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Yusuke was then banned from Le Blanc for some time

y’all thought i was done with ShuKita? think again

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it always amuses me that countries during the late 18th century were going through all kinds of upheaval like you have america declaring independence and building their democracy and the french revolution yadda yadda birth of modern western democracy and the beginnings of industrialisation and the industrial revolution in england and shit

and then theres the white settlement in australia

which is just…

trying very fucking hard not to fucking starve and die 

and that, my friends, is fucking hilarious

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Post ROK scenario when Misaki and saru adopt kittens! And the kittens gets super attached to misaki, saru gets jealous over it🐱

I think I’ve read this doujinshi XD So Fushimi of course is not thrilled about the kittens, he’s got allergies and anyway he doesn’t like animals much and thinks they’ll be too much of a hassle. Maybe shortly after he and Yata move in together Yata finds like a box with like four kittens inside all tiny and abandoned and of course Yata can’t resist saving them and bringing them home despite Fushimi’s objections. The kittens are all skinny and a bit sickly, like maybe they’re even too young to be away from their mother and Yata’s all worried trying to see if he has enough extra cash to pay for a vet, Fushimi just sighs and tells Yata to come on, he called Scepter 4 to borrow a van and he’ll pay for the vet. The vet looks over the kittens and gives Yata and Fushimi strict instructions as to how to care for them, Yata’s determined to do this rather than giving them away because he’s already attached and has named half of them after Homra-related things, much to Fushimi’s annoyance (I know in that one doujinshi they named the cats after each other but imagine them naming the cats after members of their respective clans instead, like that sandy blond one keeps trying to play with everyone and being cheerful so its name is Totsuka and that red one is always sleeping so it’s Mikoto, this tiny black one is always gentle but then sometimes claws people so Fushimi starts calling it Akiyama and that other orange one is hyperactive and a little dim so it’s Doumyouji). Fushimi claims that Yata has to take care of the kittens all by himself but Yata catches him a few times awake in the middle of the night gently feeding the kittens with an eyedropper.

So soon the kittens have gotten old enough that they can fend for themselves a bit, Fushimi wants to get rid of at least some of them but Yata’s totally attached by now and even Fushimi’s cold black heart isn’t strong enough to stand up against four kittens and a sad Misaki. But soon Fushimi begins to notice that not only is Yata attached to the kittens but the kittens are really attached to him, always wanting his attention and cuddles and playing with. And because there’s four of them even when one kitten gets tired there’s always another one there, to the point Fushimi feels like he never sees Yata without a cat in his hands. I can imagine this being like a double jealousy on Fushimi’s part too, he’s annoyed that Yata’s paying more attention to the kittens than to him but he’s also secretly a little dejected that none of the kittens seem terribly attached to him (and imagine he tales this irritation to work, like Akiyama doesn’t understand why Fushimi-san snapped at him for ‘sleeping on Yata’s stomach all the time,’ like he’s never even really talked to Yata. Later Doumyouji is given extra paperwork while Fushimi complains about him licking Yata’s face).

Eventually I think Yata would notice that Fushimi’s in a worse mood than normal and would confront him about it, like they’ve promised to talk these things out from now on and he wants to know why Fushimi’s in such an awful mood and ignoring him all the time. Fushimi mutters that isn’t Yata the one who’s too busy, as one of the kittens wanders over demanding love. Yata’s all confused but at some point he manages to figure out that Fushimi’s jealous of the kittens and he just gets this fondly exasperated look as he says that if Fushimi wanted them to spend more time without the cats then just say so idiot. Fushimi clicks his tongue, not answering, and Yata leans over to hug him as he calls Fushimi an idiot, like do you really think I’d choose cats over you. Fushimi tries to act like he totally didn’t think that (even though he did) and mumbles that the cats hate him anyway. Yata points out that if Fushimi would stop ignoring them and keeping away from them the cats would love him. To prove his point Yata grabs one and sets it in Fushimi’s lap, Fushimi freezes and Yata leans against him as he encourages Fushimi to pet the cat. (And then Fushimi does and slowly warms up to the cats except now Yata’s the one getting a little jealous because of course the kittens are naturally drawn to Disney Princess Fushimi and suddenly Yata’s like wait why do they all like him more than me.)


That’s Not Killua’s Name!

 My first attempt at kind of like a funny video, I was entirely inspired by this post and I just had a great time finding all the clips for this :) Enjoy and don’t kick me out of the fandom

It is (was) way too hot for my liking today and yesterday. So I took a break from my studies and watched 10 episodes of Yoo Na’s Street in the last 24h.

Not only am I able to binge-watch this show but it’s great just watching in chunks like 1-2 episodes per week or even watch a few episodes, leave the drama for 2 months and then continue watching. That’s how amazing this drama is to me, everything is possible. You are all missing out on something if you haven’t even giving this show a try!

I can’t wait to finish Yoo Na’s Street now. It’s not going to be as hot the next couple of days, so I’ll be back at the library the whole day. But I’ll totally try to squeeze 1-2 episodes into my daily schedule, so that I can finish Yoo Na’s Street until next week (I’m at ep 35 now).

And as I can’t seem to get enough 50 episode dramas, I’m excited to start a new one as soon as I’m done with Yoo Na’s Street: Ojakgyo Brothers! It’s been sitting on my HDD for 1 ½ years now, so it’s finally time!

Could’ve Been...

I have a song for all ya fanfic writers who love breaking my fragile heart.  Ryder is now crying his/her heart out over Reyes after the High Noon event.  I present you Tiffany’s Could’ve Been:

The flowers you gave me
Are just about to die
When I think about
What could’ve been
It makes me want to cry

The sweet words you whispered
Didn’t mean a thing
I guess our song is over
As we begin to sing

Could’ve been so beautiful
Could’ve been so right
Could’ve been my lover
Every day of my life
Could’ve been so beautiful
Could’ve been so right
I’ll never hold what could’ve been
On a cold and lonely night

The memory’s of our lovin’
Still linger in the air
Like the faded scent of your roses
They stay with me everywhere

Every time I get my hopes up
They always seem to fall
Still what could’ve been is better than
What could never be at all

Could’ve been so beautiful
Could’ve been so right
Could’ve been my lover
Every day of my life
Could’ve been so beautiful
Could’ve been so right

You could love what could’ve been
On a cold and lonely night?

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This song makes me want to draw a crying Sara…..


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)


I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.