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"Fallen Angel is a trope seen all over pop culture. Redeemed Demon is not" You aren't implying that Magic never does anything unique are you? I have more faith in it than that.

No, the question was why we’ve done one and not the other. We’re more likely to have hit popular tropes than something that isn’t.

Why have we done Mad Scientist and not Monkey Barber? Because the first is a trope meaning everyone including us is more aware of it and thus thre’s more demand for it. That’s all I was saying. (And yes, now I’m going to start getting requests for Monkey Barber.)

We do plenty of original things. Maybe one day we’ll do a redeemed demon. It just isn’t something anyone has asked me for before today.

13 million event!

Hey septic family! What’s going on dudes?
Halloween was so awesome was entertaining wasent it?
Anyways, I’ve got awesome news!
So, jacksepticeye is almost at 13 million subscribers
(13 million related family members oh my fudge!)
And @memoryofnow has came up with an event we can
All do (I reblogged it people, check it out)
Well, since I can’t draw and my voice is terrible I decided to help out in another way.
You guys can message me things you would like to say to Jack or the community or just something you want to talk about and I’ll save it and on the day he gets 13 million ill hastag it all in one bid thread and post it.
We’ve done this before, but why not do it again?

okay but like during this feud between ed and oswald I really hope oswald develops/creates relationships elsewhere (I’m personally talking platonic here) because I think it’ll make him appreciate the kind of love he has for/with ed a lot more and understand why killing isabella was wrong and done for pretty selfish reasons.

also oswald is slowly but surely coming to rely on ed for quite a bit and it would be nice to know that oswald has relationships outside of him, just like ed should have relationships outside of oswald.

I don’t know, I just feel like this feud between them could be a great time to connect both oswald and ed with other characters and give them both something more outside of one another before bringing them back together.

Why I Am Returning To Camp

Last year I spent my summer covered in bug bites, surviving on minimal sleep per night and sweating out my body weight, I know, so attractive right? Yet I am choosing to put myself through this all again for another summer., but why? 

As the tan has faded the memories haven’t summer camp is about making friends and doing something you have never done before, and above all having an adventure, and there is no better adventure than going across the world to work at summer camp. 

There are so many reasons and I could sit here and bore you with a long list but instead I will give you just five reasons I am returning and why I think you should do summer camp at least one:

  1. The Friends: Camp friends are like no others, in a few short weeks you share tears and laughter and truly make life long bonds like no others. Camp fosters unique relationships with people from different walks of life than your own.
  2. The getting unplugged: These days it is rare that you have someone’s undivided attention as they always have one eye on their phone, checking Facebook or posting their latest meal to instagram, don’t get me wrong I am a sucker for social media too, but there is something liberating about everyone around you putting down the phones and just talking to one another and enjoying the company.
  3. The Satisfaction: Camp is difficult sometimes for both staff and campers, sometimes it has been one of those long days when the sun is hot and you are covered in insect bites and you are counting the minuets until lights out, but there is nothing more satisfying than overcoming the difficulties or helping someone else you work with overcome difficulties to achieve their goals or doing something they never thought possible, it makes all the hard work worth it to know you helped someone or achieved something yourelf.
  4. The Alternatives: For the 5 years prior to spending my summer at camp I would usually spend my time flipping burgers and serving fries, the job has done many things for me over the years but after 5 years I wanted a change and what better way to shake it up than going to work in a different country and learn a whole different set of skills and have new experiences?
  5. The Travelling: Plane tickets to America are expensive and as my parents are not on the rich list, I have always paid my way in the things I have done and going to America is no different, camp is a great experience and a working visa allows you to travel for 30 days after camp, I travelled very cheaply and saw many things I would not have been able to with going to camp.

Prompt: After your first kiss with Dean, he started acting weird. It’s up to you to figure out why. Or the one where Dean comes out as bisexual to his girlfriend.

Word count: 1760

Warnings: Coming out. Bisexual Dean. Crying. Fluff. John Winchester is an asshole.

A/N: sorry for disappearing. Last year of school has been killing my time before it even starts.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but at Nashcon the guys said that they were currently filming 11x19, and then Jared said that his favorite episode of all time would be the following 11x20.

That makes me wonder … why out of 11 seasons– with 23 episodes each, would Jared’s favorite  be an episode they haven’t even started filming yet? I can only think of a couple of reasons why … 

One would be that there is some huge, mega plot twist that has never ever been done in the history of the show, and he can’t wait to see our reactions. 

Or … he is anticipating watching the people he works with act something out. He has said before that he feels very close to Sam and doesn’t like when things  happen to him ,  good or bad because they always seem to have  a negative effect  on his life, so I can’t imagine that he is extremely excited over something having to do with his own character. So it has to be something to do with somebody else’s character, but something like what? 

Well, what I’m thinking is maybe he’ll finally get to see his friends make out on screen like he has seen them do off screen so many times. He is probably giggling and jumping up and down and freaking out with anticipation of making their lives a living hell during that upcoming scene. The pranks , the distractions,  the endless jokes thereafter … it is almost  like everything he could ever dream of. 

At least that is the theory that I’m going with.

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I DUNNO WHY I'M TELLING YOU THIS, BUT the other day I was setting up the mosquito net and then I noticed something that I wrote three years ago on my wardrobe and that was just the word RUN. My room also has butterflies painted on them from like three years ago too. I DIDN'T EVEN REALISE HOW MUCH REF I HAD IN MY OWN ROOM DONE BY ME BEFORE I EVEN KNEW BTS

u r the chosen one

I only just got to this point, so who knows? I may be reading this wrong.

This face that Kacchan makes just melts my heart. Why?

Something that we know up to this point about Katsuki is that he is a very hard person. He’s angry. He’s tough. He’ll step on anyone to get what he wants. He admires himself and no one else….

But this moment, at the end of his duel with Ochako, he looks at her like this. This is a face that we haven’t seen before. It’s a look of shock, admiration, and compassion (very little but I believe it’s there). 

If I’m right, then Ochako has done what no one has ever done before and weakened this wall that Katsuki has built for himself. 

This makes me happy, and I approve of this platonic relationship.