why no boys like that here

I’ve got a really wild story for you guys.

A couple weeks back I recieved a parcel from Afghanistan. Big rectangle, completely (and I mean Completely) covered in duct tape. No box, my name and address on it, and a return address so I mean I guess I thought it was legit.

Not really thinking about how I don’t remember ordering anything I press on

Anyway as I’m going to town on this duct tape with scissors and I manage to get the top off there’s this really, REALLY strong chemical smell and I go Oh God maybe I shouldn’t have opened it.

But I did and inside

Was a very..very disheveled boy.

Very disheveled.

But the thing is..I didn’t order him. I don’t remember ordering him, or having him ordered for me. I also have no tracking or receipt info on him. I don’t know how he got here, why he smells like that, why his box is tinted yellow or why the poor thing was upside down for that huge trip.

But he’s Mr Hyde and he’s welcome to my furb family all the same.

Request: I’m so in love with the platonic friendship idea it’s so cute hksdhsj;;; <33 can I request one for the vocal unit please? thanks in advance and wish you an amazing day ahead!!!
Members: Jeonghan, Joshua Woozi, DK, Seungkwan (svt)
Genre: Platonic good times
A/N: This is only unit to go with for the general bff aus, but don’t hesitate to request more platonic stuff!! Also I had to repost this so if you’re seeing it twice tonight that’s why 
Find the other aus here: perfomance unit ; hip hop unit ; bts hyung line ; bts maknae line


  • Lowkey clingy but not in the typical clingy way
  • Like he’s not gonna whine into your ears and drape himself all over no
  • He kinda treats you like the boys in a way??? 
  • You’re going to have him as your homescreen and you are going to listen to him doting on you you have zero say in the matter
  • You’re going to have matching Halloween costumes with him,, and matching ugly Christmas sweaters,,, and matching outfits on basically every other holiday of the year,,, again you have zero say in the matter
  • He’s not clingy in the drape himself on you way yeah but he will loop his arm in yours all the time 
  • Because it’s like a nice little friendship thing to do??? He gets that one happy lil smile when you guys walk around with your arms looped wow what an angel please ignore the fact that I have a series of him acting like a dick lmao 
  • Takes mirror selfies of you guys showing off your outfit of the days and if you think it’s silly and whine he just gives you a Look until you shut up and do it 
  • He’s always encouraging you to go out and have some fun and let your hair down with him 
  • But then like you finally agree and get all dressed up to go to the club with him AND MIND YOU IT TOOK YOU FOREVER TO FIND AN OUTFIT HE APPROVED OF 
  • And five minutes into dancing he’s just going “Okay this is tiring and I’m bored let’s go home and eat some snacks and watch Moana again” 
  • Will play with your hair 
  • Like he doesn’t care what length it is he likes to mess with it and see how he can make it look 
  • You can often catch him singing to himself when you guys are hanging out together at your place because he’s so comfortable with you he’ll do it unconsciously 
  • Literally so judgemental of any s/o you get because you are his best friend you are only going to date the BEST 
  • So he winds up coming off a bit cold and snooty the first time he meets them but if he approves he immediately warms up to them and asks them to please take care of you
  • Probably goes “Seriously please do they’re an idiot but they’re my favorite idiot~~” and you’re like “h EY DON’T CALL ME AN IDIOT YOU IDIOT”
  • Always asks you to tie his shoes and you sometimes roll your eyes but you always do it because you love him and he’s your best bro for life
  • He always smiles at you with that happy little angel smile when you do and says thank you all pleasantly and you’re like wow okay guess I have the most beautiful best friend ever 
  • Steals your drinks 
  • Water? Soda? Juice? Doesn’t matter the second you’re turned around he’s slurping from your straw
  • Doesn’t like to go out when it’s cold outside 
  • Would much rather just sit inside with you and sit in a pile of blankets and watch some kdramas
  • Pretends he doesn’t care that much about him but you always see him lowkey getting into them lmao 
  • He doesn’t like coffee much so whenever you make him green or other caffeinated tea when he comes over in the morning he’s always so grateful
  • Because he is a tired boy and would rather be asleep and you’re helping him wake up and he always just goes “Ah I’m so blessed to have you as a friend” and you’re like “yeah yeah shut up and drink your tea loser”
  • Sometimes he’s lowkey shady tho 
  • Like he eats all your food and then just LIES to your FACE about it 
  • But he acts like such a suck-up to your parents they’re like “how could he be anything except perfect???” And you’re like “HE’S DRIVING UP MY GROCERY BILL GODDAMMIT”


  • The most Chill friend but also lowkey has memegame 
  • Seriously though he’s chill and thoughtful as fuck 
  • Like are you sick? He’s on his way over with flu medicine and soup. You having cramps or soreness or anything of the like? He’s already got a heating pad and medicine ready. You exhausted? You can borrow his shoulder in a totally bro way so you can take a nap on the subway ride
  • Always asking if you’ve eaten, if you’ve slept enough, how your day is going, if you need him to drop anything off,,,
  • Like his gentlemanly side isn’t just for people he’s dating y’all if you’re his friend you are going to be supported and cared for whether you like it or not 
  • His presence is very relaxing to you, like even if you’re a temperamental person you can’t find yourself getting mad when he’s around
  • Like if you start to he puts a hand on your arm and just gives you a look and you’re like okok I’m good I’m cool 
  • Right up until he starts annoying you on purpose in which case you get HEATED
  • Does that weird gyro drop thing all the time and you’re just “oh my god Joshua qUIT”
  • He will Not just a spoiler alert he just does it and yells louder every time you tell him to stop 
  • Sends you a meme whenever you tell him goodnight and you’re like “dhsjf I’m not having a meme battle with you right now” and he’s just “well you’re no fun”
  • You wind up having a meme battle with him and it’s literally the most ridiculous thing like you have work in the morning but you just stayed up until one in the morning to send kermit memes to your best friend wow
  • Your family loves him
  • They know you guys are just friends so luckily you don’t get any of those annoying “When are you two gonna date??” questions
  • But they do ask “How is that Joshua boy doing?? You’re not annoying him are you??”
  • And you’re just “WOW what if he was annoying me??” and they’re like “Nonsense he’s a saint”
  • And yes Joshua is probably some otherworldly amazing being sent straight from the gods themselves but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a PILL 
  • Whenever he spends the night he doesn’t let you sleep in because he’s an early riser and he gets bored if you aren’t awake to talk to him
  • Like he starts off all gentle just shaking your shoulder but we all know this boy can be Savage
  • So like five minutes later he’s beating you with a pillow and calling you a soggy bowl of cereal 
  • Denies that he would ever call you that in front of other people though 
  • And everyone believes him over you and you’re like “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE SEE YOU BULLYING ME???”
  • Hoshi and DK remember when he shoved them down in the Pretty U part switch and grab your hands and are like “It’s okay fam we Feel you”
  • Does those pinterest DIYs with you and yours come out looking like a first grade art project and his looks exactly like the picture and you’re just 
  • You: Joshua Hong how the fuck did you 
  • Joshua: It’s not hard :) Just follow the instructions :) Super simple :)
  • You: Listen here you little shit I did follow the instructions now just show me how you did that
  • Convince him to bring back his Mansae hair p l e a s e free the forehead
  • You’re our only hope reader you gotta
  • Also you can’t find yourself making fun of him all that often he’s just got such a nice face so even if he teases you can you really stay mad?? No because even if he’s a meme little fuck he’s also the sweetest boy


  • Plays video games with you
  • Lowkey has Animal Crossing on his DS but doesn’t want to admit it to the members so he makes you swear not to tell anyone
  • Will kick you in the shin if you try and steal Cookie from his town because he loves that pink dog
  • Will kick you even harder if you run off the path like he did NOT spend HOURS putting those down for you to make those ugly ass dirt patches in other places 
  • Steal his flowers he steals your wallet okay anyways 
  • Trusts your opinion on most things because he knows you won’t lie to spare his feelings 
  • Just like he won’t lie when he tells you that your sweater makes you look like a walking tangerine 
  • But seriously once he feels a song is going okay but really wants an outside opinion he’ll show it to you 
  • And then proceed to ask you VERY SPECIFIC questions about the smallest aspects of the song 
  • You gotta be 100% honest because if he thinks you’re sugarcoating he’s not gonna do it again for a whole comeback so don’t try and spare his feelings too much 
  • Okay if you’re short Woozi is gonna bond with you 
  • The two of you are just gonna shit talk tall people and you’re both griping about how height is so overrated like who even,,, cares,,, about how many cm someone is,,, not you two
  • But if you’re tall he’s gonna lowkey act bitter but in a funny way
  • Says shit like “Wow I hope you’re okay up there”
  • Seungkwan told him a tall person’s weakness is their knees so if you say shit to him he’s just gonna kick your kneecaps
  • He won’t do aegyo for you unless you SERIOUSLY bribe him
  • Like yes he loves you and you’re his best friend but don’t you dare make him do oppaya again he’d rather launch himself into the moon
  • You: Admit it. You’re cute and love knowing that you’re cute. You love doing aegy-
  • I just want to point out that he has a grandpa laugh and if you tease him he’s gonna shove you but keep laughing anyways 
  • You guys tend to playfully bicker a lot but real talk he finds it very easy to smile and laugh around you 
  • He’s not the type of friend to tell you he loves you all the time or send you sappy texts or anything like that, but that makes the times he does say those sort of things that much more special
  • But don’t mention anything he said later, especially not around other people, because he’ll get embarrassed and threaten to take it back 
  • You are one of the few people he will not threaten to murder with a spoon if they wake him up so the members text you every once in awhile like “Jihoonie won’t wake up this morning and Seungkwan screeching isn’t helping please come we have practice in less than an hour”
  • He really does rely on you a lot though,, like he’s comfortable enough around you to tell you his insecurities and his fears that he won’t be good enough and it’ll be his fault if Seventeen fails
  • And he’s just grateful to have you as a best friend because you always know exactly what to say to calm these fears of his,, bless you 
  • Also he may act like he gives no fucks but if anyone messes with you he is 164 cm of STEEL 


  • The friend who always drops last minute plants on you like “Hey wanna see a movie sometime soon?”
  • And you’re like a in your pajamas haven’t showered in two days kind of mess rn but you go sure
  • And he’s like “Cool on my way :D” and you’re just shdfjhej SEOKMIN SINCE WHEN DOES SOON EQUAL FIVE MINUTES 
  • Will show up at your house via a lyft at like 9 pm and just sleep in your bed and you’re like literally who the fuck 
  • Prank calls you like a lil shit 
  • He always does it with Hoshi and Seungkwan and every time they call they’re giggling like crazy into the receiver
  • And you go “Seokmin I know it’s you” and he’s like “pSH whAt who’s SEOKMIN??? I’m your REFRIGERATOR wait fuck that’s not the punchline-”
  • He always seems to mess up the punch lines and then he just hangs up because you can hear Hoshi and Seungkwan start to screech at him for it 
  • It’s lowkey funny though so you never yell at him to quit it 
  • Wants to go to the park with you 
  • Honestly that’s so fun though like you guys can go on the slides and he’s gonna push you on the swings
  • If you’re Seokmin’s best friend you’re friends with Hoshi and Seungkwan because they tag along with you guys a lot of the time lmao 
  • But like Hoshi and Seungkwan are so much fun it’s hard to find it in you to mind all that much 
  • Seokmin knows when to draw the line though, like he knows you guys are gonna need some bro time just to yourselves on occasion
  • He can always read your emotions and if he senses that you just really need to sit down and talk with him and him only he won’t hesitate to tell the other two to buzz off for awhile
  • Sends you sappy text messages about how you’re such a good best friend at like 2 am after he’s gotten off practice and he’s tired and you’re like “Okay I love you too but seriously you just woke me up go to bed loser” 
  • You guys are lowkey touchy like if you don’t like touches he’ll respect it but also slowly build up your tolerance so you find yourself only okay with him hugging you 
  • He’s just such a loving and touchy person?? He wants to show you that you’re an amazing friend and he cares so damn much about you??
  • What better way than to hug you and dote on you and tell you that you’re adorable and he’s gonna find you the perfect spouse??
  • You: dhsjhe Seokmin I’m still young I don’t need to get married yet
  • Him: yeah yEt,, I’m just saying when the time comes,,,
  • Wants you to tag along with him all the time always 
  • Like even when he goes on tour he’s trying to find a way to make it work out so that you can tag along with him and the rest of the gang
  • Go to Karaoke with him and Hoshi and Seungkwan will absolutely tag along and your ears will absolutely hurt from all the high notes they tried to hit throughout the night
  • But it was also really fun taking meme photos of their super red faces as they pretty much screamed the lyrics so like worth it
  • They almost broke a microphone and you guys nearly got asked to leave over it LMAO
  • Finds a way to make everything fun I swear to god
  • Become best friends with this boy and you’ll probably never be bored
  • Road trip? Okay time to combine Ultimate Eye Spy with Mega Challenge License Plate Words
  • You: thats not even a thing
  • Him: It’s a thing if I say it’s a thing shut up


  • The best friend who forms a marriage pact with you like “If we’re both single at 45 we’ll get married and spend the rest of our days baking cookies and petting our cats and bitching about all the happy people who are settling down together” 
  • But real talk he will be your wingman if you say the word 
  • Goes ALL OUT when you guys sing in the car
  • And you WILL be singing with him don’t even think otherwise, even if you’re the world’s worst singer you’re singing with him
  • He somehow knows every song on the radio, even if they came out like 10 minutes ago he just knows it 
  • The most caring boy 
  • Literally freaks out whenever you text him that you’re sick or got hurt and he’s calling you like “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY???” and you’re like “Literally why couldn’t you text me and ask that-” 
  • He will ask you if you need anything and just appear at your door like five minutes later and he’s checking you all over to make sure you’re not too damaged and threatening to get Mingyu to drive you to the ER if you try and refuse his help
  • Consults you on all his hair color changes 
  • Like seriously suddenly he refuses to dye his hair any color until it has your seal of approval
  • Being friends with Seungkwan means you’re automatically friends with his mom
  • His mom like has your number and her contact name in your phone has its own emoji and everything 
  • She always texts you asking how you’re doing and thanking you for taking good care of her son and always being a sweet friend
  • Sends you food all the time too and one time she sent Seungkwan’s care package with yours and asked you to give it to him but instead you hid it to mess with him
  • And he was about to call his mom screeching because he felt so HURT when you pulled it out of the closet
  • Seungkwan: if you ever do that again I’m telling on you
  • You: you tell on me and I tell you what you and Hoshi did the last time you guys pranked me
  • Seungkwan: ,,,that’s a dirty trick but fine I won’t tell her
  • You: Damn right
  • Whenever you put him at the top of Seventeen’s visual ranking he always goes “I knew I picked the right person to be my best friend for life”
  • Then he turns to Seventeen and he’s like “WHO’S THE VISUAL NOW” and you have to be like “Seungkwan chill”
  • Please put him at the top tho because he doesn’t deserve this DISRESPECT of being ranked at the bottom when the boy is clearly a visual king
  • You guys always have synchronized steps and perfected judgemental looks and the rest of the noisy boys are like “Literally stop looking at me like you’re my disappointed parents”
  • You: then learn to wash your damn shirt it smells like a barnyard in here
  • Seungkwan: OHHH SNAP
  • You: you need to wash your clothes too I can see a ramen stain on your chest 
  • Seungkwan: ,,,low blow fam low blow 
  • Listen he’s such a squishy and wonderful person please be the best friend you possibly can because he’s going to treasure you if you do 
  • Bless us with your holy best friend selfies on instagram I will pay you money

so uh

I started playing Stardew Valley (mISTAKE)

Here are my thoughts so far:


- Who hurt Shane and why

- same with Harvey who hurt him and why

- uh Alex is literally like a fuckboy named Alex that I know irl ???

- Elliot is like… I’m not sure but he’s what’s good for me and I’m just going for Seb

- it’s so hard??? To make friends with anyone??? Let alone talk to them???


- lol when you have an item selected in your backpack your character holds it in the air like (ノ´・ω・)ノ and honestly I laugh so hard

- further updates coming soon


*breath in* boi

I really don’t have any big theories about 20.5 like this one over here where I guess who’s in Ruthven’s tank. Instead this is more of me speculating and making guesses. 

because goddamnit im tired of talking about shipping.

First off, Jeanne! She’s beautiful! Pure sweet lovely child. I love you Jeanne. Ruthven needs to keep his grubby claw hands off of her. First Noe, the pure bean himself, and now my daughter. How Dare. Jokes aside, she’s clearly ‘sworn’ from talking about her status on whether shes a curse bearer or not. Now why would Ruthven go to such lengths to hide this? Especially when she’s so worried about losing it and attacking Luca?

I think that’s exactly the reason. Luca means the absolute world to Jeanne. Luca is in Ruthvens way for some reason that he would go to such lengths to kill his nephew. I still can’t fathom why Ruthven needs Luca dead other than some generic bad guy stuff like Power ™. But if Jeanne’s condition is left untreated she will undoubtedly attack Luca. That works out well enough for Ruthven, eh? 

Moving on, Mikhail! Misha! What a cute little slasher-smiling boy. He’s going to be a fun character, yesyes. I know everyone’s thinking the same thing, he’s No.71, okay glad we’re all on the same page. Look at his artificial hand. my boy What Are Those.
I ACTUALLY… DON’T HAVE ANY THEORIES OR GUESSES ABOUT THIS YET… All I can speculate is that his fake arm is either morreau related or possibly a result of this Promise Vanitas failed to keep. Although personally I feel like the stakes for his promise should be higher than his arm. But the answer will reveal itself in time, we’re still pretty early on in the story, I keep forgetting that.

I look forward to Vanitas meeting Misha again. That’s going to be such a treat. Since Vanitas keeps imagining Misha as a little boy in his mind it’s obvious the two haven’t seen each other in a very, very long time. I wonder why but all I can assume is it has something to do with the promise, Blue Moon Vanitas, and how our Vani got the book. 

aahhh Mochijun thank you for creating such a thrilling story, I’m so invested in where this is going to go (◡‿◡)

Lyrics: Bitter Tears

I have expressed before how much I love this song and think is about the boys…

“Why no pills today? Bitter tears
7:00 A.M. and wasting away, bitter tears
Why no knock on my door? Bitter tears
What did I come here for? Bitter tears
How much do you need? Bitter tears
Give me love and see me bleed, bitter tears
Please don’t hurt me tonight, bitter tears
I’ve lost the will to fight, bitter tears”

I take the “bitter tears” answer for everything as a “life means nothing now” “whatever happens now”, an empty emotional hole or something like that

“It’s our intimacy that I’m missing, you see
When there’s no one around
Our intimacy it’s what’s missing for me”

This part kill me… like….. actually kills me omg


i can’t believe i stan him TT

Why you’re not improving your art

Have you ever felt like your art is on the same level for a long time? Have you ever felt like you can’t grow your skills. Have you ever felt like everyone around you grows in rapid speed and you are just like a snail at the end of the race?

I was thinking about that and trying to pinpoint the reasons why you might feel that way. I figured out some solutions that helped me and some other artists I know.

1. Not looking for critique/feedback

‘You can’t yourself pinpoint things you need to focus on because your eye still isn’t trained enough to pinpoint exact problems.’

This is number one problem I see and many professional artists will tell you about that. You can’t be too shy to show your work to people who can give you good critique. Look for professionals who are willing to help you and use that. Critiquing is mistaken to be something hurtful for young artists BUT in reality people giving feedback are trying to help you grow. I know how hard it is to hear that you are still not good enough, that your art is lacking something. Maybe you know that yourself but you can’t yourself pinpoint things you need to focus on because your eye still isn’t trained enough to pinpoint exact problems. The best person to go to would be professional with trained eyes who is able to say by flipping through your portfolio what it lacks and what you can do to make it look better. Don’t be afraid and seek that help. Don’t be too attached to your own art and accept that it isn’t perfect and you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at it.

2.  Not implementing the feedback

'Implementing is the key step in the process of growing.’

After you have done first step from my list and you finally found a professional willing to give you feedback try to implement feedback. Don’t just listen to it, nod few times pretending you understand what it being said. Don’t defend your art and don’t give excuses if the critique is genuine. Implementing is the key step in the process of growing. There is no use in feedback without you actually trying out the tips you were given. The whole point of that is to change your work. You are not being better artists by collecting thoughts about your art. Now it is time to do the work. It actually requires to put time and effort . Usually what people do,after receiving feedback, is  they pat themselves on back like it was 'job well done’ and being lazy. They are not willing to actually put in the work to implement feedback. It is time consuming and you need to put a lot of effort. Although without that there is not any point in seeking feedback.

3. Not trying/not failing enough

'Embrace failures as a valuable lessons.’

Yes! There is lesson in failure! As hard as it is to understand. Once you collect experience you grow from it and become wiser. You know what path to choose to avoid next time failure. Successful people are the ones that can try something many times before they finally succeed. When they finally succeed it’s just a result of many attempts they have made before. No one is born ready for challenge. People are scared to lose because for our psyche it hurts more than a win feels good. People will try avoid at any cost losing so at some point they give up and stop trying. You can’t say for sure you will be successful artist after you did it for a year and don’t see result. You are not the one deciding how long it takes. It will be done some day. some day you will meet your artistic goals. But you will only meet them by trying and failing probably hundred times on a way. Just don’t be afraid. Those mistakes on a way are path that differentiate you and a professional. They already failed many times to get to where they are now. When you understand that you will embrace failures as a valuable lessons.

4. Doing things that are not  challenging you.

'Feel uncomfortable and pick up this damn pencil and draw like no one else is watching!’

Don’t settle in your comfort zone. You’ve heard that already many times right? That is why. You limit your skillset. Good things come out of comfort zone. If you feel like you have problems drawing something you are probably right. The reason is you don’t challenge yourself enough to draw things that are difficult for you. For example if you are only drawing a boy in front view standing with hands straight it doesn’t sound like the most exciting art right? But what if it’s the only thing you can draw and it looks somewhat decent? Well then, solution for that is easy - experiment with different angles, experiment with expressions, with composition, with different species. Be brave here and discover topics you don’t draw. You art will become more interesting and you will be more confident drawing. Personally I know that this is the hardest part for artists. It is hard to let go of what we know and discover unknown. We feel vulnerable and  like we can’t really draw. This feeling sucks. As much as this feeling sucks you know what else sucks? Sucks that your skills are stagnating. Feel uncomfortable and pick up this damn pencil and draw like no one else is watching! I guarantee that after some time you will be surprised with what you created and how your art have changed.

Good luck to everyone who is on path of improvement!

5 hours into my spring break and im already spending it drawing cute girls smh

when gentle sweet girl falls in love with even sweeter shy girl 🌺❤️🌼

An Analysis of Keith and Lance’s Feelings Towards Each Other.

After season three - and Keith’s Vlog especially - I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how Lance is oblivious to Keith’s true feelings about him (Rather those feeling are platonic or romantic) And yeah, I’m right there with you on wishing he’d recognize his misconceptions about Keith’s feelings towards him, but does that mean that Lance is unjust in the way that he feels? Does that mean Keith’s actions haven’t warranted or perpetuated this false narrative?

As a Lance Stan, of course I’m coming through for my boi. But I also just really like analyzing their interactions. So here we go:

First off, how does Lance actually think Keith views him? This picture shows it best.

Lance thinks that Keith sees himself as above Lance. The framing - which is coming from Lance’s p.o.v - is a great indicator of that. But even without this, Lance himself says:

I’m a big believer in the theory that Lance is projecting he own feelings of self doubt. He undoubtedly has an inferiority complex, but Lance feels inferior to everyone on the team, and it’s only with Keith that he ever shows any type of malice. In fact, I cant remember a time Lance has ever been genuinely angry at someone who isn’t Keith. (I could be wrong here.) So why does he treat Keith so differently than the rest of the team? Maybe because of his internalized gay feelings towards our resident spicy boi?hmmm.

We know for a fact that in episode one Iverson told Lance something like this: ‘You’re only fighter class because Keith, a better pilot, washed out. Now act accordingly’. This doesn’t feel like the first time either, but more of a reminder. So on the surface, it seems clear as to why Lance treats Keith the way he does at first. I mean, I get it. If someone was constantly used to reinforce the notion of how shitty I am, I’d probably have a similar reaction towards them too. (Conditioning is a thing ya’ll) However, from Pidge’s flashback in season one, we know Lance’s animosity isn’t that new.

“Hasta la later, Keith.”

But again, Lance just isn’t such a mean spirited person as to rejoice someone’s failures. Quite the opposite actually. He validates his team even while feeling inferior to them. It just doesn’t feel like Lance. And other than towards Keith, Lance has never been shown to act this way. So I have to believe something occurred to make Lance not like Keith especially. Not saying that’s an excuse, but it is an explanation. Truthfully, what probably happened was that Lance looked up to Keith or tried to befriend him and Keith acted in a way that Lance perceived as rejection. We don’t know though, because the key to this lives within the Garrison years, and we may or may not ever see those.

Sooo, lets move along to something that we do see.

We all know that Lance is antagonistic towards Keith, but Keith isn’t an innocent party in this.

Think back to the first episode when they’re all on the hovercraft. Lance asked “If this thing can move any faster,” which wasn’t a jab at Keith as much as it was a ’holy shit, we’re about to get caught,’ moment. Keith’s reply was something along the lines of: ‘Maybe if we removed some unessential weight.’ (Which, in hindsight, considering how Lance views himself as baggage, a seventh wheel, is some pretty jarring foreshadowing.)

Then he tells Lance he’s the worst pilot ever. (Ouch)

Just to be clear, I love Keith, and I don’t think he meant these comments as maliciously as they may have been taken. They were probably more like offhanded insults, but knowing what we know about Lance, is it so hard to see how these comments could be internalized?

Next we have a scene where Lance jokes about wanting all of the information in his brain to be stored on a spaceship. Keith’s response isn’t teasing, but… mean. It’s meant to hurt Lance by blatantly insinuating that he’s stupid. And in season two, when they’re both going to the pool, it’s Keith who tells Lance to stay far far away from him.

What am I getting at here? IDEK. Lance and Keith don’t hate each other in the slightest. Keith knows he’s bad at people, and he probably notices that Lance treats him differently than literally everyone else on the team. I’m sure that hurts Keith. While with Lance, he looks up to Keith, thinks Keith is better than him, and because of the words of people like Iverson and Keith himself, this idea has been nurtured. We already know that Lance takes the words of his friends to heart. In both season 2 and 3 when Lance expressed doubt, he brought up something Pidge said to him both times.

“I thought I was the team sharpshooter, but I guess nobody else thinks that.”

“Maybe I am just the goofball.”

Neither of them are innocent. It’s a mutual series or misunderstanding, and as sad as it is to see Keith frustrated over his inability to relate to his team, he’s not doing himself any favors when he insults Lance in earnest. Lance isn’t doing himself any favors either, and they’re both just reacting based off of these false narratives they hold about one another.

But that’s apart of what makes their relationship so complex and interesting to watch play out. Season three really paid off. Their development unfolded beautifully and I can’t wait to see how they proceed in the following seasons. I can only hope that any miscommunications they have about each other are addressed and cleared up.


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We’re What’s Right In This World (50K)

story by: BriaMaria

art by: the extraordinarily multi-talented Rachel (@alivingfire)

… as part of the amazing @1dreversebang​ exchange. (read them all here.)

“Why did you talk like that in Brighton? If you weren’t planning on ever telling me?” Louis asked. “Is it because you think you’re going to die?”

“It’s war, Lou,” Harry said finally.

Louis shifted up, his palms cradling Harry’s jaw, his lips against his boy’s. Not kissing, just resting there, so Louis could feel him. “Promise you’ll come back to me.”

Harry’s hands smoothed down the sides of Louis’ body. “You know I can’t do that. I’ll never lie to you.”

“Promise me. We’re going to have our cottage. And our dogs. And our breakfast in the garden where nothing grows because of the wind from the sea. Promise me.”

“I won’t.” Stubborn as always, his boy. “I’ll promise you, I’ll love you all my life. I’ll promise you, you’ll never leave my thoughts. I’ll promise you, you’re my forever and my always. But promising you something I can’t cheapens the things I can.”

Or the World War II AU where Harry goes off to fight and all Louis wants to do is be the boy who brings him home.

Delivery Boy

Jeon Jungkook of BTS x reader (Y/N) smut. Plain and simple.

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Halloween, your favourite time of the year. You had always loved dressing up, even as a little girl.
Your family had always hosted a Halloween party and just because you were now an adult and off at school, it didn’t mean you were going to stop the party. Hell no. If anything, you knew it’d be crazier than any party your parents could throw, after all, it’d be full of young adults getting drunk in fancy dress and no doubt fucking in any corner they could.
You made a mental note to lock your bedroom door before people started to turn up.

Most of your housemates had gone off to different parties around the city and only one remained, Taehyung.
He had been almost as excited for the party as you and insisted on helping you plan and set it all up. He also insisted you went in matching outfits, dressed as an old-fashioned couple he saw in a painting in the loft that thoroughly creeped him out. That painting was now the pride of place above the drinks table for the duration of Halloween month, as you called it.
Taehyung hadn’t entered the living room since you put it up and it always amused you seeing him avoid it at all costs.

“Get the door Y/N!” Taehyung yelled from his room where he was well, you didn’t know what but you didn’t want to even question it after the last time you did and he went into explicit detail about the fantasy he was having while masturbating.

You groaned but dragged yourself to answer the front door, having barely heard it over the music you had playing.

On the other side of the door stood a male with dark hair and brown, doe eyes. He was wearing a pizza delivery uniform, a piece of paper in his hands.

“You’re early.” You mumbled, taking in his outfit. “Pizza delivery guy, huh? Honestly never seen that one before.” You mused, flashing the attractive stranger a grin. He blinked a few times then showed you the paper. “Wait, you’re actually a delivery guy?”

“Yeah.” He nodded slowly. “Am I at the wrong place?”

“No, I just wasn’t aware we ordered anything. One sec.” You backed up into the hallway to stand at the bottom of the stairs. “Yah! Did you order pizza?!” You yelled. Taehyung grunted back a yes in response, sounded breathless. “Ew.” You shuddered and returned tot he door. “Guess you definitely are.” She looked at the paper, reading the order. “How fucking much did he order?”

“Having a party, I assume?” He chuckled, looking at your outfit up and down.

“Nah, I just like dressing like a sexually frustrated Victorian woman in my spare time.” He let out a breath of understanding.

“We all have our kinks.” He teased and you gasped, reaching out to nudge him in faux offence. He giggled and you couldn’t help but smile, laughing to yourself.

Were you really flirting with the delivery guy?
You looked him over again, slower to really take in every inch of his being.
Yes. You were definitely flirting with the delivery guy.

“So, should I start bringing it up?” He asked, pointing over his shoulder to the car parked on the road.

“Oh right, yeah, I’ll help.”

“Okay.” He grinned, glad for the help and together, you ferried the takeout from the car and into the kitchen.

He looked down curiously as you set up the boxes on the counters, around already existing food displays.

“Wow, you guys really like Halloween, huh?” He spoke, looking at all the decorations in awe. A lot of which you had made by hand the months before ass it was cheaper than buying some that probably wouldn’t even fit your ideas anyway.

“We hate it.”

“You’re really sarcastic, huh?”

“Never.” You looked at him then to see him grinning at you in amusement. “You know, you kind of look familiar.” You tilted your head at him, knitting your brows together.

“So do you. Maybe we’ve crossed paths before?” He suggested, looking as lost as you felt trying to recall why you felt like you’d seen him before.

“Yeah maybe. Do you go to school here?”

“On campus?” He pointed to the floor, signifying the campus your house resided on.

“Nah, I meant the playschool down the road. You’re a child, right?” He squared his eyes, giving you a playful warning glance. “Aw, isn’t it cute when little boys think they can scare grown-ups?” A gasp of surprise left your lips when he suddenly closed the gap between you, your chests almost touching, his head tilted down to look at you menacingly, a glint in his eyes that sent shivers down your spine.

“Want to call me a little boy again, huh?” He challenged, licking his lips. “See where it gets you.”

“Oh, honey.” You scoffed, snapping back to yourself. You bravely took the last step between you, your toes touching, your chest gently pushed against his, not missing how he inhaled sharply and flicked his tongue out to wet his lips again. “You can’t be suggesting you can make me take back my words.” He nodded confidently. “Oh little boy, you can’t make me do shit.”

“Watch me.” He growled cockily before pushing you against the wall, his lips crashing to yours.

He had only knocked your door ten minutes previous and here you were making out with the delivery guy in a room chock full of sexual tension you two quickly created.
He let out a breathy moan when you bit his bottom lip gently. It was the single hottest thing you had ever heard and you knew you were wet.

“Fuck, is this seriously a thing that is actually happening?” You panted out, looking up into his eyes that were suddenly a lot darker, turning you on further.

“I really hope so.” He confessed.

“Fuck, me too.” You nodded and pulled him back down to lock your lips together, wasting no time and flicking your tongue out. He parted his lips and your tongues met, rubbing together earning moans from the both of you.

“When does your party start?” He asked when your lips parted only for yours to trace that intense, sharp jawline of his.

“Seven.” He checked his watch.

“It’s half six.”

“Plenty of time.” Without warning, he picked you up and sat you on his hips, pushing his body to yours. You gasped feeling his growing erection through all the layers of clothing between you.

“Okay I know this outfit probably took a lot of time but you need to take it off before I fucking rip it off.” He warned, practically growling as he glared at the layers of fabric that made up your skirt. You giggled and reached around to pull on the ribbon holding the back closed. He watched in impatient fascination ad you quickly removed the bottom half of your dress, leaving you in the tight blouse and underwear.
“I shouldn’t find this as hot as I do but fuck, I really do.” You giggled and circled your hips, rubbing against the large bulge in his trousers making him moan lowly.

“I can tell.” You teased.

“You’re saying I’m the only one turned on right now? Because I can feel how wet you are through my pants, sweetheart.” Your cheeks flushed in embarrassment.
Surely he was lying, it wasn’t possible to feel such a thing, right?
A shakey moan left your lips when he slid a hand between your bodies to touch his long fingers to your clothes heat.
“Oh, babygirl, you’re fucking soaked.” He cooed, smirking at you when your cheeks darkened. “Don’t be embarrassed."He pressed teasing kisses across your jaw as his voice dropped, whispering to you in a tone that was so low it shot straight to your core. "It’s so fucking hot.” He growled before his lips attached to your neck, sucking on the skin. You gasped and gripped his shoulders, fingers digging in when his fingers started to rub at you through your damp underwear.

“Wh-what’s your name?” You stuttered, his fingers hooking under your underwear to touch you directly. Your eyes closed and your head tipped back, absentmindedly grinding your hips down onto his digits as they teased you.

“Hm? My name? Why do you want-”

“I want to know what I should moan out.”

“Jungkook.” He rushed out without hesitation making you chuckle. “What’s your’s?”

“Y/N.” He hummed against your neck before saying your name in a breathy tone that made you moan his name back at him.

“My name sounds perfect coming from your lips.” Your legs tightened around him when he slid a finger into you. “God, you’re so fucking wet, my finger just slides right in. I bet you can take another huh Y/N? Think you can take more princess?” You nodded and a second finger followed his first. You moaned and held him tighter as they curled inside of you.

“J-Jungkook.” You almost pleaded breathlessly.


“I-I don’t want your fingers.” He stopped his movements, ceasing abusing your walls with the pads of his fingers in search for your g-spot.

“What?” He looked rejected and leant back slightly, pulling his fingers out of you. “Should I leave?”

“No.” You laughed and brushed your lips over his. “I want your cock, baby.” His eyes sparked with lust again and he nodded. He put you down to unbuckle his belt, hands fumbling in anticipation. You giggled seeing he was growing frustrated with the button on his jeans that just wouldn’t open. You put your hands over his and opened the fly easily. He dropped his hands to his side, licking his dry lips, eyes not leaving your figure as you lowered onto your knees in front of him, pulling down his jeans as you went until they were around his knees.
Your eyes lifted to meet his gaze as you pulled down his boxers too. He bit his lip and threaded his fingers into your hair to tug you closer suggestively.
It was clear what he wanted you to do, where he wanted you but he didn’t want to make you do anything you weren’t comfortable with.

A smirk lifted your lips and you stuck your tongue out, flattening it against the underside of his erection before licking from the base upwards, swirling your tongue around the tip. Jungkook moaned, his fingers gripping your hair tighter. His eyes wanted to close and focus on the pleasure but you looked so damn sinful on your knees in front of him like that he couldn’t pass up the chance to drink in the sight.

It didn’t take long for your teasing motions on his erection to really wind him up. He was breathing heavily, body tensed, watching to thrust into your mouth but not following his body’s wishes, by the time she gripped your shoulders and pulled you up to your feet.

He spun you and pushed you against the wall. Your hands flew out to slap against the brickwork making you hiss in pain. But the hurt left almost instantly. Jungkook all but ripped your panties in his rush to get them off.

One large hand gripped your bare hip to hold you still, pull your arse towards him more.

Jungkook grabbed his dick with his free hand and allowed himself a few pumps, spreading his precum up and down his length, as he took in the sight of you bent over, braced against the wall with legs spread, waiting for him to fuck you.
As soon as his tip lined with your entrance, he started to push forward, entering you slowly.
Satisfied moans left both your lips at the feeling. It felt as if you had been waiting for that moment for a long time, months not way under an hour.

Jungkook’s hips met yours as he bottomed out and he allowed you both a few moments to get used to it, soak in the feeling of him filling you so deliciously before he started to rock his hips.
His thrusts were slow and pretty shallow at first, testing the waters before he picked up his rhythm, fucking you harder and deeper than anyone had in a long time.

Your fingers scraped against the wall, moans shamelessly leaving your parted lips as he hit deep within you.

Jungkook had his jaw clenched tight, trying to make as little noise as possible. As much as he was enjoying himself, he was almost enjoying hearing your noises of pleasure just as much.

You realised you could only hear the occasional grunt of effort from him and closed your mouth, sulking.

“W-what’re you doing?” He panted, slowing down slightly to talk without his voice breaking too much.

“I want to hear you.” You spoke.

“What?” He chuckled and fell still. You pushed up slightly and looked over your shoulder at him. He licked his lips at your dark expression, his hips shallowly thrusting into you again without him even really registering so.

“I want to hear how good you feel Jungkook. Moan for me baby.” You encouraged.

“You want that?”

“So fucking much.” He pulled your back to his chest making you whimper as he reached a new, better spot inside you, to kiss you heavily.
You moaned into his mouth when he returned to snapping his hips into you.
You had to pull out of the kiss, unable to focus on it when he was hitting the perfect spot inside you that made you see spots.

“You’re so fucking hot.” He moaned, wrapping one arm around your waist and pressing his palm against your chest to keep you against him int hat position. His other hand reached over to rest against the wall once he had moved you both forward before his hips went fucking wild.

You were practically screaming in pleasure, your nails dragging down his forearm, leaving red marks. Jungkook was certain you had even broken the skin but it only spurred him on.

“Fu-fuck, Jungkook.” You whined, your legs starting to shake.

“Are you going to cum?” He panted into your ear, his hot breath making you shiver as it fanned over your neck. You nodded. “Good, cum on my cock like a good girl, Y/N.”
A loud moan left your lips as the pleasure in your stomach exploding sending your hips jutting as your orgasm hit you.

Jungkook gritted his teeth, determined to last a little longer despite your walls clenching and spasming around him. But the second you moaned his name, he lost it and his hips slammed against you roughly a few times as he came, squeezing his eyes tight and burying his face in your neck.

Your walls clenched a little tighter at the sound of your name falling from his lips like a fucked out mantra.

Slowly, you both came down from your highs and caught your breath back.
Jungkook’s face scrunched into a wince against your neck as he pulled out of you before letting you go, a little reluctantly it felt, to pull his clothing back up and tuck himself away.

“Well, that’s the best tip I’ve ever gotten.” He sniggered and you rolled your eyes before laughing too, collecting your clothing. You turned to look at him sternly upon finding a hole in your underwear, at the waistband.

“Jungkook!” You exclaimed. He looked at the garment before grinning sheepishly at you. “These are my favourite ones!”

“I’m sorry, I’ll replace them.” He offered, taking them from your hand quickly to look them over. You ignored him to put your skirt back on, glad it was floor length and there was no chance anyone would know you were without underwear.

“Right, okay.” You held your hand out. He held the item closer. “You’re seriously going to steal my ripped underwear?”

“I need them so I know what I’m replacing.” He argued. You gave him a disbelieving look. “Like you want them back now they’re ripped anyway.” He scoffed and tucked the item into his pocket. You simply rolled your eyes again. “I should get back to work. I still have another delivery to do. My boss is going to kill me for being late. They’re going to get free pizzas now.” He sighed heavily.

“I’m sorry for letting you fuck me.” You retorted and he chuckled at your sarcasm.

“Never apologise for that. I’ll give away all the pizzas free if I can fuck you again.” You bit your lip, pretending to think as you walked him tot he front door. “So, can I see you again?” He asked turning back to walk tot he door after walking down the porch steps.

“You do owe me underwear.” You grinned. He grinned back and nodded. He checked his watch before looking between his car and you, debating something. He rushed over and held your face to press a heavy, lingering kiss to your lips.
“What’s that? So I don’t forget what you taste like?” You joked.

“Always leave them wanting more.” He winked then practically ran to his car to speed off for his next delivery.
You rolled your eyes and returned to the house, stopping at the hallway mirror to check your reflection and make yourself presentable.

“Did you just fuck the delivery guy?” You jumped hearing Taehyung’s teasing voice at the stairs. You looked over at him with a smirk and he started to cackle. “That’s my girl!” He high fived you before helping you get back into costume properly.


It was two hours later when you stopped in shock, seeing a familiar face stood at the bottom of the stairs with Taehyung, the pair goofing around with some of Taehyung’s other friends.
You had just come up from the haunted house in the basement.

“There she is!” Taehyung cooed spotting you. The boys all turned to look at you, the friends of Taehyung’s you had met pulling you to them in drunken affection.

“Alright, boys.” You laughed pulling away to stand between Taehyung and the familiar face.

“Oh, you haven’t met before, have you?” Taehyung drawled, shuffling drunkenly to lean against the stair railing. “This is Kookie.” He spoke pointing to your right, at Jungkook. You looked at him to see he was already smirking at you.

“Ah, the infamous Kookie.” You spoke nodding slowly. “Tae tells me you have like no balls when it comes to girls.” Their friends laughed as you insulted Jungkook. You smirked and he raised his eyebrows at you.

“Guess you know that’s a load of shit.” He replied, voice low.

The conversation was quickly pulled away from you two as Hoseok screamed as a fake spider landed on his head. Everyone erupted in laughter as he ran off to chase the culprit, promising their head on a spear.
The remaining group returned to the conversation, not even noticing as Jungkook moved closer to you and slyly put a hand on your arse.

“Still not wearing any panties huh? Naughty girl.” He teased, groping your flesh roughly.

“I’m not and it makes it that much harder to stop your cum running down my leg.” Jungkook sucked in a breath at that and you looked up at him bravely, not caring that your friends could catch you two flirting so openly, sexual tension already building between your close bodies. “I bet you’d like to see that, hm? Your cum spilling out of me.”

“So fucking much.”

You smirked and excused yourself, walking up to your room.
You knew Jungkook would follow shortly and you had a feeling every orgasm he gave you was going to be better than the last and you’d be damned if you weren’t going to take every chance to fuck your delivery boy.

For my girl @btsmuttin, hope you like it baby

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