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i jus got out of the shower and i need a haircut

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im just checking into tumblr for the first time in a while and i wanted to say: ive been following you since The Before Times (homestuck) and i remember you occasionally used to post about wanting to work in like DC or marvel and like??? im just so super happy for you to see youve got that opportunity now im SO WICKED HAPPY FOR YOU congratulations holy shit that is amazing to hear about REALLY im fucking overjoyed for you

thank you so much T_T!!!!! <3

You know that vine where the guy shouts “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD” to the one guy in bed but another dude pops up?

That’s Lucio and D.va before telling anyone about their realtionship. 

Tracer came in to get Lucio awake, but blinks away yelling when D.va pops up with wild bed hair telling her ‘What the heck’. 

Teacher: alright, what’s your next speech going to be about?

Me: slugs

Teacher: ????????

Teacher: your last speech was on sea slugs tho??

Me: yes

Me: all slugs deserve speeches

Me (internally): I’m not changing my topic despite your obvious disappointment, you said choose topics you know a lot about, and I have three interests total, so you’re gonna fucking learn about slugs and like it

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Selina W from Hypable wrote a review and speculated that there could be 2 endgames for C. Bell/C, and C/L with the flame in her head. L literally would live through C, and they'd be 'together' in some sense of the word, forever. Fuck that. She seems to think it could make snese with the story, but if they do that I will never forgive them. Keep the flame away from C. What purpose would it serve her?

That’s a terrible end game.

To be with someone in your imagination?

Come on. 

What a horrible real life psychology to portray.


LET GO. Do not hold onto the past. 

That speculation doesn’t fit AT ALL with the idea of the show which is about turning the page, rising from the ashes, being redeemed, learning from your mistakes. Starting over with a new world.

God. No. That’s horrible. Not because of shipwars. That’s horrible because what does that say to people about how they should deal with the things they’ve lost? Never let go? Hold on to impossible dreams? Give up on real life for a virtual life? For a dream? Not actually live? 

God no. Selina. Girl. Get away from the shipping politics. That is a tragic end for  a person who stops living. Never choose virtual reality over actual life. 


I’ve been inspired by all the berries on my dash, so I came up with an idea

Gwen and Jenessa Barsotti were born different. No one in their family had the same colouring and neither were normal like their parents either. They seem to have a thirst for blood and hate the sun. Their parents went to the local hospital to ask for help and the girls were taken away and studied. The scientists were fascinated and decided to set them each a unique task to be observed over 5 generations (meaning I only use the first 5 colours of the palettes).


With Jenessa’s line the scientists are studying how her vampire gene replicates by only mating with a vampire every second generation. The scientists chose @morgibritt‘s meadow palette for Jenessa’s line to follow

In Gwen’s line, the scientists are studying how the colours percolate with her blanched gene and her heirs must be as colourful as possible in a 2:1 colour genetics ratio of spouse to heir colouring. The scientists chose @morgibritt‘s zest palette for Gwen’s line to follow


If you would like to make a spouse for this legacy please message me, I’d love to have more people’s sims in my game ~