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I started reading way back in '09, stopped reading it for years and brushed it off. anyway, two weeks ago i reopened bcb and its so good, this comic is so good, why did you trap me in drama cat hell once again (so good). ALSO i think that the newer style, where you made the character's bodies smaller and still maintained a high level of detail on them, works so so well, and the character development feels really natural just props on everything sorry for rambling (again this comic is so good)

Veronica: Aaaaa I’m so glad you returned to it!! :D And I’m so happy you feel that way about the style! I really am much happier with the style in recent times, I feel like I’m moving to comfortable-enough proportions and will only keep getting there!! Thank you so much!!

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Best suggestions to encourage a cat to stop chewing on cords? And any ideas why he might be chewing?

Provide your cat with appropriate outlets for chewing, such as oat grass (or wheat grass), N-Bone Cat Chew Sticks, or any of Petstages chewing-dental toys such as the Plaque Away Pretzel, Fresh Breath Mint Stick, or Catnip Chew Mice.

You should, though, make every attempt to keep the cords out-of-reach to begin with, but spraying the cords with something like Bitter YUCK! or Fooey! until they’ve stopped trying to chew on the cords may be a good idea, I’m not a fan of aversives but chewing on cords can be dangerous.

Wayhaught watching Clexa ft. Hollstein
  • <p> <b>Nicole:</b> Waves, can you help me put this out?<p/><b>Waverly:</b> (in the other room) Can't.<p/><b>Nicole:</b> Why? *grunts* *pushing the big black cat out of her apartment* Carmilla c'mon!<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> *meows loudly*<p/><b>Laura:</b> (with Waverly in the living room) Nicole, be careful. Carm bites.<p/><b>Nicole:</b> Just turn into human form already, you're taking up the whole apartment!<p/><b>Laura and Waverly:</b> Oh my god!<p/><b>Nicole:</b> Why what is it?<p/><b>Waverly:</b> Clarke kissed Lexa! *squeals*<p/><b>Laura:</b> Oh my god, they're taking it on the bed!<p/><b>Nicole:</b> (decides to leave Carmilla alone in the doorway and enters the living room to watch with her girlfriend)<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> (in human form) Aw, Nicole! Did I piss you off?<p/><b>Nicole:</b> *glares* No you didn't.<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> (takes a seat beside her girlfriend)<p/><b></b> The pair's watches the scene unfolds.<p/><b></b> After some time...<p/><b>Laura:</b> Carm, turn into your cat form!<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> Cupcake, I think we sh-<p/><b>Laura:</b> Don't even think about ending your sentence! Lexa deserved better! She deserves Clarke! We are going!<p/><b>Nicole:</b> (turns to her girfriend) W-Waverly?<p/><b>Waverly:</b> Laura, wait! I've got some ink in my bedroom! Let's put our warpaints on.<p/><b></b> The two disappears for a bit.<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> (looks at Nicole with a helpless gaze) What are we going to do?<p/><b>Nicole:</b> I can't go against Waverly, you know she's the boss.<p/><b>Waverly:</b> Nicole! (runs down the stairs)<p/><b>Nicole:</b> Did something happen?<p/><b>Waverly:</b> Put some warpaint on. (smudges black ink under and around Nicole's eyes with her index and middle fingers)<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> (looks at Laura who just came down from the stairs) I'm not having that on my face.<p/><b>Laura:</b> *glares* You are going to put warpaint on your face Mircalla Karnstein. Whether you like it or not.<p/><b>Carmilla:</b> (sighs) get it over with, babe.<p/><b>Laura:</b> *squeals*<p/><b>Waverly:</b> (looks briefly at Carmilla and Nicole) Looks like we're done! (grabs her shotgun from the storage room) Blood must have blood. Grab your keys.<p/><b></b> And with two serious girlfriends, Carmilla and Nicole gets in the car, on their way to the CW headquarters.<p/></p>

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Don't ask me why, but I imagine Uruha like a cat. In the way that the harder you try to call his attention, the harder he ignores you, but if you leave him on his own he will come to you demanding some caring. Sometimes my mind fly away like this. Please, don't judge me ^^'.

He’s like an old cat


okay but am i the only one that keeps on accidentally reblogging shit onto my other blog meant for this blog and vice versa

its kinda annoying and i feel embarassed every time and idk why lol

so sorry if you see cute dogs, cats, jacksepticeye, memes, kyokoon64, or madoka magica on here because its not supposed to be here ; - ;

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Hello! This might be a little gross or weird; sorry. I also don't know if any of you might know the answer. If you don't, that's okay. Is it socially acceptable to get your hair washed at the barber's? Like as the main source of hair washing? My goal is to appear as neurotypical as possible

If you can afford it, I don’t see why not ! :)

- Sister Cat