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Prince Charming

Hey guys! So i’ve been writing for a couple years and finally decided to post one of my short stories? Idk what to call it lol anyway, my grammar or spelling isn’t always the best but i’m working on that and trying to improve. So bare with me (: Hope you enjoy! 

You are at home talking with your mother about you Fiance Jensen and his daughter as you watch J and JJ playing with barbies and princesses. 

Cute? Fluffy? Sweet? 

word count: 1,055

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“Looks like you finally found your prince charming.” Your mother spoke as she washed down the counter with a wash rag. You sat on a stool watching your fiance through the door way, as he sat on the floor playing barbies with his daughter. JJ laughed as her father made a funny face when she put a crown on his head. “Seriously a prince.” She laughed.

You grinned, “Yeah, he’s the best Mama.” You said looking back at her, “He treats me like I’m a princess”

“How has JJ taken to you? I mean I’ve seen she’s pretty warmed up to you, but I mean as a motherly figure?”

“She doesn’t seem to have an issue with it.” You paused glancing over at the father and daughter, “Jensen sat her down a few weeks ago and I over heard them. He asked if she was okay with me staying around for a long time. He was very persistent on a very long time.” You grin turns into a full on smile as Jensen starts laughing as JJ climbed onto his shoulders and raised her hands out with wands in them and yelled ‘I’m a princess airplane!’ You loved watching as he held her legs and laughed with his whole body. His head was thrown back into her lap, lips curled up showing all his white teeth and his body shook with laughter rumbling through him. “She said that she loved me. Happy that he was happy.”

Your mom smiled watching you watch them. She was a hundred percent positive that you finally found someone that was forever. The idea that you found a man that treated you well and loved you for you. It wasn’t taken unnoticed that Jensen stared at her daughter with such love, adoration, and respect that even left her in awe. She noticed you gave him the same exact look back. It really was like a classic love story. One that would be in movies and stories.

You loved Jensen with every fiber in you. He gave you everything you ever wanted and he continued to surprise you every day. Their was a time you doubted his love for you because he could have any girl and he chose you; you couldn’t help but wonder why? You weren’t anything special. This was Jensen Ackles your talking about. He was a famous actor with beautiful green eyes that would send any girl into a trance. And many he has. He said he liked you because you didn’t like him for his money and fame. He said he fell for you because of how you were with his daughter and fans, how you gave the world everything you could and didn’t expect anything in return. He said he loved you because no matter how many flaws you thought you had, you were perfect to him, and he made sure to say that everyday. He was your best friend and the man you loved. Jensen gave you the freedom you needed and respect you wanted, love that you never imagined you could have, he gave you motivation to be the best person you could be, and adventure that you didn’t know existed.

“Go.” Your mom said pulling you from your thoughts. She knew what you were thinking.

You didn’t bother replying because you already knew what she meant; so you stood and walked out of the room and towards Jensen and JJ. JJ was the first to notice your presence, immediately she smiled up at you before going back to playing with an Elsa and Anna doll set your mom got her.

“Hey baby.” Jensen spoke raising his hand to your’s and pulling you down onto his lap. You got comfy leaning back into his chest as he wrapped his arms around you giving you a sense of being safe in his warm embrace. Your arms rested around his as you both watched JJ talk for the dolls to one another.

“My mom thinks I’ve found my prince charming.” You spoke softly.

He let out a breathtaking laugh rumbling through him, and vibrating down your spine making you shake with a chill. His laugh was music to your ears and you loved it, but no matter how many times you hear it it will always send a chill through your body knowing the source of the sound was your fiance. The man you loved and he returned the same love to you.

“And what do you think?”

You turned slightly in his arms and looked up at him. Stubble lined his jaw circling around his full lips, hair messy from running his hand through it and not bothering to put jell in it this morning, his eyes had their continuous glint to them but as he laughed they shined a brighter green. A crown still rested on his head that had fallen slightly onto his forehead. You couldn’t help but to grin at the irony.

“Said that you treated me like I was your princess.”

Jensen’s grin slowly slipped as he leaned down pressing his lips to your’s. You turned more reaching up, placing a hand behind his neck, and one brushing through his hair lightly tugging at it making him let out a soft almost silent moan. His right hand cradled your back, thumb rubbing back and fourth, and his right hand creeping itself up to your cheek. Your lips moved in sync with his and you were suddenly aware just how much you loved this man. He was your prince charming, savior, soul mate, whatever the description was. It scared you to be honest, scared of just how much you loved him and how quickly you fell for him all those months ago. You were the first to pull away needing air and being left speechless just like every other kissed you shared with Jensen.

“I love you.” He whispered pecking your lips.

“I love you to Jay.” You smiled pecking his back once more before turning back around and looked at your soon to be step daughter as he wrapped his arms back around you. JJ didn’t even take notice to the lack of conversation from the two of you, she was more concentrated on the third barbie she found in the toy box beside her.

EX Troopers Deserved Better

I know that somewhere deep inside my heart, I’ll never be able to forgive Capcom for dangling Mega Man Legends 3 in front of my eyes. How often is it that fans fruitlessly wait a decade for a sequel they know is never coming, only to have it announced and then taken away months later? 

Well, at least it [maybe] led to the creation of EX Troopers, a great little game that went unplayed by pretty much everyone ever last generation.

Realistically, its fate was decided from the very beginning. An original game taking place in the Lost Planet (what even) universe, EX Troopers played with some ideas from its base series while also injecting the whole package with what could only be described as a dynamic manga aesthetic. Exploding text bubbles, written sound effects, and manga-styled frames for cutscenes were just the tip of the iceberg. Think back to the debut of Lost Planet and how much was made of its (at the time) super realistic snow and overall visuals. Now strip it of all of the high fidelity graphics and replace them with fairly simple geometry, flat textures and lots and lots of colors. EX Troopers couldn’t possibly fall farther from the Lost Planet tree.

Hell, even the platforms it got released for made zero amounts of sense. The Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation 3? What the hell kind of combo is that? Everything about this game’s existence seems so directionless, as though nobody involved with marketing knew why it even got made in the first place. Were there available assets just sitting around unused (stares suspiciously at the carcass of Mega Man Legends 3), or did they just need to give the team something to do? 

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So I Just Watched… X-Men: Days Of The Future Past (20th Century Fox/Marvel, 2014)

Yeah I really had to take my time with this one. First it premiered in my country almost a month later than the USA (I guess is the price we pay for Disney giving us the Marvel studios films a week earlier than you guys) Then I had to sit down and watch this with a cool head. By the time I got to see this movie every living being with a keyboard and an opinion had either teared a new one on this film or praised the hell out of it. Let me be clear from the start: I love the X-Men. I grew up on X-Men comics, the 90’s cartoon and the Toy Biz action figures. I was dancing in a cloud in 2000 when the team I loved so much started the comic trend in cinema with what I perceived to be one hell of a solid film by that time (currently I think it has not aged very well in my opinion). As time went by with this franchise I believe The X-Men has suffered from some serious inconsistency in his movie continuity and It’s all Fox’s fault. So yeah, I’m one of the guys who really want the property to go back to Marvel Studios and receive a full reboot.

Going back to the main subject of this review, X-Men: Days Of The Future Past takes a number of elements from two storylines as far as I can tell. The first of course is the two-part saga that gives his name to the film. Although that story in the comics was pretty much straightforward and very well conceived (enough to last two issues at most) here we have the basic elements present: The X-Men are fighting a losing a battle against Sentinels who are now the ruling force on earth, slavering humans and killing mutants. One of them is chosen to travel trough time and fix the mess that started this war: the killing of an important political figure in the 70’s. While in the comics the character to save was Senator Kelly (who died in the first film) in the film is Bolivar Trask, creator of the Sentinel Program and played by Peter Dinklage (You’d think that Magneto killing President Kennedy with the “magic bullet” would be a much strong reason to activate the program but it’s not so). Since I’ve always believed that comics and film are completely different mediums I don’t think a director should be slave to the source material. So I’m pretty cool with most of the changes done to the story and the inclusion of characters that have nothing to do with it in the first place. Hell I can even understand the logic behind sending Wolverine back instead of Kitty and her bearing a strange new power to send people back in time out of nowhere (But I would like to ask Bryan Singer why not cast a new actress to play Rachel Summers instead).

The second story which this film reaps it’s ideas it’s Ultimate X-Men #6 (last part of “The Tomorrow People” storyline) where a power-mad Magneto beats the shit out of the USA executive powers using Sentinels and it’s up to Wolverine and Xavier to save the day. Don’t believe me? look for that comic and see the closing act of this film again. Makes me wonder If Mark Millar was the consultant behind this. After getting the whole enchilada I got to say two things first: Quicksilver, the character EVERYBODY loved to hate before the film even premiered steals the whole movie with one of the best action sequences of the whole film using the most unlikely of soundtracks (I dare anyone to look for an action scene in the whole damn history of cinema with “Time In a Bottle” of Jim Croce as background) what a terribly underused character, what a great actor they picked to play the part. Second I gotta say: Wolverine haters rejoice! the character was also underused and he doesn’t get to save the day like he has done on X-Men (2000), The Last Stand (2006) and his two solo adventures. The heavy marketing centered around him would have you think so. But the film is more centered around Mystique, Charles and Erik and the struggling relationship this woman has with these two characters.

For the closing lines I just have to say that this movie is a great and fun ride, It doesn’t top Marvel Studio’s “The Avengers” yet but it’s a real good effort from Singer and company to put out a decent X-Men film. I’ve read around the net that this movie it’s also the swan song for most of the original cast (it was also a farewell for most of the mutants you saw on First Class) the after credits scene it’s a direct hint to what’s been announced all over the place: Apocalypse will be the main antagonist next time we see the X-Men on film. Let’s hope they have a decent cast to work with and we get to see another villain other than Magneto in these movies.


Recently a very cool person sent me a bunch of questions as a sort of interview for a school project, and it occurred to me that I get asked these questions a lot so I’m throwing them down under the readmore for you guys in case you wanted to know this stuff/so if someone asks me one of these in the future I can just link here. So yeah lots of talky talk under the whatcjamacallit

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