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Infatuation - Part 9


Genre: Romance, teacher, crime, murder, single dad

Warning: Guns, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Part 9:

You raised your frantic eyes to Jaebum’s to see horror etched over his face.

Cupping his cheek you said the sentence he did not want to hear, “I have to go alone Jaebum.”

He removed  your hand from his cheek. You and Jaebum’s legs were still under the white bed sheets with the morning sun peeking through the curtains.

“No I won’t let you go to that restaurant alone… they’ll kidnap you to get more information about the FBI, they’ll hold you hostage, they’ll be extremely angry when they see it’s a fake Ipad or tape.”

“How would they kidnap me from a public place? If I don’t go alone, they’ll kill me and all of you!” you argued back.

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Oath | Character Profile

A/N: This is something that I should’ve written a long time ago, but somehow always left aside. I hope it will help to get a better understanding of the story and the motives behind the characters’ decisions. If you have any questions regarding any of the characters, please ask me. I left the reader character out because I think you got a clearer picture of her. I will add more things later if I omitted any. 

Black Tiger

Originally posted by lordhuarrache

  • Original character        
  • Jungkook’s father        
  • Leader of the most influential gang in the city
  • Used to work alongside Yoongi’s father, but betrayed him and started his own group. He ended up killing Yoongi’s whole family, main reason why Yoongi is so keen on bringing him down.
  • Selfish, greedy, doesn’t care who needs to die to get what he wants; treasures bloodline, but not more than he treasures his own kingdom; knows no mercy, will kill you if you take a wrong step;     
  • At one point looked at Yoongi like he would at his own son      
  • Was always against Jungkook going to college and living a normal life; saw in him a future leader and pushed the idea into the child’s brain;
  • Was highly disappointed and disgusted when Jungkook said he wanted to leave his group
  • Considers human relationships and feelings a great weakness·        knows no kindness, shows no love   
  • Is feared by most of his men, partly why nobody ever leaves·        
  • Usually prefers to order people to do his dirty work·        
  • Has a superiority issue        
  • Was once very skilled in gun shooting and fighting, but with age they faded        
  • Wants to get rid of Yoongi, but has a trace of respect for him       
  • Kept Namjoon by his side and trained him to become his heir, just in case Jungkook bailed (which he did)        
  • Is now proud to see his son came back to his senses, and know his greatest weakness       
  • His way of treating people could bring his downfall

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • raised by the most powerful family at the time
  • always looked up to his father
  • had a younger sister he treasured a lot
  • lost all of his loved ones in a single night at the hands of Black Tiger
  • his father committed suicide to keep them safe
  • he only survived because he was out of the house with some friends, came back to nothing but ashes
  • always had a feeling Black Tiger was not to be trusted, especially after he left his father’s group
  • believed his father’s kindness was his greatest weakness
  • swore not to make the same mistake
  • hates betrayers more than anything
  • is a good strategist and magnificent leader
  • is respected by his men, and he never lets them down
  • is skilled with guns and computers
  • is great at making connections and deals (family trait)
  • would go to great lengths to avenge his men
  • was raised and trained by his father’s most loyal man
  • his training partner had been Hoseok ever since they were kids
  • came to trust Hoseok the most out of his group
  • doesn’t like to share much information about his life
  • can be ruthless, but never to the same extent as Black Tiger
  • has moments in which he sees his little sister in Y/N
  • has gained power on his own, but his father’s name always followed
  • always puts his group’s safety and well being before everything else
  • didn’t feel nor believe in love ever since his family was murdered
  • hardly ever smiled
  • is always aware of his whereabouts and has a plan B for everything
  • doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses
  • his father would be proud of him

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • was the kid of Mr. Min’s most trusted man
  • grew alongside Yoongi and trained together
  • was always meant to be part of the group, even before that tragic night
  • dreamed of being the best shooter and eventually became one
  • is skilled with pistols and shotguns
  • knows how to make all sorts of drugs
  • is the group’s most trusted doctor
  • can use his skills for torture as well
  • knows how to get answers out of people
  • finds pleasure in inducing pain
  • shows no mercy as a trainer (and not only)
  • can be very cold and aggressive
  • is Yoongi’s confidant
  • the only one whose opinion and ideas Yoongi listens to
  • didn’t quite trust you at first but came to admire your dedication
  • is the only member in the group without much drama in his past

Park Jimin

Originally posted by sugaglos

  • was an orphan turned delinquent before Yoongi took him into the group
  • was always fascinated by gangs and guns
  • never met his parents and had no intention
  • is a womanizer and proud of it
  • very skilled sniper
  • loves the power that comes with the shot
  • he was added to the group before Taehyung, but they always trained together
  • owns a nightclub that he usually visits when he’s bored
  • loves gambling, but never when he’s on the losing side
  • runs some gun and drug smuggling businesses
  • never went against Yoongi’s words
  • would probably kill you if you messed with his people
  • is usually the one to stop Taehyung from doing stupid stuff
  • he watches your every move with doubt ever since Taehyung fell for you, afraid you would stab them in the back once you regained your memories
  • he can be your best friend and worst enemy in the same day
  • is more on the chill side, but with deep darkness in his heart

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by missbaptan

  •  was abandoned by his mom on the side of the road when he was 6
  • lived in the lowest conditions for most of his childhood
  • became involved in gangs as a teen, but always got in trouble and was kicked out of them
  • ended up being added to the group two years after Jimin, after he stumbled across Hoseok (he needed money at the time and planned on attacking the first person that came his way, not knowing who he was up against)
  • was close to death so many times he became immune to the fear that came with it
  • the only thing he actually fears and detests is abandonment
  • has major trust issues
  • became really attached to Jungkook while they worked together, but his betrayal turned them into enemies
  • he put locks to his emotions every time he got hurt
  • at first he only wanted you as a form of revenge, but then he actually fell for you
  • was denying falling in love with you because he was too afraid of the feeling
  • turned from sweet angel to possessive demon after your memories of Jungkook came back
  • would go to great lengths to keep you by his side
  • his love is genuine, but his demons change it into something else
  • never wants to hurt you, but always ends up doing so
  • doesn’t like making promises because he knows he can’t keep them;  and also considers them like chains around his ankles
  • loves freedom and venturing into the night
  • his rage outbursts are no joke
  • would not want him as your enemy
  • loves torturing and playing with his victims
  • feels no remorse
  • is skilled in several martial arts and very good with guns
  • owns a hotel where he wears the mask of a respected CEO
  • mood swings are not foreign
  • has a strong aura and his mysterious, always changing attitude fuels his power of attraction
  • would never back away from a fight
  • is blinded by his feelings for you at times
  • is the one Yoongi’s most worried about
  • would most likely not listen to any advice or opinion that comes against his way of thinking
  • his smile could go from sweet to creepy in one second
  • 80% of the time your worst nightmare
  • sweet, sweet poison

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by sugageek

  • came from a poor family, but after gaining the attention of Black Tiger for his remarkable intellect, he became a member of the group
  • was always on the second position of a possible leader -after Jungkook- and hated that
  • trained twice as hard to gain recognition, but somehow Jungkook always ended up getting the praise
  • swore to do anything it takes to get the leader’s position
  • was offered a smaller leading position under Black Tiger; had to manage a smaller group within the gang
  • ruthless just like his role model
  • doesn’t care who dies to get what he wants
  • is close only to Jin, his friend since the moment he stepped into the group
  • hates anyone that brings dirt to his image
  • loves power more than anything
  • has good strategies, but he 9/10 times falls behind Yoongi
  • when angry, he makes the sloppiest plans
  • only hates Yoongi because of the competition, but inside he’d want Jungkook dead more than him due to personal traumas
  • wants Black Tiger to notice him and lowkey hates him for not doing so
  • would use you against Jungkook any given time
  • master of covering his tracks (think back to how he planned to kill Jungkook without anyone knowing, then played the hero)
  • would most likely have the same fate as Black Tiger
  • his greatest weakness is himself
  • owns a few buildings, one of them being a hotel

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by yoongichii

  • one of the best med student in his school
  • son of a renowned doctor, good friend of Black Tiger’s
  • was somehow forced into the group by his father
  • the doctor of the group
  • Namjoon’s sole confidant and friend
  • is still afraid of Namjoon (especially when he’s angry)
  • actually has a heart
  • will never take part in torturing the victims, but would provide the necessary things
  • knows his drugs
  • heard of Hoseok and admired his work
  • has no desire for power whatsoever
  • always ends up cleaning after Namjoon
  • never wanted any of this, but it doesn’t bother him either
  • would fight for that is right (from his point of his view)

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by 7bboys

  • son of Black Tiger and inheritor of the group
  • always hated the mafia but never had a way out
  • feared his father for most of his life
  • born shooter, excellent fighter
  • fast learner
  • different from his father in all aspects
  • never had the love of a mother (she died shortly after giving birth to him)
  • always wanted to lead a normal life, go to school, make friends, go to college, get a job, die of old age
  • isn’t afraid of running in front of a bullet
  • has a strong body (considering all the beatings he took)
  • his gentleness contrasts his rough upbringing
  • found the love of his life when death was just around the corner
  • found the courage to go against his father (and almost died, again)
  • is ready to give up everything for you any given moment
  • finds shelter only in your arms
  • never knew the meaning of ‘home’ until he met you
  • you smile gave him life
  • has no problems in doing house chores, even though he handled guns more than vacuum cleaners  
  • hates Taehyung for hurting you, but is also grateful for all he did for you
  • wouldn’t be able to kill any of Yoongi’s men even if he often says it
  • felt more comfortable working for Yoongi
  • found friendship and family within that group
  • always blamed himself for “the incident”, for betraying them
  • had to lie to you to keep you away from danger
  • is good at negotiating and knows when and how to make a deal
  • would never let you down
  • his heart is capable of the purest love
  • thinks of Yoongi as his role model
  • most of Black Tiger’s men respect him and would rather have him as their leader
  • is haunted by the thought of you being part of the mafia world now
  • his only weakness is you
  • doesn’t have any buildings under his name, but would inherit everything from his father

The Reader aka Y/N

Originally posted by half-an-alien

  • was raised only by her mother
  • never knew her father, nor the reason why he left them
  • hardworking, helped her mother a lot as a kid
  • never had lots of friends
  • studying came first
  • lost her mother -to a disease- while she was in high school
  • had to move to a smaller apartment which she could afford with the little money she made 
  • had a boyfriend that left her with deep scars; never quite had any interest in dating after that
  • introvert 90% of the time
  • kind, always there to help, fast learner
  • very sensitive, but tough whenever the situation asks for it
  • on the defensive side rather that the offensive one
  • very down to earth
  • chill, but will punch you in the face if you cross the line
  • jeans over dresses
  • no strong makeup
  • clubs aren’t her thing
  • found it hard to trust Jungkook at first, but then poured all her love over him
  • always knew Jungkook was keeping something from her, but decided it was best to let him decide when the time is right to tell her
  • has moments of -crazy- bravery
  • her knowledge in psychology let her see behind the mask of everyone around her
  • felt pure hatred towards Namjoon when she woke up, even without knowing exactly the reason why
  • was allured by Taehyung’s aura, felt protected around him, sincerely fell for him
  • started to question her feelings as memories came back to her
  • always felt a stronger love towards Jungkook without even remembering him
  • is torn between burning romance, and sweet love
  • before regaining her memories, she had more questions than answers
  • low-key hated Jungkook for having to part ways again
  • wants to end Black Tiger only to bring Jungkook back to her again
  • fears Hoseok more than Yoongi
  • got along really well with Jimin before he started threatening her not to fall for Taehyung
  • adapted well to the mafia life
  • started to doubt everything around her after regaining her lost memories
  • has an inner love for cars, speed, the adrenaline rush
  • hates hurting people, but will do it for the ones she loves
  • can be easy to manipulate at times
  • won’t break easily
  • hates to give up
  • her strong love -for both men- is her biggest weakness 
Married... With Egos

So… here it is. The mess I poured all my blood, sweat and tears into as a celebration of @markiplier‘s 18 million subscriber milestone.

It’s a doozy. I spent literal hours agonizing over this, between the writing, editing, tweaking and locating all the appropriate sound effects…. But you know what? I’m proud of the finished product. It’s silly, cheesy and crazy and gosh darn it, I hope you guys like it. I hope Mark would like it. I took a lot of inspiration from him. >w>’

Mark, thank you so much for everything you do. Thank you for being such a good person, a generous person, a kind person. Thank you for donating to charity and caring for us, your community. Thank you for putting up with us all these years. Thank you for being you. I’ve never been more happy to see you, well, so happy! Please continue to enjoy yourself, your life and your success. Thank you.

Oh, also @alcordraws with the usual inspiration on the kiddos, eyyyy. <3


AO3 Mirror

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The Long Distance Dissonace (10x24)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

This is not the typical review/summary I usually do. This is more a venting platform and some random thoughts on this episode. Please note I am unspoiled so I have not had the time to process things that most of the spoiled fandom may have had time to process so I apologize for my feels which are everywhere right now.

1. I will say right of the bat that in terms of comedic value, this episode was gold. It had a very funny script, the plot made way for lots of funny zingers and the cast was spot on in their acting for these scenes. It may very well be one of the funniest episodes they’ve had. That being said, for the Shamy shippers, it may have caused some angst that made it hard to enjoy the comedy here.

2. Shamy flirting through their video chat is adorable. They are totally both flirting and Sheldon is going for it too. Notice Sheldon called Amy naughty again. 

3. As soon as I saw Ramona entering the cafeteria with Sheldon, I started to freak out. Because I knew she was up to no good. But I was more surprised that Sheldon would even entertain a “friendship” with her especially on the terms they ended last time. It just doesn’t seem in character for me and they never mentioned any reason for there to be this kind of time spent between them voluntarily. Can the writers at least make and effort and come with an excuse like that they had to work together on something? A “toblerone” isn’t enough.

4. Amy skyping with Sheldon and finding out about Ramona broke my heart. She was strong and kept it together although she was obviously jealous. She doesn’t argue with him because she knows how clueless Sheldon can be in these matters. I will say I am glad she found out thru him and not thru other people. It shows Sheldon had no intention of being deceiving. 

5. Sassy Amy arguing with Penny and Bernie was freaking hilarious. “I GAVE YOU ONE JOB. KEEP AN EYE ON HIM. HOW HARD IS THAT?” Mayim is awesome per usual in this scene. (Can the academy just give her the Emmy she deserves, damn it?) Best line all episode came here… 

I’ve been smacking that ketchup bottle for a long time. All she’s gotta do its tip it over and point it at her fries.

So while I was nervous for Shamy, I also just about wet myself with that line. 

6. Why would Sheldon bring Ramona to dinner with the gang? And why would he bring her to their apartment? It’s just inconceivable and out of character to me! The man who wouldn’t allow a woman in his room would allow a woman he hasn’t seen in years into his apartment. Come on, Sheldon? You are naive in some ways but you are also smart. This is the man that was concerned Penny would cheat on Leonard while he was away at North Sea. (S7E2). He should know at least a little bit.

7. The shamy shipping gang was all of us. It was awesome to see the whole gang banding together to protect Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. They were all of us. Bernie wedging herself between Sheldon and Ramona was AWESOME because I was about to throw a fit when I saw that bitch sitting in Amy’s spot. (Sorry for the B word but WTH?) Thank you for your service, Bernie. 

Nice save with the whole gang walking Ramona to her car, OMG!!!! It was so over the top it had me laughing out loud. Then Bernie once again with her sweet voice “excuse me”, followed shortly by Penny. Good on the girls to mark Amy’s territory and good on the whole gang who was truly concerned. They really care about Amy and Shamy’s relationship and that feels good to have everyone so invested.

8. We go to commercial break and I’m thinking we are almost at the end of the episode and have made it safely thru the season finale. Then we get back with Ramona bringing sandwiches to Sheldon’s office. Okay… Penny’s talk must have stuck with Sheldon but I think he refused to believe the obvious.

Are you seeking a romantic relationship with me? 

He has obvious doubts about the whole thing and has given Penny’s word some more thought. He starts naming the reason why that would create some problems; one that they are colleagues and two, he is currently in a relationship… He did have time to say this and that to me is important because it shows that Sheldon was willing to defend his relationship. BUT she kissed him…

And something in me about died. I cannot believe this is happening and I reacted much like the audience. Because Shamy are not your typical relationship and they have really guarded themselves against all this typical relationship crap so I can’t be okay with this. I also felt horrible for Sheldon because his face became dazed, he never closed his eyes while it happened and he is not exposed or used to this interaction with females, just Amy. So now I’m feeling like I’m about to puke because on one hand, he didn’t deserve this but on the other hand, he kind of brought it upon himself and should have known better. Sorry guys but come on Sheldon…

He was silent and stunned. I just saw him walking further and further away from Ramona and I had the feeling he would go to Amy because as I’ve said before, Amy is his safe place. I didn’t expect anything else but to him show up at Amy’s, kissing her and telling her he missed her and loved her. And that would have made it better for me. 

The three famous Sheldon knocks, Amy, Amy, Amy… and our favorite girl, too precious for this world, reacts surprised to hear her true love’s voice. Like me, she wasn’t expecting what would happen. Lo and behold she opens the door to a beautiful sight; Sheldon on one knee with the ring we have been waiting to see for 2 seasons now. The sight was beautiful because Jim Parsons was able to convey honest love and admiration as Sheldon for Amy in every single face muscle and the perfection and sincerity of his soulful eyes. And my heart dropped because I know he loves her so much. And I did gasp so loud I could probably be heard 5 houses down because I waited so long for this.

But something was lost and sacrificed in the process. I also felt sad that Amy didn’t know. And felt sorry that Sheldon may be doing this for the wrong reasons and upset he waited for this to happen to take this step.  The loveliness of their sweet relationship was tampered with. You see, this couple has taken every step with caution and care. Amy has waited a long time for this. Sheldon has come a long way. This moment didn’t need to be any part of Ramona’s sick interference. It was gratuitous and unnecessary of the writers. Because this is not the kind of story Amy deserved to tell her children… “I was away for a few months and your father befriended a woman who ended up overstepping her boundaries. Your father realized how much he loved me after she kissed him and he proposed to me.”

It’s ridiculous because we all know what Amy means to Sheldon and he has known that he loves her a long time. He could have very well given her the ring last episode which was beautiful. But it felt to me the writers wanted to have a cliffhanger or a hook. And that they did, leaving us a whole summer with questions of how Amy will react once she knows what happens. Will she say yes not knowing and then find out and be sad and mad or even call it off? Will she say no because she realizes something is not right about the whole thing? We don’t know. But there are my mixed feelings about all of this and in order to survive hiatus, I will just have to reset my memory to episode 23 and not think about this one because it will drive me insane.

Sorry for the rant. I may change my mind but this is how I feel right now. Some honorable mentions:

  •  I’m glad we saw Stuart again. As always he is pathetically awesome. 
  • Great to see the Amy and Penny drawing again. I wonder how Amy ended up keeping it?
  • Nice to see the cafeteria. Howie’s lines were so funny.
  • Penny trying to explain to Sheldon. “Amy has already taken me ut of my package and played with me”. Yes she has. And you’re right Sheldon, Lenny needs a marriage cousnelor. Glad someone said it. 
  • Where the hell is baby Halley? Should I call the Department for Children’s Welfare?
  • Lenny: “You got fingers and a mouth, you call her.” / “You got feet and legs you do it.” LOL!
  • Poor Raj… smh.

I’m out of hiding so you will see me around more. :) Ryl.

anonymous asked:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the betrothal necklace a northern tribe only tradition? Am I the only one still confused as to why katara keeps getting new necklaces in fics?

Well, in the Avatar world we know in the show, each nation tends to stay within its own borders and costumes and tradition etc (but things would remarkably change in the decades after the war, if you consider LoK). Inter-nation marriages were never quite a thing before, but Aang (and therefore the gang) brings a whole new era, and these kids would the ones who first break many walls down. So I figure if Zuko and Katara were to get together, they would deal with this new issue of mixed marriages and clashing local traditions. I guess Zuko would still do his best to get her a necklace, just so he can pay respect to her culture and her family, even if he was raised with different customs. Maybe a different necklace, but he still would.
And I figure that, in canon, Aang must have done that as well.

So, now that I think about it, why does old Katara always wear her mother’s necklace, even as an old widow?

Cookie Factory

Words: 2196

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

World: Modern/College AU

Warnings: Casual mention of sex, but otherwise, none i believe. c:

Prompt from: @dailyau “You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?”

A/N: I saw this prompt and Laf stress baking popped into my head. :^) 


Most people get excited at the thought of weekends, or the changing seasons, or seeing their loved ones after some time apart. Kids were usually excited for snowfall, and employees more or less looked forward to payday.

In college, it was a little harder to see such joy with thousands of disheveled, sleep-deprived students milling about. It was as if all jubilation or life was being sucked into a black hole.

However, you seemed to see excitement, even just a little bit, nearly everyday on campus; a group of students rejoicing a good grade on a project, that little gleam in someone’s eyes when they’re the first at the coffee stall, the low buzzing when a class realizes it’s only a few minutes left until their professor is officially declared absent.

Your friends were also a big factor in why you saw such enthusiasm in your life. They were quite excitable over many things–Alexander, especially. The man can find joy even in the smallest of victories, like snagging Jefferson’s unofficial official seat in class.

As for you? Now, this might sound scandalous but hear this out; you were actually kind of maybe looking forward to finals.

You smiled as you opened the locker you virtually shared with the ever charming Gilbert du Motier du Lafayette, finding a neatly wrapped box of fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. You had given him your locker code for convenience, after a year of him trying to find you during finals week to hand you the precious little treats.

You sniffed the still-warm cookies before bringing one to your mouth. This always happens whenever deadlines loomed in the distance.

Your locker-mate was always so jittery around this time, which is why this glorious box of warmth and happiness was sitting in your hands. Lafayette often baked whenever he’s stressing out, which was mostly during midterms and finals. He claims his whole body feels too restless to concentrate on any of the material he’s studying for, so he takes to the kitchen.

He usually shares his creations with the gang, but he seems to always make an extra batch just for you. And who were you to complain? You get free sugar during the hell weeks to come, and indirectly stop your friend from ripping his hair out.

You stared in absolute confusion at the large tubs of cookies sitting in your locker.

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Vic Babysitting Avery Headcanons

“no offence,, but please do more Avery hc’s I LIVE for that shit”

  • Avery spends a lot of time using glitter glue on things.
  • Patrick gets his boyfriend to babysit Avery while he goes out and tries to find some more people for his harem.
  • Vic’s not down at first.
  • Then Avery runs over to him with big eyes and hugs his legs and goes
  • “Vicky! Vic, Vic, come on, Patty said you know how to paint nails, can you paint mine?!”
  • And they spend the whole time painting nails and colouring and being petty.
  • “And I said, ‘Patrick, if you wanted it to be a date, why would you bring the gang with you?’”
  • Avery sighs and shakes his head “Can you imagine. You can do better than him, Vicky.”
  • They eat like a pint of ice cream while watching horror movies.
  • “Can we watch Halloween”
  • “Avery you’re not old enough to see that yet”
  • But Vic spends the whole time hiding his face in Avery’s hair and jumping at every scare, while Avery is unphased.
  • They spend a lot of time just talking.
  • “Avery, why do you wear glasses? You don’t need them, there’s not even any glass in them.”
  • “They look cool.”
  • “No they don’t. We beat up Tozier every day just because of his glasses.”
  • “I thought you beat him up because he always calls you bish.”
  • “Well, that’s why Henry beats him up, I beat him up because his glasses are stupid.”
  • Avery and the gang were walking to watch “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” this one time.
  • Avery was holding Belch’s hand because it’s so big and it’s really cool to him, but I digress
  • Richie and Eddie were going in to see the same movie
  • They made eye contact
  • “yo yo yOOOO IT’S THe werewolf gang and their bitch!”
  • “You even got a pup now,” and Richie dabs before he books it without Eddie.
  • Henry starts running after him so damn fast, screaming he’s gonna kill him.
  • Belch and Patrick follow, Belch because he’s loyal and Patrick because he’s got a thing for Tozier getting beat up.
  • Eddie and Vic glance at each other, and Avery waves at Eddie.
  • “Hi, Mister Kaspbrak! Are you gonna watch the movie with us?”
  • Eddie glances at Vic, and Vic glances at Eddie.
  • They decide they don’t really hate each other all that much, so they go into the theatre to watch the flick.
  • Avery loves it, but Eddie and Vic are so frightened the whole time.
  • Anyways, Patrick comes home after leaving Vic alone for an hour and offers to drive Vic home.
  • Both Vic and Avery have glittery nails.
Dallas Winston

Request: “I am hanging on to you as much as I can!”

Your POV
You were laying on your boyfriends bed curled up under the covers. Dallas and you were in a fight and he wasn’t home yet. You guys fought a lot, you did. But they were small fights. They blew over. This was not one of those fights. You got mad at Dallas because he has been so distant lately. Hanging around broads you didn’t like. You knew he wasn’t cheating because he was not one of those guys but he hung around guys that harrased you and girls who started fights with you. And you confronted him about it.
There was screaming, stuff being thrown, words that didn’t mean to be said. It was terrible and then you said soemthing that made Dallas storm out of Bucks place.
“Why do you always have to be such a fucking asshole!” Dallas didn’t give a shit if anyone else called him that but when he heard those words come out of your mouth. It hurt him. And you could tell within the first couple seconds you said it. Now you wished he would just come home already.
A few moments passed and the door to your guys room opened. There was Dallas. He walked in and shut the door not even glancing in your direction. You sat up a little bit and stared at him.
He slipped off his boots and his leather jacket. He had on his jeans that made his ass look good, and a tight black shirt and his necklace.
“Hey,” you said. He glanced over at you but looked away quickly as he pulled out a cigarette. He struck a match against his necklace and lit his cigarette. He wasn’t going to answer you.
“Dallas,” you mumbled. No answer. “Dallas, would you just talk to me?”
“No because if I say anything I’ll just be an asshole right?” He said. You rolled your eyes and stood up in front of your boyfriend. You were a few inches shorter than him.
“God, you know I didn’t mean it!” You said.
“Then why did you say it?” He asked.
“Because I was mad at you! You keep hanging out with all these bitches that flirt with you nonstop, and all the guys that Have tried to get in my pants. And you barely hang with me!” you yelled.
“Stop fucking yelling at me! I’m hanging around them so I can make sure they don’t hurt you, (Y/N)! Don’t you get it? Those boys are stronger than you and I can’t imagine what they would do to you if you were alone!” he yelled walking towards me so he was in my face. You looked away from him.
“Still doesn’t answer why you haven’t been spending time with me,” you whispered.
“Because every time I try to spend time with you, you have to bring the whole gang. Maybe I want to hang with my fucking girlfriend by ourselves. But you keep pushing me away!” He yelled. You glared at him. How dare he say that. You felt a tear come to your eye as you pressed your lips together into a thin line.
“I’m not pushing you away,” you whispered.
“Bullshit!” Dallas yelled. You smashed your hands against his chest and shoved him so he stumbled back a tiny bit.
“I am not pushing you away, Dallas! I am hanging on to you as much as I can! I don’t want to lose you!” You screamed. You looked down at the floor so he wouldn’t see the few tears that slipped down your cheek. Just then you felt a pair of arms wrap around you. You buried your head into your boyfriends chest.
“You ain’t going to lose me doll,” he whispered.

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The allies and axis reactions to their shy daughter coming alive on stage when singing and getting a standing ovation from the whole audience who came to watch the high schools performance. Their daughter was the star of the show!

(I live for the hetalia characters being the best parents ever)

America/Alfred F. Jones: America was the definition of embarrassing dad. Even before the performance, he had been promoting his daughter to literally anyone and everyone. He came with banners and a ‘I LOVE MY DAUGHTER” t-shirt as if he was a hardcore fan watching their idol’s last live performance ever. When his daughter went on stage, the emcee couldn’t even announce her properly because America’s cheering was way too loud. So when his daughter absolutely slayed up on stage, America was so proud his clapping and cheering constituted around 50% of all the noise in the auditorium. He practically barrelled over a few other parents to get on stage and sweep his daughter up into a bear hug.


“Thanks, Dad, but um could you put me down? Also, I’ll have to apologise to Tom and Jessica later for you almost trampling their parents.”


England/Arthur Kirkland: England did not have much trouble speaking in front of a crowd. After all, it was all a part of his job. But he did remember when he was younger, he hated speaking to even the leaders of his country, let alone the people. So he did know how his daughter felt. Before the performance, he would do his best to calm her, by playing gentle music and stroking her head, amongst other things. Once he was kicked out from backstage and forced to find his seat in the audience, England considered casting a spell of sorts to assist his daughter but decided against it. This was something she had to face and overcome on her own merit. As he saw her nervously grasping the microphone, England felt his own nerves start to act up. But when she made eye contact with him, fear evident in her big eyes, he gave her his brightest smile and mimicked taking a deep breath. His daughter took his advice and proceeded to give one of the most beautiful performances England had ever heard. He joined the rest of the audience in applauding. Although in the auditorium he merely gave her a proud smile, once they were out he wrapped her up in a tight hug.

“You did it, you did it!”

“I did it, I did it!”

“Yes, you did!”

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France adored his daughter, and he knew that she had the voice of an angel. She had, after all, grown up listening to him sing. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to believe that her singing really was good. When she came to him in tears, terrified at the prospect of singing in front of a large crowd, France was determined to help her overcome her fear. It was slightly childish, but in the end forcing her to imagine stuffed animals as an audience really did seem to help her. Now it was time for the ultimate test. France watched with bated breath as his daughter walked up on stage. Her eyes sought his out, and when they met, he did his best to send confident vibes to her. Somehow. He saw her close her eyes. The music had started to play! With her eyes still closed, the first few lines of the song she had selected with him were heard. It was her voice! Her sweet, gentle voice! Her eyes flew open and at that moment, France knew. His daughter was amazing. He could barely hold himself back from crying. Even while applauding with the rest of the audience at the end of the performance, he had tears in his eyes.

“That was the most perfect performance I have ever seen!”

“Really? Did the audience like it? All I saw were teddy bears…”

“Of course, ma cherie! Of course!”

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Russia knew all too well the fear of speaking up in front of a group of people. Back when he was younger, he was exactly the same as his daughter. So when he saw his daughter pacing back and forth around the house the morning of the performance, he did what his elder sister had done for him all those years ago. He took off his scarf and wrapped it around his daughter’s neck. Although it was pretty huge on her, his daughter still accepted it, but she didn’t understand the meaning behind his actions. Russia didn’t explain himself either. It was only later on when his daughter was standing up on stage did she finally realise why her father had given her the scarf. As the intro music of the song played, she took a deep breath, breathing in the comforting scent of Russia’s scarf. Through the scarf, she could feel his love for her. She couldn’t let him down. With that thought in mind, Russia’s daughter began to sing, and an angel descended upon the auditorium, at least in Russia’s eyes.

“Did my gift work?”

“Yes, I love you so, so much.”

“I love you too, my darling.”

China/Wang Yao: China had never been shy in front of a crowd. I mean, he was fricking China. But he had raised all his quieter siblings so he could understand why his daughter felt the way she did. So China just did what he always did to cheer her up. It was Mulan time. Although China thought that the real story was much more badass, his daughter had taken a liking to the Disney version after America showed it to her. China pulled out costumes he had made a couple years ago and started to sing. Sure, it was embarrassing, but his daughter’s confident smile was worth it. Thanks to China’s encouragement, his daughter could strut onto the stage like the empress she was and belt out a performance that left even China himself, who had heard all her practising, speechless. 

“You. Were. Amazing!”

“I was, wasn’t I?”

“You brought honour to us all!”

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Although Italy was by no means shy, but he could relate to the pure fear his daughter was feeling. Unfortunately, he only noticed it the morning of the performance. Italy had to think of something, quick. After breaking every speeding law known to man to get his daughter to the school, Italy put his plan into motion. Before she knew it, it was Italy’s daughter time to perform. She heard the emcee call her name and her throat immediately went dry. She couldn’t do this. Right at that moment, she heard the cheers of countless people. She could make out her father, and… was that uncle Romano and Spain? That voice belonged to uncle Prussia… Incredulous, she peeked her head through the curtains and saw, firstly, her father riding on the shoulders of a very embarrassed Germany, frantically calling her name and waving a white flag with her name on it. Next to them, Romano, Spain, Prussia, France, Japan… Did her father drag all of his friends over to support her? Yes, yes he did. Italy’s daughter had to make her father proud. And when she took the microphone and started to sing, she certainly succeeded.

“My dear, that was beautiful!”

“Thank you so much, Papa, but, um, was all of this… necessary?”

“Of course it was! Everyone had to watch you, you’re my daughter!”

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Germany was not particularly well-versed in the art of calming someone’s nerves. With Italy, usually a plate of pasta worked well enough, but Germany doubted his daughter would be as easily placated as Italy. In fact, his daughter was a lot like him. This gave Germany an idea. Whenever he was stressed out about something, he found going for a jog with his dogs a good way of clearing his mind. So, Germany dragged his daughter, who had been practising her song to the point of absurdity, forced her into workout clothes and leashed the dogs. His daughter loved their dogs as much as he did, so she couldn’t resist her father’s offer of the jog. After an hour outside, father and daughter arrived home, both smiling and refreshed. Germany’s daughter washed up, prepared herself for the performance and waited for her father to bring her to the school. Later, at the performance, Germany saw the confident smile on his daughter’s face right before she started to sing, and he knew that his plan had worked. When they made eye contact, Germany and his daughter shared a beautiful, pure smile. 

“You know, I think Axel and Felix are my lucky stars.”

“… I see.”

“Just kidding, my lucky star is you!”

Japan/Honda Kiku: Japan was well aware of the anxiety his daughter felt, but decided to put his trust in her ability to pull through and overcome this obstacle in her life. Instead, he tried his best to not put any extra pressure on her before the performance. Unfortunately, some of his friends *cough*Italy*cough* found out that his daughter was going to sing, and decided to bring the whole gang to support her. Which is why banners decorated with his daughter’s name and face were now strewn across the back of the auditorium. Italy and America were screaming chants, Romano and Prussia were literally forcing the other members of the audience to cheer and Germany, like Japan, seemed like he wanted to disappear into the wall. Japan could tell by the look on his daughter’s face that she was not expecting this. Granted, he had not been expecting this either. But it must have helped, because when his daughter sang Japan very nearly pulled out his phone and demanded she be the voice provider for the latest voice synthesizer.

“You did very well, but I am so sorry for the disturbances the others caused.”

“I was shocked, but I must say it did help me feel more confident!”

“That’s good. I would like to introduce you to someone I know from Crypt- MR. AMERICA PLEASE PUT MY DAUGHTER DOWN.”

Behind The Scenes 3 (8/???)

Author’s note: In terms of my writing, I’m am almost done with BTS 3. Once i get all the editing out of the way, I will be posting my scenes more regularly! But for now, i will continue to post rather randomly. Sorry for any errors. Sorry for any cultural/environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Angst/ Drama (Jhope/ V)

Word count: 1785

City: Tokyo, Japan (Both days)

Summary: Y/n makes a promise to herself while V learns finally find out a bit of what’s going on inside Rap monster’s head.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


Your first day in Tokyo was not so great. The entire day felt as if you were made of tears and all you could do was cry at any chance that you were out of the boys’ sights. It wasn’t because you were tired from the schedule or the time change, but over the fact the monster “got rid” of Meihui. You had just gotten to know her and now she was gone. It hurt you to see how Jhope was different around her. He spent every second with her and was so cute with her, but almost every word out of his mouth was a lie. All he ever said were empty promises. “The rest of the tour is going to be long, but it’s going to be fun!” “You can spend two weeks with us in Seoul and I’ll make sure to video chat you any chance I get when you come back to Taipei.” “Don’t worry I’ll come back to Taipei and visit you.”

Meihui was just so innocent. She would blush whenever Jhope so much as looked at her. Whenever he showered her with compliments she would get so embarrassed that she would dig her face in his chest, only making him compliment her more.

You were stuck in an endless thought cycle the entire time you were alone in backstage. “Are his drugs really that important? If he so easily lied to Meihui, what makes things different with me? What if he has always been telling me things that I want to hear? Maybe I’m not his friend… Maybe I’m someone he is just helping Namjoon deal with. This could all be one big scheme!”


Like the night before, you spent your time alone backstage crying over Jhope and Meihui.Once the show was close to an end you took the time to calm down and used the guys’ makeup to redo your face. When the guys came in, you kept a straight face the whole time and barely spoke.

As you were all about to leave, Rap monster announced that he and V were off to a deal. They were going to leave with Minho in one van and the rest of you would leave with Hiro back to the hotel. You saw Rap monster and V take the little green pills Jhope showed you back in Beijing and then they were off.

Without Rap monster around, you all had the opportunity to sit how you wished and this time you sat in in the back, taking the window seat before Jungkook could. Both Jimin and Jungkook sensed something off with you, but were too tired to bring it up, so all they did was sit next to you.

Suga looked back at you as he climbed onto the van. He was a bit confused that you didn’t sit next to him.

As usual, Jhope was the only member pumped up and was the only one that actually said anything. “Y/n! What are you doing back there?!? Come here with us! We never see you!” He whined.

While you were alone backstage, you had made up your mind to protect yourself. In doing so, you promised to not let yourself get any closer to Jhope. When he called out to you, you didn’t say anything, you just ignored him.

“Awww is y/n tired?” He asked with aegyo. “C’mon y/n smile! Don’t be so mopey!”

You only stared back at him, still no words coming out of you. Your silence got the attention of the two maknaes sitting next to you and they exchanged looks, practically communicating telepathically.

Jhope still wasn’t getting the hint. He reached over to try and playfully poked you try and cheer you up.

You slapped his hands away immediately. He barely even touched you, but you glared at him to back off.

Suga turned around, curious about your unusual behavior. “What’s wrong?”

You glared at him too. You remembered that he was doing the exact same thing to Aiko as Jhope did to Meihui and it just hurt you even more. “Nothing.” You growled.

“Tell me what’s wrong y/n!” Jhope begged. “Maybe I can help you feel better!” The innocent optimism in his voice made you feel a bit guilty for giving him the silent treatment, but not enough to actually talk to him.

“Just leave her alone.” Suga advised. “She’s tired like the rest of us.”

Jhope pouted even more, but turned around and sat down.

Jimin nudged you. “What’s wrong?” he whispered.

‘I’ll tell you later.” You mumbled.


Back at the hotel, Jimin questioned you again.

“Eh, just forget about it. It’s nothing.” You told him.

“It seems like alot more than just nothing.”

“Like I said, it’s nothing… I’m sleepy now so goodnight.” You said ending the conversation.

Jungkook was already laying in your bed. You could feel him staring at you as you made your way under the sheet that separated the two of you.

“Are you sure it’s nothing?” He whispered.

“Yup! Goodnight!”


It was now 2am and V, Rap monster and the rest of Rap monster’s sad excuse of henchmen were done with the drug deal.

V didn’t exactly know how to categorize how this deal went. It didn’t go well, but it didn’t go horribly. The deal didn’t last as long as expected and no guns or knives were pulled out, not even a single fist thrown. He and Rap monster’s other back up guys just stood around as Rap monster and an old Japanese dude in a fancy suit talked for a few hours. That’s what he like about the meeting with the old-school yakuza, all the deals seemed to have a business-like vibe to them. However, like every past old-school yakuza meeting, Rap monster didn’t get his way. Rap monster just wasn’t able to convince the head honcho to take any drugs. Like the previous year, the guy’s mentality was to keep drugs out of Japan. He was willing to join forces and distribute shit to other countries, but Rap monster turned him down. If Rap monster went that route, there was no profit for him. Now that the deal was over, he could see the death stare Rap monster was giving the old guy. If Rap monster had a better gang in Japan, maybe he would have actually started a fight, but he knew better that to do something so stupid.

Rap monster was definitely not happy about the deal though. He punched the van’s side mirror clean off. “Those old fucks need to update their way of thinking! They are sitting on a gold mine of possibilities!” Rap Monster grabbed his hand now feeling some pain. “Ah fuck!” he grunted.

“I’ll wrap it up back at the hotel.” Minho said from the passenger’s seat. “…hasn’t completely healed from the gun shot and he goes doing this…” He grumbled under his breath.

Rap monster continued to mumble to himself as he took a seat in the van. “The deal in Fukuoka better go well. This other guy is new generation yakuza, only a few years older than us too. Maybe he’ll see things the way I do.”

“Why don’t you bring Hiro to the next one?” V suggested. “Didn’t you say his uncle was a member and that his uncle was trying to get him in the gang?”

“His uncle was a member, but when they found out Hiro was only half they tried to kill him remember! They offed his whole family, stupid!”

“Well sorry!”

“Those old shit heads don’t know how to use what they got anymore. If I was that old fuck, I would have used Hiro to infiltrate any fucking Korean gang! But no, stupid shit head killed everyone. Stupid bitches couldn’t even kill the right motherfucker! They wasted their time killing everyone else except him!”

V was exhausted and Rap monster’s incessant whining was annoying him already. “Well then why did you even make him the manager? He didn’t even let you do shit in the beginning either!”

Rap monster turned around and glared at him. “I needed the heads up on what was out there and we got a ton of valuable shit out of him.” he growled shutting V up.

The three of them were quiet most of the way back. V was about to doze off when he heard Rap monster calling out to him. “Tae?”

“Yeah?” He rubbed his eyes to try and keep them open a bit longer.

“You’ve been keeping an eye on Jungkook and y/n right?”

“Yeah.” He huffed putting his hands to his temples. He was just so tired and didn’t want to talk anymore.

“How are they together?”

“Um, they are good I guess. *yawn* They come off as more legit now.”

“What about when they aren’t in public?”

“My gosh! He isn’t gonna stop with the questions!” He thought. “Um, they seem to have gotten closer, more friendly I guess.” He said. Finally he could feel himself waking up again.


“All those questions for an “ok”!” V thought. He snapped and couldn’t stop himself from opening his mouth. “You know what? I don’t get the fucking point of them making them date! For Jungkook, being in a relationship isn’t some fucking punishment! Sure, he can’t go fucking around, but he’s gonna do it again eventually! And all that cute shit isn’t even making y/n uncomfortable anymore. What’s probably gonna happen is they are just going to fuck again, possibly even start liking each other!”

“I know.”

“You know?!? So, what’s the whole fucking point then?!?” He couldn’t stop himself from raising his voice.


There he went again with the stupid one word answers. V hated when Rap monster did that. Rap monster always did it as a way of belittling him to make himself feel even more superior. But as always, that tactic worked and V just couldn’t help but try to figure out what was going on in his head. “Love?!? No one here believe in stupid love! Especially not you or Jungkook!”

“Jungkook used to… until I took it away.” Rap monster said calmly.

“Exactly my fucking point! What the fuck does love have to do with anything?!? Are you trying to make up for the shit you did? Cuz like I said that-is-not-a-pun-ish-ment!” He emphasized. “I’ve been thinking about this whole scheme and I can’t get your angle on this. You know what? Maybe you didn’t think this through Namjoon.”

Rap monster let out a long sigh, as if frustrated by V’s “stupidity”. “I’m not making up for anything. I’m going to take his love away again.”

A Deal with the Boss

Mafia Boss!T.O.P.
Words: 21.2K
Warnings: Mention of tons of blood, physical abuse, guns, stabbing, gun wounds and a crying Jiyong
9 of TBD [Masterlist of other chapters]

Guess who makes an appearance??? Assassin Taehyung ladies and gentlemen!! If you don’t know about that here is the link and if you do, feel free to read on! Originally the chapter was 13k words… now look at it :’)

Originally posted by houseoftop

I swerved around the cars driving down the streets, ignoring the beeps and the slamming of brakes around me. The only concern I had was to make it to my building and to the conference room as quick as possible. I pulled into the parking lot of the building, my tires screeching and leaving marks on the ground and I slammed the brakes once in my parking spot.

I stayed in my seat, the engine running quietly, my hands softly running over the leather steering wheel, the chrome and red Tesla symbol in the middle. I couldn’t even turn the radio on because every song on the radio reminded me of the way she tried singing along, failing miserably.

A soft knock on my window brought me back to reality, making me turn the car off. I got out, slamming the door closed, right away my secretary keeping up with me as she walked next to me.

“Do you have what I asked for?” I spoke up, seeing her look through her clipboard before pulling out the papers I asked.

“Those are the names and faces of the people working for Park HaJoon. I already sent some men on planes to search the area and are searching for anything out of the ordinary.”

I flipped through the papers, looking at each and every one of their faces, imprinting them in my mind. I got in the elevator, going right up with my secretary pulling out the building blueprints where the gang was located.

“This is the headquarters, but they have regular workers there but the CEO hasn’t been in for a week, the VIP is running the building and he has no idea what’s going on.” I nodded and waved the blueprints off.

“I doubt she’ll be there anyway, I sent men out there to be potential business partners and they found nothing out of the ordinary. Everything in there is running smoothly. Did you send out the dogs?” I asked, the elevator doors opening and we both walked over to the conference room.

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What is with this celebration of Maxine Waters as a political figure? Did she start representing the best interests of African people? Has she climbed out of the back pocket of Israel? If I had to have an "Auntie" in Congress, it would be Cynthia McKinney, not Waters. Why do we continue to celebrate people like Waters and her ilk?

Maxine is truly a tragic figure. 

She’s kind of a Political Pied Piper for Blacks; here’s how:

MW was elected right on the cusp of the Clinton Era, Clinton had a plan to move the Democratic Party away from New Deal Social Reforms of the Post WWII Era and towards the Neo-Liberal Globalist Economics of the Post Cold War Era.  Clinton and the Democratic Leadership Council knew that since the Cold War was over, the Soviet Union Dissolved, and Capitalism had won the day, that the Western Capitalist nations didn’t have to even pretend that they gave a shit about anything anymore, they could just carve the world up and hyper-exploit everything to death, like they did prior to the Communist Revolt of 1917. 

This back story is important, but too vast to really get into; so, long story short: Black people were going to be the first lambs to be sacrificed on the alter of Globalization and Neo-Liberal Economics.  Were were the first to be toss out of industrial and manufacturing jobs…starting in the 70s and completed in the early 90s; then we had our communities flooded with crack by the CIA in the late 80s, then came the War on Crime in the 90s, mass incarceration, etc. All this shit converged and fully manifested by the early 90s when MW took office and Bill was elected to implement the final stages of the larger Post Cold War & Globalization agenda. (I’m glossing over so much but I can’t really cover it all, just wanted to show what the political landscape looked like when MW came on the scene.)

MW consistently voted against Clinton’s Policies while being fiercely loyal to the Clinton’s and the Democratic Party; even during Heelary’s run for POTUS.  MW ain’t our Auntie, she’s actually the Queen of Contradictions.  

She forced the head of the CIA to come to LA to answer to the community for their involvement in the Crack Epidemic, at the same time she was rasing funds and encouraging Blacks to vote for the very party that was overseeing the CIA’s Crack trafficking.  

Her whole career has played out like this. 

Her voting recorder in Congress is commendable, but it ain’t really accomplished shit for her constituents or the Black population in the US, or the Global African Community as a whole.  

She’s like a political Lawn Jockey, she’s there for decorations, but she don’t really do shit. 

Right now she’s bulldogging for the Democrats against Trump, as she sat silent while Obama was neglecting Blacks in the US and expanding the US empire deeper into Africa and the rest of the world.  

Black people love here cuz we on that “Style Over Substance” bullshit when it comes to Politics, she looks good, sounds, good, puts on a good show, but she never has been able to deliver.

If MW was truly principled she would have left and denounced the Democratic Party and the Clinton’s before Bill Clinton’s first term was over; but she was content to win symbolic victories, or moral victories for Blacks, while helping White Elites win military, resources, and substantive victories against the rest of humanity.  

When MW started to raise in the public eye after Trump was elected…, I’m sorry, after Trump stole the election; I stated that MW was a mass incarceration, and some other things. 

One of her fans pointed out that she voted against the Omnibus Crime Bill and other mass incarceration policies, but the bills passed anyway, they were put forth by her party, and remained in the party, raised money for the Party, endorsed candidates for the party, so I still lump her in with her party dispute her individual vote, and will do so until she leaves & denounces the party.

I can’t be a gang member, and say, “well, the drive-by my gang did that killed those children, I voted agisnst that during the gang meeting, but I was out voted, I’m still loyal to the gang, I still secure guns and ammo for my gang, but I’m not to blame for what my gang dose, cuz I cast a no vote.” LOL! SMH.

But MW ain’t the only tragic New Negro Success Story, she shows us we can’t secure Liberation from the inside, we can bring resources to the struggle from the inside, but that’s about it.

Cynthia McKinney is a true example of a Black Politician that put her constituents interest, the entire Black community’s interest, the interest of the Global African population interest over Party, over everything; and that’s why she was pushed out of Congress, by the Democratic Party…., and the Zionist Lobby; but that’s a whole different tragic Story.  I’ll just say she’s the best politician we’ve had since Adam Clayton Powell. 

Oh, & HBD Homie!

One way I see a show Bran and Meera reunion going (in the scenario in which d&d care enough to bring her back) is for the whole Greywater gang (Howland, Meera, and whoever else might be there) to roll up to Winterfell since they’ve been MIA and are the only bannermen who haven’t appeared yet and everyone is gathered in the great hall and Bran & Meera are ignoring each other at first until one of them drops a passive-aggressive comment and the whole thing dissolves into them screaming at each other in public.

Dating Jackson Wang.

- him waking you up at 3 in the morning and you’re about to yell at him but he had a nightmare and oh baby let me hold you

- “we should get a pet tiger. like a baby one”

- “jackson, that’s illegal.”

- “god, well ok then”

- mark telling you guys to stop looking at each other like that and you both try to feign innocence but you know exactly what ‘look’ he’s talking about

- him wanting to show you all of his new dances but you’re really busy and need to get this paperwork finished but he starts rolling his hips and work? what work

- you walking out into your kitchen at 4 am after hearing a noise, baseball bat in ur hand and ur ready to fight, but “damn babe i was just hungry, sorry”

- that one month where he left all the taps running for about three hours to rack up the water bill

- he then offered to pay

- “welp, if the bills are gonna be higher, i guess we have to start showering together”

- “jackson, i know you left the taps running”

- you always sitting in the practice room and jackson keeps steppin over his own damn feet because he’s holding eye contact with you in the mirror

- you bringing lunch for all of the boys and purposely giving jackson the shitty chopsticks

- yugyeom groaning every time you two show any kind of skinship because ew he’s jackson why would you even want to do that

- him trying to playfully seduce you but it probably ends with you in tears from laughing so hard and he’s probably on the floor with his hat over his crotch, his arms crossed and pouting

- the whole gang walked in on you guys once


- “jackson your mouth is by my fucking ear stop scREAMING AND GET THE BLANKET”

- the group then sat down for a “”meeting””

- bambam asked you about a million questions that had to do with jackson’s ‘skill level’

- yugyeom was sweating. he told you he had seen the light at the end of the tunnel

- okay but for real, you’re both so open with these boys

- you had a crisis once and who went to their doorstep at 3 am? you

- who opened the door? jinyoung

- who layed out in the yard with you and watched the stars while eating stale chips? all damn 7 of them

- jackson smells ur hair a lot bc he really likes the scent of your shampoo and every time he smells it he claims it reminds him of home

- “jackson how does strawberries and vanilla shampoo remind you of hong kong?”

- “not hong kong. home is wherever you are, babe”

- his slick ass pick up lines make you slip daily

- and you insist bringing him the daily paper every day like an old couple and he tried turning it down bc it’s the paper? who reads that anymore

- but he saw ur eyes light up about this article about a puppy who was rescued from a tree and suddenly his hand is on yours and you’re both turning the pages, reading ALL the articles together while he just eats the lovely breakfast that he made you two

- you found his diary once

- “dear diary. (yn)’s butt looked so nice today. i really wanted to touch it. i’ll write more tomorrow.”

- he wondered where his diary went the next day when he was going to write ALL about ur boobs this time

- but in all honestly you’ve caught him staring about a billion times not at ur boobs but at your face

- and he just has this look of adoration in his eyes like youre the most precious thing he’s ever laid eyes on and he realizes how much he loves you and he’s scared that one day you might leave but then you catch him staring and look back at him with just as much love and he lets out the breath he didn’t even know he was holding because wow… you love him too

The Black Arms have been low-key mind controlling Shadow since the beginning, though it only extended as far as altering his thought process and memories ever so slightly. That is why he had amnesia and why Sonic and the gang seemingly never tried to explain who he is, when they were actually doing that the whole time. The Black Arms make some small changes, and everything the gang brings up about Shadow’s past is rendered as babbling nonsense and thus goes blatantly ignored. It was all done in an attempt to gain Shadow’s loyalty to the Arms, seeing as nobody else can help him, even though everyone’s actually desperately trying to.

delavairesslegacy  asked:

"I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

Oh look I got the whole gang together for some Rakata Prime shenanigans. Blame bringing Rielay through the flashpoint I suppose. 

Rielay+ @delavairesslegacy​‘s Esrin (+Emeldir)

“Remind me again why we’re here?” Rielay peeled off her boot, dumping ocean water and shaking sand out. Still, when she pushed her foot back into her boot it squelched and she scrunched up her nose. 

Rakata Prime, a beautiful planet made up of tropics and ocean, if one could look past the Revanites and Rakatian people trying to shoot them down at every turn. The humidity stuck her shirt to her back and plastered her hair to the back of her neck–already the beautiful white sand and crystal blue skies were becoming less of a perfect image and more a mockery of her discomfort. 

“Technology. We’re here to destroy technology.” Even Emeldir was struggling, already his blaster had overheated and left a nasty reminder across his off hand. 

“Riigghtt we’re here because your job sucks.” Rielay wrangled the boot back to where it was supposed to be and stood, nose wrinkling further when her foot made another squelching nosie in her shoe and she sank into the sand. 

Emeldir ran a hand through his hair–tied back away from his face for once–and his shoulders rose and fell in a sigh. “Yes, my job sucks. I blame you, Taqq.” At her offended huff his lips twitched up into the barest hints of a smirk. “You can still walk back..” 

“And miss all the action? I didn’t take a nice afternoon swim to miss all the fun.” She took a few steps forward, boots squeaking and trousers sticking to her legs, then threw her hands out and raising an eyebrow. Emeldir glanced over at Esrin, then back at Rielay with a look of feigned sympathy. 

“It’s not my fault you’re short.” Emeldir dodged Rielay’s fist, nearly stumbling in the sand. 

She planted her hands on her hips, good eye narrowing dangerously. “Short it an understatement. Don’t patronize me.”

They had needed to go through a small inlet of ocean water to avoid detection by a very large group of wild animals and while Emeldir had only been up to his knees, and Esrin hadn’t needed to worry at all, Rielay had been wading through up to her waist. 

Esrin just shook his head and fixed them both with an exasperated look. “We’re never going to get anything done like this. Theron told you our updated destination?” 

Emeldir nodded, gesturing out in front of them towards a thin path that snaked through the dense brush. “It’s still the temple, we’ll just need to cut through one of the Rakata camps.” 

Rielay should have learned never to go anywhere with Emeldir. Ever. Especially on a job and especially if that job had to do with saving the galaxy. Trouble always found them. 

It wasn’t like she could have refused, she wasn’t actively on a job and his crew was taken out by some brutal cold-like sickness that was bound to happen with all the stress they were under. She had Esrin with her, Fashira and Zasharr were working on a job of their own, so to Rakata they came. 

And from Rakata she would appreciate leaving in one piece. 

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B.A.P/Block B Reaction ❤

Requested! by monster-deathslittlegirllizu

    “Hey I love the gang AU B.A.P and Block B get so can I get gif reactions of you finding out about their gang life?”

i hope this is what you asked for :) if not,feel free to tell me so i can fix it :)


Yongguk: *apologizes for keeping this a secret from you* “I only did it so you can be safe!”

Himchan: “Yeahh,about that….I was going to tell you…..Someday….”

Daehyun: “Great….Now she’s definately going to break up with me ….. Stupid Daehyun….Stupid….”

Youngjae: “I hope this doesn’t affect your feeling towards me…..” *sad*

Jongup:  "I really have no idea what are you talking about….“

Zelo: (Y/N): "Aren’t you a little young to be in gang?You are still a baby!!!”

Zelo: *inside his head* “And to think i wanted to protect her…Yeah well,we’ll see who’s the baby…….”


Zico: “Why are you surprised?What did you expect me to be?A member of the local boy scouts or something???”

Kyung: *brags about it* “Let me tell you that i am the brain of the whole gang!I am the leader!”

Taeil: “What do you mean i don’t seem like a gang member?Are you implying something about my height?Huh?” *turns the conversation to an another level*

Jaehyo: “You are not afraid of me,right?”

(Y/N): *scoffs* “Of course not….You are still sleeping with a teddy bear!”

Jaehyo: “Hey!Don’t bring mr.Piggy into this!”

U-Kwon: *smirks* “Who’s the kitty now huh?”

B-Bomb: “Well,maybe if you weren’t so curious and sneaky now i wouldn’t have to protect you 24/7 !!! That’s why i kept it a secret!”

P.O: “Wait!What do you mean i have the voice but not the face of a gangster?” *confused*



Furuta, the Clowns and Kaneki: finally a coherent trail of thoughts

Okay, this is linked to ch66 (obvious spoilers), so please read it first if you haven’t yet. I’m so happy about this chapter because it finally solved the few issues (or so I hope) I had with some moments relating to the Clowns’ gang and Kaneki. I’ll explain:

Now that we know that Furuta/Souta (so a V spy it seems in the end though he still does things for Kanou) helped Kanou for the incident with Rize for “personal reasons”, bringing him Kaneki’s body who was initially only supposed to be the last test before the transplantation of the twins…

…that means that the Clowns’ gang isn’t actually involved as a whole with the very first step of Kaneki in his life as a OEG (of course Ishida could still be trolling) because Souta/Furuta isn’t a “real” Clown

When it comes to the issues I had, now that Furuta/Souta admitted to being after the OEK this whole time when he became a Clown, it explains why…

Itori sent Kaneki to the ghoul restaurant to know how to get in.
I always wondered what the point was to send him to a place a Clown was currently investigating, but now that Furuta admitted to doing that to find info on the OEK, it is easy to think she had no idea that Souta was there hence why Kaneki was used.  

That was my first issue but I dare say that it’s now solved with :Re ch66. 

This chapter also gave a sense to this scene…

Because I seriously couldn’t understand why she’d even bait him with the answer if the Clowns’ gang had been all in this together, agreeing with Souta’s actions (seeing as I always took Itori and Uta not to have any reason to lie to Kaneki if all of this was for the sake of a joke).

And the main interesting thing in that scene is that it is already giving possible hints that the Clowns (or just Itori and Uta) knew Souta wasn’t really “one of them”, because Itori says she already has an idea of who the culprit could be, just like she also says when Kaneki visits her again…

…which means that the Sunlit Garden and the secret around Furuta, Rize and the other children might be something she knew about for quite some time (considering what she then tells Kaneki about the “hidden truth”, like Kanou, it really makes me think she’s another character who knows about V/the Washuus and the Garden).

Actually, I’m thinking that if Itori didn’t know about Souta being a double agent, she just knew the incident with Rize was related to V and that was enough to be worrying in the first place.

Then there is also what Nico told Souta about the OEK…

I think it is quite funny how Nico ended up telling Souta/Furuta who was actively looking for info on the OEK that they didn’t exist when they told Kaneki that the OEK was Eto who somehow seems to be the *only one* who knows who the OEK is in reality (since Furuta and so V and the CCG are at loss).

The way I see this, Nico could have fed Souta with false info about the person V is so afraid of by telling him that “such a person didn’t exist” while they made sure to make Eto (probably the only one knowing about the OEK) the target of Kaneki’s goal at that time by telling him that the OEK was Eto (maybe they thought that upon meeting with Eto, these two would talk like they are currently doing in :Re?). 

In any case, Nico telling two opposite things to two different people (no matter what they thought was the truth) makes me think they were being careful about Souta and might have had a hint or two about his true affiliation, like Itori (and Uta) did.

So if the Clowns’ gang possibly knew that Souta was probably a double agent for V or another organization, what does that mean about their link to Kaneki? Actually even if they only suspected him (or just V), that still means they’re not involved with the incident with Rize.

Because of ch140 (and Kaneki seeing Souta/Furuta above the scene of the accident) and then ch143, we readers all took the Clowns to be a group of twisted assholes who wanted to make Kaneki miserable but, after ch66, it might not be exactly the case.

When Itori reveals she possibly knows who the culprit is, she asks Kaneki for what he’d do and being the sweet boy he was at that time, obviously he’d just want to know “for himself”, but the truth behind what happened to him is linked to V, the CCG, the Washuu family aaaand the Sunlit Garden, so just knowing about the truth was already very dangerous for him.

Of course, the Clowns aren’t really “nice” people either, we’ve had proof of that too, but when it comes to Kaneki and the ghoul restaurant + Aogiri, well, maybe these events can be interpreted differently from how we once saw them:

  • Itori sent him to the ghoul restaurant for info because she knew Tsukiyama talked to Kaneki, but nothing tells us she had any way to know what was happening inside that place (since that’s why she needed those info initially).
  • Besides, let’s consider she knew things were going to turn complicated, maybe this was a test to see if Kaneki would be able to defend himself in case he came to be more involved with V by seeking the truth behind the incident with Rize (because that was sure to endanger his life, look at what happened to Shachi).

  • As for Aogiri: Yamori and co. were told to find Rize or the person smelling like her, which is what Nico did, but as they said after the Aogiri arc…

If Nico didn’t know about who Rize was and her link to V, maybe that’s why they didn’t interfere when Kaneki was taken away and tortured by Yamori (they probably understood the full picture upon knowing too late that Kaneki was a OEG or that Rize was from V when Itori told them after the Aogiri arc).

So again, I’m not saying the Clowns are good people at all but just that they might not be the twisted enemies Ishida made us first believe, since Souta/Furuta being on his own side changes a lot of things when it comes to the Clowns’ gang.

After all there is what Furuta told Eto in this chapter…

The Clowns were the scapegoat of V and the higher ups of the CCG 10 years ago (the Clowns’ annihilation), so I’m pretty sure they know exactly how dangerous V can be, and so they would have no reason to be enemies with Kaneki who also suffered from the bigger scheme taking place between the Washuus, V and Kanou who was fighting his own war.

Besides, as shown in ch143, the Clowns all seem to be pretty fond of Kaneki (except Souta but now we know why), so “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” might be the true nature of the link between the Clowns and Kaneki. 

This is all speculation as always, but with the friendship between Yomo (who’s obviously on Kaneki’s side) Itori and Uta, and the few advice these two gave to our MC…

(when Nico said the OEK was Eto)

…Uta and Itori (if not maybe Nico) aren’t probably looking towards Kaneki’s destruction. After all, Uta did discuss with Yomo that maybe the Clowns had a plan about Kaneki and this could totally be relating to them fighting against V together for all we know.

Even with all the answers we got in the recent chapters, the Clowns’ gang remains quite the mystery on every point unfortunately, so for now I’ll just stay on the possibility that they might become Kaneki’s “allies” in a future not so far away. Maybe (using him is still the most logical idea though).

In any case I’m just amazed at Ishida-sensei making readers believe they were twisted assholes just because of one guy (Souta/Furuta). He is my hero (Ishida, not Furuta lol).

Feel free to leave your thoughts! Thanks for reading.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a hospital headcanon? Like the gang's all in the hospital for different reasons?


  • the obvious route for him would be the whole foot thing
  • terrible accident, is in the hospital the longest
  • another way is burns, gets a terrible burn while working on some project or another, maybe an engine backfires
  • Stoick and Gobber are there with flowers (from gobber) and stoick brings hiccup’s cat who curls up with him


  • Sport injury
  • broke an arm or something, says its nbd, and shows no sign of pain, but its obvious whatever it is is bad
  • i’m trying to think of a reason why she’d have to stay in the hospital
  • needs to get surgery for whatever is broken, and is super nervous but she strikes up a conversation with the boy in the bed next to her, and he says it can’t be that bad
  • “I just… i hate it, i hate doctors” “well, if it matters, i think you’ll be fine, you’re strong, all theyre doing is putting you back together” and astrid says something offhandedly like “what do you know?” and then he pulls back the sheet so she can get a good look of where his leg is supposed to be
  • he holds her hand before she goes into surgery because she’s nervous


  • a bad concussion or another sports related injury, has to stay overnight to be monitored
  • he gets concussions from football and such all the time but this one is bad, real bad
  • he grouchily has to stay in his bed and he’s all talk before the nurse comes in and asks if he needs to go to the bathroom because he can’t go anywhere without being dizzy and he strangely gets quiet, i wonder why
  • or he’s there because he got in a fight with someone and got beat up “but you should see the other guy” he says bawdily


  • I’m trying to think of a reason why Fishlegs would go to the hospital, he’s a v careful guy
  • ooooh he has a terrible allergic reaction, and he’s in denial, and its really bad because he doesn’t go in to the hospital till its v late because “INGERMANS DON’T HAVE ALLERGIES” 
  • he’s v unhappy, idk if fishlegs would be scared of hospitals or like them because they are v organized and clean
  • probably just doesn’t wanna be there, and he’s all puffy and has to stay to be monitored
  • or appendicitis and he’s very nervous about getting the surgery but hiccup and astrid are there to make him feel better while snotlout makes fun of him and then throws up
  • maybe food poising, the dude eats weird stuff ;/

Ruffnut And Tuffnut

  • I hate grouping them together, but i feel like whatever happened to them would be partially/entirely both their faults
  • Probably was like they stapled themselves, and the doctor is like “hey what happened this time?” “long story- here it goes”
  • tbh anything could happen to them, like whether it was not even their fault to they did whatever it was purposefully
  • i wouldn’t be surprised if the doctors have had to reattach one of their fingers
  • ruff dared tuff to stick a fork in a socket, ruff jumped off the roof and broke both her ankles, they are human ragdolls
  • they know all the nurses and doctors and know all the little crevices of the hospital

When the hell did Adalind become my favorite character behind Renard? When did this tomfoolery go down? How? 

Oh, right. It’s Claire Coffee and her hilarious comedic timing. That’s why.

People take Grimm too seriously. This is highbrow comedy gold. I was in stitches during Adalind’s monologue to her mother’s casket. “So… thanks for being dead when I need you, Mom.” Oh. My. Gosh. And the scene where they were “harvesting” her mother’s … um… organs and ribs (oh, gosh, that sounds terrible … and it was, in a really funny way) and everyone was gagging…

Though… um… I have a problem with this plot thread. Which I’ll address later in the “gripes” paragraph. Even so, this was a good episode. Though, I am very worried about Sean. I think he’s being possessed by the Ripper. It’s kind of obvious, really. The spirit is using water to channel into him, back and forth. It’s a conduit from the other side. Only Renard would have known about the witness, and only Renard would have known about Henrietta. Still. Fun. (Though, as someone who has researched Jack the Ripper a great deal … those crime scenes were nowhere near as effed up on Grimm as in real life. Just saying. This Jack has manners.)

The trailer is gone. Nice tugging of the heartstrings, having everyone remember different moments of seeing the trailer for the first time. And the music … so melancholy. Pfft, toying with our our feels.

Aww, Monroe + Rosalee = adorable. Their careful handling of Adalind was also priceless. Also, I adore Budd. He’s so … hilariously adorkable.

Juliette. Hmm. Generally, I don’t give a damn about her either way, but … it would take some major mojo to come back from THIS betrayal (particularly if they gut Kelly Burkhardt next week) so … kill her.

Right. That brings me to two nonsensical BS things:

Adalind taking the suppression potion. Excuse me? What? She went through HELL to get her Hexenbiest powers back, she gutted another Hexenbiest to do it, and that sent her on her whole revenge subplot in the first place, so literally, what the hell?! Try it out on herself?! WHY? WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! IT MAKE NO SENSE AND IS INCONSISTENT WITH ADALIND. WTF, writers!

Next really stupid thing, which makes our gang look like morons: let’s call Juliette, who has told each of us several times now that she totally digs being evil and a Hexenbitch, and see if we can get her to voluntarily drink this potion that will de-Hexenbitch her. Becuase that will work. Let’s just hand it over to her, and hope that she drinks it right down!

Yeah. No. Anyone with half a brain would know that will never happen. The only way to get that potion into Juliette is if you subdue her first and then force it down her throat. So, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?

Henrietta is dead. Hmm, good thing they conveniently have another dead Hexenbiest with which to remake the potion that Juliette just smashed, huh? And how lucky that the one book that didn’t burn in the trailer had answers! ;)

Next week. I swear to Wesen, if they kill Trubel or Kelly (and it’ll be one of them, you just watch), there better be a smear that used to be Kenneth and possibly a splotch that used to be Juliette by the finale. You keep your damn, dirty hands off my female Grimms!