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I think you are bit biased if you think Ishida wants to show humans are the evil ones. Why did you not say the same thing when ghouls treated humans like nothing more than food and did not care they were selling innocent people? so why should humans care about them if ghouls see them as nothing more than food? that is the same like expecting a cow to feel bad for humans even though we eat them

or when big mum abused Juzou and they made him a killer for fun?

I’ve kind of repeatedly started to answer this one, and then erased my response and circled back around a few times. Ultimately, it seems like you missed didn’t understand my point or even what was being discussed at the time.

Which, please remember, was theorizing on Furuta’s actions and Ishida’s intentions in repeatedly showing humans as fickle and casually cruel while DENYING these traits. Humanity in the universe of Tokyo Ghoul, as in the real world, is often uncomfortable with our own capacity for evil. 

This has nothing to do with ghouls, and their cruelty in the series. That is a separate issue, in particular as it relates to Perceived/Claimed Morality vs Reality. Humans in the series claim themselves to be good and moral, to be acting on the side of right……while being just as capable of cruelty as the “monsters” of the series.

Beyond that, Humanity in the series has been portrayed as very casual in its cruelty and fickle as hell. Over the course of :Re, we have seen how easily swayed and ever-changing public opinion about ghouls can be. This hypocrisy is probably best summarized in Koori Ui, someone who frames himself as a “Hero of Justice” and worried about that perception of righteousness. He berates Kijima for posting the torture video online, where the public could view it and react to it in horror…….all while knowing deep down that Investigators, Interrogators, and Researchers do that and worse on a daily basis. 

Ultimately, people were upset not because of what was done to a ghoul….but because they had to see it. It didn’t suit the pretty narrative of Investigators as heroes, seeing their true brutality. 

Remember, this public latched onto the frenzy of Sen Takatsuki’s press release and novel. They were fascinated by the chance to read something written by a ghoul, from the point of view of a ghoul. And for a time, there were protests and demonstrations and interest in Ghoul Rights.

But besides a few devoted groups…….it fizzled out because it was simply a fad. Most of humanity moved on, and went from beginning to realize ghouls were PEOPLE……to cheering for Furuta as he stands on a pile of mangled corpses.

We also have numerous stories and examples within the series of casual human cruelty.

Chie Hori is utterly detached from the suffering she witnesses, capable of watching Tsukiyama kill without being disturbed.

The nurse abused her elderly patients, when no one was looking. When her secret was at risk of being exposed, she resorted to murder and thanked Tsukiyama for helping her get ahead in life.

Kaneki’s mother physically abused him. 

Kaneki’s aunt took advantage of her own sister, selfishly using her for financial gain until it KILLED HER. She and her family then subjected Kaneki to years of emotional abuse for the crime of existing.

In every single novel story that involves a human group, there is cruelty and bullying. Yoriko is bullied at school by the other girls, for being praised by a popular boy. Kimi’s “friends” mocked her behind her back, and abandoned her. Kaneki’s peers bullied him, with only Hide caring about him. In Hinami’s first story, she gets dragged off by a group of teen boys that are hinted to have been intending to MOLEST HER.

Tokage went from torturing ghoul prisoners, to killing animals and abusing his students.

Mutsuki’s father was horrifyingly abusive. 

While Tokyo Ghoul typically portrays ghouls as being cruel in these wildly over-the-top ways……humanity is instead generally portrayed as cruel through more common, casual actions. Through ignoring or bullying others, through abusing relatives, for betraying each other, and alternately wanting the CCG to take care of ghouls while not forcing them to confront what this ACTUALLY involves.

Many creators throughout history of struggled with the issue of Human Cruelty, and the horrors of the Mob. 

It isn’t that ghouls are innocent, and humans are evil. It’s just interesting to me how Ishida chooses to portray their differences in terms of relating to their own morality. Most ghouls don’t make excuses for themselves, they recognize how fucked up the world is and many have deep-buried feelings of unease about themselves. They have no illusions about being good and moral and righteous. And many of their great cruelties (the Restaurant, the Auction) are imitations of things humans have done to each other.

In contrast, humanity as a whole tends to believe itself without fault. They don’t acknowledge how they contribute to the cycle, and they justify even the most extreme actions. 

In this arc, we are seeing this brought to its most extreme, with Furuta pushing the CCG further and further. But we know that what he is REALLY doing is simply bringing out what was already there. He’s tearing away the pretty cover, and revealing the ugliness underneath. 

I like to think that Jack is so 110% that he can somewhat tell how Bitty is feeling based on the way his food tastes.

-Jack eating his sandwich with Marty, Thirdy or Tater (really anyone that is aware of Jack and Bitty)

Jack takes one bite, makes a contemplative face, puts down the sandwhich, takes out his phone and steps into the hallway. He returns 15 mintues later and continues eating as if nothing of significance occured.

“What was that about?”

“ Something was bothering Bittle so I just wanted to make sure he was ok.”

They ponder a moment for it seems whatever the issue, it has been resovled and prying isn’t a good way to talk to Jack. So they drop it and continued with their lunch.

This happens every so often and they start to wonder how suddenly in the middle of the day, Jack claims that something is “bothering” Bitty? One day someone decides to finally ask.

“If somthing is bothering Bitty why do you wait til you eat half your food before you call him?”

“I’m not always completely sure if he’s upset unless i talk to him directly or at least eat his food.”

“His food? Like what, it tastes bad?”

“No its still delicious, but different somehow. So i just call to check up. Usually its stress from school, so we talk through it and discuss how its going.”

“But how can you taste something like that?”

And Jack Laurent Zimmermann, as if someone casually asked 1+1? His response accompanied with the slightest shrug:

“He’s my boyfriend.”

Like what a silly question to ask?

Multiple sighs are released and heads hang low. Food is put down as eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. Some even have to leave, overwhelmed by Jack’s insane sincerity.

After practice Jack notices quite a few guys on their phones. Not meaning to, Jack passes and overhears variations of “Wondering how you day has been” And “Just thinking about you so I wanted to call and say hi.”

He doesn’t think much of it, (since it oblviously has nothing to do with him), and heads home.

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!

Here’s some things I do when I don’t have energy or forget to eat. This is what helps me, so please keep in mind that it might not work for you.

1) Set reminders! I forget lunch the most, so I have a reminder on my phone at around noon each day telling me to eat lunch. Add as many as you need.

2) For days when you can’t get out of bed, keep some nonperishable food in your room if you can. I have a plastic container near my bed so I can easily reach it without getting up.

  • Mine has granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit cups, trail mix, jerky, and bottled water. It’s not a “normal” meal, but much better than nothing and requires almost no energy.

3) Break down tasks into very small steps. Sometimes mine are as small as “Sit up in bed, move feet onto floor, stand up, walk out of room, walk down hallway, walk to kitchen”. I give myself time in between steps to build up motivation if I need to.

  • Make a checklist if you need to visualize it!

4) Congratulate yourself after completing a difficult step. Even if it’s a simple step, or after every step. It seemed silly to congratulate myself for getting out of bed, but it really helps motivate me to continue.

  • My internal dialogue for this is something like “Okay you did it! That wasn’t too bad. Now you can do the next step too” or “If that was the hardest part, I can do this”

5) I go to @lowspoonsgourmet when I don’t know what to make and they organize recipes by how many spoons it requires!

  • @no-more-ramen is another good one and separates recipes into categories like if there’s no chopping involved or if it makes leftovers

I think that’s it? I might add to this if I think of more. I hope this was helpful!

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Werewolf!Jungkook x Reader

Halloween Drabble Series


Summary: you were in heat, Jungkook didn’t know.

A/N: This is my fic. I am re-posting onto my sideblog.

Growing up as a werewolf was hard. Growing up as a female werewolf without a pack was impossible. You had a pack that you were good friends with and asked for help and advice from, but that’s as far as it went, for now. You have yet to find a mate and enter a pack, and were currently going through heat so you had to stay indoors to avoid any…unwanted situations a.k.a. to avoid fucking random humans and/or wolves in broad daylight. You were holed up in your apartment, skin burning and your third pair of panties for the day, ruined. Walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge, you groaned, realizing that you were officially out of food and had no choice but to go to the store down the street.

You picked up your phone and dialed the Alpha of the pack you knew. Namjoon had always been willing to help you, even though you weren’t technically part of his pack. He had still always called you family.

“Y/n! Hey, how are you? I haven’t heard from you in days!” He cheerily answered, and you smiled to yourself, he always had a way of cheering you up.

“Hey Namjoon, uhm.. Well I kind of have a problem.”

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(Insp.) I’m sorry but awkward!Arthur just pushes all my buttons plus it’s funnier if you think Uther already knows and loves Arthur anyway and then has to listen to Arthur compare himself to linguini or something

merlin art tag

“Forbidden” Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,858

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request from Anon: Could you do a Witch!reader x Dean where they always flirt and eventually sleep together, but then the reader discovers she is pregnant? So she tries to escape during the night (because she knows her child will be born with magic and thinks Dean will hate/hunt them) and when Dean notices she’s missing, he goes looking for her?

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing, fluff

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Dean stood there, watching you flip through your spell book as you tried to find a specific spell that would help them on their hunt. They had called you a few days ago, asking for some help in trying to figure out if what they were hunting was a witch.

They call you their “good witch”, as you always helped them with whatever they needed, but that didn’t fool you. You were still a witch, and they still hated your kind. Not that you have an option since you were born with it, but most hunters don’t care about that. You felt like Sam and Dean only kept you alive because they needed you.

“What did you say the victims were experiencing? Carvings in their chest?” You asked, not taking your eyes off of the book because you knew Dean was staring at you. You didn’t mind, not really- he is a very attractive man. There had always been sexual tension between the two of you, but nobody acted on anything. The two of you knew that you couldn’t take things that far. You were a witch.

“Uh, yeah. Carvings.” He was snapped into reality by your voice, shaking his head.

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  • Me: But am I really manic? *eats crisps for breakfast, forgets to eat any meals and only has some chocolate throughout the rest of the day*
  • Me: I just don't know. *doesn't want to sleep at night, is bright and alert despite medication that usually knocks me out, is alert in the morning despite medication*
  • Me: What if I've been making it up this whole time...? *wants to party, hypersexual, wants to drink all the alcohol, considers drugs maybe 'not that bad'*
  • Me: I'm so dumb. Maybe I just have severe depression, not bipolar? *freaks out because there are ghosts everywhere, is suddenly very productive, irritated by everyone, craves food constantly but is too busy to get food, makes a rational argument for why I'm Satan, wants to love EVERYONE, needy for touch and affection and love*
  • Me: *sigh* I'm such a faker
A list of things that weren’t included / were modified in All Out!! ep15

For those who aren’t reading the manga and who are still alive after episode 15, here is a list of details that you missed (no screenshots of the actual episode bc my dumb ass does not know how to take them orz):

1. Not very important, but

Firstly, the title of the chapter (ooo,I wonder who it might refer too). Secondly, they removes Ise’s undershirt in the anime. Not sure why they did that, but i’m not complaining.

2. Hachioji’s cute af Hello Kitty phone cover. 

Not sure what’s more precious, Sekizan’s pink sakura phone wallpaper or this.

3. Haruki’s words

Now… All Out!! isn’t exactly a shounen manga, it’s a /seinen/, supposedly meant for an older audience. It seems that they sugarcoated things up in the anime to make it more pg. However, personally, I find Haruki’s words in the manga to be much more crude/insulting than in the anime. There’s a big difference between asking your little bro and his friend if they’re a couple and asking them if they’ve had sex already.

4. Shut up Haruki ft. Natsuki’s anger

Once again, you have big bro Haruki being more than just a little suggestive and insulting the relationship between Hachioji and Natsuki, also insulting rugby.

And we also have an angry Natsuki. I find his outburst to have much more emphasis in the manga, treating his brother of Asshole (which he is) and swearing at him. It’s too bad that the anime changed this, Sure it’s ruder and a bit more vulgar in the manga, but I feel like it’s better like this.

Also you have Haruki being angry, and Natsuki being scared shitless of his own brother. Someone save him please.

5. Cigarettes –> Food?

In the anime, they changed ‘go buy me some cigarettes’ to ‘go buy some food’. I’m not sure why they changed this… to keep it pg? Probably… Btw, I don’t remember them showing Haruki smoking? Instead they showed him playing with his phone (with a broken screen) which wasn’t shown in the manga… Speaking of which–

They also removed the part that said that Natsuki had been smoking. I’m sure that’s not very important but still… That’s something I would have liked to know about him

6, And finally, Ebumi’s family?

From this page, it’s implied that Ebumi’s mother remarried with a certain Mr. Takagi, that he can easily obtain money from him, and that he doesn’t like him (since he wants to keep his name, Ebumi). Now I really don’t understand why they left this part out. Isn’t that important information?

Now, while they removed quite some stuff, they also added others. Like Gion trying to kabedon (?) Sekizan, Sekizan liking crepes, and most importantly the flashback with Haruki. This wasn’t in the manga, so I guess they included it in the anime to make us empathise with Haruki or something?? (though, I really can’t find myself to empathise with him…)

Anyway, I really wanted to make this post because there are many things that non manga readers are missing that I think are important (hachi’s hello kitty phone cover is vERY important)

In Every Living Thing #5

“In every living thing there is the desire for love.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Nalu | Sculptor/Greek Myth AU
part 5/7 read: all | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | on FF.net

words: 2000
rating: T

Yes, it’s been more than a week since I last updated this. Yes, I am both sorry (that it took so long) and proud (that I wrote it at all). Yes, it is an actual update! I can’t believe it either!! 

moon ii.

Old romance might have failed, but modern romance surely wouldn’t.

At least that’s what Lucy thought when she signed Natsu up for online dating. 

“But Lucy,” Natsu whined, “Do I have to?”

“Absolutely,” Lucy huffed, “The best way to learn about love is to be in love, so that’s what you have to do in order to be able to stay here; I told you. Got that?”

“I guess,” Natsu grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

It had been a month since he had become part of the lonely Heartfilia household, and what he had contributed, mostly, was life. Life and the unexpected, but more frequent company of not only Wendy but also Gajeel, who seemed to slowly but surely grow more accustomed to being more than just the guy who left Wendy at the door and disappeared.

Change had come slowly, and it was still happening, but it had not gone unnoticed.

The fact that Natsu had decided that romance wasn’t for him and he’d rather hang with Lucy and Wendy to play video games and listen to their stories wasn’t exactly helping Lucy’s love mission along. Especially not her new plan of making him fall in love, instead of merely talking about it and continually failing to explain.

“You promised me!”

“Right, right.” Natsu sighed theatrically. “I’ll go and try to love her! But only for you.”

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When Roy returns to the table their food has arrived, and Bunty is talking to Patrick about he and Georgina’s château in Champs Les Sims, and how his vineyard is faring.
Patrick: As you know, this whole viticulture caper has been a giant learning curve for me, Bunty. But I’m thrilled to report we had some extremely decent yields this year and the Pinot in particular looks exceptional-
Roy: Why are we talking about wine?
Georgina: Mother and Patrick always talk about wine. In fact, Patrick is always giving Mother crates of wine.
Her voice is bitter. Patrick’s expression is pained. He looks as if he is going to say something then closes his mouth.  
Roy: So you’re basically her pusher, Pat?
Patrick: Hey, steady on. That’s completely uncalled for, Roy-
Bunty: Oh, this is crazy. Roy, stop it right now. Can’t we just enjoy a nice lunch?
Roy: Probably not.
Georgina sits up very straight in her chair and looks around the table. Her voice is shaky but clear.
Georgina: Neither of you even knows half of it. She’s put me through hell. Haven’t you, Mother? There was the night I had to drag you out of the pool because you’d fallen in fully clothed and blind drunk at 1 am. The time you were too smashed to prepare a meal for yourself, so you just started eating the dogs’ food, straight out of their bowls. The night you felt like eating ribs and thought it would be a good idea to throw petrol on the barbecue, and nearly set fire to the stables-
Patrick blinks, his mouth falling open. His face is one big shiny circle of shock. Bunty’s skin is like parchment under her makeup, white and immobile. The food in Roy’s mouth tastes like sand. He keeps chewing, staring at his plate. 
Patrick: Georgie. My God. I had no idea things had been this bad for so long. Why haven’t you shared any of this with me before?
Georgina rolls her eyes.
Georgina: Because I was worried you’d tell your mother and then everyone in the town would find out.
Patrick: You really think I would betray your trust like that, Georgie? Really?
Georgina says nothing, her back rigid, her fingers shredding the paper napkin in her lap. Bunty gets up silently from the table. Three pairs of eyes follow her as she marches towards the restrooms. As soon as she is out of sight Patrick gets up from the table too. Except he walks out the front door of the coffee shop, towards his car. 

Legend Has It That...

Unlike real humans, the Pisces body is made up of 75% whiskey – not water. The liver of every Pisces looks like a shriveled up cranberry. 

Aquarians were originally put on this Earth to study the human race but have instead decided to take up “studying” World of Warcraft. 

Although a Capricorn’s safe isn’t going anywhere, Capricorns eternally refuse to ever leave their cellar. People are more likely to take a selfie with Sasquatch than they are to see a Capricorn away from their money.

If you were one of those kids who had a leash when you were younger, your astrology sign is none other than Sagittarius.

Depravity was invented by Scorpios. Changing Obamacare to Trumpdoesn’t was a Scorpio’s idea.

Libras will fall in love with ANYTHING (their pastor, a rat, etc…) and give it up faster than it takes Usain Bolt to cross the finish line.

The majority of Virgos never get married. This is because it is common for their lover to commit suicide from the nagging. All Virgos are broken records.

Leos only listen to that bodacious thing moaning back at them in the mirror. You know why a Leo never asks you for your opinion? They’re told they look good by their damn self.

Intrinsically lamblike Cancers stay unaware of their urgent need for testosterone supplements. All Cancers are frail cream puffs. 

A Gemini will never give you their real name in fear of the IRS. 99.9% of them have pseudonyms and bad credit.

Male and female Tauruses can normally be found twerking next to fast food establishments, ice cream trucks and your grandmother’s window. Someone’s serving food and a Taurus is not around? *Scoffs* Please.

Not a single Aries has graduated college and lived to tell the tale. Their ignorance is only exceeded by their volume.

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Hello, if you have time and are willing to answer this, could you tell me if you have any Annabeth/Rachel friendship headcannons? And maybe something with Sally/Poseidon too? I love you and your blog! Stay awesome x

Thank you so much!! <3 I’ll do these in two separate posts, so look out for the Sally and Poseidon one.

Annabeth and Rachel:

  • When Percy goes missing, Rachel is the one Annabeth goes to first, because if anyone should have answers it’d be her. Rachel can’t explain what’s happening, though, and the look on Annabeth’s face when she says, “I don’t know where he is,” haunts her dreams for months.
  • Annabeth tells her it’s not her fault that the Oracle’s gone silent, but Rachel is still so angry at herself for a long time over it, because this is supposed to be the thing that makes her special, the one thing that makes her worthy of Camp Half Blood, and now that it’s not working she feels like an intruder.
  • Rachel stays up with Annabeth when she can’t sleep because she’s sick with worry while Piper, Jason and Leo are on their quest and Percy is still nowhere to be found. 
  • They sit in silence for a few nights before Annabeth eventually says, “I’m sorry. For how I treated you when we first met. I was jealous, and I - I’m sorry. It was stupid.”
    Rachel looks at her, eyes wide. “It wasn’t stupid. You had every right to be jealous.”
    Annabeth looks like she’s going to hit her. Rachel braces herself for the punch, but it never comes. Instead, Annabeth laughs. It’s a small, shattered sort of laugh, but it’s a laugh nonetheless. Rachel laughs, too, and even when tears start to fall down Annabeth’s cheeks she doesn’t stop laughing. 
  • “I’m sorry, too,” Rachel says the next morning. She doesn’t know exactly what she’s apologising for, but Annabeth accepts it graciously.
  • They bond over having distant parents.
  • Rachel steals Annabeth’s sketching equipment sometimes and Annabeth always yells at her for it because, “Why did you take my ruler, Rachel? You never use a ruler! You just throw paint at the canvas and hope it sticks!”
  • Annabeth likes to go to Rachel when she needs to talk out an idea, because she’s just annoying enough to push her towards new angles without making her murderously angry. (Most of the time, anyway.)
  • Annabeth gives her painting supplies for her birthday (”So you’ll stop stealing mine.”) and Rachel uses them to paint her a portrait for her birthday. It’s Annabeth laughing, the sun haloing around her golden curls, and when she asks Rachel if that’s how she really sees her, she says, “Do you really have to ask, oh wise one?”
  • After the second war they message each other constantly, sharing mundane information about their days and school and how annoying Percy can be.
  • Rachel likes to send her the most annoying memes.
  • Annabeth likes to retaliate with bad puns. Always, all the time, puns.
  • They have sleepovers that mainly involve watching bad B-grade movies and pigging out on bad food. Percy’s not invited.
  • Rachel is secretly jealous of Annabeth’s hair.
  • Annabeth doodles her name on at least four pairs of Rachel’s pants. 
  • When they’re older they continue their sleepovers but swap out (most of) the junk food for wine instead.
  • Drunk Annabeth might be Rachel’s favourite, but she makes sure not to tell sober Annabeth that.

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(obviously humaines) keep saying that some foods is not for cats because is bad for cat, can do the harm or whatever. Then they should not exist???? Why make foods that are bad for cats???? Why cat having humonnes bring this poisionus foods into their cat having homes???? SO MUCH DISRESPECT GOING ON HERE

agreed ! rude

Nostalgia Critic Quotes Starters

You know the deal. Feel free to change pronouns, add names to blanks, etc. There is some profanity in this one.

  • “Why do they always want to do it the hard way?”
  • “What can’t we do with an acre of land?”
  • “We’re talking softly because it’ll upset the souffle?”
  • “You know…like your head!”
  • “You think you’re gonna get away from me, but you’re not, because it’s on.”
  • “I’m sorry, but who thought this would be an exciting idea?”
  • “This is even more exciting than that time I dangled keys in front of my own face!”
  • “DON’T fall to the ground like a bloody corpse.”
  • “Bad is rad and I’m ballistic!”
  • “Oh, come on, it’s obvious. It’s so incredibly obvious.”
  • “It’s junk food, brightly colored junk food for the mind.”
  • “The orthodox levels on this are most un!”
  • “Ah-ba-ba-ba, don’t tell me the problem, I only want to focus on the solution. I see…a banana. Use a banana.”
  • “We are not on the same level as them! WE ARE HEALTHY!”
  • “This looks like a job for flamboyance!”
  • “Yeah! The opposite of what we saw before! The opposite of what we saw before! The opposite of what we saw before!”
  • “Hey! You seem very…two-people-ish!”
  • “Because that’s funny, right? Right? The correct answer is no.”
  • “Punctuation is so wild!”
  • “Clearly, we are dealing with artistic genius here!”
  • “Please get in this evil device which is in no way an evil device. Joke’s on you; it’s an evil device.”
  • “What do kids normally do? They make tofu or something?”
  • “Stop it! Stop it! Stop trying to sound cool!”
  • “All is lost.”
  • “You’re so gosh darn wonderful.”
  • “I’m sorry, ____. I like your place. It’s a nice looking place.”
  • “I don’t care if it’s innocent and cutesy; it’s a piece of shit.”
  • “But I don’t wanna laugh, I wanna get better.”
  • “If its purpose was to bore the living shit out of us, I agree.”
  • “You have to have one before you can lose it.”
  • “Wait a minute, so you’re saying that if I jump aboard the bandwagon before it even becomes a bandwagon, I can be one of the frontrunners of the bandwagon?”
  • “Redundant much, redundant?”
  • “Was I really just a pawn in your lame-ass little punchline?”
  • “Is this actually a popular thing and I just never noticed?”
  • “My God…it’s full of shit.”
  • “Put traffic cones around that apple juice; that shit is lethal!”
  • “What is this, just another day at the store for you?”
  • “Why are you being so blatant with how evil you are?”
  • “Yeah, you know what’s living? Dying.”
  • “No, wait, that’s not living. That’s…that’s fucking dying.”
  • “I remember it so you don’t have to.”
  • “You’re listening to frogs! It’s all a lie!”
  • “I don’t know, it means I’m angry!”
  • “Gee, does it have something to do with ice?”
  • “I just wanna bring love and joy to the world.”
  • “I haven’t been this shocked since I found out the secret to living a long lasting life…was breathing!”
  • “You know, for kids!”
  • “Start off with something innocent and lighthearted and then smash it down into cruel, cruel reality?”
  • “I hear it’s a dictatorship where people disappear.”
  • “Stay back; I think that’s real ketchup.”
  • “That’s so out of the ordinary, I dare call it wacky.”
  • “Get off my wet banana!”
  • “B-B-B-Bullshit!”
  • “Don’t encourage him. You’ll jiggy-jiggy regret it.”
  • “Maybe you could start by getting out of the fucking bed.”
  • “Well, that’s odd. It’s almost…normal.”
  • “Gee, does THAT…SOUND…FAMILIAR?”
  • “If we’re going through with this, I want to be prepared.”
  • “Fucking bubbles!”
  • “Inspire us! Say something stoic!”
  • “Oh, by the way, we have to mail this to fifty or more people or else we get bad luck.”
  • “I would LOVE to play a game with somebody!”
  • “Fuck yeah, sparkle sparkle sparkle!”
  • “If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna take the occasional break to look at myself in front of the mirror and cry.”
  • “Cause let me tell you, it’s not always easy.”
  • “People may die, but stupidity is forever.”
  • “Stop calling it that!”
  • “So, your argument is…you fucked up, you’re glad you fucked up, and you will continue to fuck up in new and spectacular ways?”
  • “I did not just hear that.”
  • “Time for a game of disappearing brain cells!”
  • “I think he drank the cactus juice or something.”
  • “I thought I had these burned!”
  • “My heart soars every time. The monotone. The absolute lack of any human emotion. The way he doesn’t even refer to her by her name.”
  • “I just remember that it was weird and childish.”
  • “I know that it’s just my opinion, but I’m right.”
  • “I remember it…but I don’t wanna!”

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Jealous Kaz Brekker XD


  • So one day Inej takes Kaz with her on one of her little seafaring journeys and they stop at this little seaside town in Ravka
  • And while Inej is like touring him around and telling him about different foods and stuff like that
  • Kaz notices that they’ve passed the same stall in this market twice and the young man sitting behind it won’t stop staring at her
  • And is Inej looking bACK????
  • Finally she decides to buy some food from this guy (who is around Kaz’s age and isn’t bad looking)
  • He introduces himself as Gavriil
  • Kaz decides that this is an ugly name and he doesn’t know why anybody would bestow that monstrosity upon their child
  • Kaz, of course, is Glaring and is holding his cane a bit too tight but Inej just ignores him because honestly sometimes he can be very dramatic
  • This Ravkan guy is totally flirting, rolling his sleeves up, running his hand through his hair, grinning with charm. This is classic male flirting.
  • Kaz has been around Jesper enough to recognize this immediately and it’s like little red flags have popped up in his head
  • He decides to watch what Inej is doing and while she isn’t diving too deep into the conversation she’s not exactly drawing away
  • Inej is smiling that smile that Kaz would literally die to look at and she laughs and he now is very irked
  • Kaz assumes that he would most likely be arrested by Ravkan authorities if he murders one of their citizens
  • But he is lowkey friends with their king and he has enough dirt on him for blackmail if that isn’t enough
  • Soooooo
  • Gavriil, who is really just an innocent boy in his late teens, notices the WAVES of hostility wafting off of this glowering guy dressed in black
  • “Is your friend alright?”
  • Inej turns to Kaz and just raises her eyebrows in slight distaste and Kaz makes an effort to tone down the Death In His Eyes
  • “Of course he is.”
  • Inej thanks Gavriil for the food and wisely steers Kaz away from the stall and back to the harbor
  • “What was that?”
  • “Nothing”
  • “Wait…are you jealous?”
  • “No.”
  • “You’re jealous!”
  • “I am not jealous!”
  • But Kaz is basically pouting like a five year old and Inej doesn’t know whether she should laugh or be somewhat angry
  • “I’m not allowed to talk to other boys?”
  • “Of course you are!”
  • “Then why are you jealous?!”
  • “I am not jealous!!!!!”
  • Every time he denies it the truth becomes more obvious and Inej just sighs a little because Oh Kaz
  • But after tense minutes of angrily eating lunch beside each other Kaz finally just looks at her and that is admittance enough
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • Inej has not heard Kaz say this genuinely in all the time she’s known him
  • “I know.”
  • But she still has to subtly smooth over his hurt ego and although Kaz doesn’t show it he’s eating it all up
  • Because that’s Kaz Brekker for you tbh
New to This

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Warning: FLUFF, Dean being a sugar-coated smol bean, Dean defending a burger

Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends all of their life and are finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. How will the relationship life treat them?

A/N: This is my piece for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My Quote was “I think you pissed off my sandwich” Dean. Congrats on 2,000 followers, sugar! Thanks for letting me participate @dancingalone21 :)

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

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Mark's Brother

Request: May I request a nct scenario where Taeyong is Mark older brother and gets overprotective/jealous as Mark starts to date the reader. Luv your blog❤️

Genre: Fluff
Words: 1223


You were sitting next to Mark in maths class waiting for the bell to ring. You had started dating Mark about a month ago and today he said there was something he wanted to do with you.

The bell rang and you were about to get up when the teacher shouted to stop moving.

“Don’t leave before I can set homework!” Ahh you finally thought she had forgotten for once. But no luck when did teachers ever forget about homework.

You and Mark looked at each other and groaned. The teacher stood by the door handing out homework shueets as everyone left.

You reluctantly took one from her as you left. As you walked out of the school you turned to Mark.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” You asked him grabbing a snack bar you had been saving for now out of your bag. Taking a bite as he began to talk.

“Well we have been dating for almost a month and it’s going pretty well right?” He half said half asked. You nodded.

“I think we go together better than well personally.” You replied nonchalantly, still snacking on your snack bar.

“Yeah better than well. Well you seem um well…” he seemed pretty nervous. That was a lot of ums and wells for one sentence.

You nodded at him to carry on, you would have said so but the snack bar gave you an excuse not to talk and make things any more awkward.

“My brother Taeyong wants to meet you,” he finally said. You looked up a bit surprised.

“Why is that such a big deal?” You asked taking his hand. “Lets go meet him now, at your house I assume,” you said leading him off. You were a bit nervous about meeting Mark’s brother but you reckoned if he was related to Mark then he must be nice.

Mark refused to move. He sighed and swallowed.

“This may seem weird but he is a bit protective over me. Like a lot protective over me. He wants to meet you and he is kind of intense sometimes and I’m just worried he might freak you out.” Mark said to you.

You laughed it off. “I’m sure it will be fine,” you insisted, but you weren’t so sure now. Meeting new people wasn’t always your forte and you weren’t sure if you were quite prepared for whatever interrogations you might be about to get from his brother Taeyong.

You arrived at their house a few minutes later, it was only a short walk from your school. You had been here once or twice before with Mark but his brother had usually been at work.

Mark pulled out his key and opened the door. You walked in and at first you thought no one was home. Mark guided you into the kitchen and poured you some water. You thanked him as you took it.

“Hey,” a voice said from the door frame. You jumped around startled. Who you thought must be Mark’s brother stood at the door. He looked nothing like Mark so you were not a hundred percent sure. You stood awkwardly not knowing what to say.

Mark scratched the back of his head.

“Hey bro, um Taeyong this is my girlfriend y/n, y/n this is Taeyong.” You gave him a little wave.

Taeyong didn’t smile though.

“I ordered pizza for us,” he said walking into the kitchen.

You loved pizza but Taeyong was scary, instinctively you moved closer to Mark. This caused Taeyong to narrow his eyes, so you moved further away from him.

Mark rolled his eyes.

“Hey Taeyong!” He shouted clicking his fingers in front of his face.

“Stop doing that, it’s really mean and creepy. Don’t freak out my girlfriend, I really like her.” Mark said defending you.

“That’s my main issue here.” Taeyong replied taking Mark’s water from his hand and sipping it.

“Taeyong stop!” He protested again, “you are talking like this is some crime drama, your embarrassing.”

The doorbell rang and Taeyong shrugged leaving to get a pizza.

Mark whispered to you, “I wouldn’t have let you come if I knew he would be this bad. When you have gone home I will throw him out the window.”

Taeyong returned carrying two pizzas. He places them on the table and motioned for you both to sit down.

“I have some questions,” Taeyong said eating a bit off pizza. You nodded still smiling at him but the apprehension you felt was obvious.

“How old are you? Why do you like Mark? What’s your favourite food? Can you fight bears?” He asked.

You went through all his questions and answered them.

“I’m 17, four months younger than Mark, he is really nice to me and funny, my favourite food is ramen and of course I can’t fight a bear. It’s a bear.” You replied.

“Mark how can you date a girl who can’t fight bears?” Taeyong asked with mock outrage. Mark gave him the ‘are you crazy?’ look.

“Why would I need to fight a bear? That’s a stupid requirement,” You told him. Taeyong smiled for the first time. You knew he probably wouldn’t like you for questioning him but you were fed up with how dumb this all was.

“You don’t, need to fight a bear. I was seeing what I could say until you questioned me. I only have one little brother and he hasn’t had a girlfriend before so I wanted to have fun. Also I wanted to see what kind of person you are to make sure you will be good for my little brother.” He explained.

“You didn’t have a go at me too quickly which shows good temperament and that you have respect but you also stopped me when I was being ridiculous which shows you are not afraid to stand up for yourself. I like you y/n.”

You smiled a bit. Taeyong still sort of scared you.

“But seriously,” he said forcing Mark to hug him. “If you make my brother cry I will hunt you down.” Mark shoved him away and shook his head.

“There will be no hunting down and no crying, Taeyong stop please.” He asked moving back to sit next to you.

“Ah but Markie you are my only little brother I have to make sure you are okay. But with this girl I think you will. Also I trust you judgment.” Taeyong said.

He gave you the thumbs up and stood up to leave you both alone.

“Welcome to the family y/n, but I will still hunt you down. Just you wait my friend.”

When Taeyong left the room Mark released a breath and turned to you.

“Y/n I’m sorry about him. Ahhh he is such an embarrassment.” You giggled at Mark’s complaints.

“Taeyong is actually very interesting. But I like his little brother a lot better.” You said kissing his cheek.

“I’m very happy to hear that,” Mark said giving you a quick kiss on the lips before you both got up to throw the pizza boxes away.

“NO KISSING, YOU ARE TOO SMALL CHILDREN!” Taeyong shouted from what sounded like upstairs. How he knew you didn’t know. But Marks family certainly was interesting. His brother was just a bit overprotective that’s all.