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500 Followers and Thoughts on The Loud House Fandom

Well I finally made it to half a 1000 followers. This is unreal. THANK YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. <3 I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for you guys this time. I was on vacation for 4 days, but I’m still here with ideas, even an animation I plan on starting soon of the Loud House characters. 



….I like drawing the Loud House, I like being part of the community, I love meeting new people. The problem is….the fandom war itself. You probably figured that….;p

When the Loud House premiered the first time in 2016, I knew for a fact, “OOOOOOOH. There’s going to be a LOT of rule 34 art with these characters.” And I knew it wasn’t going to bother me much because I don’t draw that kind of stuff AND I don’t need to…even though I’m called a cute suggestive artist (it rubbed off on me lol). I won’t draw….inter….*pukes*. I draw for me. I draw romance, comedy comic, regular comic, and whatever comes to mind. I posted something in May last year then stopped posting since, until I decided….I’ll give it a try again since the Loud House changed me as a person to appreciate animation again. I came back following my fav artist such as @jcitricpache​ and safe house blogs. As an anime/manga artist, yes, I WILL FOLLOW HIM NO MATTER WHAT HE DRAWS. HE’S A SEMPAI. <3 

The more I kept posting, the more people came to me from both sides. I didn’t know some of them drew rule 34, but until I did, I was like…”Oh. Ok.” Then I move on. 

Now as time went on…I noticed…some things were a little weird with both sides. Some blogs posted works from several artist who drew rule 34 or Loudcest stuff, but it was in a way that called them out on it, and I was like “Wow….that’s something new.” Lemme be honest….that kind of stuff ONLY STIRS MORE PROBLEMS THAN HELPS and it shows. As it kept happening, both sides began to quarrel with each other by drawing suicide stuff to some of the safe blogs and some safe blogs calling even neutral artist horrible people because they ship Lincoln with one of their siblings and them having sin children. I didn’t even know sin children was a thing. I’m kinda behind on stuff since I’m really an introvert. You know how that makes me feel as a person who adores the Loud House? It makes me feel uncomfortable. Not because of the rule 34 or peoples opinions, because you guys are attacking each other in a way people are afraid to join the fandom. Although MikeInel and Luna Loud probably helped it gain more popularity. THANK YOU MIKE AND LUNA. Now….I don’t really like seeing….certain types of pics from rule 34, but some of them I talk to…I must admit it…. and they understand and they are okay with me being a mainly safe artist. 

Another thing I don’t like is how, new people who come to the fandom have to automatically pick a side. Tumblr use to have a safe search thing on the mobile app which blocked a LOT of NSFW, but they got rid of it….IDK WHY. Now it’s easier for people to see NSFW and yeah…I can understand if you’re uncomfortable. I cringe at little  and say “WHY….?” or “w….ow…..(sarcastically)” at some pictures, NOT ALL OF THEM, but it doesn’t affect my life forever because I move on. You know, when people ship Lincoln with his sisters, I tend to take it in a different way like “maybe this is an alternate universe where they’re not siblings and they fall in love? Or maybe they’re married into the family to become siblings-in-law because there’s no illegal thing to marry a sibling in law. Hence my Ronnie Anne Dream comic. BTW ronniecoln still my otp. Maybe for those who see Loudcest so horrible, think of it as….and alternate universe? IDK I’m trying help both sides as much as I can, but I know I can’t. Maybe take it as a Shock Humor essence such as Family Guy or other shock humor shows…and if that doesn’t work….just….ignore it…skip past it quickly?. IDK I’m just putting some ideas to stop this bickering some how. Though I know it won’t work ;p Is there some way to ship lincoln with his sisters/ vice versa without the incest tone?

ONE MORE THING…with me as an artist who loves the Loud House and a person who draws anime, my art might end up looking suggestive in some ways. I felt afraid when someone asked if one of my pictures was Loudcest when it wasn’t. And….I want to draw how I feel. I want to tell stories through comics. I want to enjoy what I love. Some people even asked me, what do I think about Loudcest? *SIGH* i’m lucy now….that was a question I never wanted to get, but I guess I’ll say something…I take it as….maybe it’s an alternate universe/AU where they’re NOT siblings…and also…I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DRAW EVEN IF I CRINGE A BIT. I move on with my happy life. I travel, I spend time with friends, I go to the mall, I go to festivals, and I take caution to who follows me, I don’t let it affect my life forever.  DRAW FOR YOU!


 No….I’m not a republican….What does that have to do with drawing?????

 I want to have fun drawing more pictures of the Loud House…even some yaoi that’s tame. one of my most fav artist draw a bit of yaoi. But she’s a fan of certain animes so…. And if you’re a safe person still saying “FUCK THE LEWDCEST/LOUDCEST ARTIST! THEY’RE PEDOS!” I guess Disney has those problems, too.

Aladdin x Jasmine, Ariel x Eric, Snow White(how is she 14???) x Prince Florian, Aurora(Sleeping Beauty) x what was that prince’s name? And Grim Fairytales. The Renaissance times god dang it. Yeah….I know. Times change…and they still are. Just hope they don’t add LGBTQ “P”….eww.

 And if both sides want to keep arguing…do it quietly please…I don’t want to feel like I have to take a side because of what I draw. It’s made people too toxic and that’s not healthy, especially for the young people who love this show, too. Those block list/blacklist, not healthy. Calling out other artists’ creative freedom…even if it’s ronchy (which is why the NSFW tag exist), not healthy. Making suicide pictures of safe blogs, not healthy. Bullying, harassment and whatever fits to that from both sides, NOT HEALTHY! 

REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS BOTH SIDES, YOU BOTH LOVE THE LOUD HOUSE. BOTH SIDES BRING IN NEW FANS, SAFE OR PERVERTIVE, and it only helps the Loud House get more fame. That’s what brings more happiness to the show’s development and they give us some things we want, such as Clyde’s Parents, Luna’s Bisexuality, and others. If you guys keep bickering…it could ruin a great show and a great experience.

In conclusion….BOTH SIDES….enjoy the Loud House in your own way….OTL. *moan* and….FBI? WHAT? THAT’S NEW…THEY’RE TOO BUSY WITH MORE IMPORTANT STUFF. I’m going back to drawing.

 And if you have a reason to disagree or want to discuss more things that bother you, feel free to message me privately. I will gladly talk to you to see your point of view and I’m a nice person….too much of a nice person. You can message me if you feel like you’re in a terrible mood because of this fandom. *open arms*

Thank you again for the followers. even if I lose some from this post….; . ; jk. You have the right to unfollow me if you must….U _ U sob…don’t go lol

See you guys later with another picture.


hey so why did all the boy group stans sleep on this last year

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Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: violet / light purple

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Last Song Listened to: Strobelight - Gorillaz

Last Movie Watched: uhh, so the last movie i fully saw was, dawn of the planet of the apes (the 2nd one)

Top Three Shows: assuming this isn’t anime: game of thrones, breaking bad, true detective s1 

Top Three Characters: Terry (b99), Arya (thrones), phil (modern family)

Last Book Read: whelp, this has been a long time.. hobbit (need to finish)

One Hobby: video games i guess, but ive started sword fighting so that’s getting more fun.

Favourite Time of Day: Past midnight, when everyone else is asleep.

Coffee shop/café order: whatever chocolate chilly drink they have without coffee or tea. 

Favorite Childhood Movie: Star Wars I

Favorite Tumblr Colouring Trend: wut dis

Favourite holiday and why?: Eid al fitr c: 

Question I’d Like to Add: What movie you should watch: ‘koe no katachi’ & ‘your name’ 

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Alright, it’s the first and last time I am gonna crosstag. Only to say this:

I’ve seen posts around lately that are tagged right but ppl who don’t like it still seem to throw in their 2 cents.

You don’t like the ship? Cool.

But as for the right tagged posts, just leave it. If it’s tagged right and somehow it still appears on your feed then block the said tag so it doesn’t show up anymore. That’s it, it’s not hard.

Why can’t people just enjoy what they like?
If you have to rant, then tag it right and if it attacks a ship then add “#anti-” whatever.

And, people won’t change ships they like no matter how hard you try winning over an argument. It’s time wasting. (I feel like this post too cz a lot ppl are stubborn but yeah I try at least)

I know myself, the war will never stop fully, but I do hope that it gets lesser. And most importantly: STOP wishing ppls death because of a fictional pairing. No seriously, that’s where the line’s crossed.


Please. Just. Don’t.

hey you. yeah you ! you ever seen a comma in a tag and wondered how the fuck did they do that? well guess what kids, so did i !! so i’ve devoted a good half year of my life ( not rly but it felt like it ) trying to figure out how and today, for those of you who don’t know the answer, i’ve gotchu. i’m like pikachu’s cousin, okay. anyways.

basically, there’s a little loophole that there’s the ascii character for something called  FULL WIDTH COMMA, and LISTEN UP MOTHERFUCKERS, this guy is your best fuckin friend. you wanna know why? BECAUSE YOU CAN USE THIS LITTLE SHIT TO ADD COMMAS TO YOUR PRETTY LIL’ TAGS. it’s super simple, too. all you have to do is fuckin’ copy and paste. so here you go kids. the full width comma in all of its beautiful glory. tons of ‘em, in case you missed one. copy and paste it everywhere, share it, whatever. go fuckin’ wild.

look at that beautiful bastard. LOOK AT IT. HAVE FUN, BUDS.

A Little Update

Wow, okay, so, lots of changes and new things have been happening here lately. I’m making this post just so that I and you guys can keep track of them all :)

PTSD Facts Series - Little facts about PTSD. Aimed at educating the wider community and validating those who feel invalidated. Will be tagged as ‘ptsd fact’

The Gifs - Not too long ago, someone mentioned bringing a little humor to the blog. I thought this might be a good way to do it, and one we can all relate to in some way. The posts I make will be tagged as ‘mpt’, all the humourous posts (ones I make + ones I reblog) will be tagged as ‘ptsd things’

Positivity/Inspiration - I wanted to do this just to bring some positive vibes to the blog. Will consist of positive/inspirational images, quotes, and the like. Will be tagged as ‘positivity’

Challenges - I want to keep doing the challenge this year, which started at the beginning of last year I think. The current challenge is taking a photo of something you love (more info here). The challenge each have their own special tag, but also get tagged as ‘challenge’

Information Series - This isn’t a strict series as such, but I am going to start writing/making resources again, with more of a uniform kind of look to them (which is why I’m calling it a series). These types of posts will include information, help, tips, and advice. As well as being tagged with whatever type of resource they are about (see here), they will also be tagged as ‘resource’. I will try and find other similar posts I’ve made in the past and add them to this tag too :)

The Confessions - When I first started this blog, it was all based around confessions. It’s less common now, but sometimes I still receive submits for these confessions. I have temporarily put these on hold until I figure out what I want to with it. These are tagged as ‘photo’

Questions - And yes, I will still be answering any questions you send in (just ensure they comply with the boundaries). There is no specific tag for the answered questions.

I think that’s about it for now. If you got the whole way through this post then well done!

I’ll update you if anything else comes up. Let me know what you think of these additions and whatnot, I’d love to hear from you! If any of you have resources you’d like to share, or any ideas, feel free to send me in a message xx

I was having a conversation with someone about various Homestuck endgame events and ships, including Dirk/Gamzee, which is one of the things that I still have not been able to comprehend. I mean, I’ve seen posts about it - a surprising amount for something that seems ripped straight from a crackpair generator - but it still leaves me thinking ???

It’s like a small, garishly painted rowboat appeared out of the mists, stole my wallet, and sailed off, leaving me vaguely confused and rather offended.

Yes, a boat stole my wallet. Don’t ask how.

As I said, I’ve seen a variety of posts on it, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen the original one - if indeed there was an original one. The one I saw, though, had some stuff that bothered me. Well, several things bothered me, really, since I’m staunchly against both a ‘pair the spares’ approach and the idea that if everyone isn’t matched up by the end, they’ve failed. I guess this is the aroace bit of me talking, haha. 

Anyway, the biggest thing that stuck with me and has been quietly stewing in the back of my brain ever since I had that shipping conversation a few days ago is that apparently Dirk/Gamzee would be great because it would be ironic. It would be a joke. It would be funny!

And that bothered me. So get ready for a wall of text.

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