why nich why

multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’

and when you fall
staring down the barrel of a gun
I knew that you would be the one
raise a glass looking at the sun
mimic life you’ve seen then spun

well you told me last night that you think
about how you and I met in the spring of our lives
you’ve regressed to the sting
chasing your shadow in the mirror of the king

hearing you sing
raise me from the living, I’ve come again
raise me to the limits you gave me then
save me from the river of sin again
black river

you’ll chase, you’ll wither, your sin, black river!

Hidden Messages

Ship: Raphril

Universe: TMNT!2012

Note: Haha so this was the one I was supposed to have posted on Monday (or Tuesday at the latest). I had a lovely anon who reminded me and so it’s thanks to her I’m posting this at all because I totally forgot I was supposed to do that XD

Summery: Raph writes a letter that he deeply regrets, only to regret it a lot less later on. Takes place after Casey Jones versus the Underworld.

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