimetres from John’s raging and sad face. You could tell he regretted hitting you as he stared at the damage he had done to his little girl. You already had swelling around your eye making it hard to see through. Purple splotches were already appearing on the delicate skin around your swollen eye. A steady stream of blood had started to freely flow from where your fathers wedding ring hit you and a burning red hand print covered half your face.
“How dare you raise a hand to me. You only daughter, your youngest child. You are no father of mine. I don’t even know who you are anymore" you confessed. John looked like he was going to hit you again but you pulled a knife from it’s block and stabbed it down on the counter top in the spaces between John’s resting fingers, “If you lay a hand on me again and I’ll make damn sure it’s the last thing you do. I don’t care if your my father, your dead to me as far as I’m concerned.” You coldly informed with tears brimming at the edges of your eyelids. You pulled the knife out of the counter top and rested it back in the knife block, before turning on your heel and walked to your room.
Your grabbed your duffel bag and your things, which in honesty wasn’t much. You grabbed your clothes but also packed Dean’s Metallica t-shirt and Sam’s over sized flannel. You couldn’t hold back the tears as you the realised that you would be losing you brothers now as well. You also packed your mother’s necklace and a bundle of photos that were in your possession when Sam slipped into you room. “Y/N what are doing? Please just slow down, he didn’t mean it Y/N” You turned to see him with tears falling down your face, now only just seeing out of the hit eye. You saw his puppy eyes soften as he took in your battered appearance stepping over and pulling you into a tight protective embrace. “I-I can’t Sammy, I can’t do this a-anymore. I’m so sorry” you said. “I know, I know” Sam agreed. “That’s why I have to go… I’m so sorry Sammy” you weeped as you pulled away from the embrace and walked out of the room. Sam was left heart broken and your tears staining his shirt. You came to the main room where Dean stood with his arms crossed in front of his chest, blocking your way to the front door. “Please move Dean, just please let me go” you sobbed barely holding it together. “You can’t leave Y/N, you can’t walk out on this family.” He ordered. It scared you seeing him turning into Dad, no John you corrected yourself. Not your precious brother who was too naive to see past his father’s rule.
“Dean. I’m not giving up on this family. I’m giving up on John. I don’t want to leave you guys but you know I have to. Mum wouldn’t want me to be treated like this and you know it.” You stammered out which took the breath out of Dean as his heart broke with yours as he realised you were right. He reluctantly stepped aside and let you walk past but pulled you in for a tight hug before you got to the door.
“Where will you go? What are you going to do Y/N? Do you even have a plan?” Dean’s voice shook. He was so worried for seeing his little sister walk out so young, into the world. He was always trying to protect you from the world and now you are walking straight into it by yourself. He was conflicted in wanting to protect you and letting you do what you wanted. It was your life at the end of the day.
You inhaled Dean’s scent one more time, the smell of home which you were going to miss so dearly before pulling out of the embrace and looking him in the eyes. “No” you replied simply finishing with a small laugh whilst dragging away unfallen tears as you ran a fingertip against you eyelid. “But I’ll figure it out Dean. You know I’ll be fine” you finished. “I know, I know. It’s just… I don’t know what I’m going to do without you around.” Dean admitted looking down trying to hide his vulnerability.Your heart shattered even more. You had never really grasped how the boys depended on you which made this decision even harder to follow through. You placed a kiss on Dean’s check and smiled as his gaze flickered back to yours, “You’ll figure it out…bye Dean” you breathed before tearing your hands from his grasp and walking out the door before you could change your mind. Dean went to follow you but Sam held him back, “No Dean” he huffed, “We can’t make her stay, it’s her choice now, she’ll be okay” he concluded. Instead they watched as you walked into the night and towards the bus shelter. As you walked further away from your father, you felt like a weight was lifting off your shoulders due to finally being free of his rule. But you also felt guilty leaving your brothers. No, you thought, they will be fine. They are the adults not you. You just need to worry about, yourself. You will be fine you thought as you hopped onto the late night bus. You paid for your ticket with some spare change and took your seat down the back of the bus. You stared out the window to see Sam and Dean staring at you with sad puppy dog eyes. Dean looked frightened in his green eyes as he watched you sit down. Whilst Sam pressed his lips into a hard line, you knew he understood better then Dean. He had talked about leaving and going to college himself. You hoped that he goes, you thought to yourself as you waved to your brothers out the window. Tears rolling down more ferociously then ever, as you realised this was going to be the last memory you would have of your brothers for a long time. The bus pulled away from the curb and you finally allowed yourself to mourn losing your family. But it wasn’t going to be forever. You’ll see your brothers again you promised yourself. Somewhere at sometime in the future you knew that your paths would cross again but until then you had to go it alone.

Good Enough (b5)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight;part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“And how are your stomach cramps? Have you called the doctor yet?”

Even through the phone, you could hear the concern in your husband’s voice and it made you roll your eyes. Through every pregnancy you’d had, Sehun couldn’t help but get himself worked up with worry, especially when he had to leave you for royal duties. And your third pregnancy was no different.

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Heart Broken


Requested by @mrshemmings26 

 Y/n was a musician like Luke but due to various reasons they didn’t click anymore as a couple. Regardless of fans wishes this was a reality and was difficult for the both of them to process, but on a night out when y/n is seen with someone else things get complicated.

 If you have a request do ask! :) 

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 We were called ‘The Dandelions’ as we were seen as light, sweet and can make dreams come true, since we are a primary example. Two years ago we were not well known, there was simply me and my three friends forming a band and recording covers for YouTube, trying to get by or known by any means. Then we got an email from a company who were interested in our music, instantly we agreed and it was an almost overnight success. A few videos later we were nominated for a teen choice award, that was when I had first met him.

 We were on the red carpet having photos taken and I looked past the flashing cameras to see a group of guys, most of them were talking but one was looking at us, observing our movements and once I smiled to him he turned away quickly. Once we had gotten past the photos and were onto the interview stage I asked an interviewer who the group were, she started to gush on about them and that they were this Australian group '5 Seconds Of Summer’ if only then I had known how much of an impact that name would have had on me. I remember the interviewers then directed questions about the guys onto us, then I heard his name, Luke Hemmings; the first time I had heard his name and it stuck to me. Eventually the interviewer stopped talking about the guys and about our music, about how I felt about singing and playing the piano and how I learnt, all of it was fascinating being the first time we had been put in that environment. 

 Once we had been seated inside I glanced around for these four guys, trying not to look like a desperate fan girl I spotted him, again he was looking back at me. Now it was my turn to dart my head away but y/f/n noticed and waved to them instead. It was after winning the award one of the other guys came up to me to congratulate us on the award, that was when I was given his number. That was the night it all started. 

 When speculation came out about the two of us talking all the time on social media, interview topics began to turn away from our music and to dating rumours except neither of us had made anything official, that was until Mikey had made a comment in an interview about us dating and since then it seems that the fans had made it official for us. 

We met up whenever we could, talked all the time and slowly but surely fell in love with each other. Fans of both the bands loved the idea of us being together, that it was the perfect combination of people and music genres. So many of them wanted us to tour together but then things began to get complicated as both our bands rised and blossomed. 

 We were touring at different times, we found we were never in the same time zone anymore and when we did have time for each other we were exhausted. Two solid years of being loved up began to crumble beneath our feet, articles and social media began to tear us apart. They created lies upon lies about Luke seeing someone else, about me moving on or about both of us being miserable or avoiding each other. 

 The truth of the matter was we just couldn’t click, no matter how hard we had attempted to keep it alive and make it work we no longer had the same excitement we had when we first met. Me and Luke broke up five months ago officially, yet the fans still ask about us and about the two of us being the ultimate couple. How we were goals and everyone loved us together, that whenever we were seen with other people of the opposite gender not only us but they would receive mass amounts of hatred or abuse for being seen. On many occasions I tried and tried to bring myself to talk to Luke, but the endless amounts of touring got in the way and I couldn’t bring myself to calling him.

 The last time I saw him was when we ended it, it wasn’t exactly the prettiest of break ups but then again when are they? Luke was never there completely for a few months prior, neither of us spoke much and I found myself bottling it inside. Then I burst into tears one evening and the yelling, the screaming, the cries began to get worse. Then came the fatal words, 'why don’t we just end it.’ I remember how he yelled them in the heat of the argument, how I stood up and quietly walked past him refusing to say a single word whilst I packed a bag of belongings, enough for a few days. He didn’t follow me, nor try and hold me back as I walked out of that door that night and I never looked back. For a while I was radio silent, y/f/n got my belongings and I moved in with her just to keep myself secure. As soon as we were touring again I got back to my old self, questions about relationships were no longer aimed at me which I was thankful for. 

 Now I spend most of my time touring, writing, sleeping and partying. Initially I mostly partied a bit too hard and managed to get myself a bit of a state but part of my inspiration to write these songs came from that, my attempt to make something good from a bad situation. 

 I get messages from fans everyday asking what I’m doing or how I feel, you know being indirect about Luke but I usually I just answer those that I find more funny, sometimes I check up on Lukes Twitter or Instagram to see how he’s been, what he’s up to. It makes me glad that he is happy, that he has these chances like me to go to unique events or just chill with your friends. Except I try to not let the inner bitch get wound up when I see the same girl frequently in his photos, if he’s moved on its good for him. Maybe it’s just taking me longer since I keep it bottled inside.

 'You tore it up, what I believed you could treasure. Guess that goes to show how nothing can last forever’ I wrote down the odd lyric that came to mind, occasionally I would go to the studio and test it out, experiment with it and the keys of the piano. 

 "Y/n?!“ I placed my pen down and closed my notebook, getting down from my bunk to see y/o/f/n stood before me, dressed in less than usual. "You coming to the club or what?” She asked, seeming inpatient with my current appearance being my pyjamas. 

 Wondering up and down I negotiated with myself on going out for one night, it had been a while since I allowed myself to let loose. All I have to do is be moderate with myself, not be excessive like the last time. Letting out a sigh I turn to face her and nod, she squeals before calling the others.

 "Yo Dandos! We got y/n back! Let’s hit The Nice Guy!“ She yelled as I quickly found something to wear before changing and leaving the bus. 

 As soon as we got inside of the club I was greeted by fond memories, coming here with Luke and dancing, drinking and letting ourselves go for a few hours or all night on many occasions.

 I felt someone tap my shoulder and as I turned y/f/n stood there holding a shot glass. "Oh come on, you know you love them.” She egged me on and I didn’t oblige, knocking back the shot before she had considered hers. “Shit, I forgot how much you liked them.” She joked and I shrugged my shoulders, now taking hers. 

 "I just needed to take the edge off of being here that’s all.“ I yelled to her and she nodded, knowing exactly what to do. 

 "Let’s party!” She yelled as we made our way to the crowded dance floor. 

 After a while of dancing and grinding I went to sit down for a few minutes, just to regain some sort of sense. Whilst I kept my head down I heard a shuffle and as I glanced up a stranger smiled to me. He had light brown hair that was swept back out of his face allowing me to fall for his dark green eyes and small smile. "Y/n, right?“ He asked with a now wide smile. 

 "That’s right.” I giggled and played with my hair, unsure of why I was doing either.

 "Can I get you a drink gorgeous?“ He now smirked and placed his hand on my thigh, as his hand continued to move up I went to stop it but someone had beaten me to it. 

 "I’d watch where you put your hand mate, it’s not something you get a choice in without consent.” His hand was torn off of my thigh and the voice was rough.

 "Chill dude, it was harmless.“ He said scoffing and walked away, leaving me with the all too familiar voice.

 "So, you’re here? Of all places.” He jokes and I tut, wanting to go back to my friends. As I stand up he places a hand on my shoulder, being gentle as he always was not wanting to inflict any form of force. Even in the dark lighting I could see the sorrow in his eyes, the glistened look he had when he was upset. 

“Look, I’m over you and it’s obvious you are over me so why interfere? I could’ve handled that.” I state crossing my arms, trying to appear more certain that I was. 

He rolled his eyes and sat down, “Sure you were.” I turned my face away from him, since I couldn’t leave as my balance had not been on my side it didn’t mean I had to talk to him. “Why can’t we just talk this out?” His tone changed, it was less sarcastic and more sincere. I slowly turned to face him to see he had his hands, shaking his head. 

I cautiously reached my hand out to his knee, and immediately he cocked his head back up. “I got jealous.” He mumbled. “I don’t know what it is y/n, you just remain a constant on my mind. No matter how often I convince myself that we weren’t good together I contradict myself.” He huffs and raises his arms in annoyance whilst I sit in silence, I focus less on the music and more on his mannerisms. 

How he would run his hand over his stubble and sigh, bring his hand around the back of his neck before placing it on his lap. How his eyes would glance around trying to avoid observing me in a less than discreet manner, and that he didn’t want to seem shy or lacked confidence so he sat up right, trying to reinforce his manliness. 

 "Luke, things are different now.“ I told him, trying not to focus on him as I spoke knowing he would be a clear distraction. "The way things ended I, I can’t risk going back to that.” Abruptly I stood up, before collapsing back into the chair with a thud. 

“For Christ’s sake.” He muttered under his breath as he picked me up, regardless of my protests and lead the two of us out of the club. Once we got outside immediately we were greeted by flashing lights and noise. I shut my eyes and wrapped my arms around Luke’s neck, burying my head in his chest to block them all out. 

“What happened to y/n, Luke?" 

"Did someone drug her?" 

"Is she completely wasted?" 

"Looks like someone can’t handle their drink." 

"Are you two together again?" 

 Various questions and statements were shouted towards us as Luke kept walking until we were far enough away to get into a car for privacy. As Luke set me down he shut the door and got in the other side. I closed my eyes and rested my head on Luke’s shoulder, tiredness overtaking me. "Can I go to sleep?” I yawn as I close my eyes. 

 "Of course y/n.“ He mumbled into my hair as I shuffle next to him and drift off. "I’ll always be here for you.” He kissed the top of my head as I shut my mind off for a little while longer.

Something To Hide- Part 2

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Request//OMG that “Something to hide” fic was great! You should totally do a part 2!

A/N// Thank You To Everyone Who Requested For A Part 2, We Seriously Got So Many. We are Glad You All Liked It. Maybe A Part 3? 

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

Bright yellow eyes, razor blade sharp teeth.My first thought was werewolf, but then I saw the veins appear on his face, blood dripping from his teeth. What was he and why was there blood?

As he pulled away from the hug, he saw my face drained from Color.

“Y/N are you feeling okay?” Jayden asked

“Oh yeah I’m fine” I lied

“Are you sure?” Jayden questioned

“Yeah i’m fine, come on lets get on the beach and get the best spot to watch the sunset” I said grabbing his hand, trying to forget what I saw until later, but it was so hard, so many things went through my head. Like what if he wanted to kill me. But I remembered what Stiles said “Run straight to him” and if he tried anything that’s what I was going to do.

As Jayden and I went on the beach I took my shoes off. I had my shoes in one hand and Jayden’s hand in the other. We got right in the middle of the beach just as the sun began to set, So we both took a spot next to each other on the sand. Jayden then pulled me into his embrace and wrapped his arms around me, I couldn’t ask for anything better, this was the best thing in the world. I was at the beach with the boy of my dreams, watching the sunset, even though I saw his past and he could be really dangerous, you didn’t care about that in this moment in time, I could deal with that later, but now I just wanted to spend the time with him.

The sun drowned in the horizon, the ray of light glimmering off the ocean. The clouds faded, as the moon started to peak and the stars started to shine in the sky.

“It’s so beautiful” I say looking up at Jayden.

“I know right, I love all the colors it makes and how the sky can change so fast, it’s outstanding” Jayden added

“Thank you so much for tonight jay, it was amazing, I loved it” I said looking back up at Jayden

“Your very welcome Y/N, I have been wanting to ask you out on a date for ages” He said looking into your eyes

“Why didn’t you then?” I asked

“Because I was so nerves, I thought you would say no, I have liked you for ages, I guess I didn’t have the courage to ask you” Jayden stated whilst looking at the sand.

“Really Jay, I wished you asked me out sooner because I have felt the same way about you” I responded

Jayden looked up at me. My emerald green eyes locked with his electric blue eyes. He started to come close to me. All of a sudden his  lips crashed onto mine, I was kissing the boy of my dreams and I loved every second of it. He pulled away. Then something happened what I didn’t want to happen.

His electric blue eyes were replaced by glowing yellow lit eyes. I jumped up in a fright. Yeah, I knew all my friends could do that but I know they were safe, but Jayden I didn’t know anything about him. Then all the memories started flooding back of what I saw when you hugged him, the razor blade sharp teeth and the blood dripping from them. Who’s blood was it?

I didn’t wait to ask.I put your shoes on and you ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

“Y/N Wait please, let me explain, please” I heard Jayden shout but I kept running. Why? I asked myself over and over again. After all these thoughts flew through my head, I finally ended up at Stiles house. Even though it was 11 pm I  still banged on the door.

“Stiles! STILES!” I screamed as tears started to form in my eyes. Stiles came to the door, as soon as he opened it. I hugged him tight, then the tears flooded out of me.

“Y/N what up? What happened?” Stiles questioned pulling me into his house shutting the door behind us. 

“You were all right, I should of listened” I cried

“What do you mean? Y/N just calm down” Stiles asked

“That he was hiding something, I should of listened, because he is” I sobbed still hugging Stiles.

“Y/N you will have to explain, i’m not like you, I can’t see into your past to see what happened, so you have to tell me” Stiles said.

“But I did to him” I cried

“What do you mean, but you did to him?” Stiles questioned

“When I hugged him I saw… I saw his past” I said with even more tears coming. But Stiles pulled me away and sat me on the sofa  and wiped my tears from my face.

“Y/N Just calm down, what did you see?” Stiles asked

“He had yellow eyes, razor blade sharp teeth with blood dripping from the, and veins on his face” I cried even more 

“How do you know this is true, it could be your mind playing tricks on you” Stiles questioned

“It’s not Stiles, because when I… When I” I started but couldn’t get the words out.

“When you what Y/N?” Stiles asked

“When we kissed and we pulled away his eyes were yellow” Stiles pulled me into a hug. He didn’t say another word after that, he pulled out his phone and rang someone.

“Stiles, who are you calling it’s 11:15 at night?” I asked.

“The pack, well Scott then we can get the pack altogether” He said as he clicked the call button on Scott’s name and put his phone to his ear.

“Hey Scott…..Yeah I know it’s late but you will have to get the pack and come straight to my house….Stop asking questions Scott just do it…..Oh my god it’s about that boy Y/N went on a date with…. i’m not telling you over the phone just get the pack and get over here now!” Stiles ended the call.

“Their on their way” He said giving you a small smile, to say everything is going to be fine. 

After about 5 minutes waiting for the pack, there was a knock on the door.

“That was fast” Stiles joked trying to lighten the mood.

We both went to the door to open it. It wasn’t the pack. 

It was Jayden

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Void!Stiles ONE SHOT / IMAGINE (Very long) (AU)

pairing: Void!Stiles x Reader x Stiles                                                                       Note: This is my first ‘one shot’ imagine so please don’t judge x

Imagine you’re sitting in school, bored out of your mind. You are at your most boring class and the teacher is a complete madcase! You swear to god it couldn’t get any worse. All of a sudde the door bangs open, slamming into the hard concrete wall leaving a shallow dent. He walked in with a sly smirk. His eyes dark, as if darkness & void consumed them. His skin almost paper pale and his lips the palest pink you’ve ever seen. He looked like danger the moment he walked through that door and that is never a good sign no matter the situation. “Go sit beside (Y/N), Stiles” the teacher exclaimed. “And don’t you dare move out of your seat!”. He looked at the teacher with a smirk. “Oh honey, I won’t have to” he chuckled and sat down beside you. ‘Your heart galloped like a mad horse. Fear engulfed your brain. ‘Just do your work and don’t pay attention to him’ you thought as you were writing your meaningless essay. 

 “Hey there little dove” He whispered as he leaned over towards you making little sweat drops appear on your forehead. Your hands started to shake in fear but he noticed and smirked slyly at you. He could hear and feel everything you felt. He felt your racing heart and the crushing fear that consumed you. A rush of iciness roamed all over your hand and his hand held yours. He could feel the jolts going through your body and hear the alertness you had in your mind. He knew you were scared, and that was ideal for him. “G-get away from me.” You stuttered unintentionally as you looked at him. “l-let my hand go”. Your hand shook now not only from anxiety but from the coldness of his hand. “I’m sorry little dove, but I can’t do that.” He gripped tighter onto your hand and stood up. “You either come with me or-” you had the guts to interrupt him. You didn’t want to be controled by anyone, especially by him, the void. “Or what? “. He exhaled and grinned like a mad man with a cheeky chuckle that escaped from his lips. “Let’s just say that you will never see any of your friends & family ever again. They will die painfully and it will all be your fault.”. You gasped at his offer and looked at him like this was the craziest idea ever. “This isn’t fair! This is pure insane! You are a freak!”

Out of nowhere you and him were in a dark cold place. The only thing you could possibly see was the cold grey stone walls and the early evening light coming through the half shattered glass windows. “That’s why it’s called a freak show little dove”. Your eyes prowled around the empty place for any hint of an exit but tono avail. Unless…you were to escape through the window. But you knew you wouldn’t make it in time because he would have caught you, plus it would bring you more harm than good. “There is no way  out little dove” He chuckled. “You are trapped, and there is nothing you can do about it.”             He swiftly moved in the darkness and slithered both of his arms around your waist. You wanted to resist his touch but it felt so pleasant and calm, as if Stiles was acctually there and not the Void that’s consuming him. “I can feel your steady heartbeat” He wispered into your ear with his husky voice as his teeth gently nibble on your earlobe. You leaned your head back imagining that it was just the sweet & light-hearted Stiles you’ve always known. “You like him don’t you?” he asked as he kissed down your neck roughly. Your eyes opened in a mere second and you finally snapped back to reality where the Stiles you knew was already gone. “Get off me!” you snapped at him whilst you were trying to get out of his tight grip. “Let me go you freak!”. You were trying to twist, turn and whatever else to break free. “STILES!”. Your scream filled the whole building but your hope was weary. Your heart was shattering into pieces because you have already lost hope of anybody saving you from that monster.

He grabbed your body tight and harshly pulled you against him so that your bodies touched. His nose touched  your cheek and his forehead touched your temple as he whispered in your ear full of building anger and fury. “If one more word comes out of your pretty little mouth again I can promise you that you won’t get out of here alive. Stiles will never come back fro you. He’s a fool for loving you because do you know why?” His tone was raised and you could swear your eardrum was going to burst any minute. Where are you stiles? Where are you when I need you? “Because YOU ARE MINE, and my only. Nobody gets to have you but me.” His hands trembled with rage and all you could do was wince at the pain he was causing you. His grip and strength was  making your body weak and helpless. You bit your lip so hard it started to bleed like a shallow river and the wet tears that rolled down your cheeks relieved some of the pain but not enough to end your suffering. You couldn’t hold back like this, you had to say something. “Please stop, you’re scaring me”. You winced in pain and gasped in fear, crying a little more. He exhaled with a snicker. “Oh, god damn right you should be scared of me because guess who’s in control here?” You released a studdering exhale from your plump dry lips. “That’s right, Me. It’s just that dark energy, little dove…” 

All of a sudden, Stiles bursts through the masked door with Lydia by his side. She must have sensed your coming death. And whenever you thought you were alone, you knew he would come and save you. But, you remembered. If they come any closer they would die. All of them. You couldn’t risk their lives for yours. You hastily turn your head towards them and shout. “He’s going to kill you both, get out of here for your own safety.” Stiles’ eyes widened in horror when he saw you. You were petrified and violently shaking. Your mascara was swimming down your beautiful cheeks like wine stains. Stiles was coming closer to you, step by step. You couldn’t let him save you. “NO, STILES DON’T!”. Your heart was pumping like madwith fear of what’s going to happen. Everything went silent and the nogitsune possessing a cloned body of Stiles spoke. “One more move stiles, one more step and your pretty little (Y/N) is going to die a very painful death. He took out his blade and put it against your neck to warn him. A gasp escaped your lips as the cold and sharp blade touched your sweaty neck. You exhaled for the final time as you closed your eyes, just as Stiles took his final step. Everything was dark. Plain…nothingness. What happened?

You fluttered your eyes open to the sight of Lydia Martin. Her eyes were swollen and crimson from crying. “L-lydia” you whispered faintly. She looked at you and tried to smile without crying for god knows how many times. “ (Y/N), I’m so glad you’re awake.” So many questions surrounded your head. Did i die? Where am i? and what happened?. “He didn’t cut your throat, it’s okay.” She said. Perplexed , i looked into her eyes. “Where is Stiles?”. You looked around for him but to no avail. “H-He’s…” Lydia’s voice broke. You could hear the pain she felt just by listening to her voice. Something is wrong, something is not right. She inhaled deeply before beggining again. “H-He’s in the Eichen house. He’s been possessed by the nogitsune, but the possession wen’t really bad for Stiles.He’s unresponsive.” She was biting her lip in sorrow as she said the final words. “His body is completely paralyzed. There is no way for the nogitsune to get out. And the only way for stiles to be at peace is for him to d-die.” Tears filled my eyes. Lydia’s lip quivered as she broke down crying on your hospital bed. Her tears flown out like free birds. You never felt such a pain in your chest. It felt like someone is crushing your heart piece by piece. You soundlessly hugged Lydia and cried with her , trying to comfort her in any way possible. You are left with the thought that Stiles is gone…and all you can see in your mind is his limp body laying on that hard dirty bed completely paralyzed.

You loved him…If only he knew before it was too late…

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A spouting a huge amount of pick up lines to friends, B getting jealous and confronting A which kind just calls for them making out and skipping/being late for class

There’s the slam of their shared dorm door, a stomping of footsteps. Derek calmly continues in his note making, pretends he hasn’t stayed up past one just to welcome Stiles home from his night out. 

“Are you a magician, because when I look at you everyone else just disappears.”

Derek’s pen drops from his mouth, his heart, stupidly, begins to race, and he jerks his head up to stare at Stiles. 

Stiles waves a hand at him, bodily rolls his eyes as he tosses his wallet on the desk, “See! It works on you! You’re surprised; you’re looking at me; you now know I exist!”

Derek swallows, reigns in his momentary and obviously ridiculous excitement. 

“What,” he manages flatly. 

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Good night, bear

Summary: (inspired by cherryblossom-phil‘s fic“And I hope I get to sleep next to you and say good night for the next seventy years.”

Genre: fluff af hold me

Warning: swearing

Words: 1, 491 words

A/N: right so it’s currently 12 am and I cant sleep so I opened my laptop to write. Sigh. wrote this quick bc I wasn’t feeling inspired these days(cue the late update) and I need to write to ease my inspiration out.


“So I was like- dude, you got to stick it there for it to happen!” Dan rambled, smiling softly at the pixelated screen.

“Then what did he say?” Phil, the youtuber he has been looking up for a long-ass time, giggled, motioning Dan to continue with his story.

“He said to me- Dan, I know I am a flaming homosexual but how the fuck do you know more about gay sex than me?!”

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Calum Hood - Exchange Student Part 7

Sorry this took so long to but up but I’ve been so busy and drained. Anyway here’s the last proper part but I have written an epilogue which is quite cute so request for it to see what happens at the end of the year when the exchange is up.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

‘Merry Christmas Y/N.’ Joy said, wrapping her arms around me in a hug as I entered the kitchen.
‘Merry Christmas Joy.’ I hugged her back, squeezing my eyes shut. It was a bitter sweet moment because I felt happy but missing my own parents swirled inside of me.
She led me into the living room where the annoyed whispers suddenly ceased when we entered. Mali’s face immediately broke into a wide happy smile.
‘Merry Christmas.’ She cheered, standing to give me a hug before sitting back down next to the tree. The tree was beautiful and unlike anything I had ever seen. It was massive and needles littered the floor but it was beautifully decorated with a mismatch of ornaments that all seemed to compliment each other. Each one had an individual story that I enjoyed hearing about from Joy, Mali and even Calum chipped in as we decorated the tree several weeks earlier.
Mali’s excitement was palpable. Christmas was definitely her favourite season and a smile spread on my own face as her cheerful aura was contagious.
We allowed Joy to open her presents first and she seemed genuinely happy with her selection of gifts, including the book I thought she’d enjoy reading.
‘This is from me and Calum.’ Mali said, thrusting a perfectly wrapped present towards me but I noticed her quick glare aimed at Calum. Unwrapping the paper, my breath caught. Tears threatened to spill over the edge at the sentiment. In my hand was a photo album with family written on the front in a loopy cursive. Quickly I flicked through it and found many pictures of me with the Hoods and friends I had made here. On the first page was a carefully and neatly written message about how this was only the beginning and now I can continue to fill it with many more memories that I would make here. Some were pictures that I hadn’t even realised had been snapped. There were a lot of firsts such as when I wore my work uniform for the first time, the first party I had gone to, the first time Mali and I had been to the beach, but one of the photos caught my eye. It was one of Calum and I from months ago and I definitely had no idea it had been caught on camera. It was one of the rare occasions we had got along and laughed. We were both looking at each other whilst laughing. Longing tugged on my heart as this picture held a possibility that I hadn’t realised I so clearly wanted. Not wanting them to see me linger on that page I rapidly turned it over and found one of me and Mali posing in a funny way in the street. I nearly missed Calum in the background who was smiling, his gaze was clearly pointed to me and there was a warmth to it that I had never seen before. There was one candid of me that I couldn’t place Mali being there for.
‘When was this one taken?’ I asked, pointing at the picture.
'Some party you went to I think. I’m not sure Calum took it.’ She shrugged. I glanced at Calum who quickly looked away.
'It was at Michael’s first party.’ He shrugged. I looked back at the photo and it was so pretty I could barely stop looking at it. Shock washed over me as I couldn’t believe he had felt the urge I take the photo.
The day continued with Hood traditions with one change where we all gathered around a laptop to Skype with my parents. My mum cried but mainly there were smiles all around.

Each year the New Year’s Eve party was held at a different house and this year it was the Hood’s turn to host. The parents were all really close too which was warming to see. Calum was setting up the fireworks for when 12am hit, Joy was finishing off putting out the snacks and Mali was still getting ready as she wanted to look her best since it was the first time the family were meeting her mysterious guy, when the doorbell rang.
'I’ll get it.’ I called and ran to the door.
'Hello.’ I smiled at Luke’s parents.
'Y/N.’ Liz said as she hugged me, followed by a hug from her husband. I moved aside so they could walk through and join Joy. This was the first time since the party that I was in Luke’s presence and I didn’t know exactly how to act.
'Oh come on.’ He rolled his eyes with a smile as he stepped towards me and hugged. 'I believe we said we were still friends.’
'We are.’ I said sighing with relief as I squeezed him in a tight hug.
The Irwin’s and the Clifford’s arrived not too long after, leaving Mali’s boyfriend until last. She was really nervous which was noticeable by the slightly quickened pace she completed everything.
'It’ll all be fine take a deep breath.’ I told her.
'I know.’ She sighed. 'I just wish he was here already.’ A knock drifted through to the kitchen and she immediately sprinted to the door, returning with a handsome guy holding her hand. He was very polite and charming. I shot her a nod of approval and her mum seemed to warm to him within seconds. A clear weight was visibly lifted from her shoulders, allowing her relaxed manner to return.
Passing the living room, voices caused me to linger.
'You’re stupid Cal.’ Luke said. I could visualise him dragging a hand through his hair. 'Why are you just leaving things with her?’ He asked.
'What do you mean?’ Calum sounded genuinely confused.
'Y/N!’ Luke exclaimed. 'You clearly like her and she feels the same.’
'But what about you two?’ Calum asked.
'We’re just friends. She likes you mate.’ With that I headed towards the garden. I hadn’t meant to over hear the conversation and guilt swamped me for not telling him that whatever Luke and I had was over. I frowned, remembering that there was a reason and that he had been a dick.
Luke entered the garden first and smiled at me before heading towards Michael and Ash. When Calum came out I expected him to head in the same direction but he didn’t. Nerves flooded my entire body and I silently cursed myself that he had this much of an affect on me.
'Why didn’t you tell me?’ There was no hey. He was straight to the point and that blunt quality was something I had admired about him.
'We’re both stubborn I guess.’ I replied, crossing my arms.
'This entire time I thought you were with Luke.’ He looked at the ground.
'No.’ I sighed. 'That’s why I came to find you but like usual you were moody and cold’
'I’m sorry.’ He whispered softly. 'Just for everything. I have not handled this well.’ He laughed, running a had through his hair.
'That is an understatement.’ I laughed. 'But I forgive you.’
Everyone else began the countdown to twelve o'clock, snatching our attention towards the fireworks as Michael’s dad stood by ready to set them off. 'Ten, nine, eight.’ We all shouted in unison. As we got to one Calum’s soft lips found mine. Instinctively my arms wrapped around his neck as I parted my lips. His hands were on my waist, pressing our bodies together. We kissed our way into the new year as everyone around us wished each other a happy new year. He broke away, resting his forehead on mine.
'Happy new year Y/N.’ He whispered smiling.
'Happy new year Cal.’ I replied, mirroring his smiling face.
'Let me try and make things up to you.’ He said, holding my hand.
'Okay.’ He pulled me towards the house and I caught Luke’s gaze following us. His smile widened and he winked towards me before he turned back towards his parents. He led me up the stairs and all I could think was that this was a bit quick and my eyes widened as he took me into his room.
'Cal..’ I started. My tone full of shock.
'I’ve not brought you here for that.’ He rolled his eyeshadow he chuckled, making me laugh. This was the first time I had seen the inside of his room. It was blue and extremely messy with clothes and shoes thrown everywhere. A few posters of bands littered his walls and there was a notebook on the table next to his bed.
'Is that a diary?’ I couldn’t stop myself from asking.
'No.’ He shook his head as a blush crept along his cheeks. 'I write. It’s full of lyrics.’ He said shyly, nodding towards a guitar behind me.
'Well it seems I’ve got a lot to learn about you Calum Hood.’ I laughed after the shock subsided. For some reason him being private and reserved was really endearing, attracting me to him even more.
'This is for you. It’s what I got you for Christmas.’ He placed the box in my hand sheepishly. I looked at him questioningly. 'I’m stubborn. After the party I was annoyed and didn’t want to give it to you, so Mali pretended like we did the photobook together.’ He mumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets. 'Open it.’ He prompted. Excitement twinkled in his brown eyes.
Opening the box I gasped. 'No you didn’t.’ I couldn’t believe what my gaze fell on. It was a locket. 'I can’t believe you remembered!’ Months ago Mali had made him come shopping so we could bond and we had past a jewellery shop. This locket had caught my eye as it was beautiful and elegant and I had wanted a locket for years. My wide eyes looked up at him. He could barely contain his happiness at my reaction. 'I love it.’
'Here let me put it on.’ He offered, taking the locket out the box as I lifted up my hair for him to place it around my neck.
'Thank you so much.’ I said still taken aback and shocked at the sweet gift. I wrapped my arms around him in a hug, pressing my lips against his to show my appreciation.
'This is only the beginning. I have a lot to make up for.’ He smiled and kissed my check before entwining our fingers as he led us back to our guests.
Clearly there was a lot more to Calum that I had yet to discover, but my heart was beating quickly and the smile on my face couldn’t be budged, so I knew that I was beginning to fall for him and getting to know Calum properly would be a pleasure.

It Only Takes One Time (Part 17)

Thanks for 1k.

Warnings: Swearing

Part 16

I got to leave the hospital early the next morning. For some reason, everybody decided to come and welcome Liam to Dan and Phil’s apartment. By everyone I meant mine and Dan’s families along with Phil in Catherine.

 Don’t get me wrong, I loved everyone and I was thrilled that they wanted to spend time with Liam but I wasn’t in the mood for a big crowd. I just needed a bed and my baby. I didn’t want to make a scene about how tired I was, but I made it obvious when I fell asleep on the car ride back.

“You okay walking up the stairs?” Dan asked, chewing his bottom lip for a second. I sighed as I remembered the many flights of stairs then felt tears fill my eyes as I was still in pain just sitting down.

 “We’ll help you, its okay.” Phil smiled from across us in the cab. I grinned back as I slowly exited the taxi and planted my feet firmly on the ground. I felt a bit off for a second but there wasn’t much I could do.

“I could carry you,” Dan offered. “My mum has Liam so come here.” I wasn’t in much condition to reject seeing that I could barely keep my eyes open. I simply shrugged and wrapped my arms around him. I didn’t care that everyone was just watching to see what happened next. Dan carefully picked me up and brought me up the first flight of stairs.

“You alright?” He mumbled. I lazily nodded and he started going up again.

Once we were upstairs, Dan dropped me off in his room and laid me on the bed.

“Want me to bring Liam in or do you just want to sleep?” He asked, putting the blanket over my body.

“Does it make me horrible to just want to sleep? I’m really tired, Dan.” I groaned and hugged the blanket against me. It smelled like him and that brought comfort swimming all through my veins and all around my body. Dan let out a cute little chuckle.

“Of course not. I’ll bring him in when you’re awake. Meanwhile, I’m going to go into the living room with anyone. Shout if you need anything, alright?”

“Hmm…” I mumbled, already half asleep. He patted my shoulder then left.

I woke up in the next couple of hours and took a moment before making it known. This was the first time I’d been in Dan’s room alone for more than a minute of a time, and now that I had some energy I was taking it all in.

I found myself smiling as I pictured him walking in here after going out with friends, or just coming in after a night in the living room with his laptop. He’d complete his night with simply taking off his clothes, climbing into bed and scrolling on his phone and passing out.

I don’t know what made being in here so special. Maybe it was because Dan demanded I take the room, or maybe it was because I felt close to him the longer I stayed in here. This room represented who he was. The piano pointed out the musical aspect of his life, and all of the posters and little figures and books represented the interests he had that he wouldn’t talk about in person unless he was asked, or with Phil.

Every part of his room made me fall in love with him a little bit more, because he was just a normal person. He had a big heart and he was geeky, smart, and he was incredibly understanding. I was so lucky to just know him and he was luckily the father of my newborn son. It brought me peace knowing that Liam would inherit some of these traits because, honestly? Dan was the best person I knew.

I got up and changed into one of the baggy shirts along with a pair of Dan’s sweatpants. They were big because he obviously is not a woman, but they were comfortable and that’s all that mattered.

I walked out and into the living room where Dan and Phil sat with their computers on their laps. Next to the couch was a crib where Liam laid asleep.

“Y/N, hi!” Dan whisper-shouted. He closed his laptop and walked up to me. “You should’ve called me; I would’ve helped you out.”

“Dan, it’s okay.” I chuckled. “I think I’ll be good walking around the apartment a little bit. I just hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your pants.”

“You can wear anything,” he smiled, showing off his dimples. “By the way, this crib was a gift from your parents. The other one is upstairs, but I might keep this one in my room just so it’s more accessible for the first while.” I nodded and sat over by Phil, who gave me a nod and continued scrolling. He seemed irritable but I couldn’t guess as to why.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned and hugged a pillow. Phil sighed and waited a moment before answering.

“I really don’t want to get involved or start anything but since I live here fulltime and Dan is going to hesitate telling you, Marie stopped by when everyone was still here.” Phil said in a low voice. Just the sound of her name made my blood boil and I honestly felt super uncomfortable thinking about her standing foot near my son whilst I slept. “Well, Marie and her brother.” Now, my stomach felt awful and it was like I was about to experience morning sickness all over again. Her pervert brother was disgusting and I definitely didn’t want to see him around at all.

“Jesus, Phil,” Dan groaned and pushed back his hair in frustration. “Y/N, Marie nor Jacob held Liam. Catherine had him the whole time.” Just that one sentence made me feel blessed. I knew that if it had been anyone else Catherine wouldn’t have been so hostile but she knew I hated Marie.

 “Dan, I really don’t see the need for her even coming around here while Y/N is here. They clearly don’t like each other and Y/N is the mother of your son. I think boundaries are needed right now.” Phil shut his laptop and unplugged the charger. Dan looked beet red but stayed silent. I’m sure he was probably just trying to make a sentence up in his head.

“Its okay, Phil. It’s probably going to happen at some point, I guess.” I stood up and started hearing whimpers coming from the crib. I carefully reached down and scooped up my son. “And you know what, I’m not ready for the step-mother to be holding Liam just yet, but when I’m around it’ll happen at some point. To be able to raise a child of my own, I guess I have to grow up, too, right?” I weakly smiled at the two boys before going back to the room with Liam.

It took so much not to choke on my words but I couldn’t say anything else. Marie was going to be Dan’s wife and as much as I hated her, I had to try.

Trying was the only thing I could do. There was no other solution. If it meant a better quality for Liam, so be it.


Days passed and I was finally starting to feel a little more normal. My body didn’t ache as much and Liam was already growing.

Marie had visited a few times. Either she came when Liam was napping or stopped by while he was in the middle of eating, so she still hadn’t had a chance to even ask if she could hold him (thanks, boobs!)

 It had been smooth sailing for the first few days other than the late night cries and poopy diapers. I was doing alright at keeping a semi-clear head for the beginning of motherhood.

One fateful day, however, I’d just put Liam up for his nap in his nursery for the first time and I decided to go make a snack. But once I got to the kitchen, it was a mistake.

“Dan! You’re marrying me, not her.” It was Marie. I guess she’d been over again and now, she and Dan were fighting. I felt awkward standing there and listening, but I couldn’t resist. It was just too juicy and the last time I heard them fight was when Marie found out I was pregnant.

“Be quiet. Y/N is putting Liam to sleep.” Dan hushed her. His voice was a lot softer and calmer than hers.

 “Can you forget about your son for one moment? We have to plan a wedding, Dan. I’m sorry if our relationship isn’t that important to you anymore but I would really like for you to answer my question. Do you or do you not want to leave me for… Her?” There was a long silence, and I mean a long silence. I covered my mouth and tried not to breathe too loud. All the blood was just rushing to my head. Please say yes, Dan. Please.

“Marie, I’m going to go and check on Liam. We’ll talk about this later, okay?” I heard the shuffling of Dan’s feet and did a little jog to the bottom of the stairs, making it look like I hadn’t just heard them talking.

“Hey, Dan…” I whispered since Liam was just put to bed. He instantly smiled and did a little wave.

“I’m going to go sit with him for a second upstairs but I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me tomorrow? Phil and Catherine said that they could both babysit and I think you and I just need to talk about some stuff,” he raised his arm and did that attractive thing he does where he just rubs the back of his neck. Ugh. I could look at him for days.

“Sounds good.” I nodded. “I’m just going to get something to eat and watch some TV.” Dan started walking up the stairs.

“Marie is over, by the way.” Dan stated before entering the room.

I was a little nervous to walk into the kitchen. Marie was emotional, and I wasn’t sure how she’d react to seeing me. The worst that could happen was that she’d stab me or something.

There were many awful scenarios going on in my head, but nothing could compare to what I walked into. Marie had her back turned to me and she leaned over the sink and sniffled. She was crying…?

“Marie.” I managed out as I walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Oh no, not you.” She choked on her words and ran her fingers through her hair. “I need to go home. Tell Dan, or not. It’s not like he’d care either way.”

“Marie, don’t say that…” I shook my head. She turned around to look at me and I actually felt bad for her… Marie was a stunning woman. I never doubted for a second why Dan was so attracted to her, but seeing her like this was just so… Sad. Her makeup was running down her face and her eyes were puffy. She was legitimately suffering over Dan. “He probably wants to say goodbye to you when you leave.”

“Y/N, I know you can be kind of ditsy, but you’re not 100% an idiot. You obviously know that he prefers you over me. Jesus, he can’t even hold a conversation with me without mentioning you.” Marie grabbed a tissue out of her bag and blew her nose. I frowned and put my hand on my hip.

“Well he’s marrying you, so I’m sure he loves you.” Marie just laughed.

“Only because I asked him and he probably felt too bad to say no.” She wiped her eyes which was no good since she started sobbing again. “P-please don’t take him from me… I know he doesn’t look at me the way he looks at you but he makes me so happy and you probably don’t believe me but I do love him. You and him will always have each other because you have a baby and your families will probably get super close and stuff. I only have him and my brother, and my brother really sucks.” My heart actually broke and I felt myself feeling bad for Marie… There was not so much about her I didn’t know, nor did I want to but something inside of me could understand what she was feeling.

Sure, I may have never dated Dan but he would always be around me, one way or another. If Marie could say the same then maybe she wouldn’t be such a brat.

I brought Marie into a hug and sighed as I carefully patted her back. She hugged back and cried on to my shoulder.

“You’re really pretty and stuff… Okay..?” I didn’t know what else to tell her. She already knew the few nice things anyone could say to her. What I said next, I knew would be for the better. Maybe it wouldn’t be great right now, but surely in the future. “I won’t take him… Not like I could anyways. I promise he loves you and that you’ll have that wedding.”

And now, the only thing I could try and do was make sure that stayed true. Well that, and now act like I wasn’t in love with Dan Howell.

Sam Wilkinson Imagine - The Change Of Clothes.

imloudandunknown Request: could you please make one about sammy and y/n but they can’t get together because he’s got a girl and she’s Nate’s little sister but they get together for one night any way. Thank you love ur posts btw much love

Hope this is what you wanted, sorry it took so long.

Contains smut and swear words (cuss/curse words).

R/G/N - Random Girl Name.

R/B/N - Random Boy Name.

— (Sam’s POV) —

I can’t stop staring at her. I have a perfectly fine ass in front of me but I’d prefer the one across the room, the one which belongs to my best friend’s little sister.

No she’s not a kid, she’s legal actually.

“Sammy lets go have our own fun, I’ll show you a little something or two.” R/G/N smirks, tugging on the collars of my flannel.

“No, I’m tired.” I decline her offer and push myself off the wall, heading to the kitchen to get another drink.

“Yo bro have you seen Y/N?” Skate walks in, a brunette on his arm.

Y/N, even the mention of her name drives me insane.

“Uh yeah she’s in the living room by the stairs the last time I saw her.” And no I haven’t been staring at your sister all night.

“Thanks man, you comin’ to play beer pong?” He asks, smirking and snickering as his girl for the night kisses his neck.

“Nah, I’ll pass, I’m thinking of calling it a night.” I fake a yawn, patting his shoulder on my way past him.

“You’re not going anywhere, go take the spare bedroom, you’re not leaving this house.” He scoffs, making me turn on my heels.

“I think I’ll pass on hearing you fuck through the night.” I nod my head to the girl on her arm, making her giggle and blush.

“Nah man you’re not leaving this house, you’ve had a few drinks.” He’s serious so I give in with a sigh and wish him and his girl a good night.

“Baby where you going?” R/G/N slurs, leaning on the wall.

“To sleep, you are too.” I say, grabbing her hand to take her with me. Knowing her, she’ll try to get home on her own, drunk out of her mind and end up lost or in a ditch somewhere on the other side of town.

We push the spare bedroom door open and close it behind us, the music isn’t as loud up here, just a small background noise. “Come on baby, undress me.” R/G/N smirks, I roll my eyes.

“I’m not in the mood, besides, you’re drunk out of your mind right now and that would be wrong,” I sigh, tucking her into bed. She complains about being uncomfortable in her dress. “I’ll go get you a change of clothes, stay here.” I say before leaving the room.

Y/N and R/G/N are friends, they borrow each other’s clothes all the time.

I walk into Y/N’s room expecting it to be empty and stop when I see Y/N sitting on the edge of her bed; crying.

A sudden rush of anger takes control as I walk over to her, wanting to kill who ever made her cry. “Y/N? Y/N, babe, what’s wrong?” I ask, kneeling down in front of her.

She sniffles, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand; smudging her mascara even more. “H-He called me a sl-slut, I tried t-to calm hi-him down b-but he never listened.” She sobs, immediately I take her into my arms and hug her tightly, burning with anger.

“Who? Who called you that?” I question.

“R/B/N,” She answers quietly, I’d seen him around throughout the night. I stand up but he latches onto my arm. “Sam don’t, he’s gone and I don’t know where he lives, you can’t tell Nate, please promise me.” She cries, pulling me back into a hug.

I sigh, not wanting to leave her anyway but I will make sure that asshole gets what he deserves at some point. I tell her to go shower and change into comfy clothes whilst I wait on her bed, ready to lay with her until I know she’s asleep and okay.

She walks out in a oversized t-shirt and no pants, exposing her long, tanned legs. “Sorry,” she blushes. “This is what I wear to sleep, I can put sweats o-“

“No need.” I immediately say.

Way to go Sam, sound like a desperate pervert.

She giggles, reaching up to tie her hair into a bun, I didn’t miss how her t-shirt rose up to the point I almost seen her panties. But I turned away.

“What did you need?” She asks, sitting beside me on the bed.

I try not to look at where the t-shirt had ridden up again, I tried not to think about it incase I got hard.

“What?” I stammer, looking anywhere but at her.

“You came in earlier, did you need something?” Her innocent voice teased me without meaning to, I’m horny as fuck.

R/G/N. Fuck.

— (Y/N’s POV) —

“N-No but I need to get going.” Sam stammers.

“No!” I cringe when I hear how desperate and eager I sound, a blush floods onto my cheeks. “I m-mean, I’d like it if you stayed.”

He looks hesitant at first, I know it’s wrong for many reasons; he’s my brother’s best friend, he has a girlfriend and she is one of my closet friends. But we’re friends, it’s okay for friends to comfort each other right?

“Of course,” He smiles, kicking off his shoes to lay beside me on my bed. We lay on top of the comforter, his arm around my shoulders and my head on his chest. After a few minutes of silence he speaks up again. “This is kinda’ wrong but kinda’ right at the same time.” He whispers, I giggle.

“Chill Sam, it’s not like we’re having sex.”

“But would you want to?” He asks. I look up at him and nearly choke on my own saliva, his face is straight and serious.

“Wh-What? Sammy you can’t ask that.” I scoff, hoping he didn’t notice my blushed cheeks.

“Why not? I like you so fucking much Y/N and it hurts because I have R/G/N and you’re Nate’s little sister.” He sighs, running his hands through his hair.

With a new found boost of confidence, I grab the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head; surprising him. “Nobody has to know.” I felt truly terrible for doing this, but R/G/N is only using him for sex. I actually like him for him.

I notice his tight pants, making me want him even more. “Y/N this is wrong.” He sighs, I place my hand on his crotch and straddle his lap, biting my lip.

“Yet so right.” I whisper, leaning in to kiss his lips. He kisses me back but pulls away a short second later.

“Go lock the door.” He orders, I furrow my eyebrows and get up to lock my bedroom door. He pats his lap, I sit back down on his lap with a growing smirk, and reconnect our lips.

His hands roam my body, pulling at the only clothing I have on; my panties. I thought I’d be going straight to sleep so I never put a bra on after my shower. “Do you have a condom?” I mutter against his lips, resting my forehead on his as his hands cup my breasts and squeeze them lightly.

“No,” he groans. “I guess we’ll have to settle for something a little less.” He smirks and rolls us over so he’s above me, between my legs.

He sits up and hook his fingers around the elastic of my panties, looking at me for permission which I grant to him. He slides them down my legs, he takes a deep breath in when he sees me fully naked. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He breathes, dismissing my panties to the side.

He kisses my lips and goes down on me, smirking against my skin. “Sammy.” I moan as his lips kiss my clit.

He licks my clit over and over again and blows on my wetness, creating a intense wave of pleasure in the pit of my stomach. He runs his tongue up and down me before finally sliding it inside of me, rubbing my clit with his thumb. I reach down and grab a hand full of his hair, tugging when I try and squirm away but he holds me down with his free arm.

He continiously plunges his tongue in and out of me, stroking figure of 8’s on my sensitive clit. My legs begin to tremble, I try and shuffle away but he chuckles against me and holds in me place. “S-Sam,” I whimper, clenching the bedsheet above my head. “F-Fuck I’m gonna cum.” I yell, hoping anybody upstairs never heard me.

He pulls away and slides two fingers into me, finishing me off whilst licking my clit. “Cum for me baby, squirt.” He groans, watching his fingers move in and out of me.

I release all over his hand, screaming his name and squirming about on the bed until finally I’m finished. I lay there on the bed, panting as if I had just ran around the world and back in one go. “That was fucking intense.” I chuckle, sam crawls up the bed and lays beside me.

It’s only right to return a favour.

I sit up, take of his flannel and unbutton his jeans, pulling them down as soon as I can. He watches me, caressing my face as I focus on pulling his boxers off.

He helps me get them off and I gasp at his size. “Damn Sammy.” I giggle, wrapping my hand around his fully hard shaft. He only chuckles in reply, placing his hands behind his head.

I kiss his lips and go down on him just how he had to me, I hear him moan when I kiss his tip. I tease him with kisses from the tip all the way down his shaft to the base. “No games Y/N, please.” He groans, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Watch me then.” I smirk and wait until he opens his eyes to slowly yet surely wrap my lips around him and bob my head once. He closes his eyes again and I lift one hand to claw down his abs, gaining his full attention again.

We hold intense, lustful eye contact as I slide my lips up and down his shaft. I sink my head down until he hits the back of my throat, making me gag. “Shit.” He moans, placing his hands on the back of my head to guide me up and down his shaft.

I continue pleasuring him until he tells me he’s close. “Fuck, Y/N, keep going I’m so close.” He grunts, closing his eyes.

I do as told and eventually he releases into my mouth, I swallow every last drop of it.

— (Sam’s POV) —

I put my boxers on and jeans, followed by my flannel. We just lay there, Y/N had dressed herself back into her t-shirt and panties. “That was fucking amazing, I can only dream about what our sex is like.” I chuckle, unable to hide the grin on my face.

“Maybe one day we’ll find out, not now though,” she sighs, climbing beneath the comforters. “I’m tired, I’m gonna’ go to sleep.” She yawns, laying down comfortably.

I watch her, stroking her hair from the roots to the ends, smiling at her peaceful facade. I continue to stroke her hair until she’s asleep, I kiss her forehead gently, savouring probably the last time I’ll get to kiss her like this. If I was to ever kiss her again it would be a friendly peck on the cheek, nothing more.

When I know she’s asleep I make sure she’s tucked in comfortably and turn off the lights, closing her bedroom door behind me. The party is still going, the bass of the music is still vibrating through the walls and floorboards.

I walk back into the spare bedroom and sigh when I see R/G/N knocked out, hanging off the bed with her head resting on the edge of the trash can. She has nothing on Y/N.

Shit, the change of clothes.

Neither Rhyme Nor Rhythm

Pairing: NicoMaki
BG Pairings: RinPana, KotoHono, KotoUmi, NozoEli, TsubaHono, kind of HonoMaki, kind of NozoMaki???? literally this fic is everywhere
Words: ~8000
Also NB/Genderfluid Rin usin they/them B)

Rated: M? ish

  • “you     thought I was your friend and pulled me up on the table to dance with you     now you’re shirtless and grinding on me” au 

Based loosely on this prompt. This fic is kind of everywhere though tbh, I haven’t written properly in absolutely ages so I was just trying to feel my way through this fic (which is why it’s a huge mess)

tw alcohol, smoking (all charas legal in UK)

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New Fic: Twin Times

I don’t know where this came from. I was thinking that Regina and the Queen were kind of like bickering five year olds…and then I thought what if they did get turned into five year olds? Snow and Charming have the fun of trying to parent twin little Reginas. Total crack AU. Family fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

TW for references to child abuse.

“Give it back!”


“It’s mine!”

“But you’re me so it’s mine now!”


David frowns at the sudden howling that erupts from the other room. He sighs, putting his book aside as he realises that it’s time to once again try to avoid World War Three. He walks into the next room to see one of the identical brunettes holding her cheek as she sobs whilst the other one cowers and cries in the corner.

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