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um, so i saw u reblogged snakegay and just wanna let u know theyre an aphobe and yeah i dunno if you knew

No offense to you… but if I reblog a post, it’s because I like the post. I’m not going to do extensive background checks on everyone I ever interact with. Besides, liking someone’s Tumblr post doesn’t mean that you have to 100% support them and everything they’ve ever said or done. Living like that sounds exhausting.

art student!yoongi

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  • okay hear me out this may be a lit bit ooc
  • i mean it’s an au but still
  • it’s still yoongI tHoUGh sO oKay LeTs Go
  • i just want art student yoongi to be a thing that i can love and cherish forever
  • idk i just think about jumpers like the pink one in the spring day mv
  • not that all art students wear oversized jumpers but it’s just a vision i have okay
  • a VisiOn
  • why has my mind gone to light wash chinos that has nothing to do with anything
  • a N y W a Y
  • he always has some sort of medium on his hands
  • be it paint, chalk, charcoal, oil pastel, you can name them all day
  • the laundry doesn’t really ever pile up because he owns a very specific pair of joggers and a t-shirt for when he’s working
  • anything other than that? he doesn’t know her
  • could be a social butterfly if he wanted to be but would rather either be with his close friends just because they have nice voices or with holly
  • actually, forget that he’d rather just be with holly
  • a concept i have: aspiring photographer taehyung who goes around campus taking pictures of anything he finds pretty for yoongi to draw or paint
  • i’ve made him sound all soft and though he really is a big softie tbfh especially with holly but y’all already know that he’s definitely d e f i n i t e l y one of the most dry and sarcastic people you’ll ever meet
  • but then again y’all knew that too
  • he’s the type of person where if someone walked by him and was having a conversation on the phone and they were saying stuff like “jonathon i told you to go get the milk!” he’d wait a few seconds and then just go “did you hear that, guys? she told him to get the milk- what a brat you are, jonathon! how scandalous!”
  • honestly though sometimes he won’t even wait until they’re out of earshot he’ll just go ahead and say it anyway
  • life’s full of last-minute calls from him at 11:00pm like “i know it’s late but could you please come and maybe model for me for a bit i promise i won’t make it awkward and i’ll even buy you that disgusting coffee that you like to drink okay thank you goodbye you’re the best.”
  • i mean i can see him joining some stupid societies just for the gag
  • or maybe hoseok drags him along we’ll never know
  • did i neglect to mention that he’s practically always listening to music
  • because… he is
  • all the time
  • don’t pull out his headphones, hoseok learned that the hard way
  • i mean all he really got was a glare but he’ll always tell you on any occasion that he has that he would -7/10 would not recommend
  • he’s actually really neat and organized tbfh
  • likes to have things (especially brushes oh lord) in size order just for practical purposes
  • can see him being a complete perfectionist
  • don’t mess up his goddamn supplies people, hoseok learned that the hard way
  • once again, -7/10 would not recommend to a friend
  • dust? he doesn’t know her either
  • dusts daily
  • can’t stand mess but also can’t stand when things are just too immaculate either
  • spaces have to look lived in
  • you could say that organized clutter is his forte
  • pshh, he invented organized clutter
  • he’s really nice to just sit and talk to
  • he’ll usually talk about holly but nobodies complaining
  • it depends on his mood as to whether he’ll give you some really wise inspirational speech or not
  • if not he’ll just listen and he’s really good at that
  • idk he just has this kinda chill aura about him
  • what’s more relaxing- his voice or his dorm you decide
  • it’s been unanimously voted as one of the most relaxing places most people know
  • according to hobi and jimin at least
  • all in all, what a peaceful, friendly dude, who likes maintaining order, drawing abstract versions of pretty things that his friends find for him- and also, light wash denim.

Another rp-with-Tia doodle because I’m losing control. This one is somewhat of a follow up from this one. Blinky is captured and imprisoned and Arrrgh has been ordered to keep guard, which he doesn’t want to do because this time of night is about the only peace he ever gets to himself and now he has to baby sit a POW. Neither of them are happy or want to be in each others company but very soon that will change when they start to talk to each other. Also the reason why Blinky is missing tattoo’s on his arms at this moment is because -a headcanon by Tia and myself- he’s about to be interrogated by Bular and, well, lets just say, I never really thought Blinky’s markings looked much like tattoo’s as much as they look like scars and/or wounds. Maybe I should draw that scene next.

I tried to upload some photo’s the other day but it wasn’t working so here’s the update- I’m in Disney World right now bitches!!! so it’s all paper sketches for the time being. This is a rather abstract thing, I just sort of slapped it out without much thought on proper perspective or lighting, but I’m constantly up from 7am-midnight, running around like a maniac in Disney parks, so I’m sort of dying BUT HEY, TROLLS!

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who are some of the nicest people you follow and why??

ahh okay so some of these people I haven’t ever spoken to so this is just the impression I have of them based on their blog ^^ (if anyone I mention here don’t want to be mentioned, I’m very sorry please let me know so I don’t do it again ^^). The list is in no order btw. (also sorry if these kind of sound similar, I love you all but I’m not always too good at doing these kind of things! ^^) (also sorry it’s quite a long post)

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There is a question in my mind. Do you think there are some virgin warlords (Before MC I mean)? I think Ieyasu, Mitsunari,Sasuke and Yukimura. At first I thought even Kenshin but I have a feeling that there was a woman in his past (it makes me jealous!).Or Hideyoshi? But maybe he had a fling before the stage 'Nobunaga is the reason I live' obviously. The others? PUHAHAHAHAHAHA. Who seems to you the one-night and never see you again type? Who would go to prostitutes? Why there's a text limit?!

Huehuehuehue… ohhhh, yes. This ask is everything. Let’s go, my darling Reka.

It’s not an imagine so I’m not doing it in detail, though, since I’ve got a ton of those to do and it’s one per person~ this is just my thoughts in brief.

Also, I’d like to ask anyone who reads this to remain chill when reading about prostitutes, please. No hating or shaming on them, because I sure as hell don’t and don’t tolerate any stupid shit like that on this blog, aykay? Thank you

Here’s how I see the guys when it comes to whether they’ve had past experience with sexy times before:

Oda Forces:

  • Hideyoshi
    • He’s got a fan club but he’s apparently never broken a heart before.
    • So I’m thinking there’s about a 70% chance that he’s a virgin, but 30% that he isn’t because his past is just a massive question mark.
    • I reckon he is but he’s not innocent at all~
  • Ieyasu
    • 100% virgin.
    • Has not even flirted with a woman prior to MC.
    • Knows the basics and isn’t stupid but has zilch experience.
  • Masamune
    • Nope.
    • 100% will have had sex at some point, either with a past lover (doubt it, honestly) or a prostitute.
    • Sorry, Masamune but you’re kind of the type, what with the whole “I kiss girls I think are cute because I think they’re cute.” thing…
  • Mitsuhide
    • Shockingly I reckon he’s not a virgin, but probably didn’t do it because he wanted to.
    • Like, I can see him doing something like that for the sake of getting information prior to meeting the MC or earlier on in life in his also-question-mark past.
    • But I think he would have hated having to do it and has just forgotten it entirely because it irritates him to think about it.
  • Mitsunari
    • Virgin 100%.
    • Up until the MC I think he would be lucky if he managed to click onto anyone just having feelings for him.
    • And even then I think he wouldn’t have really been interested or would have had other priorities.
  • Nobunaga
    • … 100% Not virgin.
    • … 100% Has had one night stands, especially with the girls the monks send… omfg…
    • … 100% Has had nights with prostitutes~ I think we can say this is confirmed amiright?

Uesugi-Takeda Forces

  • Kenshin
    • … er, considering that I know a fair bit about his past now, I would say I’m 95% certain he’s not a virgin.
    • And I have little faith in the 5%.
    • But when he would have had that kind of relationship, it was only with that one person, and he’s not had in since… so, he’s not done anything like that in a hella long time.
    • (Don’t worry I understand the jealousy, even though I don’t feel it myself because of the actual past I know ^^;;)
  • Sasuke
  • Shingen
    • *Heavy sigh.*
    • Who hasn’t he had sex with tho?
    • But like he’s 100% not a virgin, and I’m 99.9% certain he’s had many a night with prostitutes.
  • Yukimura
    • Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.
    • 100% virgin has literally never seen a woman naked before and is just completely innocent.
    • But he’s not half bad even on his first time tho ;) *hasn’t played his route and could be wrong about this*


  • Kennyo
    • Haha. Hahaha. PFFFFFT.
    • Nope~ 100% will have had sex before, although I reckon it would have been with a past partner when he was younger.
    • I wouldn’t say he’s never gone to prostitutes but don’t think he would do it very often at all.

Lights, Camera, Inaction…

What are you waiting for, why do you hesitate? When will it happen, where will it take shape? How will I get there, I can’t see past the mountains blocking my path. Will what I see in my mind become my reality, or like a dream will it pass.
Take one step forward then two steps back. Something someone said tells me I lack. Lack the talents, the drive, the will. Hope to make it may have just been killed. Words come my way will I allow them to make me falter, will I let people sacrifice me on an unsavory alter? Can these words really stop me in my tracks, will I allow this to happen or will I tell myself to simply relax. The only one who can stop you is you by getting in your own way, by allowing yourself to place to much stock in what others think and say. Have faith in yourself and courage to see things through, no one makes your dreams a reality, no one but you.

Image: google.com/abstract images.

i get that everyones a bit miffed about the live action series bc like. why tf we getting this when season 2 of the anime isnt even confirmed yet? (99% sure its coming soon tho). and of course there have been so many less than great live action adaptations of anime/manga lately, in japan itself, let alone what the west does whenever it gets its hands on them!! (*shudders*) 

and i do feel that with some anime/manga a lot of the time they just don’t work in live action. the themes and characters don’t always translate across well? 

anyway yeah im not expecting this series to top the anime in any way because the anime is so freaking well suited to being an animation??? it’s Amazing. but i am interested in seeing where the live action series goes…. they’d have to fuck up really badly to not manage to get even a little of the manga’s spirit across i think. i dunno, im curious and optimistic. 


Everyone talking about and/or fearing becho but why isn’t anyone talking about how wrong would braven be? Honestly I would be so pissed off if Jason put them together. I just love their relationship as friends and I would feel betrayed as hell. We are not speaking about the time they layed together anymore: things have changed, people have changed and feelings too. Idk I just think that Bellamy and clarke are so meant to each other…that doesn’t mean I don’t want raven to be with anyone. It’s the opposite! I would be so happy if this small strong badass bean could find happiness in someone…but please not bellamy. Also because when he would find out clarke’s still alive who do you think he would choose? Another heartbreak for our poor raven girl

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The line, "Why do I fall in love with every woman I see that shows me the least bit of attention?" from Eternal Sunshine reminds me of Dylan. What do you think?

I think everyone has their own personal song or lyrics that reminds them of him which doesn’t necessarily resonate with other people.  The thing of it is, he fell for someone that didn’t even pay him the least bit of attention let alone knew who he was. *shrugs* Just my take. :) 

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A few months ago, i broke up with a guy, cause he manipulated me constantly. But now i feel like, im becoming him, is it normal?

It’s normal but it’s not good. A lot of abuse victims mimic the personality of their abusers, especially younger victims, or if this was your first relationship of the kind. This is why so many abusers are also abuse victims. What you need to do is go through a lot of therapy to process that abuse, inform future partners of your history of abuse and make sure that they get the chance to tell you if you’re mimicking this behavior and make sure they let you tell them if they’re reminding you of him. Try to find someone who can just help you by cuddling with you (unless touch is triggering for you) so you get used to proper affection again. Ask maybe a friend for that or something.
Another thing that’s very helpful is creating a mood diary and reading it over every night before going to sleep. Keep track of spots where your behavior is resembling your ex abusers behavior. If you notice these things, you’ll know before it happens how you’re about to act like him, you might be able to prevent it. I really hope this helps.

Why do ppl insist on letting their cats wander around unsupervised. They act like someone who keeps their cat indoors is oppressing their cat or something. Like letting your kitty outdoors can be great but like… keep an eye on them? Don’t let them go out alone? Your cat can run around and get fresh air without you having to endanger them, just be responsible! If you really want to let your cat outside you can get them a leash, or you can cat-proof your yard, or you can make a cat run. Yeah this takes more effort but that’s what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

Slytherin: Hey, Ravenclaw, you said you would help me out if I needed something, right?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s up?

Slytherin: The password to my dormitory is something bigoted again, and I was hoping I could stay in your dormitory. Could I have the password?

Ravenclaw: Of course! Just knock on the knocker and answer the Eagle’s question.

Slytherin: Wait, I have to actually think of things to get in?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s the problem?

Slytherin: Fuck it, I’m asking Gryffindor, they can’t possibly be asked to think.

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride


“They know I can’t move a finger, and I won’t. I’ll just sit here and be quiet, just in case they do… suspect me. They’re probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am. I’m not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching. They’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, “Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly…”

-Psycho (1960)

Accurate first impressions of Kpop groups
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> "so many members??? so many sub-groups/units??? suju is literally every other kpop groups' dads. been in the game for so long and still run kpop. Trendsetters. Legendary. all of them are MCs. Why aren't they running SM by themselves???"<p/><b>BigBang:</b> "badass!! cars!!! sad?? emo??? party!!!! every group looks up to them and admires them.....your fave's faves. weird dancing(?) but they're always lit. it's always a bigbang concert whenever they perform. why is that one guy so tall? that one guy is popular in Japan!!! the difference between Jiyong & G-dragon is scary."<p/><b>SHINee:</b> "it feels like everyone has solo projects and they probably get together only for Christmas or to get turnt up. are they Japanese?? i think those 2 short guys are dating idk. wtf why is he called tofu....why is he called bling bling.......WTF IS A DIBIDIBIDIBI-"<p/><b>Infinite:</b> "wow they dance so in sync w/ each other. probably heard their catchy af songs before really diving into the fandom. created the scorpion dance, how epic. they just seem so real?? like they're brothers??? is that one a girl or a boy??<p/><b>VIXX:</b> "so tall. so violent. so shippable w/ everyone. pretty sure they have a confirmed gay sub-unit?? their maknae likes to bully them. jellyfish doesn't deserve them. so.....they're vampires, voodoo dolls, 8 year old kids, video game characters, Greek gods....what can't this group do????"<p/><b>BTOB:</b> "everyone knows about their reputation, they're wild af. hella tiny compared to normal human beings. i was blinded when looking @ that guy's smile he's an angel sent from heaven. their songs either make you wanna cry into your pillow or join a high school musical is2g."<p/><b>EXO:</b> "they seem kinda scary/intimidating bc SM won't let them fangirl. everyone's an exo fangirl and fanboy on the inside. iM crEEPin iN Ur HeARt BAbE. they literally glow on stage??? are they still wolves???? do they still have superpowers??? who is Chinese and who is Korean??? i thought there were 12....."<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> "so are they best absolute perfect or are they called rice? weird aliens/rabbits is a concept i never knew i needed. they sued their company together but there's always one guy who kills them all? why??? everyone who talks about b.a.p wants to skydive i'm so confused. so is that hot guy w/ the deep ass voice actually their grandfather??"<p/><b>Got7:</b> "so many different races in 1 group i'm living. bruh their dorms must be so wild, how are they raising a dog??? rapline is kinda weak........they could still get it tho. all of them have such vibrant personalities MUST. RESIST. STANNING. their second name is dab7? i don't know them."<p/><b>Seventeen:</b> "ok joke's on us, we all thought we couldn't remember exo's names but shitballs, seventeen exists. wow they seem so fun to be around, i want to be their friend. their leader must have approximately 8.9 breakdowns everyday. how are they always so happy??? they're legit stranded on an island ffs. dino is 100% their real baby."<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> "so THAT'S the member that everyone loves bc he's such a meme. do they always remix their songs when performing??? they're so lit???? i'm still confused as to why this group doesn't have a first win. came to check them out bc of got7 and wasn't disappointed."<p/><b>Day6:</b> "lmao that famous guy from twitter is in a kpop group???? why does it feel like JYP is just letting them run around the company and do whatever they want at this point....does JYP even know they exist?? their songs make you wanna hit up your nonexistent ex *jams sadly*. who's bob???"<p/><b>iKon:</b> "they shouldn't be the next bigbang or the next anything, they're low-key doing amazing already. bad first impressions always turn into good ones when yall take the time to know them. they literally have their own anthem??? what's a visual i only know ikon."<p/><b>NCT:</b> "there SM goes again, tempting us w/ new groups but depriving us of comebacks. how is taeyong supposed to hold the fort down when he has 40 kids he hasn't even met yet?? they're exo's biggest fanboys, everyone needs to stan them asap. if they didn't look and sound so good, i'd sue SM for dressing them like they're homeless. the dreamies are so spoiled by the hyungs and their company. MY CHILDREN????"<p/></p>
Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Today I witnessed men mocking a woman for having hairy legs and underarms. I have something to say about this.

Firstly, the shaving of legs is a new fashion trend. It was done a bit in the 20′s, but honestly, it wasn’t until the forties that anyone gave a damn. Before that, no one saw your legs, because they wee covered in skirts. Men didn’t even know women HAD legs.

Slight exaggeration, but still quite meaningful.

In the last 70 years, men have gone from not knowing and not caring one bit about female body hair, to completely transforming their ideal feminine counterpart into a hairless model. Men like to tout masculinity as being impervious, but I’ll warrant you, you can watch them evolve with the feedback of marketing scams run on their little mammalian brains.

Did Queen Victoria have shaved legs…well, let’s first establish that yes, she did actually have legs. But were they hairless? During her 60-odd year reign, did she employ some servant to come pluck out her hairs?

Did Queen Elizabeth have hairless legs? 44 years of reign, at the time the longest reigning monarch of British history, but no, you’re right. She probably had the Lady of the Royal Chamber rake on a good lather before she went out in her Spanish farthingale.

Did Cleopatra have a straight razor? Did Helen of Troy? These are two women who literally destroyed nations with their beauty and the lust men had for them. Do you think they had shaved legs? What about their underarms?

Now, yes, there were traditions of removing hair. The Roman women, for example, plucked their hair out of their underarms, but I promise you…no one sat about for hours having their legs plucked with tweezers. And if they did, they had a lot of time and money to spare.

Do you know who Boudicca is? She was an Icenian queen during the first century. She led a rebellion against Roman factions at Londinium. 

Famously, she said, “This is done with the resolve of a woman. Men may live as slaves if they wish.”

She leveled three Roman outposts, well-established settlements. And came to Londinium with an army decked out in stolen Roman arms. They razed the city to the ground with fires so thick that an ash layer still exists in the stria of the City of London to this very day. As she rode through the old city on her chariot, with her Roman spear in hand, poised to launch it through the throat of a fleeing patrician, did she pause her assault to wonder…

Did I shave my legs for this?

As the man fell to the ground, choking on his own blood and the ash from the searing fires, do you think he looked up at this queen, this woman defiant and majestic, and thought, “Ye gods, what hirsuit underarms!”

I wonder how many plucked Roman women were trampled by that carriage.

I wonder if Anne Bonny, the notorious pirate ever was mocked by her male crew for having a fluffy undercarriage.

I wonder if when Annie Oakley, at 15, beat her crackshot future husband at a shooting contest, he looked at her little knees and thought, “Not this one. She’s too furry.”

I wonder if Anne Boleyn was beheaded for wearing a pair of furry britches beneath her skirts.

I wonder, if while He suckled as an infant, resplendent in holy fire and divinity, the newborn Jesus Christ, tucked His wee face to the crook of His Virgin Mother’s arm and let out a squeal at the ghastly sight of her unshaven underarms. Or if when He was installing himself in her abdomen, He gave a moment’s pause to think, “Dear Me, what am I doing, shoving myself into this horribly hairy wench?”

The answer to all of these is…No. Of course not, you fucking idiot.

Body hair exists for a reason, you stupid semi-hairless apes. Don’t you ever wonder why you still have it? I will tell you why. It provides necessary warmth, not just with insulation, but with the way your anatomy functions. Air catches the hairs and lifts them, causing a tickle that forces the follicle to swell into goose flesh, warming the skin through motion. It provides protection from the sun. And in the regions where it is thickest, it guards against the elements, keeps out parasites, and keeps your sensitive areas like your eyes, from being drowned in sweat. It even cushions and reduces the likelihood of heat rashes and chafing in the parts of you that touch. Hair is important. It wasn’t just Sampson who gained strength from it.

And I wonder, if while Sampson was laid low, his power sapped, if he looked up at the gorgeous Delilah with her treacherous shears and thought… “Why didn’t she pluck her eyebrows!”

Power is walking into a room with nothing in hand, and doing just fine.

Beauty is standing as you are, but embodying all that is graceful and powerful about the female condition.

And judging a woman on a trend that is younger then my oldest knee-length hemline is an act of such supreme stupidity and transient masculinity that I cannot even describe how ridiculous I find it. But men are the ones who are rational, yes? Men and all their manly manliness are immune to fads and trends and “girly fashion shit”, right, “bruh”?

Women have hair on their bodies same as you. You seem to do just fine wearing yours. Why do you begrudge her hers?

I say we start a new trend, where females begin to harass the worst offenders for having hairy legs. I shan’t be pleased if in 70 years, I am not seeing all men in shorts looking like the backside of a baby from the knee down. I want to see hordes of women tracking down these men who label a type of deception as beauty, and demanding they carve off their top layer of skin and fur. I want to hear these men who cannot see valor, fortitude, strength, and hair as beautiful, squeak when they walk.

And then I want all humans to embrace that which makes them soft and healthy, and stop rewriting history by turning it into one inglorious quest for vanity.

After they revive Noctis on teh throne they find that some of the damage was too severe and he’s slowly and painstakingly working back to full mobility.  He still cant walk but everyday sees minute improvements so he’s hopeful.

“What did you think about the Duchess?”
“I think we need to focus getting you on your feet before we consider political matches”
“I know, but it would be something joyful for the people to have, something positive after so long”
A wedding to focus on, their King putting on a show
“Why don’t you marry Prompto then 8D That would give them something to talk about”
And Noct starts to laugh because it WOULD
‘Youre an ass"
“Send him up would you, when you see him”
“Will do”
Thought he was so subtle
Prom knocks and lets himself in half an hour later and Nocts dozing
cheeky grin
“Hey dude, Gladio said you wanted to talk to me about some proposal…Im literally the worst person to talk politics with. You realise this right??’
”…….he did, did he?“
"Yeah it was kinda weird”
“I just wanted some company
"Oh! Well, that I am VERY good at.”
And he’s start shedding layers
Before climbing over Noct to the inside of the bed and settling down in his boxers and undershirt
Noct just snorts and swats at him as he gets jabbed on the way
Noctis pushes himself closer tucking along Prompto’s side
“You okay buddy?”
“I am now”

Theyre not a couple yet
but it’s only a matter of time
Next morning
“WELL, at least we know everything’s working fine down there”
“What?? I’d want to know if it was me”
Then teasing
“Its a perfectly natural reaction…..when sharing a bed with me”
“Oh get over yourself”

brutally honest descriptions of the mbti types based off my experiences with them via a very sleep deprived infp


-commitment issues? haha i’ve never heard of those :))))

-will literally punch a toddler in the throat if they say they support trump

-so i took the mbti test 7 times and i got infp twice and entp once?? i don’t really know, because i kind of fit into the infj sterotypes more, but if you really think about it i’m kind of an enfj? but i also really relate to isfps, but then again i think i’m too opinionated and logical to be a feeler, so entp isn’t out of the question, but i also feel like the entj cognitive functions really fit m

-genuinely love animals and it’s so pure

-hi sorry for not replying, i was in prison :3 also i moved to norway lol

-actually just the 2007 taco xd random aesthetic irl

-“i just came up with another book plot” texts approximately every 2.3 hours


-hi i’m melissa i’m a 23 year old art school dropout and i abuse prescription pills but it’s okay because i have 200 followers on my grunge aesthetic instagram account. rent me an apartment?

-(talking about veganism to someone at a party) i just don’t understand how anyone could put all of that stuff in their body :/ *bends down to snort a line of cocaine*

-actually really artistically talented but much like the infp they refuse to give themselves any credit for it

-my dream man is someone who goes to coachella with me, helps me align my charkas, takes sad candid pictures of me, is willing to backpack around europe with me and my philosophy class during the summer,

-*googles* why do i share a type with literally every indie musician that has ever breathed lol

-probably fucked your girl in the back of a vape shop


-if you manage to find one never let them go they are some of the best people you’ll ever meet

-huge harry potter nerds

-can manage to get you to spill out your entire life story to them with a concerned glance

-please actually care for yourself for once and a while literally you do everything for everyone else just take some time for yourself god dammit you deserve it


-could be literally the most talented person in the world but would never come close to admitting it

-hi i’m actually just jesus christ irl! nice to meet you :-)


-they know everything

-like seriously everything it’s kind of scary like calm down karl

- allows themselves to recognize exactly one (1) human emotion per year

-can read for hours on end without getting bored and genuinely loves learning

-are generally dicks tbh especially to the people they love the most

-wikipedia articles™

-they actually aren’t actually the emotionless robots tumblr seems to display them as, they are actually extremely emotional in my experience and tend to get offended/upset easily and over small things

-sci-fi, cats, and machines > humans

-superiority complex™

-cute when they aren’t busy throwing tantrums/crushing the souls of their enemies


-hi i’m martha, i’m 32 years young, i like long walks by the beach, yoga, and judging my neighbors for not mowing their lawn :-)  

-tend to be extra™ parents and their kids can either turn out complete emotional wreck assholes because they’ve never been disciplined or the happiest child you’ll ever meet, there is no in between

-they may be complete snakes and have never came up with an original idea in their entire life but boy can they make a killer chicken parmesan

-kind of comforting in a mother-like sense when they aren’t busy being judgmental dicks

-will clean your entire house for you on a whim


-wow i love being an infj :)) top 1% haha :))

-will literally develop a crush on someone because they say they know what tumblr is

-find purpose in writing/creating in general

-ending toxic relationships?? haha what’s that??? :))

-constantly switches between their “you can’t control me it isn’t a phase mom go away >:(( my chemical pilots at the disco saved me xd i will literally punch a baby fuck the system i’m 2cool4school” persona and their “i’m such a smol bean :3 save all the animals <333 i love pretty girls and dogs :))” persona

-“can i txt you back in like 15 mins i’m having an emotional breakdown lol”

-actually genuinely empathetic and creatively gifted but gives themself credit for none of it

-intelligent but fails classes because their teacher said something that went against their morals

-playing the victim? never heard of it! :))

-secretly just meme hoarders

-attention whores tbh i won’t even deny it

-o v e r d r a m a t i c


-hi it’s 6 fucking am and everyone just wants to go back to sleep or die or both but i’m gonna start an argument with the professor over the origin of tangerines for no apparent reason

-*googles* how to permanently get rid of my fe in 5 simple steps

-follow my meme page xd

-so what if i love my dog more than i do myself and my entire family?

-this conversation is boring me i’m gonna go chug a bottle of vodka and binge bill nye the science guy™ peace out

-have low self-esteems but compensate through obscure dark web conspiracy theories at 3 in the morning

-shirley i didn’t call you back because you’re a fake ass bitch not because i didn’t like your lasagna at the block party


-why do i keep physically abusing my crush lol

-and why do i keep yelling i can’t even stop at this point someone please send help

-they love food more than they do themselves


-hi welcome to my prank youtube channel :3

-the type of people to show up to school with 37 puppies and a knife

-i’m not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks


-sorry i didn’t show up to school because you’re fucking stupid

-awe infp is so cute <3 i’ll destroy them last

-*on the floor, drunk, talking to their dog* you’re the only motherfucker in this town who can handle me

-what do you mean other people’s opinions/beliefs besides my own are valid lol??

-lowkey have daddy kinks

-what do you mean it’s physically impossible for me to control every aspect of my life??

-i mean if you really think about it voldemort was the victim,

-the type of person who could tell their crush they like them without flinching. terrifying


-wears d.a.r.e shirts ironically

-1990’s grunge aesthetic

-would walk into a burning building for the meme

-playing the hero?? haha never heard of it :))

-ew what the fuck man get those feelings away from me lol

-fuck da police

-following the rules?? that seems excessive lmao no thanks


-i once had one (1) original idea back in the summer of ’67. it was terrifying. i’ll never do it again.

-your scary math teacher that wears black socks everyday expects friday. then they jazz it up a bit with stripes. will mark your grade up if you say you like the same sports team as they do.

-understanding concepts outside of your own experiences? lmao no thanks?

-will make quizlet sets organize your desk for you

-my dream in life is to narrate a crime documentary and complete my george washington memorabilia collection.

-remembers all of their colleagues birthdays. doesn’t say happy birthday.


-fucking get over your ex already he wasn’t that attractive calm down allison

-*googles* why do i relate to regina george from mean girls so much?

-the type of person who tells your boyfriend you have a crush on him

-o v e r d r a m a t i c

-gets your shit together for you. judges you


-dead inside

-if you can manage to find one that actually tolerates you they are some of the most loyal and true people you’ll ever meet

-horrible social skills, compensates through meme hoarding

-sends you links to conspiracy theory videos when you’re sad

-extremely intelligent but they get lost in their own house

-whoops i just remember i haven’t showered in 3 weeks lol

-i would laugh at that joke but i’m 3 hours deep into an existential crisis and i’m 100% convinced you are actually a robot created by bill clinton so not today jeff


-yes homo

-cries over cat videos in public

-facetimes you in a grasshopper fursuit at 3 in the morning

-probably an alcoholic

-has 87 different crushes at once

-you haven’t talked to them in 7 years but they’ll show up at your birthday party and give you dog

-also attention whores

-generally has the personality of someone who just did 10 lines of cocaine


-one sec let me just gather up all of the fake empathy i can muster for this particular situation

-that one kid in class who always has perfect notes

-shudders at the thought of… a… creative… thought….

-falls in love with an estp approximately every 23 seconds

-hi i’m karen, i’m 34, i love my family, cupcake baking, helping people of course until it interferes with my own personal comfort haha, christmas decorations, room layouts,

-probably has a studyblr


-your angry boss

-probably cyberbullies children on the internet 

-has an emotional breakdown when they don’t win classroom jeopardy 

-*googles* who is bernie sanders and why do i want him dead

-organizes your shit for you, regrets it later

-dead inside

what if lup and taako decide they want to “teach” angus how to play pool, for old times sake, just to get one more round of the ol’ hustle crew in,

so they play a few practice games with him, he plays along with it, pretending he absolutely doesn’t understand the rules of the game, and then when they finally say “why don’t we let you try it out for yourself, and maybe make this more interesting?” and try to hustle angus out of his fucking shoes, he absolutely flips it on them and destroys the twins at pool. only angus is just doing it good-naturedly, in his “like this, sir and lady???” kind of angus-ey way, but he’s sinking shots left and right and lup and taako are terrified. he knows they were gonna hustle him but he’s having fun with them anyway. can they bring this 10 year old to chesney’s next time they go to take names and steal shoes