why not rainbow hair

If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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Question: Why do comb jellies have rainbows?

Answer: An extravagant hair-do!

Comb jellies—also known as ctenophores, or “comb bearers”—swim with eight pulsating rows of hair-like cilia. Fused at their bases like the teeth of a comb, successive plates of cilia beat from mouth to rear to propel the animal through the water.

Humans also have beating cilia—our lungs are cleared of mucus and dirt by these biological shag rugs, for example. But comb jellies have the largest cilia of any organism and are the largest animals to use these little paddles to move about. 

So fine are the cilia that, as white light passes over the comb rows, the hairs block and drag and warp the light beam. As the light peels around the cilia—like an ocean wave wrapping around a rocky point—different colors are bent into view along the comb row. So why do comb jellies have rainbows? Our exhibit lights are being diffracted into their composite colors!

In the wild, comb jellies don’t display the same striking rainbows without strong sunlight or a large camera strobe. However, most comb jellies do produce their own faint light—bioluminescence—visible at night when the lights are off. Brilliant!

We hope you enjoyed this light reading and weren’t too diffracted from your work. Don’t hesitate to comb over here to check these jellies out for yourself!


i love these two, and i just find them so drarry?!? So because i’ve always loved the boy’s rainbow-colored hair, i thought why not write this

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Draco couldn’t be pulled into his turn of doing the dishes that day, the home work was someone else’s concern, Harry’s concern, and yet again he found another excuse to escape the house chaos, and leave a sleeping Harry on their bed taking a nap.

The pretty Saturday afternoons to Harry were meant to be spent with his lover, cuddling in bed or doing something together, staying all warm and safe in each other’s arms, feeling the fine wind brush against them gently;  that was it until harry sensed a sudden change, something was missing, or rather someone, a certain source warmth wasn’t there anymore , he shifted in his bed as his eyes started to open slowly, and in realization that Draco wasn’t there beside him; they flung wide, each iris reflecting a deep emerald green color in contact with the sun light.

“Draco?” he called, his voice cracking a little before he took a swig of water from the bottle on the bed side table, and without even knowing it he found himself smiling.

Maybe he is downstairs cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

Harry’s legs swirled from the bed to the floor; he stretched a little before trudging towards the door and down the spiral staircase of their fancy loft. Still smiling, he ran his hand through his tousled up hair that looked messier than usual; but it wasn’t like he could help it- Draco loved it that way.

As Draco was anything and everything his mind could adjust on at that moment, his hopes to see his lover down there- maybe cleaning the kitchen, collapsed before his eyes when he stepped onto the loft ground, Draco was nowhere to be seen, he sighed and grabbed his phone from the living room table desperately and called him, his brows creased and face tense.

He wore an expression of perplexity; It was the fifth time and Harry started to worry, so he began to bombard him with messages, however, it seemed like it was all in vain, there was nothing back from Draco, and of course, that was what he expected from a wizard learning to use a telephone.

We’ll see about this later.

Harry entered the terribly-looking kitchen, cringing. It had never been this dirty before, but he guessed that what happened when two people try to cook together, and not just cooking, he chuckled at the thought before he made a swish In the air with his wand, then everything was clean and shiny again.

To do it with his wand wasn’t as pleasing as harry thought it would be to see Draco wash them with his hands, to use no magic, he captured the boy in his mind standing shirtless, his hair naturally a little messy and the pouring water slightly splashing his bare stomach and caressing the scars on his chest as he ran his hands through it. The corner of Harry’s mouth twitched into his cheek.

Harry lifted his eyes up to the watch on the wall and he mentally gasped as he saw it was almost 5pm, “Damn I slept so long, He better be coming back soon.”

He put on his apron and got to work, planning to make some chocolate cookies.

Not so long later, the cookies were done cooking, Harry opened the oven and was hit by a very pleasant wall of the delicious smell of cookies, he sniffed deeply the aromatic fragrance wafting throughout the kitchen, and placed them on a separate plate, the soft smell of his treats still teasing his nostrils.

As Harry removed the apron, and placed it aside and was about to take the first bite, he heard the door open, the sound of hot summer air forced into a passage way then the door clicked close.

“Finally decided to come back?” harry asked crossing his arm before Draco came into the kitchen “Where have you been?” he frowned.

“I was, Um-with pansy,” he stuttered before his eyes could examine the kitchen “Oh I see you’ve cleaned the mess.” He smiled and moved towards Harry.

“What you were actually supposed to be doing with your hands.” Harry’s eyes shifted down from Draco’s eyes to his lips as the latter approached him.

“Oh really?” Draco cocked an eyebrow before capturing the other’s lips in a long needed soft kiss and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Harry’s eyes opened again slowly, and then once again his mind was a surging perplexity, the weather was hot, he literally could shower with cold water but why was Draco wearing a wooly beanie?

“Why is that?” he beckoned to the beanie with his brows, slightly tilting up his head, it was hiding Draco’s whole forehead.

Did he cut his hair? Does he have bangs now?

Draco’s expressions softening in realization; he smiled. “Take it off” he said to Harry.

“Sure,” said Harry getting even more close to Draco, their lips inches apart, his mesmerizing emerald green eyes locked with Draco’s grey deep ones and for a moment, he felt how hard butterflies collided in his stomach-

“Oh my god- D-Draco … Why?” Harry stammered “You really didn’t have to do that. You Look…”Harry lost any possible source of words as his eyes locked with the beautiful set of colors in Draco’s no-longer-plain-platinum-blonde-hair, he looked startled at the band of colors with an open heart, and different parts of Draco’s hair were colored in various rainbow shades. It occurred to Harry how much Draco cared about what he loved, through each wisp Harry found another source and meaning of affection and empathy, Harry set about trying to find any possible description to what was in front of his eyes, but to no avail, his eyes were shimmering, immersing in the beauty that was before them.

“Do you like it?” Draco asked softly, his eyes a fire with passion.

“Draco it’s amazing! I never thought you’d ever dye your hair in rainbow colors, I was just kidding that night.” Harry said enthusiastically.

Draco chuckled, “I support gay rights, I support our rights; you and I.” He pulled Harry closer to his body, their foreheads touching, Harry’s eyes sparkling with mirth and staring up Draco’s ones.

“I love you.” Harry said smoothly, he was afraid his voice went unheard, but as Draco pressed his own lips against Harry’s ones kissing him passionately, he got his answer. “I love you too, more than anything, Harry.”

Harry smiled purely at him, a swirl of warmth washing over his body, “I made cookies by the way, what about we go eat them while watching TV?” said Harry.

Draco beamed at him “I’ll bring milk, you take them, and I’ll be there in a minute.” He said affectionately, Harry nodded and took the plate from the counter heading towards the comfy sofa, the smell still refreshing his insides.

Soon enough, Harry caught from the corner of his eyes Draco coming toward him, he changed into a white v-neck shirt, his hair tousled just like Harry loved it, he was holding two mugs of hot steaming milk before he sat down next to his boyfriend.

Harry half-lied down a little, sitting upright, and then spread his legs wide for Draco to come, the latter approached him gladly and then sat in the same position between his hips but with his back and head on Harry’s chest.

Harry ran his hand through Draco’s hair as the latter took a cookie, he was amazed, and found himself falling harder at how soft and beautiful his hair was. So suddenly, he felt the utter urge to bury his face in Draco’s hair and inhale sharply, breathe through it. As he did so, a strong smell of peppermint shampoo invaded his nostrils thoroughly, Harry closed his eyes, it was as though he’d finally found his true source of oxygen, with the soft hairs brushing against his face.

Draco’s lips twitched into a pure smile as he listened to Harry’s heartbeat while eating his little cookie, he reached out and grabbed Harry’s hand and intertwined their fingers together. And just like so, they stayed there, their bodies twinkling with warmth and hearts glinting with uncontrollable love and desire.

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Is that the sound of your world?
Its pulse terrified me to believe I need its earthquakes
although i am bound to be broken
let each crack be every reason
why i fought to be your universe

Kissing rainbows on your soft hair tips,
i smell it off as flower petals i let my lungs branch into;
you are beautiful in so many magical ways
i wish there was a way to describe
what can’t be described

How well your eyes guide the morning
because your smile is all the sunlight i need,
and i search for my meaning in stranger’s faces
when all i needed was to look at you
to see myself, my worth

Understand that i love you
and this means when we are apart
i’m still trying my best to be so close to you
so near you where i can kiss you
until your skin molds my lip prints
for you to take home
to tuck under your pillow
as my good night postcards

And i will always miss you
even if we just saw each other earlier
but your perfume tied in a balloon
popped into whatever i’ll dream of tonight

My heart is familiar with goodbyes
but it still hurts every time,
so painful every time to see you go
and all i could do was watch

—  s.c