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‪people who think emily is a reason why maggie and alex shouldn’t be engaged… why?‬

‪sure, they were together for 5 years but you can be with someone and never get married or not for a long long time. maybe neither of them wanted to, or maybe maggie didn’t feel ready for the entire time they were together. her cheating on emily has no standing here, alex knows about that and knows maggie wouldn’t do it to her. ‬this is about being ready and knowing you want to spend your life with someone despite the lesser amount of time.

‪you might not like the proposal but just because, at one point, maggie was in a long term relationship that didn’t reach this point, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t both ready for this. they want forever with the other. the show itself rushed it but considering the two of them as a couple, is it really that surprising they’d wanna get married?

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


Bubble Tea!

(Please don’t repost my work)


magnus playing with his rings


akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him


Except for the first one - that I decided to post in a single canvas now -, here are some new sketches of Auror!Potter that I did - because I’m still inspired and when I’m inspired, I can’t stop. Dark and angst, just how I like him. This time, full body and sillhouettes too.

[More sketches]

Lance should write a ‘why my boyfriend is crying’ list bc let’s face it. Shiro would.

‘saw one of those dog rescue videos’

‘Pidge did something she was really proud of so he was really proud of her’

‘saw an emotional ad. For a refrigerator’

‘my baby nephew sneezed and it was way too cute’

‘mama said he was a handsome boy and all her friends agreed with her’

‘Keith was in touch with his emotions for a whole 20 seconds’


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’