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*WTTM is leaked*

Some antis: lmao this is all fanservice, otayuri won’t ever be canon!

Me: remembers the weeks of victuuri butt shots, naked stretching, cuddling, and apparent “fanservice” all leading to a canon engagement.


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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


An invisible red string of fate, tied around their pinky fingers, connects two people who are destined to be together from the moment they are born. The string can be stretch and tangled but can never be broken. Soulmates. 

Teacher: So I know you had that test today, so do we want to watch a video about cults in the 70s, or T.V. in the 70s?

The entire class, simultaneously: Cults.

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this is my gift for @aftgexchange‘s valentines exchange for the lovely @elswicked‘s prompt of andrew and neil meeting as kids. it was supposed to be cheerful, but then……………


Neil does not know a world without Andrew at his back. He’s always been there, a constant, reassuring presence. He’s almost like Neil’s shadow, if a shadow were prone to sarcastic comments and making sure Neil doesn’t pick too many fights he can’t win.

(Every time reminds Neil of the first. Some kid, one of the ones who’d clearly been given everything from cradle onwards, had decided he was entitled to Neil’s favourite glittery crayon. Neil, in turn, decided he was entitled to the other kid’s juice. And to forcibly take the crayon back, no matter how that would escalate events. Just before it got to any kind of tackle, Andrew turned up - and even though he was short Neil had no idea how he’d never noticed him before - and threatened the kid into leaving it be. Neil had tried to thank Andrew, and he’d shrugged and said, “‘S only fair.”)

(Andrew’s always been the same. All he wants is for things to be fair. Maybe a little more fair for his friends than anyone else, but isn’t that true of everyone?)

“Why did you pick us?” Neil laughs around the mouth of a beer bottle, looking into Andrew’s ever-clear hazel eyes.

“This isn’t gym, Josten,” Andrew replies. “And if it were, you wouldn’t be my first choice.”

“I’m the fastest runner you know. Fact.”

“Less so since you graduated high school. You got lazy.”

Neil rolls his eyes, an over-exaggerated gesture to minimise the world rolling with them. “Whatever, Minyard. Stop avoiding the question.”

“Not my fault your questions are vague.”

Neil would groan if he hadn’t had almost sixteen years of dealing with his shitheel of a best friend. (Even if ‘friend’ has never encapsulated all that Andrew is to him. He’d choose ‘soulmate’, because he’s sure there’s no one else who could ever understand the core of what it is to be Neil as well as Andrew does, but since Andrew rejects Neil’s friendship almost daily and scorns the idea of romance, Neil sticks to ‘Andrew’.) “Andrew. At the young age of… whatever. Whenever. Young. We were young. You stuck up for me so I didn’t get in a brawl with a rich kid who’d have fought dirty when all I wanted was my glitter crayon. And since then you’ve been more loyal than, like, an extremely long-lived dog, right? So what did you see in the dumbass who cared more about his crayon than childhood friends? And… whoever else. I know there were more,” Neil says, turning his grin to Kevin for half a second.

Andrew raises his eyebrows a fraction of an inch, a movement barely visible in the dim light, “Dumbasses who wouldn’t survive a day without me.”

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Some “Subtle Melancholy” ronpas for the palette challenge!

Over the 4 year timeskip Connie grows his hair out
the reason for this being him and jean had a bet on who could perform the most elaborate prank on levi without getting caught by the man in question…
Connie lost that bet


“God Kol, I need you to leave!”

“Now why would I won’t to leave a p-”

“Powerful? Powerful was what you were going to say right? Kol I need you to go, before I force you too.”

“Then I guess I’ll leave the pretty girl behind… for now.”

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i left phandom exactly for two weeks. And now d&p had sex. why am i missing everything important in my life

welcome to my kitchen. we have bananis and dan and phil having sex

I was a P-Shifter (Tw:Abuse, Tw:Manipulation, Tw:Sexual Abuse, Tw:Death Threats)

Yes, I’m admitting it, I was part of the P-shifting community. I believed I could physically shapeshift and grow wings. Now, I’m very anti-p-shifting/wing-growing. Why? That’s what this post is being made for. It’s made as a warning to others about just how toxic and damaging this community is.

So this begins when I was 11. I was naive and young, and I met a girl who said she was a dragon and turned into one every night. I’ll call her “Bel”. Being a naive fuck, I was like “Woah that’s cool!! What am i???” and she told me I was a werewolf, which I believed seeing as I felt a strong connection to wolves. So all throughout 6th and 7th grade, she dragged me further into an abusive friendship. She claimed to be the leader of a dragon clan and everything was set up like in the warriors books (still my fav book series to this day), and she used her status as a leader to manipulate me. She threatened to take away my “powers” and the like. She was also physically abusive and manipulative, she toyed with my emotions and convinced me the rest of our friend group hated me because they ran away from me when I was by them, truth is, they were getting away from me because Bel followed me like a lost puppy, and she was just as rancid to them as she was to me, if not worse to them. Now, Bel and I cut contact after I had turned 13. We got in a fight because she falsely accused my friend of beating her up and got him in trouble with the school. Bel also moved away out of country. Now, when I was 13, I started reading the Maximum Ride series and I felt phantom wings, and being young I really wanted wings physically and I started looking up wing spells and eventually landed myself on a website called Growingwings4life, or as everyone called it, GWFL. Now, my experience on GWFL was 50/50 for the website itself, I made one of my best friends there, and we’re friends to this day, I’ll call her “Serena” as that’s always been the name I use for her when I wanna refer to her without dropping her real name. Now, this is where things go from bad to worse, we both join this flock, there was 6 of us, but only one of them is key to what happened, again, so I don’t drop names, I’ll just call him R, now, we ended up getting really really close and eventually ended up dating. Now before we started dating, he decided to make me the flock leader, and I was like “ok cool fate and destiny shit!!” and things only got worse from there, so after the flock falls apart, it’s just me, Serena, and R. Now, after the first member cut contact with the flock, everyone freaked the fuck out and we were convinced AWTOK had taken her, which only heightened our belief in them when this other kid I knew irl who I’ll call G said he had been to awtok bases and saw her there. He also claimed that R was a king of darkness and told me, so I told R because I thought that he deserved to not have anything hidden from him. Now, stepping aside from all of the BS with G that happened(to keep it short and simple, he was a manipulative fuck who threatened to break my nose when I called him out on how abusive he was), going back to my relationship with R, things were very on/off, and yet things seemed to be fine until September/October of 2014, when R started claiming that his ex (Also a flock member), was a succubus who possessed him. He pretended to be this succubus I’m order to get me to sext him, as the succubus, he would say things like “if you cant please him ill steal him from you” and “youll lose him” and said to me “you didnt cum you lost him”, R knew that i was vulnerable and had extreme fears of abandonment due to my dependent nature, so he used this against me to manipulate me into basically being his sex toy, he also, as himself, would randomly out of the blue talk about his boners to me. The succubus thing went on for a good month, until I eventually got fed up and said that I had promised myself that I wouldn’t engage in anything like that until I was 18 and then only if the other party was the age of consent. Now, neither of us sent nude or sexual photos to eachother, but the ordeal was still very, very, traumatizing to the point where some of my triggers include anything I associate him with, (ex.spagghetti and the word pasta because his email/username for a lot of stuff involved pasta and the first thing I think of when I hear pasta is spaghetti in the traditional sense. I still can eat pasta itself, but the word sets me off and I can only eat spaghetti if it has garlic butter for sauce, not red sauce). The P-shifting and wing growing communities are full of toxic people and the packs/flocks are more akin to cults than anything else. Even though I was the “leader” of my flock, R still had most control. In all honesty when I look back, R basically used the “king of darkness” to manipulate me into dating him. He always acted like he’d lose control of himself when he shifted and would always wite very violently worded messages that were about him wanting to consume the souls of his family and make them suffer in the worst ways possible. Because of this, whenever anyone is upset with someone, my first thoughts are “they’re gonna try to kill them” and what not. The P-shifting community and Wing Growing community are bad places, especially for younger people. I’m still healing from the trauma I went through there, and I’m still tempted to go back to those communities because at the time, I considered them a safe haven and part of me still does, although that’s the farthest thing from the truth. The P-shifting and wing growing communities never have been safe and never will be safe. Please, I encourage you to reblog this so people know just how damaging the P-shifting and similar communities can be. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I’m sorry if any of this is hard to read, I put it in chronological order as best I could, although one thing that’s out of order is the threats G made against me, that was the last thing to happen to me, however I didn’t wanna make this post 1000x longer, so I quickly summarized it when I saw fit.