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As an American who is currently planning to attend college in Canada, how can I help pressure Trudeau on electoral reform? I am very worried that the current "first past the post" system could put the Conservatives in power, I have doubts that the NDP could win, and while I'm not very happy with the Liberals, I still have to admit that ineffectual centrist leadership is much better than whatever O'Leary's planning. Any advice?

Since you aren’t Canadian, you won’t be able to contact an MP. You could email/phone the Prime Minister, but I’m not sure how likely they would be to listen to you since you’re not Canadian.

You could organize or attend protests once you’re in Canada. You can share information about electoral reform and why its needed on social media.

I wouldn’t count out the NDP. In the past 2 elections they came very close to coming into power. It doesn’t have to be a choice between terrifying Conservatives and ineffectual Liberals. In fact your best choice in getting electoral reform is probably voting for or supporting the NDP. They’ve been advocating for electoral reform for decades, and support proportional representation.

Anyways, hope that helps.

nyes hello i haven’t posted art here in ages-

i drew a pic of the OT3, consisting of (from left to right) @shoucheeky‘s marie, one of my sonas romiette (who i haven’t introduced yet rip), and @some-fuckwit‘s maestus!

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I’m so curious about Oliver and Marcus’s relationship in canon

How well did they know each other?

How did they first meet?

Why do they shake each other’s hand tighter than necessary? Surely you wouldn’t want to hold the hand of someone you supposedly hate too tightly

Did they talk to each other off the quidditch pitch?

What classes did they share when Marcus repeated?

Why did they supposedly not like each other so much?

Why did Marcus enjoy stirring Oliver up so much?

Did they ever see each other after Hogwarts in the quidditch pros? 

Marcus seemed to intimidate people so why was Oliver not?

Were they secretly in love?

So I have all these super talented friends doing really cool concept art for their stories & OCs and the like, and I figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon even though I am not the best artist. So I painted a really crappy thing tonight and whoooo y’all can see it now! This is Barnaby Whitaker, one of my OCs. 

@phoenixavalon @tamaction @a-radioactive-platypus @logisticbumm just wanted to make sure y’all saw since you’ve been kind enough to share your ideas with me :) also @markhamillz bc why not, my dude.

So yeah. Enjoy, I think?

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There are larries that stalk? And yeah I understand your post about why show if off. I have seen people talk about inside info (didn't realize they stalk) and wondered why they share it when they also say that they can't share things in case it gets someone in trouble. But someone could see it on their blog so it doesn't make sense?

Hiya, anon, this is your friendly neighbour C here, I’m taking control of Angie’s inbox for a while, jsyk!

Context: I literally left the 1d fandom because I couldn’t stand a lot of the people, exactly for stalking/bad behaviour reasons (like, you might not be stalking personally, but if you’re friends with someone… just because of the infos… eep. Yike).

Anyway yes, the question you raise is very logical, and I mean, the answer is logical too. You’re in this little social subgroup, and you want to be famous, to be recognised, to be the Queen Bee of the Larries. And how do you get that (if you’re a terrible person)? Inside info. So you open channels, more or less morally/legally, and then you hint at the info so more and more people will come to you looking for them. You don’t say anything because you don’t want to kill your golden eggs chick, of course, you just want to be famous and be a Big Personality in the fandom. General you, of course.

So, the problem is not only how the info is gathered, but also how it’s used. Both ends are disrespectful as fuck, and that makes the people who do that terrible people.

And like, the world isn’t divided in Good People, and Death Ea antis. There are a lot of terrible people among the larries, so terrible that when I see their urls I just want to ASDFGHJKL, you know.


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i saw you were making a pie and hated making the crust, so a fun little tip-- replace 1/2 of the water with vodka, and it helps to keep the gluten from activating which means a flakier crust! plus then you have an excuse to buy vodka so it's really a win win

HA like i need an excuse to buy vodka! But that’s a good tip and i find that vodka makes everything better so why not crust?? thanks for sharing <3

beepboopbits: Oh man, good for you at least giving it a try before giving up on crust all together! Personally, I LOVE making crust. Even more than making filling. It’s so relaxing to me. The whole process from cutting in fat to rolling it out. I could make crust all day.

i think its because i dont make crust enough and im always second guessing how much water needs to go in and it’s just too stressful for me haha. but i rolling pin specifically for this so i should probably keep making crust so it doesn’t go to waste. 

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F, M, and U?

Just did F! :)

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Well, this week, my brain decided to start plotting a PWP-ish Perc’ahlia story that’s partly inspired by the movie Secretary, which I haven’t seen in years, but yet there it is anyway. Because I’m ridiculous.

And @blindvogel and I have an actual Google Doc full of story ideas that just keeps getting longer. I love every single one of them and want to write all of them. It would take us until we die, but I want to do it anyway.

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Oh geez. This is always hard, because I love so many people, and I don’t want to leave people out. But a random trio of people I really love right this moment.

@curriebelle - because, of course, I’m waiting with bated breath for the next chapter of WMT like everyone else. :D

sabinelagrande - because they write the sexy, kinky, amazing Perc’ahlia of my dreams. 

And my lovely @blackestglass , because her new story has been in my head for days now, running over and over and making me think of everything I love about it. 

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I know jackson likes tan girls but do you think he would like a pale athetic girl

i dont see why not, as long as they’re nice, and share common interests. just because he’s mentions something specific doesn’t mean he’s apposed to the other.

~ahgase Omma 


An original piece about the fears of black mothers and fathers. This piece was easy to write and every new video of black children and black people being abused and killed is a reminder of why. Please share/like/dislike/etc., but please listen. #MourningSickness

Thought of the day (while reading a “gender marketing” translation with painfully outdated views): I am really, really sick of us only talking about “gender” when women are involved.

A surprising number of important realizations could be made if we develop the habit of talking about gender dynamics even – perhaps especially – in the context of all-male or mostly-male groups.

How does it affect productivity, public image, collaboration, negotiating, client acquisition, etc. to have any group of people involved be entirely men? What effects does this drastic gender imbalance cause in its environment?

LET’S TALK ABOUT GENDER AND MEN, PEOPLE. Gender is not an exclusively female domain.

Me, interviewing the director of basically any film ever: “So let’s talk about the extreme gender imbalance in the casting of this film. What was the thinking behind that? Was there a particular statement you were trying to make, a satirical observation on the politics of society, perhaps? That kind of came out of left field, when we watched the film and all the parts but one were men. Can you tell us a little about the background of that?”

Director: “Um… I didn’t actually consciously think that much abou–”

Me, interrupting: “Come now, don’t be modest! That was a fascinating artistic decision! The drastic disparity between the number of men and the number of women in the film makes it clear to even the most casual viewer that gender is a central theme in this story. Can we delve into that a little bit further?”

Director: “…”

This would be a fun tack to take in regard to race, too.

“I noticed something very interesting about your film, which is that every single one of the leading roles is played by a white actor. Clearly there’s some conceptual message you want to communicate with this creative choice. Could you talk about that?”

Director: *sweats nervously*


Part 2 of Yoi but with bad writing and computer generated text to speech voices.

Part 1: Computer is the Future // Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio

Something good happened today so I thought I’d share this with all of you soooo…. STORY TIME on how I calmed down a crying 4-year old girl by showing her Viktuuri pictures ahem

So today I was at church and I helped my friend with her Sunday School. Her students are all children, so we all know that they aren’t the easiest to handle. They were so noisy; They kept running around the classroom and even getting into fights.

So this one 4-year old girl was suddenly crying, she had a fight with another girl. She was screaming and all, so I tried to calm her down by carrying her and I kept telling her,

“KZ, please stop crying. Do you wanna play?” 

But she didn’t answer me. She kept crying for a while but thankfully she has toned down her screaming a little, until I remembered that I have my tablet with me. So I told her, while still carrying her,

“Do you wanna play something here? Oh, but wait.. I don’t have games on my tablet. Do you wanna look at the photos instead?” 

She still ignored me. I opened my gallery anyways. She slowly looked at my tablet, so I said,

“KZ, do you wanna see cartoon characters? But I don’t have photos of cartoon characters, only anime, hehe.”

I have a lot of separate folders for different anime and of course my favorite ships (lol) but what caught my attention is that she tapped on my Yuri!!! on Ice folder first. She stopped crying, I was surprised.

I showed her a “family photo” fanart that I found here.

“This is Viktor, this is Makkachin and this is Yuuri.” I said.

I tried to quiz her for fun and for her to not cry again. So I was like,

Okay, I’m going to ask you KZ, who is this?” (me pointing at Viktor)

“Viktor!” we both smiled.

Very good! Now who is this?” (me pointing at Makkachin)

“Dog!” I laughed.

Yes, I know it’s a dog, but it has a name! Ma..kka..chin. Say it again, please?”

“Mikkachin.” she confidently said while I was smiling so big.

No no, KZ. It’s Makkachin. What’s the dog’s name again?”

“Makkachin.” I was like, yes, finally!

Okay so who is this? (me pointing at Yuuri)

“Boy!” she laughed again. I was enjoying this moment.

No, his name is Yuuri. Again, who is he?” (I pointed at Yuuri again)


Haha no, it’s Yuuri, not Yuure.”

“Yuuri!” then she pointed at him.

I was happy that I cheered for her. Then she went to look for another picture. This time, another fanart with the one where Viktor and Yuuri were kissing.

I was quite nervous. All I could think about was,

Crap. What if she says something like, “Ew.”? What if she cries again after seeing this? What will her reactions be?

To my surprise, she never reacted like that. In fact, she was smiling again. So then she looked at me and asked,

Are they married?” I smiled, but internal me was fangirling of course.

Well, no they aren’t, but why do you think that?”

“Because they kiss and hug. (Points at Viktor) Look, Viktor (points at Yuuri) and Yuuri, kiss.”

Right? They love each other so much.” I smiled again.

I want them to get married.”

“Me too.” 

I never expected that kind of response. I was just smiling all the time. I thought to myself, “This kid sure is something, huh.” 

Now that she has completely calmed down, I put her down so she can walk around and play with her friends again. 

I laughed because she kept screaming “Viktor! Yuuri! Mikkachin! Kiss!” while running around the classroom.

Side note: I was standing the whole time because KZ didn’t want to be put down because if I did, she would cry again so basically I was standing while carrying a child for about 15 minutes ouch

This moment was just too glorious for me to not share it IM CRYING U GUYS I AM SO HAPPY


TMFF has ended and I’m just here trying to put a band-aid over my feelings.


Based on fic Time Marches Forward (Finally) by @tsukithewolf