why not living in a greenhouse


some triggers are present including: gore, blood, murder, suicide, animal abuse mentions, etc.

❛ People don’t leave their dogs out alone anymore. ❜
❛ If you don’t like your ideas, stop having them. ❜
❛ This is your idea. ❜
❛ Suicide is like… the ultimate fuck you. ❜
❛ Umm, I don’t think of you that way. ❜
❛ Do you think I want to go back to being nobody?  ❜
❛ You’re fucked! ❜
❛ I am… disturbed, wasn’t I?  ❜
❛ You’re a big help. As usual. ❜
❛ Don’t give her/him the satisfaction! ❜
❛ For once someone shouldn’t give that fucker the satisfaction! ❜
❛ You can’t do this alone. ❜
❛ I told you to get off me! ❜
❛ I didn’t betray you. ❜
❛ You locked me up! ❜
❛ A girl can only be a slut, a bitch, a tease, or the virgin next door. ❜
❛ Are you sure it’s just cramps? ❜
❛ Just so you know… the words “just” and “cramps”, they don’t go together. ❜
❛ You wrecked everything for me that isn’t about you. ❜
❛ I know you are. But what am I? ❜
❛ If I wasn’t here, would you eat her/him? ❜
❛ You swore we’d go together, one way or another. ❜
❛ I was just wondering what you hit. ❜
❛ Well, officer, looked like a lycanthrope to me, sir. ❜
❛ I know what a lycanthrope is. ❜
❛ Think you see werewolves a lot? ❜
❛ Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever. ❜
❛ United against life as we know it. ❜
❛ C'mon! Together forever. ❜
❛ Wrists are for girls. I’m slitting my throat. ❜
❛ I’m not dying in this room with you! ❜
❛ You know, we’re almost not even related anymore. ❜
❛ You know every move… right on the fucking dot.  ❜
❛ It’s like touching yourself.  ❜
❛ I’m a goddamn force of nature. ❜
❛ I feel like I could do just about anything. ❜
❛ Look, worst-case scenario, you put him/her out of her misery. ❜
❛ Don’t ever touch my sister/brother again. ❜
❛ Just as long as you’re prepared for that. ❜
❛ Why don’t you guys get the fuck out of my van, assholes! ❜
❛ I’m serious get out! I mean it! Get out! ❜
❛ See? I’m up to some whack shit right now. ❜
❛ Now what am I supposed to do about that, huh? ❜
❛ I’m way out on the corner of Fucked-Up and Evil. ❜
❛ Hurting me won’t help. ❜
❛ I can’t be like this! ❜
❛ The only thing that helps is to tear living things to pieces. ❜
❛ You guys going to the greenhouse bash tonight? ❜
❛ I’m in charge of the prizes. ❜
❛ Why don’t they just catch that thing? ❜
❛ How hard could it be in a place full of dead ends? ❜
❛ Well, maybe I like my edge. Thanks. ❜
❛ You know you can ask me anything. ❜
❛ You’re so dead. ❜
❛ Get the fuck outta the bathroom! I’m trying to get ready! ❜
❛ Unless you wanted to piss me off! ❜
❛ Hey, why don’t you get your slut-bitch sister a leash. ❜
❛ Don’t we need protection? ❜
❛ Stop! Wait a second. ❜
❛ Oh, fuck me. ❜
❛ You got a boy/grilfriend or something? ❜
❛ Are you on drugs, like right now? I’m in class here. ❜
❛ Yeah, excuse me for giving a shit. ❜
❛ I’ll come see you later, ok? ❜
❛ I said I’d die for you! ❜
❛ You said you’d die with me. ❜
❛ You said you’d die with me. Cause you had nothing better to do. ❜
❛ Come and get some candy! ❜
❛ Could you just say something please? ❜
❛ Whoa? That’s it? ‘Whoa’? ❜
❛ Well thank you for taking my total fucking nightmare so seriously! ❜
❛ You always blow off anything that you don’t get. ❜
❛ I’m officially all fucked up, right? ❜
❛ Well, that would explain the human circumcised dick… ❜
❛ Just say you won’t go average on me. ❜
❛ Oh my god… Do you think it’s cramps? ❜
❛ Give it a rest… for two seconds? ❜
❛ A thick, syrupy, voluminous discharge is not uncommon. ❜
❛ They’re just being normal teenage girls/boys. ❜
❛ You play with your new friends and I’ll play with mine. ❜
❛ You’re real. Your problem is real. The solution is real. ❜
❛ If you give up now you leave me alone, I would never do that to you! ❜
❛ Wish these were babies legs. ❜
❛ I’ve just spent a week of my life looking for you, if you could just give me a sec. ❜
❛ Favorite homework excuse: My nail glitter ate it. ❜
❛ You wanna know what I did for fun last night, huh? I killed my own freakin’ dog. ❜
❛ I get this ache… And I, I thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces. ❜


Another project I’ve started a while ago when I got City Living. I don’t know why I’ve never shared the pictures ! The greenhouse area occupies a quarter of the San Myshuno’s center park and it’s the only thing I’ve built on this lot for the moment. It’s on hiatus since I focus on the Windenburg makeover, but I plan to make the park look like a mix between the Jardin de Luxembourg/Jardin des plantes in Paris !

The Abominable Bride is A Study In Pink inverted

“TAB and ASiP are secret episode twins. Need to be studied side by side, end to end.”

So, @longsnowsmoon5‘s awesome observation above gave me an idea. I re-watched A Study in Pink last night, and I think The Abominable Bride is partly a distorted mirror image of it. Sherlock’s drug fuelled Victorian Mind Palace is started by reading John’s blog entry of that case. So, Sherlock is thinking of that very important time and giving us a strange ‘through the looking-glass’ view, showing us what was and is important to him, what he would have done differently, and even what he regrets…

The First Meeting

Sherlock is a suave corpse-whipper. John watches instead of Molly.

Sherlock knows Molly was entranced by him beating the corpse with a riding crop. Except, John wasn’t there to see it. Drat! So, Sherlock imagines that John did get to see it, and that he definitely liked what he saw.

Sherlock makes himself into a much more dynamic, enigmatic figure for this first meeting. He remembers that John described him as “charming” on his blog, and he adores that. Staying true to his drama queen tendencies, Sherlock totally overblows that idea in his mind palace because he desperately wants to live up to the “idea” he believes John has of him (not yet understanding that John loves him for being himself.)

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The Earth plays host to a remarkable variety of creatures all of which diverged from a single, unknown common ancestor. In the 540 million year history of complex life there have been repeated turnovers in dominant life forms, from The Age of Fishes during the Devonian to The Age of Reptiles during the Mesozoic which gave way to our current era in time, the Cenozoic, or otherwise known as The Age of Mammals. But where do mammals come from…?

The Pelycosaurs first appeared 306Ma and are the most basal synapsids. Synapsids are mammal-like reptiles; a distinguishable feature is their skull with only one post orbital fenestra, reptiles have two. The mammal-like reptiles show the earliest signs of evolution towards more mammal characteristics, Dimetrodon is a classic example. Dimetrodon had only a single temporal fenestra, this feature allowed for jaw muscle attachment to be further back providing a stronger bite force over a wider range of jaw movements, subsequently making Dimetrodon one of the most successful predators of its age.
Dimetrodon quite literally means “two sets of teeth” and this refers to its elongated incisors, this is the beginnings of the mammal feature known as heterodonty (differentiated teeth). Dimetrodon also exhibits deep ridges of the inner nasal cavity providing a larger surface area for the attachment of olfactory epithelium indicating a larger reliance of the sense of smell (something that will become more important in future mammal evolution).

Therapsids appear around 275Ma and likely evolved from pelycosaurs or a similar sort of ancestor. They are still classed as synapsids but they even more mammal-like features than their ancestors. Therapsids have less of a sprawling gait than the pelycosaurs and other reptiles (although the herbivorous kind still retain a rather sprawling gait, this is a feature that is slow to disappear). Therapsids have an even larger temporal fenestra and more elongated incisors as the teeth continue to differentiate. The skull of therapsids is also beginning to change; mammals have a single jaw bone called the dentary, this is present in synapsids along with many other jaw bones such as the quadrate and articular, but as mammal evolution gets underway the dentary expands and the quadrate and articular reduce in size and become part of the middle ear bones. Some Therapsids were apex predators throughout the permian such as Gorgonops.

Cynodont fossils are some of the most important fossils in the mammals evolutionary record and we are classed as part of Cynodontia. They are dog-like creatures and appear around 260Ma, they were hugely successful and diversified rapidly. One of the best examples of cynodonts in mammal evolution is Thrinaxodon. The cynodonts exhibit even greater tooth differentiation and tooth occlusion (precise tooth contact of the upper and lower teeth, a feature unique to mammals). Tooth occlusion also suggests the cynodonts had controlled tooth replacement like mammals (mammals exhibit diphyodonty meaning two sets of teeth, the milk teeth and the adult teeth).
More importantly, cynodonts also show partial or complete secondary palates meaning they are able to swallow food and breathe at the same time, something reptiles cannot do. Many taxa also show absence of abdominal ribs allowing for the presence of a diaphragm which increased lung capacity. A diaphragm paired with the secondary palate and tooth occlusion suggests that cynodonts had a higher metabolism than other extant animals of the time. The cynodonts dentary continues to expand further back of the skull.
Some cynodont skulls have small indentations around the nasal region which may be indicative of nerve passages towards sensitive hairs, possibly whiskers, if so, cynodonts had hair. Thrinaxodon and others also have a larger brain size in comparison to the rest of the body than other animals as well as enlarged auditory and olfactory regions suggesting they were nocturnal.

The Permian extinction struck 250Ma due to extensive volcanism of the Siberian Traps leading to a runaway greenhouse effect. Between 80% and 96% of living species died out, including most of the cynodonts and the therapsids. Reasons why the reptiles battled through this extinction and rose to dominate is still debated but it may be due to the fact that reptiles can secrete nitrogenous waste as a uric paste whereas mammals must secrete is as a liquid. This allowed the reptiles to conserve water and see the extinction through.
Whilst most cynodont species perished, a few individuals made it through, they were mostly small, nocturnal burrowers capable of getting water from underground root nodules and tubers. However, the cynodonts would not rise to dominance again but their descendants would, although not for another 200 million years. They would spend the Mesozoic Era in the dinosaurs shadows, their evolution driven by a nocturnal lifestyle and the need for endothermy. The evolution of our ancestors was shaped by the dominance of the dinosaurs, when their reign ended 65 million years ago our true mammalian ancestors would quickly take over the niches left behind and become some of the most spectacular creatures the world has ever seen.


Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Newt x reader where the reader is sort of like Newt but instead of studying rare magical creatures, the reader is interested in plants. Like maybe Newt agitates one on one of his adventures and the reader helps him out but yells at him for being so stupid and almost damaging the plant. Newt sort of realizes that maybe he should have paid better attention in Herbology and suggests they could explore places together. I really love your blog btw.<3”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1691

Warnings: None

A/n: omg I lov this idea so much – maybe if you guys like this I could do part 2?

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Newt grunted as the baby Diricrawl escaped his grasp, apparating towards a large, thorny stump.

“Come back here!” Newt whisper-shouted. “I’m trying to get you back to your family.”

The little dodo like creature didn’t listen, running towards the shrivelled brown trunk. Newt chased after it, stopping with a huff as it shook, frozen in the middle of the clearing. Newt placed his hands on his hips, squatting down to decrease the threatening manner of his height. He held out a gentle hand for the bird, whispering encouraging words towards the frightened creature. It had been separated from the rest of its nest when poachers had killed its mother. Newt had rescued the rest of the baby chicks, but the last one was very reluctant to go anywhere near another human being.

“Come now little one, I won’t hurt you.” He cooed, scooping the small bird into his hand. He beamed down at it as he carefully laid out his case, letting the newborn join his brothers and sisters inside.

Newt sat down with a sigh, running the back of his hand over his forehead to rid himself of the sweat that had formed in the chase. He stood, only to feel a piecing jab in his side. He looked down to see 3 large thorns poking out from the side of his shirt. Blood started to form around the pricks, and Newt pulled the thorns from his skin. They didn’t penetrate deeply, but they stung worse than a Occamy nip. Newt’s head shot up at the sound of rumbling. Around him, the brown thorny plant had encircled his body. The thick tendons of the bush had an underlying, pulsating green, covered by many threatening needle-like thorns. Newt’s eyes widened as he looked around, realising his predicament.

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Cycle Eight--Week 2

[AO3] [Week 1]

Day 8

Merle has set himself up in the town center, telling all who will listen about the word of Pan. To our surprise, ‘all who will listen’ seems to be most of the town. It may just be the novelty that makes them stop and ask him questions about his faith, but it may be something deeper. He prayed and sang the scorch teams on their way again tonight, and this time there were more than a few hesitant voices that joined in.

“Some of them really don’t believe that we can just breathe the air where we come from,” he told us after dinner.

Taako looked at him askance. “We came here without masks on. What do they think we were doing?”

“Dunno.” Merle shrugged. “I mean, they know we were on the ship. It’s not that weird we could breathe there. It’s the thought that there’s whole worlds without poison death spores in the air that throws ‘em. And where nobody needs to wear masks! You know how weird they think it is that we’ve all seen each other’s faces?” He paused and waggled his eyebrows. “Probably assume there’s some really kinky—”

“Gross.” Lup threw her spoon at his head.

“Speaking of which.” Magnus glared at him. “I know you’ve got your whole weird plant thing but please for the sake of everyone’s sanity and eyeballs, no flirting with the death mushrooms.”

“Hmph,” said Merle. “Here I am, trying to give these poor people the first taste of hope they’ve ever felt in their lives and all you can focus on is whether or not I wanna fuck the death mushrooms.”

To no one’s surprise, the conversation ended quite abruptly after that.

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Earthshaker: Why would you fight him.  Don’t.  Not only would you not win, but you’d just be humiliated by how little damage you could possibly do against him and how little it would take to crush you and your dreams.

Windsinger: Yeah, you’d win, but only because Windsinger wouldn’t put up a fight.  Like, at all.  What kind of victory is that?  You’re that desperate for a win?  I mean, he wouldn’t hold it against you; he’d probably laugh it off and invite you to a party, so even if you win you lose.  Don’t fight the Windsinger.

Flamecaller: Hoe, don’t do it.  She’ll give you a full second to run and then she’ll roast your dick off, and then the rest of your body, and then she’ll get her Exalt servants to sweep your ashes and bone fragments under the proverbial rug.  That bitch is the god of fucking FIRE.  Don’t do it.

Tidelord: This would be a depressingly easy fight.  He’d be too busy crying about how awful the future is to really do anything.  Why would you fight him?  It’s like fighting a baby.  It’s worse than fighting Windsinger, because he’d cry about it.  You made a god cry.  Con-gratu-fucking-lations.  I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Icewarden: That asshole uses frozen dragons as lawn ornaments.  You should absolutely fight him.  Not because you’d win, but because you’d probably end up being frozen in a really stupid pose and dragons can have a last good laugh before their execution.

Gladekeeper: You are going to vanish, and nobody is ever going to find out what happened to you.  Years later there’s going to be a skeleton that looks a lot like you, except now it’s a miniature greenhouse for the Gladekeeper’s plants.  You want that fate?  Be my fucking guest.  Or you could, I don’t know, not die a horrible death by not fighting the Gladekeeper.

Plaguebringer: If I honestly have to tell you why you shouldn’t fight the Plaguebringer, you are legitimately too stupid to live and you should absolutely fight her so that you no longer have an opportunity to contribute to the gene pool.

Shadowbinder: This honestly depends on whether or not you can actually get to her, which I strongly doubt.  I mean, nobody’s ever seen her, so it’s anyone’s guess whether you’d actually be able to take her on.  But I mean, she lives in a forest full of giant thorns.  You really wanna test her?

Stormcatcher: Fight him.  You won’t last more than a second once he takes his attention off his work and onto you, but that asshole deserves at least one punch in the schnozz and if you time it right you might just be the one to give it to him.  You won’t be able to enjoy the posthumous bragging rights, but at least you’d have ‘em.

Arcanist: Yes, you’d win.  You’d beat up the scrawniest of the pantheon and probably have an easy time of it.  He’d probably cry, you know, and try to go hide in the bookshelves to get away from you, because you’re really going to beat him up on top of all the shit he gets for destroying the Pillar?  Here’s your victory, you asshole.  I hope it was worth it.

Lightweaver: You can fight her and win, but you’d better be fast.  She might be a little flimsy, but she’s got tons and tons of guards, so you’ll need to haul ass if you want to hang on to your victory.  If you make it into the Shadowbinder’s domain, you might survive and be able to tell others, at least until Glittermom hunts you down and obliterates you.

Don't kid yourself into thinking veganism will save the world

Most vegans I meet just believe that hunger is the result of wasted food (either by distribution or by animal agriculture consumption) even though its actually a result of the social relations of our economy. You ask most people who live in countries that grow coffee or chocolate and you discover that they have never tasted either, it’s too expensive. Certainly animal agriculture effects some of these. And a reduction in AA would help world hunger in places that grow soy, because they would stop growing soy. The problem there is that EU subsidies for beef and cheese are so high that the price of soy is drastically lower than it should be, and the price of all other vegetables is similarly pushed down. So where farmers used to grow a range of vegetables that they could live off, now they can only grow soy, leading to a range of health problems.

But regardless I would never trust capitalism to find a reason to solve a problem unless there is financial gain in it.

I would love to say that vegans are naturally anti capitalist but it’s just not true. Most that I meet just uncritically accept the idea that the environment would be saved by veganism (it won’t) that hunger would be ended by veganism (it wouldn’t) and that everyone is healthier when they are vegan (they aren’t). I was debating this stuff with a vegan at a protest recently, and they just quoted statistics (like the 51% greenhouse gas one) without knowing the source of the statistics or why they are problematic or even what they entail.

More broadly it’s a problem of strategy. We won’t save the world through individual ethical consumerist action. Veganism pretends that we will.

Just like the hippies who ran for the hills to live sustainably in the 80s betrayed our generation by not staying to change society but instead soothed their own consciences, we have to change everything about the way society governs in order to survive the 21st century. We need to rethink all of agriculture, of globalisation, of energy use, of working-nine-to-five etc etc. We can only do these things by actively toppling the current power structure that benefits from it, not by individually removing ourselves from it where we can, when our privilege allows us to. Those less privileged have not that option, and they are alienated by our attempts to do so.

Certainly veganism is important, but it is important because only by stepping outside of an ideology can you truly see it. Human supremacy and animal exploitation is so wide spread, weaved into every little part of our lives that it is invisible.

In order to achieve animal liberation we have to see what we are fighting, and veganism gives us a strong lens with which to do that.

Seriously USA?

Climate warming is gonna happen if you acknowledge it or not, but if you not and even work against it than we’ll destroy our living environment even faster. And it is kinda nice to have an environment we can live in!!! There is a reason why everybody is working towards that one aim, excluding Nicaragua, Syria and well now you.

If we call you climate terrorists, will you listen?

Edit / Add on:

Trump / the USA wouldn’t have to leave the agreement, there are no sanctions if you don’t meet your goals (countries set them for themselves).

And yeah the US is only one country of the world, but for one it is one of the leading countries (with China No1 and india No3) in emitting greenhouse gases and secondly discarding the agreement is feared to be leading by (bad) example.

Also thanks to the states stating that they will still be working towards the aim, the US agreed on when signing it. I know huge parts of the population are against his politics, but I am angry at the moment, sorry.


Six year old autistic child showered with bullets by black cops with ‘pattern of excessive force’, no outcry, no big media attention

Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford, claimed they acted in ‘self defense’ as they emptied 18 rounds in a car they claimed tried to run them over, and had an armed driver. The cars showed no signs of being rammed into, there was no gun found in the car.
There was no warrant to arrest the man they shot. The driver was hit twice while he had his hands in the air, the kid was hit five times, he died still buckled in his seat.

Stafford was involved in a 2011 incident, when he was accused of using stun gun on two people who weren’t a threat, and for breaking a teenage girl’s arm while trying to break up a fight on a school bus.

Coincidentally Greenhouse knew Mr. Fey’s fiancé and had sent him a message on social media to ‘leave her alone’. Which might or might not have contributed the harsh treatment.

Silly me for thinking police brutality actually mattered. Why oh why wouldn’t there be an outrage over this? Hmmm…

x, x

Imagine being Cordelia's little sister

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You sat on the stairs of the white house you lived at, your eyes were shielded by your round sunglasses, and your head by your sun hat. You were covered in a long, black dress and a small flame came from your finger as you lit your cigarette. 

 As you did Hank was opening the gate and walking towards you, “you might wanna watch where you do that, would hate for your cover to be blown just for a smoke.” He snapped as you blew a cloud of smoke into his face. 

 "What are you talking about? I just used my lighter to light my cigarette.“ You pulled out the zippo you had in your bra, and snapped the top open, revealing the flame.

"You know who you sound like?" 

"Let me guess, my bitch of a mother?" 

"What are you now, a mind reader?" 

"Now, however Kyle told me what you said about how I was a little bitch just like her, and you think the bitch gene skipped a generation." 

"Oh so now your rag doll of a boyfriend is feeding you…" 

"Don’t even try to lie right now Hank, we both know you hate my mother and I, because unlike Del, we saw you for who you were." 

 "And what is that?" 

"An ass. However I know my sister loves you, even though you are useless, weak, annoying little cheater.” You snapped as you tapped your cigarette on the step to allow the ashes to fall. 

“And you are a raging little bitch with a serious problem with cigarettes and social skills. However you don’t see me belittling you." 

"Well she is in her green house, however we had a bonfire with most of your stuff so your presence here is really useless.” You said as he looked at you. 

“Hmmm practicing your powers now?" 

"No. I just wanted s'mores.” You smiled as he pushed past you, just one glare and a flick of your fingers and the once open door slammed shut and locked, as he growled in rage, searching for his keys. 

 "I ordered the locks to be changed yesterday evening, the nice man changed them this morning, he took quite a liking to my sister too, I tried to set them up, however you have left my sister so damaged from your little escapade that you have no right to even be on our front porch. So you can leave now, before my mother’s new bitch rips your leg off.“ 

"Open the damn door [Y/N].” He growled as he turned towards you. 

“Hank, I told you to go. You have already done enough damage.” You threw the cigarette to the step and crushed it underneath the black boot you wore, before kicking it to the side and getting up, your eyes meeting his. 

“I want to see my…” He screamed as you swept your hand, sending him flying off the porch and into the side of his car, the alarm sounding as he groaned. 

“Now. I may be the baby of the family, and living in the shadow of my mother and sister, but it is my job to protect my family. And you have NEVER been my family, so if I see you on my property again, I will do more then just lock you out to protect my sister. So have a nice day, asshole." 

And then you disappeared, and reappeared 

 "Why is there an alarm sounding?” Delia asked from door that led to her greenhouse. 

 "Simple, I threw Hank into his car.“ 

"And you did that why? I have told you before you can’t use…" 

"Your powers in public, I know. However I am tired of you getting hurt by him, and he deserves so much more pain then the minor bruising he got from the impact.” 

"You know who you act like?" 


"Mother, however unlike mother you are dating a Frankenstein frat boy instead of a ghost axe murder.” She smiled as you started up the stairs. 

“Also I am not the next supreme, thankfully you got that from mother.” You said as you started to light another cigarette. 

“Oh sister, where did you come from?" 

"Same place you did sis, however my daddy was a biker with a record.” You puffed out as you smiled towards her, happy to see her smile for the first time since she found out.

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150128 - Gaon Awards Speech
  • Leeteuk: It took us 2 years and 6 months to be able to come back here. Its a happy time. It seems that we are like weeds in a greenhouse of flowers. Even if they step on us, we will be a group that will be able to survive and to live. To the fans who are the reason why we are able to stand here till the end, Rather than saying thank you and I love you, I want to say sorry.
  • cr.eri_imSMl, trans.justrei

Long note, but still, this is really important to the story, I apologize it’s so confusing if it’s a lot of work

Yellow Chrysanthemum - Secret admirer     Daffodil - Chivalry    Iris - Inspiration   Orchid - Delicate beauty    Pansy - Loving thoughts   Peony - Healing   Sunflower - Adoration   Sweet Pea - Shyness    Pink Tulip - Caring    Red Tulip - Declaration of Love   Yellow Tulip - Hopelessly in Love   Violet - Faithfulness

“I hired a landscaper,” your mom said as you cleared your sandwich plate.

You blinked. “Why?”

“Because my thumb is the opposite of green. What’s the opposite of green?”

“Red,” you rolled your eyes with a smirk.

“I have a red thumb, I can’t grow anything.”

“You grew me,” you joked.

She snorted. “That was terrible,” she said. You shrugged. “Well, aside from you, I can’t grow anything,” she shrugged. “So I hired Harry,” she told you. “He lives next door. I can’t stand having an ugly lawn, so he’s going to help.” She explained. You questioned how long your mom had been ignoring you. You had a frigging greenhouse in your room. You thought flowers were beautiful and you loved having plants in your room. It made the air cleaner (even if there were way too many bugs sometimes). But you didn’t say anything. You just let it go as you usually did when your mom chose to ignore everything that came out of your mouth. “So you can help him too, I’m sure he’d love that.”

You nodded as you sipped your lemonade. “Sounds good.”

“I won’t be home for a few days, have fun,” she said flitting out the door.

You sighed looking at the empty home you now resided in. The two of you had just moved in. She wanted to downsize. But it’s really hard to downsize, when she’s hardly ever home. It’s not her fault, the life of the rich and famous, traveling business man, and the family off to Disney, needs tending to, and your mom is just the stewardess for the job.

You finished your lemonade unpacking what little you had left up in your room. You frowned as you found old photo albums–the good old days. Those were the days you were truly innocent to this awful world. When you thought no one could touch you because you had the two best parents in the world.

Now you weren’t so sure you had even half a parent.

You looked at your planner, obsessively, for a moment, noting that you didn’t have anything due today. You were a bit bummed, to be honest. It’s not that you enjoyed homework (alright, maybe you did a little) but it was more so that you didn’t have to babysit today either. Therefore, that meant you were going to go bored and crazy looking for something to do around the house. Alone.

So you decided you’d get a head start on Harry’s job…or at least make it a bit easier for him–whoever he was.

Grabbing your keys and your bag you went to the nearest garden nursery and bought a ton of plants. You grabbed varying hydrangea colored bushes, a few dogwood saplings, and then just a fuckton of flowers. You grabbed the mulch, potting soil, fertilizer, just everything you wanted. You didn’t look at the total as the woman rang it in the register. You simply handed over your credit card.

You would do anything for a bit of color in your life.


You started with the trees and shrubs because you knew those had to go in first. You decided the dogwoods would go in the middle of the lawn…the hydrangea shrubs on either side of the door.

You were setting some of the flowers down when someone lightly touched your shoulder. You bounced in surprise. “Hi,” he smiled sweetly. His cheeks were so round–and apple-like. His lips were plump and pouty, but he smiled dreamily. His eyes were warm, the color of new spring leaves. They made you smile after a long winter. His hair was pulled in a bun, it was better than any bun you could ever make. Then there was his body. His long, lean body with legs that made you feel insecure about your own…but you couldn’t compare anyway–he was unreal.

“Uh…hi,” you answered softly. “You must be Harry,” you said quietly.

He smiled and nodded. “I am,” he said holding his hand out and you took it, he kissed your knuckles causing you to almost gasp as you said your name. “Lovely to meet you, kitten,” he whispered.

“Likewise,” you said politely. You had difficulty picking where you wanted to look at him. You would have stared at his eyes, but you wouldn’t have heard a word he said. You could have looked at your lips, but you were pretty sure you would have drooled. Then you could have looked at his body…but you would have passed out.

“I’m the landscaper then,” he said.

“Right, um…well, you don’t have to do anything right now,” you explained. “I’m just putting the flowers in the spot I want…” you trailed off. You thought he was really cute. You didn’t want him to be scared off because you were so independent.

“You like flowers?” He asked.

You nodded. “I had a botanical garden in my room before we moved,” you told him.

“Then why did your mum hire me?”

“Because she doesn’t pay attention to me,” you shrugged easily. That was the only answer, it seemed. You were resigned–but in a strange way, Harry noted. Like despite the fact your mother didn’t pay attention, you still worked. And you worked hard. He saw you weeding before you left and he watched you carry in heavy boxes from the car while your mum chatted on the phone when you moved in. That was a week ago. Harry had been to surprised by such a strong girl (mentally, you struggled heavily with the boxes) that he couldn’t bring himself to go help–not to mention he was bedridden by his mother who said he had a terrible fever.

He smiled softly, changing the subject. “I love flowers,” he mumbled to you. His voice was so deep and gravelly. But it sounded so warm and magical…like he could put you to sleep, but also entertain you for hours.

“So I’ve heard. Well, you’re more than welcome to help me decide where these all go,” you waved a hand at all the flowers.

His eyes lit up. Like you had just told him Christmas was a few months earlier this year. “Yeah?” He asked. Despite what you said, he was pretty sure you didn’t want him to help. You seemed pretty independent. But you nodded instead.

“Absolutely,” you smiled and you continued placing flowers all over the place. The two of you chatted about the basics, what was fun to do around town, birthdays, favorite foods, travelling…etc… You were almost finished arranging the tiny flowers around the yard asking each other for the other’s opinion before you placed the flowers down. It felt like playing house, in a really…insane and innocent kind of way. Christ, you had just met him…

You blushed with the thought of playing house with the pretty green-eyed boy so you relieved the tension with the first thing that popped into your head. Pansies. “I really like pansies,” you told him. “They’re really pretty…but they’re simple too,” you shrugged. You snorted a small laugh. Then you hated yourself for snorting, so you just went with it. “Kinda like me.”

He smirked, but it didn’t reach his eyes this time. “You’re not simple.”

“I’m pretty simple,” you nodded knowingly.

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. I haven’t known you long, but I’d say you’re more like a rose,” he told you. Roses were more complex. More petals, layers…they had thorns to protect themselves. Because roses were delicate and gentle and beautiful but they were scared they would get hurt by everything else in their environment. No, you were not simple. You clearly had layers to be protecting yourself from Harry.

“What? A thorn in your side?” You joked.

He barked with a loud, almost singular laugh. “No!” He chuckled. “That was an awful joke,” but he giggled some more.

“My mom hates them too,” you nodded.

“I don’t hate them, that was really funny…to me,” he noted. “I make really awful jokes all the time too…Mum hates it as well…”

“Yeah?” You giggled. “Can you tell me a joke?” You asked with a grin beaming on your pretty lips.

He thought for a moment. Trying to come up with all the jokes he thought were funny. Well, he thought they were all funny. He needed the perfect one for you. “Why couldn’t the flower ride his bike?” He asked.

You shrugged and smiled at him as you placed other flowers down. “I don’t honestly know,” you said.

He smiled brightly, glad you hadn’t heard this one before. “Because he lost his petals,” He snickered.

You laughed loudly and shook your head. “That was awful,” you told him. “You’re lucky I laugh easily,” you smiled. He grinned happily. He made you laugh. That was ninety percent of him getting you to like him.

“Yeah,” he smiled. “I am lucky.”

You didn’t know why, but he made you blush. So you ignored him mostly and continued putting the flowers aside. “Where’s your mum?” He asked.

“Uh…” you sighed and cracked your neck as you finally set all the flowers in their places. “She’s away now. She’s a flight attendant so she travels about…a lot,” you sighed. He frowned.

“That’s too bad…would you like to come over for dinner? So you’re not lonely?” He asked.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t impose…I think I’m just going to order a pizza and finish putting the house together,” you shrugged. Is that disappointment in his eyes…?

“Do you ever sit still? I haven’t seen you just sit…” he smirked to himself like he knew he was going to say something to make you laugh. “Stop, and smell the roses,” he winked.

You rolled your eyes with a smile. “Yeah,” you sighed. “I don’t sit still. I have to do something, all the time. Whether it’s reading…writing…”

“Planting flowers,” he finished.

You nodded. “Sleep is when I’m still,” you told him.

He nodded. “Well, you’re more than welcome to come over…and if you need any help, I’m just next door,” he reminded you and he started for his door.

“Harry?” You called suddenly. It was as if your brain told your mouth to move without you really knowing. He turned around and smiled sweetly with his pink, pink lips and his perfect green eyes.

“Yes, kitten?” He asked.

“What’s your favorite flower?” You asked.

He practically beamed at the question. Like it was some private joke. He bit his lip and looked around at all the flowers and then finally picked. “A sunflower.” “What about you?” He wondered.

“Tulips…but I can’t plant them until the fall,” you frowned.

He smirked. “Hmm…” he hummed and looked at you with his head cocked to one side. He was up to something. “I’ll see you tomorrow, my pretty flower,” he said so sweetly and then turned away without another word.


You were set up online as a sitter, nanny, whatever anyone really needed. You babysat bright and early that morning. She came bouncing in and the two of you made pancakes shaped like princess crowns. You colored for a bit, made a fort and watched a movie. After playing in the yard–she helped you put the flowers where she thought they should go–you took her out for lunch and bought her a new tiara. When she left she gave you a giant hug. You liked this…you thought it was fun and you thought it was cool people could find you online if you wanted a sitter.

After eight hours of playing with a hyper five year old, you decided planting would be the best way to relax. So you started. You were digging a hole for the dogwood trees and Harry came over moments later holding a bouquet of flowers he smiled shyly as he stppd beside you. He smiled shyly as he passed them to you. A mix of pink and red tulips. 

“You got me tulips,” you whispered in surprise as you brought them in the house quickly to put them in a vase before you hurried back outside to help Harry.

“You said that was your favorite, right?” He asked.

You nodded eagerly. “No, that’s right, but…I’ve said it before, but no one’s ever really heard me,” you mumbled. “I always end up with carnations or something…I don’t really like carnations,” you explained.

He shrugged. “Well, I listened to you.” He smiled. As if it was that simple. Granted, he didn’t know you were ignore constantly. That often you felt like you were screaming at the top of your lungs for something as simple as to pass the remote to you…but no one ever heard. It’s like you were on a different language setting than other people. “And I got you this,” he said slipping a tiny sunflower into your hair. “Now you’re really my pretty flower,” he chuckled cutely. You bit your lip. He was so nice and kind. “Can I help you plant?” He asked.

You nodded. “Thanks,” you said softly.

He smiled as he grabbed a small shovel and started with the sweet pea. “This is really pretty near fences,” he said knowingly as he dug into the dirt.

You nodded with a sad little smile. “My dad used to call me sweet pea,” you mumbled.

“Oh,” he looked at you. “That’s really cute,” he smiled kindly. You looked away trying to keep the tears from falling down your cheeks. “How was your day?” He asked as if he knew you were upset.

“Good, I babysat.”

“Yeah, I saw you moving the plants around, she’s really cute.”

You nodded with a bright smile. “She is…she’s…” you sighed. “It was really fun hanging out with her, is that weird?” You wondered. “To wanna hang out with a six year old?” You bit your lip nervously as you looked away from Harry again. Your eyes were cast down and all Harry could see is how long your eyelashes were. You were breathtaking.

Harry continued digging and planting. He was by no means rushing, just focusing. He didn’t answer for a few moments. But he did think about your question. Something bothered you. He couldn’t tell, but he watched you as you planted. Everything was careful and precise. He imagined your house was immaculate and he assumed you weren’t much of a partier because you were here planting flowers not running off to the beach. You were just too independent for your own good. That’s why you enjoyed hanging out with little kids and flowers; people and plants that were dependent on you for water, food, care… “I don’t think it’s weird,” he answered finally. You looked at him curiously. He must have been lost in thought longer than he thought. He repeated your question to you. You blinked. You assumed Harry didn’t care to answer.

“Oh…good,” you muttered.

“Do you know what some flowers mean?” He asked out of nowhere. It startled you, practically.

“Um…no, I know different color roses have different meaning.”

“So do tulips,” he said quietly not taking his eyes off you. “Go look it up,” he ordered gently. “I have to go get you something else,” he mumbled as he headed to his own backyard. “I’ll let myself inside!” He called as he walked through the garden. He plucked six flowers for you–a daffodil, an orchid, a yellow chrysanthemum, an iris, a violet, and peony. Each one meant something to him. And he hoped that they would mean something to you as well.

He went back to your home and let himself in. He found you sitting in the fort you hadn’t cleaned up yet and he brought the smaller bouquet to you and sat beside you as you read over what all the flowers meant. Your eyes watered and you swallowed thickly. “Harry–” you whispered.

“I…I know that’s weird…but you seem easy to fall in love with,” he murmured shyly and he looked at his lap. “I don’t even know if it’s love to be honest with you,” it is, “but I know I’ve never felt it before…and I…” he took a deep breath. “Sweet pea means innocence. That’s why you like hanging out with six year olds. It makes you happy to be innocent again. And…something happened to you. Obviously. More than you let on though. And I want to figure it out,” he said handing the second bouquet to you. You bit your lip and glanced at your computer screen to see what the hodgepodge of a bouquet he gave you meant.

You were actually crying as he pulled you toward him.

“I promise,” he said in your hair kissing the top of your head as he shut your laptop. You placed the flowers behind you and the two of you innocently cuddled in the fort made for a six year old for quite some time.

The flowers speaking for Harry’s promise.


About a year later. You were replanting flowers for the upcoming summer. You were covered in dirt, pulling weeds and looking for the perfect place around your blooming tulip bulbs to plant sunflowers.

Moments later there was a bouquet in front of your face.

Yellow tulips.

You smiled brightly and followed the hand grasping the flowers to the sparkling green eyes that you adored so much. “Happy anniversary, my pretty flower,” he whispered.

Ons Light Novel 5 Chapter 3

Title:  The Disappearing Princess

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion


It was completely dark when Guren walked out of the lift of the condominium.

The times was 6.15pm in the afternoon. Time for dinner.

On the streets that were being illuminated by the street lights, silhouettes of salarymen and students whose uniforms were shoddily worn could be seen.

Walking away from the broader streets, Guren called for a taxi.

“Hop on.”

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anonymous asked:

can I ask why you made the decision to stop eating met?

In short - I stopped eating meat because the thought of eating a dead, rotting flesh of once a living animal that was able to feel love, joy, pain, and was stabbed to death so I could enjoy my dinner and clog my arteries with cholesterol does NOT appeal to me anymore :)

But I want to go into detail. Health, ethical and environmental reasons.

1) Because I honestly think that any sane human being would stop eating meat (and eggs and dairy in that case) if they conducted a detailed research about the truth what animal products do to our bodies, what really goes on in the meat industry and environmental effects of it. I want to be healthy and not living with a risk of developing heart diseases and cancer. I also don’t want to restrict my calories and worry about weight gain. I recommend checking out this speech, opened my eyes really.

Uprooting The Leading Causes Of Death

2) I don’t want to contribute to the disgusting meat industry. Why is it considered humane to kill cows, yet disgusting and evil to kill dogs? If you don’t have the mentality to go out and kill a living being for food with your own hands, why pay someone else to do the dirty job for you? I strongly believe that animals are not on this earth to be used for human convenience. This documentary is amazing if you would like to know more about the meat industry:


3) And last but not least, I care about the environment. Did you know that if all bugs disappeared, within 50 years life on earth would end? And if all human beings disappeared, life on Earth would flourish? We are so incredibly destructive to our planet it disgusts me. Deforestation, water wastage, greenhouse gases, world hunger, and animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of that. So if I can’t benefit the planet, I would rather stop paying people to keep destroying it.

Honestly I have never felt healthier, happier and more in tune in nature and myself living this way. I encourage everyone to try :)

nightingaleselene  asked:

I'm okay with vegans, but I really hate it when they try to shove their mentally down my throat though.Like seriously?Please let me live my life without attempting to make me feel bad or judging me on what I choose to eat

I know isn’t it so annoying?? Meat eaters have never in history forced their mentality on anyone else. Parents never make their kids eat meat. The meat and dairy industries aren’t heavily subsidized by the government and they don’t spend millions of dollars on marketing their products to the public. And you know who else isn’t forced to do anything?? The workers who have to kill animals so you can eat them. And the animals who live in cramped, filthy, disease inducing conditions? They chose that life. It’s not like your money is supporting any of this. Your ideology doesn’t force Anything on Anyone.

You should just go on your merry way. Continue to eat animals even though you don’t have to. So what if that industry is directly contributing to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, countless health concerns, and the torture of billions of animals? Your dollar certainly isn’t making any of that happen. Why should you feel bad for that? And why should anyone look at you differently for supporting this even though you probably don’t have to? They should just let you live your life, even though you aren’t allowing others to live theirs. Vegans are so annoying omg.

anonymous asked:

I have a couple questions about veganism. So clearly, the animal industry is cruel and horrid and no one should be supporting the inhumane treatment of cows, pigs, baby chicks, etc, but is there something wrong with eating free raised, hormonal free meat, say from your own farm or an ethical farm? Also, processed meats are linked to cancer like hotdogs, sausage, etc, but not fish or lean meats... I'm just trying to heat your thoughts to become more educated :)

Hey! I’m happy to hear that you’re trying to become more educated on the subject and I’m definitely glad to help :)

The terms “free range”, “cage free”, “ethical” are marketing ploys created to make you, a potential client, feel less guilty about your food. The reality behind this is far more different.

“Cage free” chickens can still be confined in very close quarters inside a building where they are standing in their own muck and can barely move.
According to the USDA regulation, “free range” only means that the chickens were allowed “access” to the outside with no specifications as the quality or the duration of that outside exposure. This means that even if a farmer opened the door to a coop with thousands of birds inside and then closed it before any chickens went outside, he would still be able to use the “free-range” label. So unfortunately, this term is mostly used where the chickens are crammed in large warehouses that has a small door on one end that opens to a few feet of outside dirt space. Most of the chickens never even know that door exists and couldn’t get there even if they wanted to.
Here’s a picture of a so-called “free range” farm.

Moreover,  the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not regulate “free-range” or “free-roaming” claims for beef products.
When it comes to “hormonal free” meat, all poultry and pork sold in the US must be “hormonal free”. The truth is though, it’s impossible to buy meat that is hormone free. It is important to understand that all multi-cellular organisms contain hormones, whether they are beef, broccoli, eggs, soybeans — or people. No food or living thing can be “hormone-free,” despite marketing claims that may suggest this to be so. Livestock and poultry can be grown without added hormones, but they cannot be hormone-free.

Although these “free range” and “cage free” meats are an improvement, their main idea is to turn a living, breathing animal into a piece of meat.

As far as lean meats not being linked to cancer, I have to agree. There has not been a study made observing vegetarians/vegans and people who only ate fish/lean meats, comparing their health results.
However, eating animal products, even lean meats, is still not ethical and far more damaging to our planet than incorporating a vegan lifestyle. 


  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation.  
  • Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Livestock is responsible for 65% of all human-related emissions of nitrous oxide – a greenhouse gas with 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, and which stays in the atmosphere for 150 years.
  • US Methane emissions from livestock and natural gas are nearly equal.
  • Even without fossil fuels, we will exceed our 565 gigatonnes CO2e limit by 2030, all from raising animals. (Source)


  • Agriculture is responsible for 80-90% of US water consumption.
  • 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef.
  • 5% of water consumed in the US is by private homes. 55% of water consumed in the US is for animal agriculture.
  • Animal Agriculture is responsible for 20%-33% of all fresh water consumption in the world today. (Source)


  • Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land.
  • Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat. (Source)


  • A farm with 2,500 dairy cows produces the same amount of waste as a city of 411,000 people.  (Source)

  • We could see fishless oceans by 2048.
    90-100 million tons of fish are pulled from our oceans each year.  
    As many as 2.7 trillion animals are pulled from the ocean each year.
  • For every 1 pound of fish caught, up to 5 pounds of unintended marine species are caught and discarded as by-kill.  
    As many as 40% (63 billion pounds) of fish caught globally every year are discarded.
  • Scientists estimate as many as 650,000 whales, dolphins and seals are killed every year by fishing vessels.  (Source)


  • 1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared every second.The leading causes of rainforest destruction are livestock and feedcrops.
  • Up to 137 plant, animal and insect species are lost every day due to rainforest destruction.
  • 150-200 species per day are lost per day.
  • 136 million rainforest acres cleared for animal agriculture. (Source)

    To sum up, the choice is yours.
    Surely you can eat ”free range” meats. You can eat lean meats/fish, although their long-term effect aside a plant-based diet hasn’t been studied. It’s your body.
    But it’s also your food’s life and your planet. We are living in a time when none of our food needs to come from death, so why bother?

Emily Greenhouse asks: Why do news reports still count the numbers of women and children killed in war zones? http://nyr.kr/1xAjgSO

“If we truly wish to identify the most helpless victims, we should count, alongside children, the infirm and the elderly. Instead, we tally the number of women and children killed, reflecting and perpetuating outdated ideas about women’s lives and women’s bodies.”

Photograph by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty

Alec and Jace

I’m beginning to have a whole new obsession with young!Alec because of cheerup-sunshine.  <3

I mean just imagine when Jace first comes to live with the Lightwoods and Alec being upset over the new member of the family. And he hides in the greenhouse despite his allergies because he wants to be alone and knows that nobody will look there for him.

But Jace finds him. He sits down next to him and asks: “Aren’t you allergic?”

And Alec just wipes his nose and sneezes. “Maybe. Why do you care?”

“You want to go down again?”

“No, I want to sit here and be angry at the world.”

And Jace just sits with him in silence until Alec’s allergy gets too bad and Jace drags him out of the greenhouse while Alec mutters darkly “I’m not done being angry”.