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KNOCKED UP (written by jjokkomis) ♡ 
↳ “Do Kyungsoo planned on a lot of things, getting pregnant was definitely not one of them”. 

I have never dedicated so much of my time to read a fan fiction story like I have this one lmao. I just got done re-reading this 60 chapter story for the 3rd time, and each time I read it again it gets better and better. Overall it was really fun to read just because every bodies personalities, etc. were so believable and like the author said, “KaiSoo children would be the cutest thing ever, don’t even deny it”. (SEQUEL: This Is Seventeen) ♡

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Well, their doing a pretty good job at it. They Want Rumer to be Val's best partner and they're doing a good job at it. I mean she's the daughter of two well recognized celebrities thats why they are promoting her more. Even Val seems to think so. I hope Z starts to put distance between her and Val.

I think Val is patient and polite with all his partners. Lets not forget Elisabeth, who was his first and worst partner to date. Is Rumer good? Yes, but Zendaya will always be his best. They danced in sync and had chemistry! Rumer and Val have a good vibe together, but Valdaya every week glued me in. When they danced it was like time stopped. They were amazing together and it is very sad that she will not be back to showcase her natural talent. She is a great dancer!

You know, I think what hurts the most, is looking back on this season specifically. We had all of those moments when you could clearly see that not only was Mickey deeply in love, but Ian too.

 Like in 5x08, when he’s devastated just thinking that things with Mickey are over, followed by the relief when Mickey comes and finds him, and cuddles him in bed.

Or that last hug in 5x06, the way they both clung to each other, Ian clinging to Mickey, both of them crying. 

Even 5x01, with “C’mere, army” you could clearly see how much they love each other. 

And the fact that it’s just ended now hurts so much because the rest of the season in no way set up for this. End game or not, Noel returning or not, this still hurts like hell. 


the crowd singing along is amazing


Jiyongie wrapped up in a big blue towel (`・ω・´)”

There’s two comedians in New Zealand who are running a podcast series and it’s brilliant…

They are watching and reviewing the film ‘Grown Ups 2’ every week for an entire year. At episode 34 now, they’ve watched the film 34 times and are slowly losing their minds. It’s truly a spectacle.

With segments like 'Patty Schwartz party time (patty schwartz party time.. its party time.. with patty schwartz’ and 'Steve Buscemi mystery tour’ it’s something you don’t wanna miss.

Their goal is to go to LA to watch the film for the 52nd time (possibly with one of the cast members.)

Let me tell ya though, its hilarious and perfect in everyway and you should like their facebook page.


I started [interacting] because it was nice to have my own voice. But I feel Twitter is kind of like a school noticeboard – some people put up important information, some put up graffiti, some put up jokes and some put up really terrible things. People, on the whole, are really nice to me. But I have been in receipt of astonishing levels of vitriol and hatred. People will say the crudest, most offensive things, and you have to avoid getting into that. You have to be very careful not to be drawn into the riptide of the most destructive and cynical aspects of it.
—  Tom Hiddleston talking about interacting on social media aka Twitter

they are literally like “why the hell are we here can we go home”


Hey guys!!

WinchesterBro’s have put together a few amazing auction items to help raise money for Team Levi! They’ve got some awesome stuff up for grabs on their Ebay account such as…

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Levi Ackles is Jensen’s nephew. He was born with Down Syndrome and for the last few years the family have been participating in The Buddy Walk which is an event put on by the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas to help raise awareness and unite a community of people through a common cause. 

The auction is definitely worth checking out as the proceeds are donated to Team Levi and Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. 

Check out WinchesterBros’ Ebay Account and also their website for more information and items you can bid on. Some of these awesome items only have a few days left so GET ON IT!

Or you can DONATE to Team Levi directly

If you can’t afford to bid or donate, that’s okay! You can do the next best thing: MAKE NOISE ABOUT IT! Reblog this post, share the links, Tweet about it, Facebook about it, tell your friends and family! Promotion is just as appreciated as donation because you’re essentially doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing: raising awareness.